Nude Cruise Pt. 03


Day 4

After the Dark Room of Desires, Megan, Jake, Duncan, and me (Taylor) learned a lot about ourselves. I never thought I would enjoy my own body, my friends’ bodies, and strangers’ bodies so much. Our Spring Break was turning into a sexual revolution, and we were ready for more. On our fourth day, we got up early and reported to the concierge desk to ask for entertainment recommendations. Since we already did the BIG Tease Erotic Stage Show and the Dark Room of Desires, the concierge recommended a session with the Penetration Sex Guru. It was a sex class that was required before participating in the more extreme Fantasy Role-play Stage Show. We all agreed we wanted to do both, so we signed up for an after-lunch class with the Sex Guru. That evening’s Stage Show was already filled up, so we signed up for the next day. We figured a little recovery time after the Sex Guru’s class would be a good idea.

“I wonder if the Sex Guru can show us something we haven’t done in the last three days?” I chuckled as we sat down together for our nude lunch in the main dining hall.

“I bet she can,” Megan said with a grin.

“Are you secretly the Sex Guru, Megan?” Jake asked as he looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“She could be her assistant after the stuff I’ve seen her enjoy this week,” I added.

“What was your favorite part so far, Taylor?” Duncan asked as he scooted close to me on the bench.

“Honestly, our first evening together at the Bodily Delights Lounge was my favorite part.”

“Mine too,” he agreed and kissed me on the cheek.

Duncan had made the Nude Cruise extra enjoyable for me. I was looking forward to spending more time with him once we all returned to campus. I had a feeling things would never really go back to normal after what we experienced together.

After lunch, we made our way to Deck 9 to find the Sex Guru’s studio. The door was standing open and draped in long strings of red and gold beads, so we walked in and greeted a few familiar faces. The room smelled of roses and was decorated like a French burlesque house. Red tufted ottomans with golden fringe created a circle around a red velvet swooning couch at the center. Heavy red and purple drapes covered the walls behind freestanding candelabras. It felt arousing and elegant.

Nolen smiled when he saw our group walk in. Nolen was the grand prize winner for the men in the Dark Room of Desires event we attended the previous evening. He had shiny black hair, big green eyes, and a nice tan. He fucked me twice during the event. I felt tingly just thinking about it. Duncan noticed me staring at him and nudged me with his elbow.

“What?” I asked.

“Planning another threesome already?” he smirked.

“Maybe. Why do you ask?”

“Because I want to be a part of it.”

“Don’t worry. You’re in my plans,” I assured him.

He was pleased with that answer. Nolan strolled over at that point and greeted us. A beautiful red-haired woman came over with him. He introduced her as Vivian. She was in the Dark Room with us the previous night, but we didn’t have a chance to speak with her. Vivian and Nolan were both yoga instructors from LA. They said they took Nude Cruises together every year. We didn’t have long to chat before a busty blonde walked into the room and called everyone to attention.

“Greetings, my lovelies! I am the Penetration Sex Guru, but you can call me Lady Camille,” she said as she twirled into the room like an exotic dancer and planted herself on the swooning couch. “Please, make yourselves comfortable. Our session is about to begin.”

Lady Camille was a demanding presence. She had long blond hair, beautiful large breasts, bright blue eyes, and luscious red lips. Judging by her skin, I figured she had to be twice my age, but it didn’t diminish her beauty. I hoped I looked as good as her in the future.

“You’re all in for a treat this afternoon! As you’ve been told, this session is a prerequisite for the Fantasy Role-play Stage Show. I perform in and direct the show with my costars. How many of you are signed up for the show already?” Camille asked.

Ten out of fifteen people raised their hands. Nolan and Vivian were among them.

“Excellent,” Camille smiled. “I recognize some of you from previous events. Lawrence and I take turns directing events throughout the week, and he pointed out his favorites to me,” she said with a wink in my direction. “My lesson will begin with a performance to help arouse everyone. Female arousal is exceptionally important when doing multiple penetrations. Arousal increases blood flow to the genitals, allowing the skin to be more elastic and the inner muscles stronger. That makes multiple penetrations less likely to hurt and less likely to cause an injury. It also increases pleasure. This is not for everyone. I know porn stars make it look easy, but for some women, it isn’t. If at any time you want to stop, say so. This helps us weed out the ones that can’t handle the intensity of the stage show. Now, please welcome Zack, John, and Frank. They escort are my costars and pleasure assistance,” she announced as she directed our attention to the door.

We watched as three handsome men entered the room. I recognized their bodies from The BIG Tease Masquerade Orgy Show, where I was strapped to a table, licked, teased, and fucked until I came for an audience. That show encouraged us to sign up for more events. The hunky men were smiling as they surrounded Lady Camille’s couch and stood at attention.

“I want everyone to enjoy our performance. Let it arouse you and inspire you. I encourage the men to stimulate the women orally or with fingers. Help them orgasm while they watch the performance. A post-orgasm vagina is optimal for double penetration. Hold off on actual penetration until I finish my show. I want the men to stay as hard as possible for the lesson. I know from experience how different a spent cock and a fresh cock can feel. I want the difference to be taken into account. Okay, boys, get to work,” Camille ordered as she waved Zack, John, and Frank closer.

She reclined on the swooning couch and spread her long legs so Zack could get his head between them. My body was tingling as I watched the dark-haired man’s tongue lap slowly through Camille’s smooth pussy. She groaned sensually as John and Frank leaned over her from the sides to kiss her red mouth and large breasts.

Camille knew how to put on a good show. She groaned and rocked her hips against the couch, making her stomach muscles flex and her back arch as the men licked and sucked her skin. She ran her long fingers into Zack’s dark hair and pulled his face harder against her pussy. She used her thighs to trap his head against her crotch. My inner muscles ached with want as I watched her enjoy the men. I grabbed Duncan’s hand at that point and guided his middle finger into my cunt. I moaned softly as he gently fingered me. It was twice as arousing to be played with while watching Camille perform. I had watched porn before and attempted to masturbate to it, but the women too often looked miserable while the men raced to orgasm. Had they taken it slow and pretended to care about the woman’s pleasure, it would have made a world of difference. That’s what Camille was doing with Zack, John, and Frank. They were slowly kissing, licking, massaging, and building anticipation for rougher play. She looked like she was in ecstasy.

“Do you want me to lick you?” Duncan whispered against my ear.

“Please,” I nodded.

I watched as Duncan slid off the ottoman and knelt between my legs. He smiled before he leaned down and pushed his tongue inside my aroused cunt. I groaned as my inner muscles twitched, welcoming the wet intrusion. I smiled as he licked inside me. I watched Camille squirm on the sofa as Zack licked deep inside her pussy. My eyes drifted around the room at the other erotic displays. Megan and Jake were at the opposite end of our ottoman. Jake had his fingers deep in Megan’s cunt as he worked his tongue against her clit. On the adjacent ottoman to our left, Nolan had his tongue in Vivian’s pussy and a finger in her ass.

Duncan slid a finger into me below his tongue. He was putting wonderful pressure on my perineum as he licked hard against the top of my cunt. I watched Camille as the men gathered around her legs. John retrieved a bottle of lube from under the sofa and coated his fingers with it. Then he passed the bottle to Frank. My body was tingling as I watched the men slide a combination of their slippery fingers inside Camille’s pussy and anus. She was squeezing her tits and arching her back as they massaged inside her. Zack was flicking his tongue over her clit as the hoard of fingers spread her open more and more. I saw the orgasm hit her all at once. She gasped, and her muscles tensed, causing her to cringe. She cried out as the men pumped their fingers deeper, massaging her through the spasms.

I was tingling more as I watched her pleasure. Duncan slid two more fingers inside me, and I lost it. I pulled his hair and ground my pussy against his face as he rubbed and licked me through it. I groaned and shook again and again as I watched Camille. Duncan raised up a second later and licked his lips. His pupils were wide with arousal, and his cheeks were blushing. I would have enjoyed riding his cock at that point, but I didn’t want to ruin our lesson by being over-eager. More groans and cries of pleasure followed mine as the women in the room were brought to orgasm. The arousing scene made me tingle in spite of being satisfied. My growing sexual appetite surprised me.

“Mmm, that was superb,” Camille groaned as she sat up to observe the room. Zack, Frank, and John backed away and stood at attention. “The women have been primed, and so have the men. All the cocks are happily erect. Now I shall demonstrate a few positions for optimal penetration. Cramming four bodies and three dicks into tight quarters takes a little planning. Everyone, gather closer so you can see what we’re doing. Leave us enough room to move, eskort please. Okay, the women need to decide where they will attempt to take two cocks. The vagina naturally has the elasticity and the muscles to handle more than one cock. Pussies can stretch well when properly aroused and tighten back up just as easily. I personally enjoy two cocks in my pussy, but I can also take two cocks in my anus. That takes more preparation, obviously. I’ve met many women that can barely take one cock in their ass, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen for you. The anus is more easily injured than the vagina, so use plenty of lube. Everyone has fresh bottles under their ottomans, but watch our demonstration first.”

Camille pulled a smiling Zack over to the sofa and pushed him down onto his back. Then she retrieved the lube and applied a thick coating to his erection.

“Now, some gentle play and stretching of the anus is a great way to start. It often hurts the first time, but it does get easier. Don’t be afraid to simply hold a cock tip in your anus for a few minutes. It really does help. If you want to be extra methodical, you can even use special tools called dilators, but I enjoy fingers and cocks more,” she explained as she reclined on top of Zack. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her large breasts together. “John, please apply some lube to my anus and assist Zack’s cock inside me. Another requirement for the stage show is short trimmed, and well-filed fingernails. Please don’t forget. Now, everyone, watch John work. If you’re a woman participating in the show tonight or tomorrow, you’ll get this treatment before it starts.”

We watched as John filled his hand with lube and gently massaged it against Camille’s beautiful ass. She smiled and groaned as he worked his finger into her anus. Then he gently tugged upward for three seconds. He made the same motion for the sides and bottom as well, thoroughly stretching her and applying more lube as he worked. Then he pushed Zack’s cock against her crack, and his tip easily pushed in.

“Mmm, that’s perfectly slippery,” she purred as Zack thrust into her a few times. “Alright, here’s what you have all been waiting for. John, Frank, lube up and stuff my pussy, please.”

Frank stepped over to the couch and stood between Camille’s legs. He slicked up his cock with lube and immediately penetrated her. He climbed over her and rested his weight on the couch as John lubed up and stepped up behind him. We watched in amazement as John pressed his cock against the bottom of Camille’s stuffed pussy.

“Push harder, John. It feels incredible,” she groaned.

She was breathing hard as Frank leaned down and kissed her red mouth. John did as he was told and pushed hard against her perineum. Camille groaned as his cock slid into her under Frank’s. It was an impressive and arousing sight.

“Now for the tricky part. The thrusting,” she breathed. “Zack will hold me tight so that I won’t bob around. The first few fucks are the least smooth, but after a few seconds, it gets easier.”

We watched in amazement as the men began to thrust. Camille panted and squirmed as they worked their thick cocks into her stretched body. I could see the pleasure on her face as they overwhelmed her with sensation. After a few seconds, the men found their rhythm. Camille groaned in ecstasy as they pumped into her.

“Taylor, can you rub my clit?” Camille panted, surprising me.

“Uh, sure,” I agreed and pushed through the crowd over to the couch.

It was a hot and sticky scene as I reached my hand between the stacked bodies and rubbed Camille’s swollen clit.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned as she gave herself over to the pleasure.

I was aching between my legs as I admired the close-up view of her stuffed cunt and anus. The cocks were glistening with lube as they pushed into her swollen red lips. I could feel her shaking with pleasure as I massaged her clit against Frank’s cock. She cried out with orgasm a few seconds later.

“Ah! Fuck!” she gasped as her body jerked with spasms.

I watched the men as they were slowly overwhelmed. They grunted and shuddered as they pumped cum into her trembling body. I was tingling as I watched white cream appear around the cocks and drip down Camille’s crack.

“Oh fuck… that was really good,” she purred as they spent themselves inside her.

Once the orgasms were over, I carefully backed away, giving the men room to dismount. I was extremely horny at that point. I wanted every cock in the room inside me.

“Thanks for your assistance, Taylor,” she said as she climbed off of Zack and smiled at me.

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed it.”

“I thought you would,” she grinned. “Would you like to go next?”


“Wonderful! Choose your men and pick an ottoman.”

I smiled and pushed Duncan down on our ottoman so he could be on the bottom. Then I stepped over to Nolan and took his hand. He smiled big as I pulled him over next to Duncan. Then I turned to Jake.

“May I borrow him, Megan?” eskort bayan I asked.

“Sure, if I get to borrow Duncan next.”

“Certainly,” I grinned and picked up Jake’s hand.

He smiled as I pulled him over to Nolan.

“Okay,” I said as I looked between their handsome faces and thick cocks. “I’ll lay on my back on top of Duncan so he can penetrate my ass. Then Nolan can penetrate my pussy while leaning over me. That leaves Jake standing. Jake, I want you to attempt to penetrate my cunt underneath Nolan’s cock, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll do my best,” he grinned.

I retrieved the lube bottle out from under the ottoman and popped it open. I poured some in my hand and stroked Duncan’s cock with it first. He smiled as I made his erection shiny and wet. Then I turned to Nolan and Jake. I poured lube in both of my hands and stroked their cocks at the same time. I pulled Jake closer to me and kissed his mouth for a moment. His cock grew even harder in my hand at that point. Then I did the same thing to Nolan. The amount of hard meat in my hands was intimidating and making my pussy ache with want. I released them and took a deep breath, then I laid on top of Duncan’s chest. His arms went around me so he could squeeze my tits. I smiled as he kissed my neck and breathed me in. I reached under myself and guided Duncan’s cock against my anus. I rubbed his soft tip against me and moaned. I relaxed and pushed his tip hard against my anus, and he popped inside me with little trouble.

“Hold still for a moment,” I whispered, giving my body time to adjust to his slippery girth.

Everyone in the room had gathered closer to watch, and it was extremely arousing. I hoped I looked half as good as Camille. She had set the bar high for sexiness.

“Okay,” I nodded, prompting Duncan to thrust deeper.

He sank into my ass, and I groaned in delight. His shapely cock felt wonderful as it opened up my tighter hole. Duncan moaned and massaged my tits as he thrust into me a few times. He was raging hard, and I loved it.

“Mmm, you next, Nolan,” I ordered.

He smiled and stepped between my legs. I watched his bright green eyes as he admired my body. My heart was pounding when I felt his slippery tip press against my cunt. I chewed my lip as his thick meat sank into my vagina. Duncan held still when he felt Nolan penetrating me. I groaned and twitched to have my pussy and anus stuffed with extremely hard cocks. Camille was right. Fresh cocks felt massive. I gasped when Nolan fucked me a few times, massaging my overly aroused cunt. I suddenly doubted my stamina at that point. I could easily cum if they both fucked me for a few more seconds.

“Okay, cool it, Nolan,” I ordered, even though I hoped he would pound me.

He chuckled at the look on my face. I’m sure he could feel my inner muscles twitching with want.

“Your turn, Jake,” I gulped.

Nolan leaned over me and propped his hands and knees on the ottoman, making room for Jake to get his cock between my legs. I focused on Nolan’s pretty eyes and shiny black hair as I felt Jake’s tip pressing hard against my perineum. The tingles that rushed through my body at that point were wild. Duncan’s thick cock was pulsing in my ass. Nolan’s rock-hard meat was pushed deep inside me, and Jake was slowly opening my pussy even more.

“Oh God, that’s good,” I groaned as he stretched me little by little.

The pressure was maddening, and I was shaking with pleasure.

“You’re about to cum, aren’t you?” Nolan grinned and thrust a little, making me gasp.

“I feel it too,” Duncan chuckled and thrust deeper into my ass.

“Fuck,” I groaned as an orgasm rushed through my cunt.

I gasped and twitched as the men gently rocked inside me. Jake was chuckling as he continued to press against my cunt. A few seconds into the orgasm, my inner muscles gave way, allowing Jake to penetrate me under Nolan’s cock.

“Ah! Oh God,” I gasped and squirmed against Duncan. “Fuck me,” I whimpered as the orgasm continued to tickle through my stuffed vagina.

Duncan was able to thrust a little, and the stimulation made my body jerk. Then Nolan and Jake worked together and began thrusting into my cunt. Jake had more room to move, and he was properly fucking me. The stimulation was brutal and mind-numbing. It felt like they could easily tear me apart. The meaty rods inside my birth canal and ass were making my lower belly bulge. My stretched cunt hurt in a way that added to the intensity of the orgasm. I held Duncan’s arms for support as I whimpered and gasped. My body was convulsing hard. I had cummed twice by that point. I watched Nolan’s face as he tensed with orgasm. He grunted and pushed hard into me, filling my stuffed pussy with a burst of hot semen. I groaned like a dirty slut as orgasm tingled through my cunt again. I felt Jake and Duncan tensing a few seconds later. My eyes rolled back as more wet slippery heat burst into me and dripped out of me.

“Fuck yes,” I groaned as they stroked through the slippery mess inside me. They were still riding their own orgasms. “Can someone cum in my mouth?” I asked in a daze. I had never been hornier in my life. I wanted another orgasm, and I wanted to suck the cum out of every man in the room.

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