NUDIST family SEX CLINIC PART FOURNUDIST family SEX CLINIC PART 4Nikki stirred first. Her nose was filled with the smell of him. She let herself enjoy it for a moment, savoring the odor of a man and sex. Then, she stuck out her tongue and tickled the hollow of his throat with it. Billy woke up with a little smile. Nikki moved her lips slowly up to his ear and whispered. “Let’s do it now. I want you to fuck me.”Billy’s smile faded slightly at the suddenness of it, but his trepidation didn’t last long. He felt himself begin to swell almost immediately, and he suddenly realized how much he wanted to be inside of her. They rolled themselves tightly together. Each of them could feel every inch of the other…the softness and hardness, the warmth and the heat, and above all the clinging wetness between their bodies. Nikki wound up on top.Billy had no idea what he was doing, but his lips went to hers and his tongue invaded her mouth. His hands went to her breasts, and he pressed his hardening penis into the wet curls of her sex as she humped it against him with a new urgency. There was a breathless speed to their preliminaries this time and before either of them knew it, the throbbing head of Billy’s cock was nestled up against the very mouth of the girl’s vagina. Before he even realized it happened, Nikki grabbed him and slipped the opening of her vagina over his erection, then suddenly forced it downward until their pelvises mashed together. It felt to Billy as if he was sinking into a hot bath.They held themselves motionless for the longest moment either of them had ever known. Billy felt himself enclosed snugly by the hot, wet grip of Nikki’s vagina. He basked in the heat and feeling of her insides another moment, and then the head of his penis throbbed so hard that he thought he was on the verge of cumming in her. He pulled himself back out of her slippery grasp until he was all of the way out of her, except for the very tip of his penis. He could feel the cooling air on the wetness of their organs. Nikki had been surprised by his withdrawl. She felt empty, as if she had suddenly lost a part of herself. Why had Billy taken it out of her? she wondered. But not for long. The boy missed the wonderful warm safety of the hole between her legs, and he quickly slid himself back down into her. The very end of his penis touched the bottom of her cervix and he understood that they were now as close as a man and a woman could get. He needed to feel the maddening sensation of himself sliding in and out of her again and he tried to pull out of her, but Nikki had locked her legs around him so he couldn’t remove himself from her. She whispered in his ear, “Don’t do that. I want you to stay inside me.”Billy laughed softly and whispered back that he wanted to fuck her. The grip of her legs loosened a bit. At least enough for him to pull most of the way out of her, but he didn’t wait long before plunging himself back down into her so hard that he hit her cervix again. It tickled the tip of his cock, and Nikki said, “Unh” deep in her throat. He pulled himself up again, then jammed himself down into her again. She said “Unh” every time he moved in her, and then Billy knew he was close to shooting off. He could feel the crown of his penis swell to the bursting point. Apparently Nikki could feel it too, and she suddenly yelled, “FUCK ME, BILLY!! OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK…” On the next plunge of his cock, Billy could feel his first wad of semen squirt out of his pee hole just as it touched her cervix again. The powerful burst of his ejaculate exploded deep inside of her. Nikki could feel him fill all the space inside of her with the hot flood of his ejaculate. She now felt herself spill out and flow over him like a hot wave as she released her own fluids. The muscles inside her upper vagina spasmed again and again, squeezing his penis for every single drop she could get out of it, then drenching him with the burning flow of her own lubricity. As soon as she was sure that he had given her all of his sperm, she pulled her hips back and off of his still hard cock. She wanted to see what their orgasm looked like coming out of her. She kissed him hard on the lips and slid off so she could lean far forward and look down at her open pussy. “God, I wish I had a mirror.”“What’re you doing?”“Shhhhhh, it’s coming out.”Slowly, at first, there was a trickle of thin, white fluid. It slowly dripped down over her perineum, hesitated canlı bahis at the rim of her rectum, then slid down into the pucker of her little anus. “Ooooooh,” she said in a small, wondrous voice as she watched the semen pool over her rectum. “It tickles,” she laughed, then reached down and pulled her buttocks apart so the gobbet could slide into her asshole. But there was more of it. A lot more. A large globule of semen now dribbled out of her inflamed vagina. “Cool,” she said with admiration as she watched it slide out of her, then quickly over the crack of her buttocks before it dropped on the bed under her hips. And then came more. Nikki squeezed the muscles at the mouth of her little slit, and forced out a very large glob of thick, white, sticky semen, but before it could ooze off of her, she reached down and scooped it up in her hand. She grunted as she grabbed her pussy lips and squeezed out even more, then brought her cupped hand up to her chest. She took the thick, sticky mucus and wiped it all over her small breasts and watched in fascination as it coated her quickly began to dry and pull at her flesh. Her stiff little, red nipples hardened with pleasure as she rubbed the slippery liquid into them as deep as she could. Nikki mewled with happiness as she felt another wad of cum slide out of her vagina. Her hand moved fast and she caught the discharge before it was lost. This time, her cupped hand came up to her mouth. Her eyes twinkled as she looked into Billy’s eyes, then dipped the tip of her little pink tongue into the soupy mess. She loaded her tongue with as much ejaculate as she could and curled it back into her mouth, then swirled the semen all around inside so she could really feel it and taste it. She gave him a big, bubbly, cummy smile, then lifted her chin and swallowed their sexual emissions with pleasure. Connie was now down on her back on the floor watching the lovemaking of Billy and Nikki with breathless excitement. Over her, Dr. Elaine was straddling Connie’s pelvis so that her open pussy was mashed down over Connie’s engorged clitoris. She had maneuvered her big, hairless pussy so that Connie’s huge clitoris was inside the doctor’s urethra and Connie was humping hard it into the older woman. Dr. Elaine was cooing with pleasure as her patient fucked that wonderful clitty up into her peehole and she fed a big, brown, chewy nipple into Connie’s wildly sucking mouth. Both of the women teetered on the very edge of an orgasm. It would just be one of many they’d had together during the past hour or so. And it came even sooner than they expected, when they heard a knock at the door in the next room. Billy and Nikki almost didn’t hear the knock because they were still so engrossed with each other. The knock came again and the two young people looked a question at each other. He got up and went tentatively to the door. He hesitated a moment, then opened it see Inez standing there with a huge smile on her face, naked as usual, covered in sweat and clearly aroused.“Can I come in?”Billy grinned as he stepped back and Inez entered. He closed the door behind her and followed her toward the bed. Nikki was in the middle of it, standing on her knees, and smiling at Inez as Billy’s semen dried around her mouth and glistened over her small, beautiful breasts. “It looks like the two of you have been having a little party.”“It wasn’t so little,” said Billy, “but it was the best party I ever went to.”“Me, too,” said Nikki. “And I didn’t even have to get myself a new dress.”They all laughed, totally comfortable with each other.“I’m really glad you had such a good time. Mind if I join in?”The two youngsters glanced at each other, then turned to Inez and nodded their heads. Nikki asked, “But how…?” “I’ll show you,” said Inez as she put her arms around Billy and pulled him close to her naked body. She swung her shoulders back and forth so that her heavy brown breasts flopped against him and her distended nipples rubbed across his chest. The she pulled him even closer, and pressed her lips to his. Even though he had emptied himself repeatedly that day, Billy’s penis again began to rise.“Don’t I get to have some fun?” pouted the girl.Inez broke the kiss with Billy and as she did, she allowed a mouthful of saliva to drip out and down over her big sweaty tits. She reached up an arm and drew Nikki into their embrace. Nikki could feel her breasts being anointed with Inez’s spittle as the older woman rubbed bahis siteleri herself back and forth against the two youngsters and turned their hug into a hot, slippery embrace of seduction. Nikki smiled and moved her face down between their bodies and pressed her face into Iris’s wet armpit. The girl inhaled the sweaty aroma of Iris’s underarms and began to lick the tight salty curls with her tongue. “Do you like the way I smell?” breathed Iris.“Oh, yes,” said the girl. “It really gets me excited.”“Me, too,” put in Billy as he also dove his face into Inez other armpit.Inez moaned with pleasure as both young faces bathed her underarms with the tongues. After a minute or so of this, Inez disengaged herself and reached down to manipulate their genitals. “I want you to know that I don’t normally spend as much time with my patients as I have with the two of you, but you’re both so young and horny and beautiful that I wanted to have more sex with you before you leave here tomorrow. The two k**s were obviously pleased and began kissing Inez on the lips and trailing their tongues into her ears. They felt her up, squeezing her big, brown tits and pulling hard at the wrinkled meat of her elongated, purplish nipples. After a moment or two of this they had Inez hunching her lubricious cunt up and down their legs and all over their sex organs as she sought relief from the demanding itch in her pussy. Inez broke away from them and moved to the end of the bed, breathing heavily. “Nikki, get up on the bed on all fours so that your face is right here and your mouth can reach me.” She spread her pussy lips with her fingers and lifted her pelvis toward the girl.Nikki smiled a bit shyly and got up on the bed as Inez had requested.“And you, Billy, come over here to me so that I can oil you up. Billy did as she requested and Inez squatted slightly and spread her legs. She dipped her hand into herself and completely covered it with her slippery discharge. They could hear the squishing sounds she made as she rubbed her hand into and all around her sex and coated it with her warm, viscous emissions. When she was satisfied she had enough, she reached for Billy’s half-hard penis and began jacking him off.“When I’ve got you wet enough,” she said, “I want you to get up on the bed behind Nikki and fuck her in the ass.” Billy glanced at Nikki while his penis began to swell and harden up in Inez’ hand as she masturbated him. Nikki momentarily looked surprised, then giggled and nodded at Billy as she reached down between her legs and began playing with the gaping lips of her little pussy.When Inez had finished with him, Billy climbed up behind Nikki, looked down at her little rectum so he could see what he was doing. Slowly and with great care, the boy fitted the spongy head of his cock into the small pucker of her asshole. Nikki reached back with one hand and pulled her buttocks apart to make it easier for him to enter her. Billy slowly, gently pressed his penis into the girl’s anus, but she didn’t seem to mind his penetration and, in fact, wiggled her ass to let him know that it felt good.“How you doing, honey,” asked Inez.“Ummm good,” replied Nikki as she continued to wiggle and Billy sank deeper into the unbelievably tight, hot grip of her rectum.Billy looked down to where they were joined and saw that he had his entire penis inserted between the cheeks of her ass. “I’m in all the way, I think,” he said softly.Nikki turned her head to look up at Inez and asked, “What am I supposed to do?”Inez didn’t waste words. “You’re supposed to suck my pussy, baby.”She then pulled the large, ragged brown flaps of her of her genitalia apart and moved her cunt right up to the girl’s face. Without a moment’s hesitation, Nikki smiled and sank her face into the inflamed, pink pudding between Inez’s fingers. It tasted like sweet soup and the girl drank from her greedily. Inez moaned as Nikki gently bit her swollen clitoris for a moment, then sucked the lips of the older woman’s pussy all the way into her mouth and tugged hard at them.Billy was terribly excited by the sight of Nikki sucking on Inez’s thrusting cunt and he couldn’t resist the pressure of the girl’s tight grip on him and he slowly pulled his cock up out of her, held it at the little crease of her anus, then slid it back down into her all the way.“Ooooh,” mewled the girl as she felt Billy’s penis move in and out of her ass faster and faster. She had been afraid of him inside her güvenilir bahis ass at first, but when it became more familiar in there, she relaxed her muscles and the feeling changed to a wonderful sense of fullness. It felt as if he was scratching an itch, like the ones you get when you don’t wipe your ass enough. It felt wonderful, but she couldn’t have anticipated the thrill of what was to come as Billy reached down to her pussy and began finger fucking her in and out as he fucked his cock in and out of her rectum. The sound she was making vibrated around Inez’s sensitive clit, and the insertion of the girl’s tongue deep into the older woman’s vagina brought her right up to the edge, and over. She grabbed the girl by the back of her red head, pulled it forward and mashed her throbbing pussy hard against the girl’s face. Both Billy and Nikki could feel the bulb of his dick swell up inside her as he prepared to squeeze out his load of semen. The two young people moaned in unison as they orgasmed together, and felt his hot sperm shooting up liquidly into her intestines. Inez got weak in the knees and had to hold on to Nikki as she continued getting off in the girl’s mouth. And at that same, exact moment Dr. Elaine and Connie screamed into each other’s drooling pussies as their pelvises bucked up into each other’s face as they finished 69ing on the floor in front of the one-way glass. It was a moment of total magic as the three lovers in the next room shot their loads at the same time.Connie was so overwhelmed by the feelings Dr. Elaine had just given her that she intentionally let go of control over her entire pelvic area. After she had emptied all of her vaginal emissions into Dr. Elaine’s gulping mouth, she wanted the feeling to go on and on so she let her bladder muscles relax completely. Hot urine flooded out of Connie’s peehole and the doctor had to take a deep breath before she was able to get her open mouth over Connie’s pussy again. The flood of Connie’s urine spilled out of Dr. Elaine’s full mouth, splashed all over her face, and down over her huge, flopping tits.“I’m sorry,” said Connie. “I couldn’t help myself…”Dr. Elaine now sat up and moved around over her. She looked deep into Connie’s worried eyes. “For what, Dear? I loved every drop of it. Peeing is totally natural, and you’re supposed to make the taste and smell of it part of your lovemaking.”“I didn’t know,” said Connie.“But now you do.” With this, Dr. Elaine leaned toward her and kissed Connie on the mouth lovingly. Connie could smell and taste her own urine, and understood how erotic it was as it mixed with all the other juices that she had tasted that night.“Now, it’s my turn,” she smiled at the doctor, and immediately scooted herself down so she could cover Dr. Elaine’s shaved pussy with her mouth.“You sweet girl,” murmured the doctor as she let her own copious flow of urine stream into Connie’s loving mouth. *** The next morning, Billy and his mother walked to their car in the parking lot without saying much to each other. Connie was shy, but kept glancing surreptitiously at her son. Billy didn’t notice. His mind was filled with the sensations that Inez and Nikki had so generously bestowed upon him yesterday and last night. Inez and Dr. Elaine were standing there waiting for them. Instead of being nude, they both wore light robes. The doctor noticed Billy’s look of surprise. She smiled at her patient, and said, “We’ve found that if we say goodbye to our visitors without our clothes on, they don’t want to leave, and this gravel is just too uncomfortable for a goodbye fuck.” She then put her arms around Billy’s neck and gave him a quick, sweet kiss as she walked him to the car.Dr. Elaine did the same for Connie, who held back a moment before getting in next to Billy. She kept her voice down to keep Billy from hearing. “I just want to thank you for everything, but I have one question.”“Yes, Dear, what is it?”“Does this mean I’m a lesbian?” she asked in a tremulous voice.Dr. Elaine smiled reassuringly at her. “Of course not. It only means that you’re willing to try sex with a little more courage now and experience now.”Connie looked relieved as she asked the doctor one last question. “Do you think I’ll be able to find a man to have sex with as exciting as the sex I had with you?”Dr. Elaine opened the car door for Connie to get in. “Absolutely,” replied the doctor, “and very soon, I think.” She patted Connie on the arm and winked at Billy without his mother seeing it. “Very soon.” The car moved off slowly as Dr. Elaine called after them, “And don’t forget to call my office next week and make an appointment…for both of you.”***END OF NUDIST family SEX CLINIC

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