Nurse Shari


Recently I had my gall bladder taken out. Not a big deal these days, in by 6 am and out by 3 pm.

So I arrive at the surgi-center and am getting prepped. Doctor, anesthesiologist, and a few nurses scurrying about doing their things. One nurse comes over and introduces herself to me as Shari, and she’ll be my surgical nurse.

I’m holding my wife’s hand of 20 years while Shari goes through the procedure, what to expect, etc. All the time I’m taking her in; big brown eyes, pretty smile, pretty shy in front of people. She’s attractive but not a bombshell by any means. She’s got some extra pounds on her, but mostly in the right places.

As surgery nears, they kick out my wife and the anesthesia begins to take hold. I seem to remember my hand being held, but am not quite sure…

Surgery is done, I’m told to come back to the doctor’s office a week for a follow on check up. My recovery is good. Some pain early on but I’m improving every day.

A week rolls around and I go back to the Doctor’s office for my check up. They tell me the Doctor himself won’t be evaluating me, but the surgical nurse will.

Shari comes into the examining room and is all business, but in a shy and friendly way. I pull up my shirt as she examines the wounds. She goes on to tell me how she did the stitching up, not the doctor, and she thinks she did a great job, don’t I also? Well, of course I do, I answer as she looks up at me with these beautiful brown eyes full of pride.

We talk some more and she notices that I had a little trouble peeing right after surgery. It’s actually not uncommon, the abdomen is stunned and takes a while to recover.

Anyway, she seems rather concerned.

“So,” she began. “You couldn’t pee for several hours after surgery? Looks like almost 7 hours went by before you went fully…”

“Well… uh…” I answered in my normal suave manner. Hey, I’m not used to talking to women about my pee habits. “Yeah it took a while but in a few days I was back to normal.”

“Hm.” She replied, consulting her charts. “That’s very disconcerting. I think we need to check that istanbul escort out a little further. We need to rule out prostate problems. I’m going to have to examine you. Please turn around and drop your slacks, and your underwear, too.”

Oh christ, I thought. As a man in his 40’s, I’m all too familiar with the one-finger probe. It ain’t fun, and somewhat humiliating. It’s bad enough when a male doctor does it. But having a lady do it? Nah…

“Can’t I just pee in a cup or something?” I ask.

“No, it’s either this or a scope, and you don’t want a scope, believe me.”

I sighed and dropped trou, then leaned on the examining bed as instructed. She put on the gloves and put some KY on her finger.

“Now this will feel uncomfortable, but not too bad… I’ve done this plenty of times and haven’t had any complaints.”

I braced myself. Like I said, I’ve had this done before. A quick jab, 20-30 seconds of feeling around,then it’s over.

After being told to relax, I tried to. Nurse Shari began to slowly rub my anus. No quick jabs here. She pressed in a little bit, then stopped, and then went in a little more, then some more… it reminded me somewhat of fucking a new girl; you don’t want to just rush in, you want to go easy so she thinks you’re sensitive…

I felt a slight sensation in my lower dick area… Stop it! Think superbowl! Tom Brady getting sacked, yeah… Manning making the big drive… those hot young babes watching the Tom Petty show… No!

“Uh…”” I stammer. “Are we almost through?” I mean, getting a boner now would just be too embarrassing.

“No, your prostate seems a little enlarged. I’m going to have to massage it some. That will stimulate production of some semen, which I will then get a sample of sent to the lab for further evaluation.”

Stimulate semen production? Yeah, that’s going to happen alright. She keeps this up and she’s going to have more semen than she’s expecting.

As she massaged my prostate… I just kind avcılar escort of lost control. I tried, i really tried. But after about two minutes i couldn’t take it anymore. My cock began to grow. Now i don’t know the whole anatomy of things down there, but I do know the dick gets hard and it gets hard on back to the inside of the body too. Obviously, Nurse Shari took notice. She increased the area she was stimulating… we were way beyond the uncomfortable zone, I was entering into the pleasure zone.

“So… you’ve never had any complaints you say…”

“Nope” she replied. “Not one. I’m going to have to use my middle finger, it’s longer you know.”

I thought she was going to change her finger, but instead she just thrust in her middle finger also.

“MMphhh” was all I could manage to say.

Shari got up from her kneeling position, twisting her fingers inside me. She now leaned up against my back. I could honest to god feel her tits on my back.

She reached around with her left hand and and felt my rock hard cock.

“My goodness. I see you aren’t going to complain either, now. are you?” Shari nibbled at my ear as she lightly stroked my throbbing cock. Expertly, she increased her grip and rate of stroking, concentrating on that little magic spot just beneath the head.

“Nurse” I said. “That semen production you were talking about… it’s about to produce a ton!”

Shari bit down on my ear painfully, laughing playfully. She stopped stroking and quickly turned me around as she got down on her knees in front of me. Hungrily, she devoured my seven inches. I’ve never been deep-throated before, holy shit. With her fingers still in my ass, her eyes smiled up at me as she stuffed my cock down her throat again and again.

“Come on baby… be a good patient… give me the semen…” she said in between sucks.

She gripped my cock with her left hand with surprising strength. Furiously, she stroked my cock while licking and tonguing the head.

It was, of course, just all too much, I had no choice in the matter. I grabbed her şirinevler escort short blonde hair and stared into her eyes as I came, and came, and came like I never had before. She certainly stirred up the semen production. Shot after shot went into her mouth. Usually I get 2-3 good shots and then some little quivers after that. This time, though, I lost track as at least 10 shots of cum fired into her luscious mouth.

Finally, she released her grip on my cock, pulled her fingers out of my ass, stood up and walked over to the counter where she took a little piece of cut glass, like for a microscope, and scraped a bit of sperm from her tongue onto the glass.

Then she walked over to me, opened her mouth carefully to reveal all that hot steaming sperm. Then closed her mouth again to swallow. She opened her mouth now to show me that it was all gone. I was stunned. On the rare occasion that I got to cum in my wife’s mouth she immediately spit it out while barley hiding her revulsion. Shari just beamed at me. I beamed back.

She leaned over and kissed me hard and deep, her tongue entering my mouth. God it was a hot kiss. I reached into her smock and fumbled around till I found her pussy, steaming hot and just dripping cunt juice. I jammed in three fingers and pressed my palm into her clit, and Shari moaned quietly as she came. I had to hold onto her as she was wracked by cum spasms. I had never seen a woman cum so fast.

Finally, she bent down in front of me again, licked my cock clean of sperm, then pulled up my pants. She removed her gloves and trashed them, telling me they’ll get back to me with the results. She checked herself in the mirror and fixed her lipstick and hair as i got zippered and buckled up.

“Thank you, Shari”, I began. “Are you… I mean, can we… well I’m not sure what to say at this point…”

“Just go to the nurses desk for check out and a future appointment.”

With that she walked out the door.

Still in my post-cum haze, I went to the desk and got an appointment for two weeks later. The check-out nurse handed me a business card.

“Just call the number if you have any problems or complications” she told me.

I looked at the card.

It read: Shari Mayweather, R.N., C.C.N., and a bunch of other letters I don’t remember. Beneath that was the office number and a number strictly for emergencies.

I figured I needed about two days recovery from this draining experience before I declared an emergency.

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