NYMPHOCOM – ch 03(I was inspired by a story I found somewhere on the net, it was called “Sam’s fall from grace”, I don’t know the author but thanks a lot to him for the great story) Chapter 3 – the AJHAB feature I did not sleep well that night. I was having nightmares about my close encounter with death. Julie and I were just incredibly lucky to not have been caught by her muscular boyfriend. Thanks to her quick reaction and also to the fact that her boyfriend was probably exhausted from his football match I made it safely out of her apartment. But what would have happened if he had come home five minutes earlier, finding me spraying my cum on his girlfriend’s face ? I decided to play it safe until I had implemented a safety feature into the NYMPHOCOM device to keep jealous males away from me while I was using it. I was not going to control Julie or any other girl before this was done. I was not sure how to do it but once my decision was made I fell deep asleep. In the morning I drove to the research center while thinking about the problem. Overtaking cars were honking at me and it took me a couple of minutes to realize that I was essentially crawling instead of driving, which is a criminal offense in the understanding of most Parisians. I finally reached the center and hurried to my lab. I was thinking about several scenarios. I could use the NYMPHOCOM to induce irresistible fear in even the most brave men. This was going to protect me but it would feel very strange to those who would be exposed to it. I needed a more discrete approach. I rejected several other ideas but then I focused on jealousy. I just needed to remove jealousy from the mind of my subjects to ensure that fucking their wives or girlfriends would not trigger a violent reaction. I started up all control computers and powered up the big NYMPHOCOM prototype. I had two problems to solve. First I needed to identify the region of the brain responsible for jealousy and second I needed to implement it into the control software. The tricky part was that my device in its current state was not able to influence two brains at once. I needed some kind of multitasking functionality which was requiring a major rewrite of one of the main program routines. It spent a couple of hours determining the brain areas where the jealousy feeling was taking place. It turned out to be located in two different areas. One was located in the region of the brain controlling pain and anger, the other one was located in the region controlling pleasure. This looked a bit weird but all I had to do was to influence the part dealing with pain and anger. If I let the other region untouched it was possible that my targets would feel pleasure instead of jealousy. I decided to code my control software to deal only with first area. I compiled everything and uploaded it into my fake remote control. Now it was not able to control girls with it anymore but I just had to test the anti-male-jealousy part before trying to implement the multitasking functionality. I named my new function AJHAB for “anti-jealous-husband-and-boyfriend”. Obviously I was thinking about Julie and Eric to test my new control software. I probably just needed to grope Julie’s breasts in front of Eric and see if I was going to survive. Somehow this sounded still a bit risky since I might have some bugs left in my program and this is why I decided to watch out for a better occasion. On the evening of the same day I was sitting at a club near the Champs-Elysees with a couple of colleagues and their friends. One fellow researcher had invited me along and since I needed some time to relax from my intense workday I accepted. The music was very loud and many people were dancing on the dance floor. I chatted with the friends of my colleagues and they introduced me to all the others. Two women of our group were still waiting for their husbands to arrive from work. All were drinking heavily and the discussions became very animated. I kept sober and observed the women in the group. One of the women was named Angelina. She was a slim brunette with very long black hair, small tits and a very nice slim bottom. She had been happily married for 6 months now with a stockbroker who seemed to do quite well in his business. She was wearing a rather revealing party dress and she claimed a bit drunkenly that her husband liked to show her off. She also wore nice high heels which made her long legs seem endless. She looked very beautiful and I was very tempted to use the NYMPHOCOM on her, but I remembered that my device was not able to control her in its current state. I also remembered that her husband was going to arrive any moment now. The husband of the other woman arrived and both left with some of the friends and most of my colleagues left too after a couple of minutes, claiming that it was getting late. I stood with Angelina and another woman called Ginette who was one of the lab assistants at our research center I knew not quite so well. Both girls were quite drunk and chatting excitedly. They were enjoying themselves and I was having fun watching them. I proposed to go to another club nearby which was well known for his awesome DJ. I feared that they would refuse to stay with a nerd like me but the alcohol helped and Ginette immediately responded with a “yes”. Angelina looked at her watch, looked at Ginette and answered, “why not”. She had given up hope that her husband would turn up tonight, he would have probably just driven home directly. My car was parked nearby and Angelina sat down next to me and Ginette in the rear. As I drove off I heard somebody shout “Angelina!” but very faint and both girls were too drunk to notice. I watched in the rear mirror and saw a man in suit and tie who was waving at us. I was sure that it was Angelina’s husband who just arrived from work. I shrugged and decided to punish him for being late and neglecting his beautiful wife. I did not stop and drove to the other club I knew. We entered the club and the girls immediately went onto the dance floor and danced crazily to the fast paced music. Angelina and Ginette seemed totally out of control after all the alcohol they had indulged already. I sat at a table in the back and enjoyed the sight. The club was crowded but at one time I caught a glimpse of a man sitting at the bar, looking intensely in the girl’s direction. He was wearing a suit and tie and I recognized the man who was running after my car just ten minutes ago. It was Angelina’s husband. He had managed to follow us to the new club and he was now checking on his wife from a distance. He seemed to be quite happy to see his wife giving a show to all party goers. I thought that I could try out my new AJHAB function since ce we were all supposed to be a bit drunk. If I felt up his wife just a bit he would get jealous and if my protection function was working as designed he would not mind that I did. I stood up to walk past him to the restrooms. I activated the NYMPHOCOM just next to him to make sure to control the correct target, since the place was so crowded. He did not notice anything, being captivated by the show Angelina and beylikdüzü escort Ginette were putting on. I came back and since the tempo of the music change to a slow, I went to the dance floor and invited Angelina to dance in my arms. She did not reject me and she would probably not have rejected Frankenstein either. Ginette went back to our table and ordered a new round of drinks for us. On the dance floor I was holding Angelina very tightly, her tight and muscular body close to mine. She was too drunk to notice that I was holding a bit too close. I let my hands slide down Angelina’s back and had them rest on her buttocks. Angelina smiled at me and reached behind her back to remove my hands. I checked discretely if her husband had reacted but he was still sitting at the same place and observing us. I put my hands back on her ass but this time Angelina rolled her bum in my hands and giggled stupidly. She suddenly kissed me on the mouth. She tasted very alcoholic and was probably unaware who she was kissing, but her husband made no move to come over. He should have stepped in as I was clearly taking advantage of his drunk wife. I started to knead Angelina’s sexy buttocks and felt a hard on rising. She pressed closer to me, feeling the hardness through my pants. I then moved my right hand up her side and kept it on the outer edge of her breast. I gently rubbed at the side of it and Angelina just giggled again. I was standing on the middle of the dance floor with my hands squeezing at her ass and breast and her husband was not reacting at all. He just seemed to observe us intensely. After a while we went back to the table where Ginette seemed to be nearly passed out. She had drunk nearly as much as Angelina and was trying to focus her eyes. I nevertheless ordered a new round of drinks. Angelina’s husband had moved to a table which was on a lower level, a bit below and to the left of us. He had a better view on us and especially he could see if I was going to fondle his wife under the table. I thought about my control software and hoped that his jealousy was turned into pleasure which meant that my function was working the way I wanted. I started to caress Angelina’s legs below the table. She gave me an odd drunken look but said nothing. I sneaked under her dress and caressed her thighs. I discovered that she was wearing stockings and I was now caressing nude skin. She gave a me an embarrassed look and slid my hand back to her knee. She looked around to see if somebody had noticed that I fondled her but with the party raging on nobody had seen anything except for her husband who was eying her like an eagle. Angelina did not see her husband but asked me what I was doing when my hand crept back up her thigh. She made no move to push me back so I started touching her string panties “You should not be doing that,” she said faintly but she did not push me back. Again I felt a hardon growing in my pants. I discretely checked if Angelina’s husband was still watching and I slid my hand into her panties. Angelina just pressed her legs together to forbid me access. Ginette and her were now leaning forward talking enthusiastically about the current episode of a popular TV show. Even close to them I had trouble understanding because of the loud music and I was not familiar with the show anyway. I proposed a drink and both girls gulped their glass down immediately. Angelina relaxed her legs a bit and I took the opportunity to put my fingers over her pussy. She was completely shaven and even on the outside she was dripping wet. Somehow my actions had aroused her and she just squirmed in her seat but did nothing to stop my actions. I was encouraged by that and wormed a finger into her dripping wet hole. She gave a little start and looked at me angrily. “Somebody might see this,” she blurted out drunkenly. She looked around the crowded club and then back at me laughing when she realized that nobody was looking. She shook her head and she opened her legs a bit further. I slipped another finger into her and checked on Angelina’s husband. I was finger-fucking his wife using two fingers and he was still not reacting. I was now convinced that my new feature was working correctly . Ginette asked what was wrong, and Angelina told her that I was being naughty. Ginette grinned and tried to peek under the table and then laughed. Angelina gave a wry smile back. “Men !” Angelina said and shook her head again. We laughed and I sensed that Ginette was getting aroused as well. She climbed over us and sat next to Angelina so that she was now in between Ginette and me. I continued to finger her pussy and there was no doubt that Angelina was getting excited as the dampness of her pussy juices soaked the cloth of her panties. Her husband was just moving occasionally to get a better view and I felt secure enough to continue with the play. Ginette had also put her hand on Angelina’s leg and was caressing it gently. I could feel her body trembling when small bursts of pleasure rushed through her. Quickly she was hovering on the edge of an orgasm and was biting her lip to hold back the cries of bliss that were bubbling in her throat. Ginette watched us jealously, her tongue sometimes wetting her lips. She was rubbing the leg of her friend and not missing any piece of the action. I removed my sticky fingers from Angelina’s pussy and held them before Ginette’s mouth. “Wanna taste ?” I proposed. Angelina jokingly gave me a slap on my legs as I had stopped her short from a heavenly orgasm. Ginette shyly took a lick at my fingers and laughed. “Angelina, you taste good”, she said and then she turned red like a tomato and looked around. Nobody had noticed except Angelina’s husband still sitting in the same place. I was amazed at how well alcohol was replacing my NYMPHOCOM device.I resumed the fingering of Angelina’s pussy who sighed of pleasure. I slowed the pace of my fingering and kept her hovering on the edge of an orgasm. Ginette noticed that Angelina’s string panties were not allowing me full access to the pussy so she motioned her friend to lift herself in her seat and reached down to slide her panties off. “What are you two doing to me ?” Angelina asked, her eyes glazed with excitement. She leaned back in her seat breathing heavily, her pussy now completely nude. Her eyes went wide when I released my hard cock from my pants. “Stop this !” she said sharply, looking around to check if somebody was noticing what was going on. Indeed the waitress approached our table to bring another round of drinks but she never saw anything. I continued to finger fuck Angelina and she seemed to be resigned to what was happening. I thought about making her give me a blowjob but somehow she would need to crawl under the table and it would not be very discrete. Angelina was still attempting to act as though nothing was happening although her growing arousal was making it difficult. Shea bit her lip then leaned her head forward, she was again on the verge of climaxing. I was still discretely observing Angelina’s husband. He was still not reacting, just leaning forward to make sure to see all the details of what avcılar escort I was doing to his wife. I decided to go for the jackpot. I removed my hand from Angelina’s pussy and grasped her waist to lift her over my lap. Ginette understood what I wanted to do despite her drunken state and pushed her friend towards me. I positioned Angelina over my hard dick and pushed her down. Her eyes went wide in surprise and she tried to rise again. She fought my pushing and shouted sharply, “Stop it ! now”. I smiled at her and pulled her firmly down onto my lap, while Ginette pushed on her legs. Her eyes went even wider and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ as my cock entered her dripping wet pussy. I leaned back in my seat and pulled her back against my chest. Angelina hands rested on the table top, her dress skirt slipping open to reveal her pussy and my cock that was pushed deep into it to her husband. She twisted around and repeated, “Stop it !” but I just grinned and humped my groin upward which made her bite her lip again. Ginette was staring at Angelina’s exposed pussy then looking around the room like a startled deer. I could see that she was very aroused and casually caressing her own breasts. A group of people passed by and moved to the dance floor, unaware of what was happening to the beautiful girl sitting on my lap. As soon as the group had gone Angelina spoke sharply over her shoulder. “LET ME GO !” she hissed. She tried to rise, but I was holding her firmly in place on my cock. Angelina looked around the room as though in horror but the dancing crowd was just unaware of what was happening to her. Still shaking her head she spoke to me over her shoulder. “Please Francois, please let me go!” Tears were bubbling up in her eyes, she looked desperate. Ginette came closer and kissed her on the cheek while putting her hand onto her pussy. She started to caress her friend’s clit and I could physically feel the jolts of pleasure flashing through Angelina’s body. She looked at Ginette, her lovely black hair falling back to my chest, and then slowly raised herself on my cock. Then she reversed direction and slid down on my meat again. She soon moved faster until she reached the pace of the music of the dance floor. Most bystander would have thought that Angelina was dancing on my lap except that she had her eyes closed and her mouth open as she moaned, unhearable with the noise. I could see her husband’s jaw drop and his eyes widen. He and Ginette were the only witnesses of Angelina’s unfaithfulness and I was proud of abusing this girl without the help of my NYMPHOCOM. Angelina body was soon trembling on the edge of a powerful climax, I grabbed her hips and kept her down. Surprised she looked over her shoulder. She seemed disappointed that I did not finish her, but very quickly she remembered to be angry and gave me a cold look. “Satisfied ?” she asked bluntly. A waitress brought yet another round of drinks and Angelina tried to smile and act as natural as possible but the waitress did not even look at us. Angelina’s husband though was loosening his tie as he was sweating profusely, probably because of the heat of the crowded room but maybe also because of what he was witnessing. “Prepare to get it up your ass,” I told her. She tried to turn and rise but I kept her firmly impaled on my dick. “Are you crazy ?” she hissed but she closed her eyes when I humped my groin upwards a few times. “I will cry out if you don’t let me go!” she threatened with a drunken voice. “Go ahead ! I am sure there are a lot of people here who will like to tell your husband that you are fucking men in public!” She looked around desperately, the dancing crowd moving to the rhythm of the deafening music. Ginette was still watching us jealously and rubbing Angelina’s pussy more intensively. Her friend gave her a hard look too and I felt her sigh heavily, her inebriated thoughts not able to argue any longer. She lifted her butt slightly and brought it above my dick, her hands on the table pretending to look around for somebody. She then pushed down slightly but her anus was not in front of the tip of my dick and I slid back into her pussy. She started trembling again, the situation was clearly arousing her incredibly despite her protests. She tried again, same result, my meat went back into her warm and dripping cunt. “Well Ginette, why don’t you help her ?” Ginette jerked upwards as if I just had woken her up, she looked at the people dancing and all the bystanders and then shyly grabbed my dick with her right hand, she had some difficulties coordinating her movements as she was quite drunk. As Angelina raised again she felt for her friend’s asshole with the fingers of her left hand. Her hands were covered by Angelina’s dress so nobody could see what she was going on except for the sweating husband who was watching intensely. Guided by Ginette I felt Angelina anus widen around the tip of my stiff dick. Her asshole was not lubricated and I could not penetrate her easily. Angelina raised again and Ginette quickly put three fingers of her right hand in Angelina’s pussy. Angelina looked at her friend but Ginette used her sticky fingers to put pussy juice on her asshole. She looked around like a scared a****l while Ginette went back and forth between her dripping cunt and her ass. I grabbed her waist and pushed her down gently and her asshole wrapped around my hard shaft, lubricated by her own pussy juices. Angelina mouth opened in an “O” again and she tried to rise and flee in front of the pain she was having. She looked at me over her shoulder her eyes begging me to stop. I held her waist tightly and pushed her down harder. She went down again, ignoring the pain – the alcohol was helping – and I slowly slid into her with the tip of my cock. Ginette was still caressing Angelina’s pussy and I could again feel the shivers getting through her body each time her friend touched her clit. “Ginette ! what … what … are you doing ?” she panted with her alcoholic voice. She looked at her friend and at the dancing crowd, still scared that someone might notice what was happening to her. She was too drunk to notice her husband sitting not far away who was wiping the sweat from his face with his handkerchief. I pushed her down a bit more and she open her eyes and her mouth wide, surprised by the pain again. Her ass was like I guessed, very firm and pear shaped, and I malaxed her ass cheeks with my hands for a while, with Angelina not moving as this prevented the pain. I pushed my groin up a bit and Angelina jerked up but I was holding her again and she could not escape. I was half the way in her ass and I could feel the heat around my cock, I felt like it was burning. Angelina grabbed the glass on the table and emptied it in a couple of gulps. For all what she had drunk she was standing alcohol quite well. I made a sign to the waitress to bring us a refill but Angelina was scared she could see what was going on so she pushed herself down hard all the way until my penis was completely inside her intestines. She closed her eyes as tears went into them because of the pain. Her ass cheeks were now caressing esenyurt escort the top of my legs. She turned again and gave me a sarcastic smile but her eyes wide open with drunken desire. My cock felt like compressed in a very narrow space and it was a particularly exciting thought of me having all of my hard dick inside the anus of this beautiful girl. I slowly moved her up and then down but soon, thanks to Ginette’s helping fingers, she started moving up and down on her own, her asshole now warm and dilated. She went faster and after a couple of minutes she picked up the rhythm of the music, assfucking me with tiny back and forths who soon became wider and wider. Her husband was watching us with his mouth open, unable to look anywhere else than at his perfect wife being sodomized by a stranger who had made her drink over reason. Ginette was having nearly all fingers of her right hand in Angelina’s pussy and she frequently pulled out of her to lick her fingers clean. Angelina looked at her with eyes glazed by ecstasy. “I did not know you were so naughty,” she said to her friend. Ginette smiled drunkenly and raised her face to Angelina’s and gave her an quick and wet tongue kiss. “When this guy is finished with you I would like to eat your pussy,” she said. Angelina took a surprised look, still dancing up and down on my pole. She then smiled and said, “Well I am not a lesbian but its the night to try new things I guess.” She moved up and down to the music and soon she was overwhelmed by an incredibly powerful orgasm. She cried out loud but nobody heard it thanks to the deafening dance music. She continued to anally fuck me for a while but then I hold her hips to have her stop moving as the waitress came yet again with drinks. She left and Angelina turned her face over her shoulder and looked at me provocatively. “So what now ? are you finished with me ?” From her looks I understood that she hoped the answer would be no but she was not going to admit it. I started pounding her ass again and she panted as bliss built up in her body again. I spoke to Ginette. “When I come I want you to grab my dick and gather all the sperm in a glass !” Ginette was still fingering Angelina and looked at me with her drunken eyes, not understanding what I meant. Then her look brightened and she took a glass from the table, having some difficulties grabbing it, drank half of the vodka from it and kept it in her hand. I felt my orgasm approaching and I told her, I raised Angelina’s ass cheeks, pulled out and felt Ginette’s hand guiding my meat into the glass.I soon came in thick white streams into it while Ginette was stroking my meat and Angelina was nearly standing with her legs spread over my legs. She sat down again on my lap after I quickly put my dick back into my pants, still breathing hard from my orgasm. Ginette put the glass back on the table. “Wow … so much !” she said while watching my sperm swim on top of the remaining vodka. I noticed that Angelina’s husband had nearly jumped on his feet to get a better view. “So now drink it !” I ordered Angelina. She turned her head and looked at me as if I was crazy. “That is … is disgusting !” she stuttered. She turned to face Ginette on the side, her two legs now on the right side of my lap. “Ginette, help me !” she pleaded. Ginette was too drunk to understand so she handed the glass to her friend. Angelina took it.”Oh my god ! When will you stop make me do these things ?” She moved the glass so that the sperm in it would swirl around, like she would do with a cocktail. She put the glass to her mouth and drank the cum and the alcohol to the last drop. She licked her lips clean and smiled awkwardly at Ginette and me. “Very tasty ! sperm vodka !” She then giggled nervously and I thought she would pass out but she did not. On the opposite side of the room her husband nearly fell to the floor when he saw that Angelina had drunk my cum, but he still did not move. People were dancing frantically around as the party went on. I pushed Angelina to my right and she sat next to me trying to straithen her dress out. She made a face as her butt was still hurting and Ginette giggled again. “You are not used to getting assfucked ?” she said. Angelina gave her a cold look and then smiled. “I have tried it several times but it hurts each time … especially when fucked by an a****l like Francois !” “I think you did very well !” I replied. She looked at me coldly as she did not take it as a compliment. “Now I really need to go,” she said to Ginette and she managed to stand up on her unsure legs. I raised to hold her because I was afraid she would fall over. Ginette stood up too and I had to hold her too. With both girls in my arms I walked slowly to the exit of the club, with Angelina trying to straighten out her dress to hide the fact that she had no more panties. We reached my car and I opened the rear door. Ginette managed to climb into the car and fell asleep immediately. Angelina went on all fours to climb into the car but her dress went up, exposing her perfect butt and her bare pussy. My dick stiffened in my pants immediately. I looked around if nobody was to be seen, pushed her into the backseat and entered the car behind her. She was on all fours over Ginette and I was just behind her. I unzipped my fly, freed my hard dick and inserted it into Angelina’s still wet pussy. She was clearly caught by surprise but unable to struggle so I fucked her hard doggy-style for a couple of minutes. I pulled out as I came and stained all the back of her dress with white cum. Angelina just muttered, “Oh my god … Oh my god…” Satisfied I left the back of my car to sit in the front seat, both girls lying asleep in the back. I looked at them and realized that alcohol was as efficient to transform girls in nymphomaniacs as was my device. Also my new AJHAB function against jealous husbands was working perfectly. I just had fucked Angelina up the ass in front of her husband and he had not intervened… It came as a shock when somebody knocked at my window. I was startled to see that it was Angelina’s husband. He did not look menacing but I feared that he might take advantage of the deserted parking to kill me. Carefully I lowered my side-window. “Excuse me to disturb you Sir,” the man said politely. “This is my wife there on your backseat. I would like to propose to drive her home. If you are finished with her that is …” I looked at the man as if he was completely crazy. I was unable to say a word. “Don’t worry,” he said calmly, noticing my embarrassment. “We are a swinger couple. I enjoyed every minute of what you did to my wife tonight. I hope you will accept that I lend her to you again.” A swinger couple ! It took me a few seconds to realize what he was meaning but then I understood that he was used to have his wife fucking around. I gave him an awkward smile and got out of the car. I helped him drag Angelina and Ginette from my car to his car which was parked nearby. “Thanks again for all you did tonight,” he said. “I really appreciated. I will make sure that Angelina is in touch with you very soon.” He smiled happily at me and drove off. It seemed that my test of the AJHAB function tonight was not relevant at all and that I would need to test once again, this time with a real jealous husband. I laughed out loud nearly all the way driving back home.

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