Observing a very bad girl behavior

Observing a very bad girl behaviorVictor advised me he had to work late at his office; so he said I should go away to have some fun for myself, since he would hate to get me home alone while he was busy at work. A couple of my good girlfriends invited me to join them going to a club.I got ready, putting a very short black leather skirt and a black top almost see through, with no bra and no panties. I completed my sexy outfit with thigh high stockings and a sexy pair of high heeled stilettos…I sent my beloved hubby a couple pics bent over, so he could see my exposed shaven glistening pussy lips under my leather skirt. Victor replied I looked so fucking hot and sexy; he just wished me luck…I got inside the club with the girls. Loud music and flashing lights; but tonight I noticed there were more men than women there.We made our way through the crowd and up to the bar to get some drinks. My girlfriends were horny and even more aroused than myself…We grabbed our drinks and sat down at a table near the dance floor. After dancing for a while, making sure I rubbed against a few guys and let them get a few glimpses of my barely hidden butt, I sat down for a break. But soon, one of the guys I had teasing on the dance floor approached me.He asked if he could join me and of course I accepted his nice company. The guy was quite hot and handsome; but he looked to be a gay…He introduced himself as Vernon; I smiled at him, he was very cute…My girlfriends finally came to the table, bursa escort saying they would go to a party with their new friends they had picked up at the dance floor. I saw them leaving.Vernon then offered me to sit at his table, to meet some of his friends.I sat down in the middle of them. They invited me some drinks. It was not long before I felt hands on my exposed thighs. They felt nice and after a few drinks I was feeling a bit naughty; so I let them go ahead and slowly one hand got more adventurous, roaming a bit higher, until he reached my now quite damp silky thong. This felt great but also meant I needed a quick trip to the ladies. Once inside there in a stall, I decided to give hubby a quick call and see what he thought. He answered and I explained everything. Victor laughed on the phone, saying I should remove my thong and let them see how wet I was. He just told me to enjoy and send some pictures as the night went on.did as he said and took a couple pictures, so my beloved hubby could check how wet I was in that moment. I then got back to the table and noticed a few guys had left.Just three guys, including Vernon, were staying there.I accidentally on purpose dropped my purse and turned away from them to pick it up; so they could all see I was not wearing panties anymore.More drinks were ordered and I sat down onto Vernon’s lap and placed my hand onto the next guy’s thighs. He was called Joe, a nice Latin type man…To my surprise, Joe had escort bursa already got out his nice solid cock. I looked at it with hungry eyes; but I did not touch it. I just lifted my hips for a moment; so Vernon adjusted himself and released his hard cock.I wasted no time sitting back down and feeling his hard cock rub against my now totally soaking pussy lips. I wiggled my butt back and forth until Vernon was perfectly lined up and I then sank my soaking pussy down on his cock. I grabbed my phone and held it between my spread thighs, so that hubby could see the pictures I snapped for him, with a huge dick impaled up to my little hungry pussy. Once I had sent those naughty pics to Victor, I began moving back and forth onto Vernon’s cock.The guy did his best to keep his erection inside me; but he finally grunted in my ear, as I felt him exploding and his warm semen filled my womb.I climbed off and asked the other guys who would be next. This Latin guy Joe just stared into my eyes and, without a single word, he pulled me onto his lap. I straddled him, gasping in discomfort, as I felt his very thick cockhead impaling my cunt in just a single push.As I bounced onto Joe, I stroked the third guy’s dick, which was the smallest one; but however, it was even bigger than my hubby’s.I rocked back and forth onto Joe for no more than a minute, before I felt an orgasm building in me. I knew it would be an intense one.But, before I could come, the third guy positioned bursa escort bayan behind me and asked if he could fuck me in the ass.The music was loud; so I just nodded my head and spread my buttocks with my hands. The guy did not waste any time. I opened my mouth and cried out loud, as his hard cock invaded my tight butt hole.We all three began moving together and I enjoyed that wild double penetration. Vernon smiled and he took my phone, snapping some shots, so that Victor could appreciate those two hard dicks fucking my both holes at same time.Joe made me cum and I cried in tears as a shattering climax ran through my whole body. He filled my cunt just a couple seconds later.The third guy heard my loud screaming and it triggered his own orgasm.That was enough for me and I dismounted Joe’s cock. Once I calmed down and recovered my breath, I took another sip of drink.My phone buzzed and it was Victor, giving me thumbs up.Vernon said he was not done yet; he wanted to taste my asshole.He dragged me to his car, saying there we could have more privacy.I braced myself on the back seat and soon felt Vernon’s dick entering my now stretched asshole. I did not hurt; but I felt no pleasure as he enjoyed sodomizing me. He finally filled my bowels with more warm semen.Vernon pulled out and kissed my neck, whispering he had never fucked such a naughty mature woman. I told him that we had forgotten to snap more shots with that dick buried up my ass.The guy laughed and he made me get again on all fours. He then shoved again his still stiff dick up my asshole and he took some pictures.Ten minutes later Victor texted me, saying he had enjoyed all the pics…I texted him back, saying I was now in my way back home…

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