Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 01


“It was big and floppy,” Rochelle timidly giggled. She looked away nervously. She was taken aback by her brazen comment.

I was strangely aroused and intensely involved with her every word.


I was on vacation visiting my father and his family. He was remarried and it had been years since I had been around.

I was now 29. He had one step child from his wife’s previous marriage. She was 20 and going to college. She still lived with them as she began to plan, what would surely become a great and successful future.

Rochelle was smart and attractive. I found it strange to evaluate a ‘more-or-less’ sibling of mine in such a manner. But she was after all, beautiful. I, on occasion, found my self admiring her sexy attributes before I quickly stood back and felt guilty. Never the less, I couldn’t help it; my eyes had a mind of their own.

She stood 5-6″ tall with a sturdy yet very effeminate build. Wide hips, small waist, and perky young C-cups constantly demanded subtle attention to those in her proximity. She unfortunately did not dress in such a manner as to give any one such delight. I knew better as she had dressed less modestly around the house. Her simple loose fitting shorts often got hiked between her bubble butt. I had got a few candid glances as she rearranged her shorts so that the fabric would once again drape over her thick, tone thighs. She was an absolute knockout.

Her personality, though, was unique. She was fun, yet awkwardly timid around new people, places or things. Uptight and reserved. I had my speculations, considering as much, that she was still a virgin.

After the first few days it did become evident somebody was offering her a lot of attention. Her phone was constantly ringing. So I suspected she did have a boyfriend.


She came home late night. I was bored and fumbling around on the internet trying to find something to peak my interest.

She entered the den wearing a tight fitting top. It was purple and did little to conceal a striking amount of cleavage. She had great tits. They were perfect; not too small nor too big. I noticed her nipples her slightly poking at the thin fabric.

I realized she just saw me making a noticeable gawk at her fantastic breasts. I looked up and she indiscreetly disregarded my inappropriateness. She was in there to talk to me. I had originally figured she was headed to the laundry room to fetch something.

Such a pretty face casually looked me in the eyes before she spoke.

“Hey, what’cha doing?” she smiled.

“Nothing, I’m bored.”


She paced the room momentarily. I didn’t know what to say. I was doing my best not to make another stare at her prominent titties.

“So what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she looked down. That was my queue to take one more peek. I stared as she said, “How do you know if someone is right for you?”

She was not herself. I would have never suspected she would open up to me.

“You mean… like dating or getting married… or…?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess. You guys are so difficult to understand.”

I laughed, “Oh? We are? How do you mean?” I was intrigued at the topic of discussion and delighted to have more and more opportunities to admire her body. Tight fitting jeans hugged her ass to perfection.

“Well, I’m not sure about uh… Nick’s intentions.”

“Oh, you think he’s in it for one thing.” I replied staring at the creases of her jeans. I was watching the fabric twist between her legs right. I caught myself and immediately looked up. I had to have been busted. I should be looking her in the eyes yet I wasn’t.

She smiled, “Yeah, he is.” She was careful with her wording. It was obvious what we were talking about yet she still hadn’t given in.

“How do you know?” I asked.

She turned around to look out the window. I gazed purposefully at her sexy ass. She muttered “Hmm…” but didn’t turn around. Instead she began to shift her weight to her other leg almost teasingly. What a lovely ass she had. She slightly leaned at the window seal with her elbows. I was in heaven. I realized she was waiting for me to speak.

“Well? How do you know?”

She turned around and sat across from me on the floor. I now had a better vantage point to check out her ample cleavage.

“Did something happen tonight?” I asked while making sure to look her in the eye.

“Yeah, I guess…” she looked down, likely trying to collect her thoughts.

“So what happened?” I asked.

She began to readjust herself and was now lying face up on the carpet, not looking at me, but looking at the ceiling. Her fit body was on display as her flat toned stomach now came into view. Her low rise jeans were teasing me to the max. She had to have been shaved or waxed considering just how low they were. I noticed the outline of her pelvis.

She finally spoke, but continued just to stare at the ceiling. “Well, we had a good night. Simple. We just went to the movies and everything was great… and when he was esat escort dropping me off. I gave him a nice kiss and I was saying goodbye. And then…” she paused.

Her knees were aimed at the ceiling and she was unknowingly, or knowingly, teasing me as she slightly parted them like a butterflies wings and held them.

“And then he what?” I asked.

“He said hold on before you go; I need one more kiss. Then he said close my eyes. I heard his zipper and I was freaked out. I looked over and he was pulling his… his thingy out.”

I laughed to myself at her childish description. Whether or not I was that concerned I played the card. “What? Wow?” I acted astonished and bewildered as I continued eyeballing her sexy body.

“Yeah, I know I totally didn’t expect it.” She actually didn’t seem to be too upset about it.

I was totally turned on by this point. I was making subtle brushes up against my crotch to feel my aching erection.

“Wow, I wouldn’t think so, that was crazy,” I said. I was playing into her hands; allowing her to continue unabashed. “So then what happened?” I asked. Her eyes never once looked towards mine though I had to wonder if her peripheral vision did give notice to my stance, whereby I found myself groping my bulge more and more often.

She replied, “Well I just closed my eyes and was totally freaked out. Then he grabbed my knee and told me he loved me. I finally opened my eyes and then I saw it was sticking up and shaking. Then I just ran out the car.”

Her legs still fluttered back and forth. Her slow motions were now less innocent. She would be nearly spread eagle at one point and then completely closed off at the next. I had to wonder what was secretly going on inside her head. Twenty minutes ago she was propositioned for sex and now she was revealing it all to me in detail for what reason I did not know.

I got bold. “So that’s the first time you’ve seen one?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Pretty much?” I asked.

“Well… you know… health class…” she sighed.

I was considering reaching into my pants I was so hot. I loved talking about this while innocently or not watching with horny eyes.

“Oh, yeah,” I laughed slightly. I was delighted to know she was a virgin.

“Yeah, they’re so gross,” she laughed.

I was unsure of how to respond but decided it best just to go along. “Yeah I guess so. I mean I guess it depends on the person.”

“It was just so big and floppy. And like a minute later it was even bigger and beating like a heartbeat,” she laughed.

I was a bit under endowed to be honest. I wondered if she would forever have the preconception that every guy was as big as her boyfriend. A slight fear came over me that she might ever see mine; complimented by the security of knowing that would or at least should never happen. My thoughts consumed me as I tried to refocus.

“Well it probably wasn’t that big, it’s just because you’ve never seen one before,” I replied.

“Yeah maybe…” she replied while closing her eyes. She rolled over and was now lying on her stomach. Her great ass was on display. To my luck though, the fabric of her top had rolled up almost all the way to her breast. She acted oblivious to the fact that the bottom part of flattened boob was pressing out. Her face was towards mine but she kept her eyes closed. Was she falling asleep?

She moaned lightly and readjusted herself further. More and more of her breasts fell out of her top and she continued to act indifferent. I was about to be over the top. I watched on for a few minutes admiring the scene. I had reached my hand into my pants and was in bliss as I began to make short strokes. I whispered her name, but was given no response.

I made casual glances towards her face to make sure she was still asleep as I continued to indulge my carnal desires. At one point, for a split second, her eyes fluttered. They remained shut, but the shock hit me that she might actually be awake and spying on me though the slits of her eyes. How erotic would that be? I thought to myself.

I began to get bolder and bolder and eventually I found myself pulling my dick out. At five inches it is modest but it was raging hard. I spit in my hand and slowly rubbed at the tip while staring at her luscious body.

A few minutes passed and I was searching for anything to release my load into. I saw tissues on the other desk and made an awkward approach to retrieve them.

Then I panicked. Her body moved slightly and she let out a slight moan. I covered up as best I could and frantically resituated myself on the chair. False alarm. She had rolled over and slid further down. The carpet was literally taking her top off as I realized her left boob was almost completely out of her top. I was still frozen and didn’t want to move. Her head rocked back towards my direction but her eyes were still closed.

I had seriously wondered if she was awake and more or less ‘putting on a show.’ I mean how weird was it that every time she moved she would pull herself etimesgut escort against the carpet. It was insanely erotic to consider the concept of her doing this purposefully. I was at the breaking point and started pulling at my cock again.

Her nipples were pointing out quite noticeably. I pumped furiously admiring the sexy sleeping beauty before me. I started to tense up and grabbed the tissue and at the moment I covered my penis with tissue, Rochelle twitched. I mean the timing of her body making such a twitch was confusing to say the least. I couldn’t be concerned, though.

I cleaned myself up, took a sheet from the laundry room and gently placed it over her body. She didn’t respond and I carried my horny ass back to the guest room.

I lay in my bed wondering what the hell just happened. And what the hell if she was awake?


I slept in the next morning. I was a bit weary to leave my room. It was Saturday and my dad and his wife were going to be out of the house until late night due to some events I really didn’t care to ask details about.

So that left the house alone to me and my step sister. The gorgeous young lady to whom I got more than a bit perverted with last night. Everything was completely innocent at eye level, and I hoped it would stay that way. I mean after all, I couldn’t keep fascinating about her nor instigating arousing conversations.

I made my way to the shower and noticed her bedroom door was shut. Stop thinking about it, I thought to myself. I proceeded to do my morning routine and exited the shower with just my towel wrapped around my waist. I made my way back to my room and of course her bedroom door flung open. I swear she timed it perfectly. That or the Gods’ of circumstance were playing a game with us.

She was wearing loose shorts thin but almost see through as I saw the dark outline of her panty line around her hips. That wasn’t the best part. Nothing but a bra did conceal her bouncy breasts.

She acted startled to see me. I did the same. It was absolutely awkward yet familiar at the same time. I did my best to keep my eyes off her exposed sexy body.

“Oh, hey…” I said while making my way around her.

“Morning, are you done with the shower?” she asked.

“Yep, it’s all yours.” I made shut the door behind me doing my best to act gentlemanly. While I did take one last look as she walked towards the restroom, admiring her luscious ass ever so slightly shaking with each step.

Uncharacteristically of me, I decided to make some breakfast for the two of us. I studied the refrigerator and began to lose my motivation. Frozen waffles seemed to fit the bill. I made a simple get up on the table. I sat at down strategically to have her bedroom door slightly in my view. I waited.

I heard the bathroom door open and pretended to be reading the newspaper. I saw her briefly. She was wearing nothing but a towel. Then she was gone. I continued to wait.

She made her way to the dining room table where I was. I hadn’t looked up yet, but when I did I immediately felt the blood rush below. The first thing I noticed was she was wearing just a simple bra. Although her ample breasts were nothing to be ashamed about. Simple shorts again. Oh how I wish she wore the tight ones.

I acted embarrassed to see her in so little clothing.

“Oh… uh… hey…” I gave a quizzical look on my face further more instilling the innocence I wished to portray.

She walked past me. “Oh, hey…” her nonchalance demeanor I couldn’t understand. I mean, seriously? Do you not realize you are wearing just a bra?

She continued to the kitchen when I said, “I made some waffles.”

“Oh cool, thanks,” she replied giving only a few seconds of eye contact.

She sat down and I tried my hardest not to look at the modest yet sexy bra she was wearing.

The silence was deafening. We ate for a few minutes without speaking. Girls always know what they are doing when it comes to showing off their body. So what was her angle, I wondered. I was convincing myself she did know everything that happened last night. I honestly thought she faked the whole sleeping scene and for some reason was kind enough to give me the little peep show.

I had given her my own peep show. She must have seen me jerking off in front of her.

A rush of conflicting emotions and thoughts were consuming me.

This was a game. She was playing some game with me. I didn’t know what exactly but I was certain I would play by her rules.

It was the innocence factor. I think everything would be in the norm if we kept it playfully innocent. I shuddered to think I might lose this game if I confronted her about her unusual behavior.

So long as we keep it simple and innocent then the game shall proceed. That had to be it.

She ate half a waffle before excusing herself to clean her plate. I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what. She went back to her bedroom and closed the door. I cleaned up a bit and etlik escort lounged on the couch. I patiently waited for an hour and was half way passed out when I heard the bedroom door finally open. I kept my eyes half closed waiting for her to come into view.

She came around the corner as if she were looking for me. I grudgingly opened my eyes further to acknowledge her presence. What a pretty sight. She was still in just the bra and shorts. I groggily said, “Hey.”

“Hey, do you know anything about computers?”

I did a long time ago but lost my touch. “Sure, what’s up?”

“I don’t know, it’s like frozen and I wasn’t sure if I should unplug it,” she replied.

“Hmm…” I began to sit up. “I can take a look.”

“Okay,” she replied and walked back into her room expecting me to follow her shortly.

This should be fun at least I get to take a few peeks at her gorgeous tits in the process. The door was open and I walked in. Her laptop was on her bed and so was she. Of course I had no choice but to sit at the edge of her and try my best to fix the problem. Or at least prolong it enough for my own benefit.

Her room smelled nice and was a bit cluttered but not so sloppily; just a few clothes thrown carelessly around. I stared at the thong panties hanging on the bed knob. I wouldn’t have thought she had any. I quickly regained my focus and pulled the laptop to my side. She laid back and said, “God, I hope I didn’t break it.

I saw the frozen screen in front of me. It was something educational I presumed at first. I read a few lines and realized it was a doctor’s opinion about virginity and first time sex. It took me all of two seconds to realize it wasn’t frozen at all. I scrolled up and down and looked at her. “I think maybe it was only frozen for a minute, it seems fine to me.”

Was she slyly putting on this charade to instigate a conversation about sex? I wondered to myself.

She perked up and said, “Oh wow, really? That’s good.”

This was either my opportunity to leave gracefully or make some casual comment about what I saw. I decided on the latter.

“So I guess you’re still a virgin?” I asked.

She answered rather easily, “Yeah, but I guess I can’t stay that way forever.”

“Well, you shouldn’t worry about it so much. It’s not such a big deal. Everybody has sex nowadays,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

I began to rise from the bed and make my way out when she said, “Well ok… umm… is it going to hurt?” she asked.

“I think that depends on the person,” I replied. I slowly sat back on the bed making awkward glances at her face and her extravagantly poised body.

“I mean, I just kind of thought it might. I mean, I never saw one in real life. And his was just so big.”

“You are afraid it is going to hurt because it is so big? Well how big was it?” I asked.

“Umm… I don’t know but I just thought they were smaller.” She made the ever so slightest glance at my groin.

“Oh… Well… I think they come in many different sizes. So maybe his was larger than normal.”

“Yeah I guess so,” she replied. “So what’s normal?”

“Oh, I’m not sure, you can look it up though,” I motioned towards the laptop.

“Good idea,” she replied enthusiastically. She was now sitting Indian style and slid the laptop towards her knees. Her milky thighs came into view as she did so. She asked, “So what should I type?”

“Umm… I don’t know. Type in average penis size.” I couldn’t believe I was saying penis in front of my stepsister but I went along with it.

“Okay…” she paused while studying the screen. “Five and half to six and a half is average.” She made a slight grin to herself and struck me off guard. “How big is yours?” she laughed lightly.

“Umm… I don’t know… I suppose it is average.” I lied and said I’ve never measured it.”

She stood up and went to her desk drawer and retrieved sewing tape. “Well go measure it. Just for fun.” She was quite frisky this morning and I couldn’t help but want to keep her that way. I reluctantly agreed and excused myself from her room so that I may follow her playful orders.

I already knew where I stood. I wondered if I should lie about it. I decided not to. I didn’t measure my dick but I waited a few more minutes before I reentered her room.

I opened the door and casually said, “Hey.”

“So?” was her response.

“Oh well um… I guess its pretty much average.”

“Did you measure it or not?” she had a slightly irritated tone about her voice.

“Yes… It’s pretty much right at about um… five inches.”

“Hmm…” she sighed. “And the girth?”

“Girth?” I answered.

“Yes? How thick is it?”

I was caught off guard, “I didn’t measure that. How do you do that?”

“Just wrap the tape around your dick to see.”

She was so upfront and confrontational I didn’t expect this from her. Nor did I expect to be more or less inspected by my step sister.

“Alright I’ll go check. What’s the average?”

“Just go do it.”

I left her room again. I was madly turned on by this surreal experience. I had a hard on and I wrapped the tape around and saw I was just over four inches around. I wasn’t quite certain what would be considered average so I figured I would tell her four and half to be safe.

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