Subject: Odyssey Baths Being an out of towner I needed a cheap place to stay after a night on the town. I was very tired and ten bucks for a small room in the middle of the week seemed like a winner.After I got undressed and walked around in my large towel I noticed the movie room with huge wooden bunk beds. There were a few people hanging around and I wanted to watch the movie without being bothered, so I climbed up on the upper bunk level and tried to sink into the pillow sheets. I didn’t want to be noticed so I took off the white towel and played on it to watch the gay porno movie. Meanwhile a fairly long haired beefy gentleman with glasses was walking around looking for some trade. He had walked in there with a purpose. To fuck some manhole. He was getting anxious and grumpy for not getting some suitable butt. Walking around in his towel with a big hanging dick brushing against the cloth, it was making it worse. He walked the halls and couldn’t get comfortable with the right trick. Finally he wandered into the movie room after seeing me enter and sort of wondered where I went. He stood there looking around and messaged his dick through the white towel. He walked closer to the bunk beds and looked around. Then he looked over and noticed someone laying on the top completely naked. He decided to climb up the side wooden latter. Climbing up, he saw what he was looking for. Some nice round beautiful buns laying upright, naked against the center. He gulped, and was ready for action. I was busy watching the movie and noticed someone had climbed up to be next to me. The man took off his towel, and let his big thick juicy dick do the talking. It pointed straight at me. Crawling further over me his dick was pounding with desire. It knew immediately what it wanted. kurtköy escort To plunge into some nice soft, but eager manhole butt. His dick was big, thick, veiny, and throbbing. Crawling in further without saying a word, he let that thick meaty head snuggle into my buns. I knew I was going to get fucked, and I let him have his way. Getting on top of me bracing himself up by both strong arms, his dick lay on my backside before it decided to enter. He pushed it in and I knew he was big, and long. He had a mission. Not just something to do, but what he needed to do. To find some release. His big dick plunged inside me. I knew he was looking at me as some bottom pussy. Huffing and puffing, he went to town. He finally said, “Yeah, baby!” And continued huffing and puffing. He was rock hard and fucking my bare bottom something long and fierce. After 5 minutes of almost unendurable fuck from his long cock, he finished with a sigh of relief. He got up after saying “Yep”, and left the bunk bed with his towel. Dazed by the ordeal, I decided to go to my room to take a nap. I was ready to go to bed after a night of drinking. Hobbling to my room I realized I was royally fucked. I opened the door and closed the door with my foot. I immediately played down on the bed to crash. Unfortunately the door didn’t completely lock, and after awhile, the door slightly opened by itself. Falling deep asleep, but hearing the in house music far away in my dreams, I nodded out completely. Suddenly, after awhile, I realized a man was on top of me. This man had already entered me in my state of sleep. I was dazed by the previous fuck as well as the amount of liquor I had earlier that I was technically drunk. He was already over me and fucking his weenie inside of me. This man, however, aydıntepe escort had grabbed a hold of me around with his arms so I don’t get up. He held me tight to the bed and spread my legs a bit with both his legs while he coolly let his dick inside me have a stroking love fest. This was a gentleman that was spying to see a room open with an available trick. Walking by my Room he had noticed it was slightly ajar, and pushed it open to see my naked body fully asleep. He wandered in while taking off his towel and closed the door softly until it locked by itself. Laying his towel down he stood closer to look me over. Feeling my soft butt he decided to get on top. Propping himself up, he grabbed his dick with beefy balls, and guided it towards my round butt. Trying not to wake me, he guided the strong tool into a currently riped full just got fucked butt which made it easier for him to dive in a just got cum filled hole. He managed to glide himself in the juicy hole and allow his eager dick to stroke it inside. Afraid I would jump up, he decided to lay on top of me to hold me down while fucking my bottom slowly at the same time. He had seen what the previous gentleman had done to me, and hanged around to see what I’d be doing. He wanted some of that fuckable ass to see how it would feel for himself. Now he was on top of me doing his business while I woke up in a half struggling position. His dick was fucking his bottom man and loving every minute of it by occasionally moaning over my ear with pleasure of his stroking fuck, that wasn’t too harsh but enjoying every stroke. He loved sticking it in me and pinning me down by wrapping his arms around me, not saying a word but moaning with pleasure. After awhile he left me to rest but I got up to take tuzla içmeler escort a shower after being fucked two times. Suddenly I noticed my keys were missing and nobody was currently in the office. Exhasperated, I dried myself off and decided to relax back in the movie room, but this time I chose a dark lower bed and didn’t take off my damp towel. I thought that would do the trick. Meanwhile a young bloke walking around wearing his huge towel noticed the white towel in the bottom bunk. He looked at what he could see of my legs but noticed that hard butt protruding from the white towel that was visible in the dark movie room. He bent down to touch my legs and then crawled in to undo my towel. Unwrapping the damp towel he saw two spectacular whitish buns that were away from a tan line. He got in closer and let his stiffening hard cock move up over me. Finally he let himself to put the cock up my ass. I got up in surprise and turned to look at him but he dodged my turn while continuing to fuck me. He was a much younger looking fellow, sort of collegiate jock type with tight skin and black hair. He really wanted to fuck me and did so to me doggie style. Not saying anything, he continued to fuck my ass and really enjoying it. After awhile he was done but I hadn’t noticed that there was a mature white muscleman watching him royally fuck me with his young balls who had just left. The muscleman with tight muscled abs got in my lower bunk and guided his already hard cock into my fuckable ass. I lay there grimacing and dismayed that thos was the middle of the week and a hard rock muscleman was also doing his business in me up my just fucked multiple times butt. I lay there with my butt up there open for another eager man to enjoy me by letting his cock that was thick and hard, have what several other gentlemen just had. And he seemed to enjoy immensely like the others. There just wasn’t a safe place to go to with these horny men looking for a dazed available bottom butt to ram into with their horny dicks, TO ENJOY!!!!

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