Oedipus Sex Ch. 02: Homecoming

Beautiful Babe

“I spent a lifetime waiting for you,” Penelope said softly. Her eyes were holding on to the flood of tears. She stood five feet apart from her husband, wearing a light blue chiton that moved along with her locks thanks to the breeze flowing through the highest tower of the palace.

Odysseus stood there, sizing up his wife after twenty years with a sword in his hand and blood dripping through the edges of it.

Around them lay a circle of dead bodies. Odysseus and his son, Telemachus had killed all the suitors in the palace. The suitors, who wanted the hand of Penelope now lay dead in the chamber of the man, whose wine and food they had enjoyed all these years.

Telemachus stood further away among a heap of bodies with a spear in each of his hands and looking at the reunion of his parents.

“There has not been a single day when I did not think about you,” Odysseus told Penelope.

Hearing his voice was enough for Penelope to let go. The dam opened up as the tears carried kohl from her eyes to her cheeks.

She moved a few steps towards Odysseus. While she was too overwhelmed with emotions and not in the right state of mind to analyse things, she did notice that Odysseus stayed put in his place. Not reading too much into it, she finally came close to Odysseus and lay her hands on his chest. It had been two decades since she had heard from him.

She rested her head on his shoulders. They didn’t flinch. She knew something was amiss. Penelope regained a bit of composure and took her head back, looking Odysseus in the eye.

He escaped his wife’s stare by looking outside the windows of the tower. Odysseus’ hands stayed close to his hips.

“Did you take another man?”

Penelope pushed herself away from her husband. She was appalled with this charge. She covered her gasp with both her hands as the pace of her tears increased rapidly. Too many things were going on in her mind. She had given up hope on meeting her husband again when he resurfaced suddenly. Not yet completely over the fact that he was back, here he stood accusing her of infidelity. Penelope was the epitome of loyalty, virtue and faithfulness. Despite so many well qualified suitors striving to woo her for years, she had not even once thought of taking any of them as her man – not even in the darkest room of her heart. Everybody had asked her to move on from the disappearing act of her husband, yet she had faith that he wasn’t dead. She knew somewhere that Odysseus could just not depart this world without meeting her again. And here, after devoting two decades of her gloomy life to longing, Odysseus questioned her devotion. ‘How dare he!’

Telemachus stood in the corner of the hall and saw the long impending love story of his parents take another twist. He did not care about their reunion now. His father’s question had swept away the bodies under his feet too. He was more concerned with his mother’s answer. Since he hit his teens, he tried convincing his mother to move on from his father. Initially he tried convincing her to take one of the suitors as her husband. But he soon realized that his mother does not even consider any of them even half of a man as his father. He however knew that Penelope saw plenty of Odysseus’ reflections in him. Yet his love for his mother was blinding. It was his defiance to make Penelope move on from the longing of his father which led to the two making wild love one summer morning. However, looking at the yearning and trauma Penelope had to go through all these years, even the gods from Olympus took care of the fact that making love with her son did not unchaste her in any way. Since then, Telemachus and Penelope have made love to each other regularly. Penelope often used her son to quench the thirst of two decades, while Telemachus loved her mother way too much and this was just another way for him to express it.

He stood there waiting for her mother’s answer. ‘What if she gave up my name? Would father kill me? He had every reason to. It’s only been a few days since we know each other, there won’t be any hesitation from his side. Should I defend myself against my father though? Or should I just let him do the just thing and chop off my head?’

After an infinite silence on the top of the tower with only the faint sound of breeze being heard, Penelope screamed bursting her lungs, “How dare you question me?!”

“Have you been faithful ataşehir escort to me all these years?” Her voice was loud enough to echo in the palace before she repeated softly, “Have you?”

She stared at Odysseus hard enough for him to hang his head down. She went on, “You said that you thought of me every single day. Did you think of me every time you took to bed with another woman?

“Did you?”

There was another round of silence which was broken by Odysseus dropping the sword of his hand.

“You should have known well before asking me this question. But if it helps you, you can ask Eros, Pothos and Anteros of my commitment to you and if there is even a hesitation in any of their answers, I lay in your feet and ask you to take my head off my body.”

She turned along with the breeze and started walking away before she heard Odysseus call out her name.

“Forgive me. Forgive me for questioning you. Forgive me for being unfaithful to you. Will you?”

Penelope turned again to face Odysseus, the breeze flowing her light blue chiton and blonde hair as hectic as tears rolling down her eyes with the kohl spread all over cheeks now.

Odysseus frantically raced towards Penelope and held her by her waist.

“Forgive me, will you?”

Penelope nodded her head struggling to control her grief and joy. She rested her hands on his shoulders. The two kissed slightly before hugging each other tightly, burying their faces in each other’s bodies.

Telemachus stood at the corner of the palace looking at his parents. He was relieved with the way his mother handled the situation.

Odysseus then moved his face and kissed Penelope on the lips. She responded equally. The kiss grew deeper as tongues got involved. Odysseus held his wife by the waist but his hands soon moved to feel her back and then slowly gripping her blonde locks at the back. Penelope too held her husband’s face tightly before moving her hands to her broad shoulders and pumped-up chest.

The tears from her eyes gradually stopped flowing, yet the kohl was spread all over her face. Odysseus broke the kiss and held his wife’s face in his huge hands.

“You still look as beautiful as when I first saw you.”

Penelope responded, “I just couldn’t stop loving you all these years.”

The two then continued the kiss with their hands now exploring every part of each others’ bodies. It had been two decades. All these years made this as exciting as making love to each other for the first time.

They kissed each other’s lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids before using the tongue on the neck and eating off each other’s earlobes. Even after all these years both of them somehow remembered the buttons which aroused each other. The two had spent plenty of time masturbating while reimagining their sex from the early years of marriage.

Odysseus held the drapes of her chiton and slowly slid them down. Penelope’s breasts were now fuller compared to a couple of decades back. In a way, she seemed even more sexy. He started licking her cleavage and cupped her breasts before sliding them down completely.

He took off his face from her chest and stared at his wife’s huge melons. After squeezing the juice out of them with his eyes, he buried his face in those tits. He licked the nipples, played with them, bit them, sucked them.

Penelope, meanwhile grabbed the back of his hair and pushed his face deeper inside her chest. She wanted him to go deep enough and have a peek at her heart, which belonged only to him all these years.

As Odysseus was engrossed in playing with her breasts, Penelope moaned loudly, her eyes half-close, half-open. She tried coming out of the trance as she felt the presence of another man in the room. From the corner of her eyes, she saw him. It was their son, Telemachus.

Telemachus stood at the entrance of the doorway just behind the pillars with spears still in his hand. Around him lay a dozen bodies of the suitors killed. He watched his parents make love with intent. She could make out that he was unfazed with her making love to his father in front of him. He rather seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe he was happy that his mother finally got to make love to his father, or so she thought.

She turned her attention around herself. She, along with Odysseus, were surrounded by a heap of bodies too. avcılar escort But it was too late for any of them to care now. It was all in the family. Father and mother making love while the son watches them discreetly. There wasn’t another soul in the hall.

Penelope, however, chose to let her son watch her. She wasn’t sure if Telemachus would feel jealous that someone apart from him was screwing her mom. But nonetheless, it was his father. Penelope chose not to let Odysseus know that their son was standing behind them and watching. She was also in no mood to change the venue of their lovemaking session. She was alright getting screwed in the middle of a mountain of corpses.

Odysseus was done eating Penelope’s breasts. He now had to go down and taste the sweet spot. He pushed her down on the floor gently even as he held her from behind. He moved along with her. It was all in well coordinated motion. Even after two decades, their movements were smooth. No, it wasn’t because they knew each other so well. It was only because the two had had sex all this while. While the man had taken plenty of lovers all these years, the wife had also regular sex, thanks to the son.

Both Odysseus and Penelope sat on the floor. Odysseus lifted her legs above as she rested behind on her elbows with her blonde locks just touching the floor beneath. He then lifted the chiton completely and aimed directly at the pink pussy with his tongue out.

As Odysseus began to lick the pussy, Penelope’s hands became all the more weak. She couldn’t keep her body from falling apart. Realising this, Odysseus pushed her back to rest on one of the corpses behind. Penelope’s back was now supported with that of a corpse lying behind her as her husband continued to devour her pussy. Penelope continued playing with Odysseus’ hair all the while.

Odysseus then used two of his fingers to get a feel of the wet warmth inside her. He pushed the two fingers deep inside and then scratched the roof inside her. He called her towards him. He wanted her to come, to come for him. He kept doing this, first at a teasingly slow pace but gradually with increased briskness.

As the momentum of his fingers increased, so did the moans of Penelope grow louder. Telemachus now saw his mother come. And for the first time, it wasn’t his doing.

After a while, she did come as Odysseus found the spot in the roof inside her with his fingers and fired up the clitoris. Finally her belly and thighs vibrated violently along with her deafening moans that escaped the tallest tower of the city and may have reached to the people below.

As Odysseus realized he had made his wife come to him, he now lifted his chiton and held it between his chin and chest. He removed his loin cloth and allowed his penis to come out, which was now raring to go. He pushed Penelope further towards the dead body behind her as she spread her legs. Without wasting much time, he went inside. He felt her after a gap of two decades. The two of them had lost count how many times they had longed for each other and their bodies.

As he slowly began thrusting her, Penelope pulled him completely on top of her. She began kissing his lips and then everywhere on his face. As his thrusting became frantic, all she could do was dig her fingers inside his back.

But again there was no place to do so thanks to the armour he was wearing. While she had her breasts uncovered and her legs spread out wide with the chiton just forming a ring near her stomach, her husband was yet to be undressed.

Penelope then untied the bronze breastplate armour which Odysseus had worn. This was enough for now as all Odysseus wanted was to keep thrusting her. After removing the armour, he kept thrusting with an increased voracity. Penelope could now dig her nails behind his back and lay her head to rest on the corpse behind, which served as a support in their sexual position. The tip of her blonde locks were now red as they dipped in the blood splashed around them.

After a while of humping her with varied pace, he finally took himself out of her. He stood up and removed the linen chiton which he was wearing underneath the breastplate. Penelope too removed her chiton, which was hanging near her waistline. As she rose up on her feet and stood in front of him, both man and wife were now completely naked. They devoured each other’s avrupa yakası escort bodies with their eyes. They saw each mole as it was, and a few new ones over the years. Penelope saw plenty of scars on Odysseus’ body. Half of it was during the war, the rest were earned on his escapades during his return. None of them were as petite as they used to be. Yet both were fit and had proportionate and appealing bodies.

After making a mental note of the body, the two looked each other in the eyes. They gazed till the sun in the background set completely with only remnants of its dusky rays spraying the hallway.

Without saying a word, the two leaped into each others’ arms in unison. It was yet another well choreographed movement which they did before parting ways twenty years ago.

They tried climbing on each other as they stood and made love ferociously. Both of them needed to eat every part of the other. While Odysseus kept kissing and licking the neck and breasts of Penelope, she kept kissing his cheeks and his forehead. The two then locked lips and let out all the longing, the anger, the pain, the frustration they had boiling in them all these years. Odysseus’ tongue fought more stoutly than he had ever fought in the Trojan war. It went deep and explored every cell within his wife’s mouth. Penelope put up a brave front too as her tongue lashed out at the incoming force of her husband.

As the flames within them reached for the roofs, the two pulled away for some much needed air.

Odysseus then turned his wife around and bent her down with her behind facing him. With him going deep inside her from the back, she lost both herself and her balance. She once again found support in the departed body of one her suitors who lay next to her and was slayed by her husband. She rested her elbows on him as her husband continued thrusting her from the back.

Odysseus grabbed Penelope’s blonde locks, which were now blood soaked at the tip. Her face was covered with the kohl which was carried all over by her tears. Odysseus’ now increased the pace of his thrusting as he went deep inside his wife, hitting the roof above.

Penelope cried aloud and so did Odysseus. There was no dearth of stamina here. He was a warrior and a seasoned lovemaker. As his pace went faster than the divine horse Arion, it looked as if indeed he was riding the swift horse. With scars visible all over his torso and carrying the rope of his wife’s blood soaked blonde hair, the scene would rouse up whoever witnessed it.

Their son Telemachus was the only one who witnessed this. It paralysed him too. He dropped his spears as he saw his father taking his mother in a wild yet satiating way.

The loud noise of the spears hitting the ground startled both Odysseus and Penelope. The two were in a trance about to come together when Telemachus broke their stupor. They turned behind to find out who it was.

While Odysseus was shocked, Penelope knew it was their son. Odysseus stopped the humping and looked at his son in a hazed manner. Penelope was not affected by Telemachus watching them have sex. In fact it turned her on that she was being watched by a lover. She lifted her elbows from the corpse of her suitor and leaned back on Odysseus’ torso. She then held his head in her hands and turned it back towards her. The two kissed as Odysseus hands moved to cup her breasts.

Telemachus knew his father was not so happy with him prying their intimacy. However, something could not let him go away. He wasn’t exactly happy watching his mother, his lover, being taken by someone else. However, he wasn’t jealous either. Nor was he completely turned on by the view. It was a confluence of too many emotions within him.

Penelope now began moving her buttocks in circular motion as she teased her husband’s cock. This sent all the blood gushing to the tip of his penis. He squeezed her breasts hard and kissed her violently. Once again he began thrusting himself inside her. It wasn’t rapid this time. However, it was deeper. She yelled out loud, “Odysseus!

“I am loving this Odysseus!”

Odysseus on his part only let out the same scream that he had all these years on the battlefield and while having sex with the slaves.

Telemachus knew it was enough. Somehow he got himself to take backward steps towards the exit. He picked up the pace gradually. At the doorway, he caught one last glimpse of his parents making love wildly before turning back to the dark staircase which led him down. As he continued to move down, he heard faint echoes of his mother’s moans and his father’s screams. They were unhindered reverberations which made him realise that both of them had finally come… home!

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