Of Being and Becoming


Of Being and Becoming

The story of a young man’s journey into the world of high-class escorts.

Mark had escaped the intolerable conditions at home and found himself on the streets with no money, no shelter and no hope at eighteen years old. That’s when Lucy found him sitting on the curb with his head in his hands, silently sobbing with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Cute boy like you shouldn’t be crying. What’s wrong, Honey?” she asked.

Mark looked up through tear-stained eyes to find a gorgeous woman of about thirty-five addressing him. “I was in such a big hurry to escape the house that I hadn’t really planned much further,” he replied as he sobbed into his palms. “Now, I’m out of money with no place to live. I really don’t know what to do.”

“Escape the house?” she repeated. She only now got a good look at the thin young man. “When was the last time you ate, Dearie?” she enquired of the emaciated youth

Mark looked up into Lucy’s soft, chocolate brown eyes with a bewildered look on his face. “Ate?” he asked simply.

“Well, it wasn’t today, and I doubt it was yesterday,” she observed. “You must be hungry. Would you let me buy you something to eat?”

The mention of food made Mark’s stomach rumble with hunger that sounded to him like it could be heard for blocks. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she giggled as she extended her hand to him. Mark grasped her fingers and rose to his full six-foot-one height, towering over Lucy. “And one tall drink of water!” she observed as she looked up at him. “What’s your name, Honey?” she asked in her easy, casual manor.

“I’m Mark Densmore. Pleased to meet you,” he said formally, extending his hand.

“Lucy Worthington,” she replied as she smiled up into his light amber eyes. “Pleased to meet you!” she smiled. Is that the same as John Densmore of The Doors?” she asked after a moment’s thought.

Mark chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve been getting that a lot lately,” he admitted. “No, no relation but the names are spelled the same, though.”

“Look Mark, there’s a diner on the corner that we can get you something at,” Lucy suggested. “Then, you can tell me all about it, okay?” she finished with sincerity in her eyes.

“Okay,” nodded naive, country bred Mark. Little did he know he was falling deeper and deeper under her spell.

They entered the establishment and were immediately confronted by two signs. One proclaimed a contest whereby if the recipient were able to eat three hamburgers, their meal was free while the other announced the fact that this eatery was the home of the bottomless plate of fries. They sat down at a booth as the waitress brought them menus and took their coffee order. Mark needed no menu. He would take the challenge with a side of fries.

“Okay, Mister Mark Densmore. Tell me what brought a nice, country boy like yourself to this predicament in the city?” asked Lucy as the waitress retreated and she settled in to listen to his tale.

Mark let out a slow sigh as he gathered his thoughts. “I couldn’t take living at home anymore,” he started.

She smiled at what she thought was the common lament of the teenager. She remembered thinking the same thing at his age. Her smile disappeared rather quickly as he related the rest of his tale of a lifetime of abuses suffered at the hands of his Radically Evangelical parents. This was much more than just surfacing teenaged angst.

“That’s terrible!” she exclaimed with tears in her eyes. “What horrible, rotten people! How could they do those things to you or anyone?”

The waitress arrived with her coffee and his milkshake, then took their order. “Don’t worry, Honey. When the food arrives, you just eat,” she offered without knowing what she was getting into. “I just want to see you well fed.”

“I was either going to escape or die there before I was twenty,” he continued. “My father nearly killed me last year when we were re-roofing a shed. I dropped a hammer over the side, and he flipped out like I’d murdered the president. When his anger peaked, he picked up a seventy-pound bundle of shingles, threw it and hit me right in the chest. Took me right off the roof and broke three ribs. I decided then that anywhere was better than there. I waited ten long months for my opportunity. But I am now faced with new predicaments I had not fully planned for,” he smiled wanly. “I came here with five hundred dollars, thinking that would last a while. I was quite chagrinned to discover that it didn’t go as far as I thought.”

“You are lucky to have survived. I’ve heard the lament of, ‘I can’t take it at home anymore’ from a number of teens, and it’s usually just teenaged angst. This is far from that. You are one of a handful of cases I’ve seen who actually needed to get out.”

Are you some kind of youth outreach or something?” Mark asked as he mulled over her words.

“Something like that,” she smiled.

Their burgers and first plate of fries arrived, and Mark began ankarada yeni escortlar his quest for the challenge. He munched on French fries between bites of his current burger and conversing with the charming woman he had had the good fortune to cross paths with.

Some time later, the waitress and Lucy sat back a little aghast as they watched Mark bite into his fourth hamburger and third plate of fries. “Where does he put it all?” asked the waitress, her mouth agape in amazement. Lucy just shrugged, more than a little amazed herself.

“Wow, you really were hungry!” she mentioned with a chuckle as she paid the cheque. “Do you have somewhere to stay tonight?” as the couple walked out into the evening rain.

“Oh, no!” smiled Mark. “You’ve done so much for me already. I couldn’t impose…”

“No imposition,” she smiled. “I want you to be my guest,” she insisted.

Mark looked out into the rain and decided that his current shelter arrangements were wholly inadequate for the weather. “Thank you for your kind offer, Ma’am,” he responded quietly while dipping his head and displaying his manners.

“Then it’s settled,” she smiled as she stepped out to hail a cab. He followed along behind her blessing his luck. He had a feeling he would sleep well tonight for the first time in a long time.

She turned to him as the cab sped through the night. “Tell me what you know about sex?” she asked. The cabbie spat out his gum so violently that it stuck to the inside of the windshield while Mark dropped his head and turned a brilliant shade of crimson. “Oh, come on!” she implored. “This is the twenty first century, not the eighteen-forties!” she smiled. “It’s all right.” Her gorgeous eyes implored him to answer.

“W-well,” Mark stammered. “My folks didn’t let me out a lot,” he explained. “I’ve only ever kissed one girl,” he admitted.

“Would you like to kiss another?” she asked with a sultry look in her eyes as she slipped an arm around him. The cabbie, who had retrieved his gum, looked in his rear-view mirror and grinned at the pair in his back seat.

The suggestion hit Mark like a bolt of lightning. He looked into Lucy’s gorgeously sordid eyes and heard himself answer, “Yes. Oh, yes,” as he closed his eyes and leaned toward her wonderful, full lips.

Her warm lips made contact with his mouth and the electricity began to flow through him. She licked his lips causing them to part. Her tongue instantly slithered between them and felt the strong enamel of his teeth. He quietly moaned as her tongue worked its way between his jaws and into his mouth. His head was swimming in the sensation, and he was immediately harder than Chinese algebra. She withdrew her tongue, and he slid his along the inside of her soft lips causing her to quietly moan under his attentions. The cabbie merely looked in the mirror again and smiled as he watched another budding romance blooming in the back of his cab.

She grinned as she recognized his inexperience and began to teach him the art of heavenly kissing. All his naivety really meant to her was that he had no bad habits for her to break before he would be useful. She thrilled as the idea of getting to know more about him crossed her mind.

The cab came to a halt outside one of the city’s skyscrapers and Lucy paid the fair as they exited the vehicle. Mark craned his neck to look up at the building they now stood in front of. “That is the largest building I have ever seen,” he mentioned as Lucy stood beside him and smiled. His naivety was ever refreshing to her.

The pair entered the elevator and found themselves alone. They fell into each others’ arms, and their lips met with a tremendous crash. He had fallen in love with the way she had taught him to use his tongue and longed for her to teach him more. It was now that he realized his tremendous want and need for this woman.

They reached the fifteenth floor and the elevator doors opened. She led him to the front door of her condo, unlocked it and admitted him to her abode. A spacious entryway presented itself before him with a coat closet on the right. “Hang your coat up and push your shoes into the closet, will you?” she asked as she turned on some lights. He was now more than happy to do anything she requested of him.

“Would it be too much to ask for a shower?” he asked humbly. He hadn’t had one in a few days and the absence was starting to show.

“Of course, Sweetheart,” she responded as she strode over to a door in the wall. “The main bathroom is here.” She said as she opened the door and flicked on the lights. You’ll find a towel on the linen shelf in there” she finished as she exited the room.

He looked around the room he now found himself in. There was a large shower booth big enough to admit three to four persons at a time tucked against one wall. The toilet and the sink were artfully arranged, as were the lights around the mirror. He grinned as he stripped his clothes off and adjusted the water. With bayan escort elvankent his eyes closed, he lathered up his hair with the shampoo that was provided and was proceeding to lather his body when he heard the door to the booth open and close and then felt her hands on his body. “Lucy?” he asked

“No, I’m her next-door neighbour with a beard, Frank Whittleheim,” she responded sarcastically. “Who the hell else would it be, silly?” she giggled as she continued to lather his body. Finally, her delicate hand found his massive, stiff prong. His body stiffened as she wrapped her hand around his thick shaft. “Your cock tells me that you really don’t have much experience with this, Honey. I can’t wait to teach you all about it!” she giggled as she directed him under the water to rinse.

“Stand here with your back against the wall,” she requested as the last of the soap was flowing down the drain. “I’ve got something that I really want to try with you,” she seductively said as she slowly slid to her knees.

Mark, who was only too happy to comply, stood exactly where he had been directed. She knelt her gorgeous naked body down in front of him and found his man meat again. She looked up at him as she began to slowly jerk him off. “You have a really nice cock,” she complimented as she slipped her lips over the tip of his prong.

Mark closed his eyes as the sensations of her blow job began to hit his brain. Fireworks began to explode behind his closed eyes as she sucked his prong into her warm, wet mouth. His hands fell to her shoulders as he groaned his pleasure to her. “That is fantastic!” he breathed. She drew more of his rock-hard man meat into her willing mouth as he quivered under her well practiced oral skills. Realizing that he was a virgin and that she was giving him the first blow job he had ever had turned her on even more. She dearly loved taking a man’s virginity and here was another, brand new one locked in her sights.

She gently took a hand from her shoulder and placed it on the back of her head, showing him what to do. He got the idea immediately and began to bob his hand up and down in time with her strokes. She glanced up to see the look of utter ecstasy on his face and smiled. “This one is going to be a lot of fun,” she thought as her lips rode up and down on his iron hard rod.

She slowed down then finally looked up at him with a wicked grin spreading across her face as he looked down upon her, somewhat dismayed. “Did you like that, Baby?” she asked through a seductive smile as she continued to run her delicate hand over his rock-hard cock.

“Y-ye-yes,” he stammered as the energy careening about his system began to slow.

“Don’t want to make you cum just yet, that would spoil all the fun!” she grinned as she slowly rose from her knees. She then took him by the hand as she headed for the shower stall door. On jittering legs, he followed her.

Once outside, she proceeded to dry him off. This was when she noticed the scars that backed his story of abuse. Subtle scars marked the backs of his arms, legs and back. Recalling the stories, he had related to her earlier, she nearly broke down in tears to think that someone had done these things to this beautiful boy. “Cowards! Couldn’t even face him to beat him! I’ll be sure to take much better care of him,” she thought with promise in her heart.

When she had finished her self-appointed task, he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply, employing the lessons she had taught him. He slipped his tongue between her lips to taste of the delights within. When they surfaced for air, she felt herself swoon slightly. This boy learned quickly! “Thank you for taking care of me,” he said solemnly, then smiled in her presence for the very first time.

She was now genuinely taken with the soft spoken and polite but horribly abused young man in her presence. She didn’t understand how anyone who had gone through what he had could emerge so adorable and sweet. His childlike innocence had enthralled her, and she only knew that she would never permit anyone to abuse him again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him warmly. “You deserve it, Sweetheart,” she whispered as she relaxed her grip and led him toward her bedroom.

She smiled as the two of them crossed the threshold. She looked up to see his endearing smile on his face and wonder in his eyes. Biologically driven, step by step, she led him toward her bed.

“Lie down on your back,” she whispered. “I have more to show you.” The statement electrified his body once again. He quickly followed her directions and lay face up waiting for her. She crawled up until she was balanced on her knees with her smooth pussy inches from his face. She lowered down to his mouth, intending to tell him to lick her but, he was way ahead. His tongue flashed out and tasted her tangy slot causing her to catch her breath. “You certainly are a fast learner,” she commented as she rotated escort bayan etimesgut her hips and lay down along his body to grasp his steely prong. “That’s it, Baby,” she purred. “Lick Mama’s pussy. Mmm… that feels so good! Do you like it?” she asked breathlessly.

“Mmm hmm!” came his enthusiastic but muffled response. The juices dripping out of her pussy and into his waiting mouth were like ambrosia to him. He had never before beheld a taste so tantalizing or a scent so alluring. He instantly fell in love with pussy licking and knew that he would want to do this a whole lot more often in the future.

She slid her lips over his endowment once again, now teaching him the meaning of the term ‘sweet sixty-nine’. He put his arms around her thighs and pulled them apart to allow him freer access to her sweet flowing cunt. “For someone with no experience, you sure are doing great!” she beamed as she dropped her lips over his magnificent man meat and began to suck again. He moaned in pleasure as the endorphins once again flooded his brain.

She could no longer take his tongue licking her pussy and knew she wanted more. She pulled off his lips amid a groan of discontent from underneath her. “Shush, Darling,” she quieted. “Something else I want to show you,” she murmured as she shifted her pussy from his mouth and began to spin her body on top of him. Dropping both of her legs down beside his hips, she kissed his luscious lips and tasted her pussy juice on his tongue. Her cunt had been so well prepared by his tongue that she slipped the lips of her twat around his cock and began to slowly wolf his bulk              inside her. She sat up, looked down on him and cycled her hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out. Taking both of his hands, she put them on her hips, showing him what she appreciated most. He began to massage her hips and gorgeous ass.

“Oh, my God in Heaven!” he cried as his eyes rolled back in his head. He had never felt sensations like were coursing through his being right now and all he wanted was more. The heat from her twat surrounding his dick scrambled his thinking. He was now in heaven and would think so forevermore.

She began to bounce harder and faster on top of him, delighted with the fruits of her efforts as they appeared on his face. She leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips before she whispered, “Baby, you’re a natural!”

His breathing was quick and shallow as he instinctively rocked his own hips back and forth in time with her. Rockets screamed through his vision as his heartrate climbed, and his pulse rate soared. His fingers gripped her supple ass as their motions pounded his prong in and out of her pussy, exciting both of them further.

Both were breathing hard when she began to moan. “Yes, Baby, YES! Just like that! Keep going and you’ll make me CUM!” she groaned as her orgasm took her away with it. He continued to pound into her twat as his body began to stiffen. A million volts of electricity coursed through him as he too began to moan.

“Cum for me, Baby!” she begged as the two continued to churn. “Cum in my hot, little pussy! She’s waiting for you!” As she finished speaking, he exploded with all of the pent-up sexual frustration caused by years of denial. She felt his first cannon shot flood her pussy and began to moan anew, her orgasm accelerated as he let loose with blast after blast.

She rolled off him, put her hands against his cheeks and kissed him and kissed him deeply through her tangle of hair. “For someone who has no experience at this, you sure are fantastic at it. You made me cum twice, Sweetheart.”

“Wow! Sex is incredible! Much more than what I thought it would be! Wish I could do THAT for a living,” he mused as he reacquired control over his breathing.

“There are ways to go about that if you want, my Love,” she smiled.

“You can make money doing this?” he asked in a skeptical tone.

“Yes, and I can help you get there,” she answered with a predatory smile.

“You can?” he asked, now even more intrigued by the concept. “How?”

Well, I wasn’t going to say anything,” she started, “but, I run a high-class escort service,” she finished as she looked into his eyes for reaction.

“So, what do you do?” he asked unblinkingly.

“I set up dates between the clients and my people, take care of all the financial arrangements, rent equipment like limos if it’s called for. Generally, manage the business.”

“Okay,” he responded. “And, what so your ‘people’ do?

She smiled at his curiosity. “They get to go out and have an awesome date with a person I’ve screened and whom they’ve usually already met in wonderful surroundings,” she responded affirmatively.

“Do they always have sex with the client?” he asked innocently.

“No, that depends on the feeling between the couple at the appropriate time,” she answered. “I leave that up to them.”

“Would you send me out on a date with a client?” he asked after an interval.

“Not right now, Sweetheart,” she said. “But I will after we give you some training and some lessons, if that’s what you want,” she finished.

Mark thought for a moment. “I wouldn’t want to have to leave you to do this, but otherwise, I would like to try,” he finally stated.

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