Off The Leash


Off The LeashI was watching Tracy dress — marbled skin across the curve of her butt; her breast hanging between her ribs and upper arm, not as full as it once was. My mind drifted to the way her tit filled my mouth. It’s funny, I thought, the way the beauty one lives with, over time, becomes the measure of attractiveness.’What?’ She doesn’t like to be on show. ‘Just thinking that you’re more beautiful every day.”Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you, then.”Tell me what?’ I wanted to hear keep hearing her voice as I lay in the bed and breathed in the scent of our sex.’Pam and I have decided to let you off the leash just once.’Pam was Tracy’s special buddy. She was fifteen years older than my wife and something of a confidant aunt without the baggage of being family. She lived alone and had for a long time. Trace saw her at least twice a week. They spoke on the phone between times. Pam was French and wore the plain high hemmed black dresses I imagined all French waitresses wore. Even passing fifty her legs suited them. The temptation to see what I might see each time she sat was almost irresistible. One time she locked herself out of her place. She rang our place. Trace was out but I drove over to help her. I could remove the louvers from her laundry window but was too big to get through. I hoisted her to the sill and steadied her as she scrambled onto the washing machine. My hands were on her hips and I was looking right up her skirt. She had boyish haunches, skin hued tights and sky blue cotton panties. Between her legs her underwear was so swollen a blind man would have got a hard-on. Her legs waved as she worked her way through the gap. I let her nylon covered feet brush my face. ‘We know you’ve got the hots for Pam.’ I imagined the two of them having “mere male” chats over coffee and pastries. I izmir escort imagined, too, Pam’s knees and hemline. ‘You’ll only turn forty once and, just once, Pam has decided to do something about it but you have to follow her instructions.’They had decided I would dine out with Pam the Saturday before my birthday and she would take me on from there. I asked if Trace would be with us. I felt somewhat lost with the notion of a sexual escapade without her.’No way. I don’t even want to hear what happens.’ Her smile that made me wonder what just what went on between them. Pam chose the restaurant, an Italian hole-in-the-wall with Formica topped tables, limited chalkboard menu and great food. It was advertised by just a flag drooping from an upstairs window. The clientele when we arrived was largely Mediterranean workingmen. They yelled to the waiters bustling between the crowded tables. The waiters yelled back and favored Pam. By the time we left the waiting queue was students and the formally attired live show set.Pat lead me into a gelato bar on the corner. I shouted her to a double cone and had a single myself. She lead me along the streets as we licked our deserts away. Terraces crowded the footpath and each other. In-filled amongst them were small warehouses, some ancient, some merely old. We turned down a short lane smelling dankly of dog turd, onto a street as brightly lit as the one we’d left. I didn’t know where Pam was leading me. We turned down another lane. It was still stone paved. About half way along was an open roller door.I followed Pam through a barely lit empty garage. At the rear was a closed plank door painted the same institutional green as the walls and a flight of concrete stairs leading above our heads. At the top of the stairs were two more closed doors, one each side. A escort izmir steeper, narrower set of stairs lead up again. My mind was full of d**g den scenes from all the movies I’d ever seen. My uncertainty must of shown. Pam turned back to me. ‘These people are friends. Do as they do. Enjoy yourself.’I followed her to the next floor wondering if Tracy had asked the experience as a favor and whether Pam was worried how it might alter their friendship. I was even wondering if I should gentlemanly bail out when we entered a room, bare except for rugs upon the creaking floor and naked men. The men eyed me over cautiously but smiled to Pam. An older man stepped forward and kissed Pam on the cheeks. If we had been among a ape tribe he would have been the obvious silver back — straight backed, confident, at one with his cock hanging from the sparse grey hair below his flat belly. Pam slid her fingers along his prick as she stepped back then turned her side to her audience and started to gather her dress towards her shoulders.The tops of nylons appeared; suspender straps; the paler skin of her thighs; her hollow haunches. She wore no panties. There was a mole in the hollow of her back and another below the clasp of her bra. She slipped the dress over her head, unfastened her brassiere and turned back to us. Her breasts were old woman hollow. I was surprised to find them sexy. Her areolae and nipples were as brown as her tanned neck.I was the only clothed person in the room. Clumsily I stripped. My erection tangled with my underwear. My shoelaces collapsed in knots. In frustration, I squeezed my feet free. Undressed I felt pink and foolish.Pam stepped onto the rug. The older man guided her by the hand as if they were moving onto a dance floor. She steadied herself against his hold and lowered herself izmir escort bayan to her knees then her haunches. She settled herself with her legs loosely crossed. Her chocolate brown labia were split wide.Her partner had grown hard. He massaged himself slowly. They watched each other’s faces. Some of the others fidgeted. When he came the jet arced as elegantly as the two of them had been positioning themselves. It landed upon Pam’s inner thigh then her knee then her calf. His first deposit ran watery towards her cunt.Pam kept her position as the man stepped back. The room was quiet. All eyes were on me as he gestured. I stood where he had stood. I pulled myself quickly, brashly, although I was telling myself to be elegant. I came with a rush over Pam’s breasts. My seed hung from the tips of her tits.As the others crowded about Pam and started to masturbate without any apparent order the old man lead me to one corner of the room. There was a table and, upon it, glasses and bottles of wine. He poured himself a red the color of blood. He poured a second and passed it to me. Without speaking, he saluted me then the clittering huddle in the center of the room and raised his glass to his lips.The wine was heavy with tannin. He urged me through my glass and a second. It became obvious he spoke no English. After draining his own glass a second time he picked a clean glass and poured a golden straw colored white into it then took it to Pam.She was lying on her back. Ejaculate lay in strings across the tanned V of her neck, over her breasts and stomach, across her labia and along her thighs. He knelt beside her. Most of the men were moving towards the table, some were still working themselves above her. The old man slipped his hand behind her head and supported it as she sipped from the glass.After settling her head back upon the floor he drizzled wine from the glass along the length of Pam’s body. He put the glass, with still a little wine, beside her hand. Then he began slowly massaging the alcohol and seed into her skin.

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