Office Adventures Ch. 02


The rope creaked a little under my weight, the chafing bite settling more firmly into my wrists. It was looped through a ceiling hook – probably meant for a plant, but light bondage works, too, right? – and secured around the locked doorknob. My boss was officially “out” of his office at this hour. So was I.

Unofficially, we had been meeting after hours for some time now. After an unexpected late-night encounter had resulted in hot sex on his desk, I hadn’t been sure how things would proceed at work. I came in as normal and knocked on his door.

“Good morning, Ms. Snow,” he said, not looking up. “Please have the new draft on my desk by 3:30.”

And that, apparently, was that.

All day I attempted to stay calm and reassure myself that it was better this way, to pretend it had simply never happened. Every time I passed his door I had to steel myself to act normally. By 3:30 I was a mess, but I handed over the folder coolly, betraying nothing.

“Thank you,” was all he said, not even looking at me.

Fine, then. FUCK HIM.

I stalked back to my desk, and finished my shift. As gathered my things to leave, a message popped up on my screen.

Stop by my office before you leave.

My heart began to pound.

“You asked to see me?”

“Come in and close the door, Alice.”

I did as he asked, shutting myself in with him once more. I couldn’t help but feel my pulse race.

“Look at this. Do you expect me to pass this kind of work on to our client?”

I looked. The cover page was clearly not centered correctly and I had apparently gotten the date wrong. I could have sworn I had checked my work better than that, but there it was, glaring and obvious.

“No, Mr. Charles.” I bit my lip. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know how I could have missed that.”

“Yes, well, I’ll just have to beat you if it happens again.”

My breath caught in my throat, torn between a nervous laugh and a gasp as the sexual thrill of his words shot through me. I gaped at him. He sat nonchalantly, flipping a pen between his fingers and staring at his screen. Had I imagined the dangerous undercurrent? My heart sank. Still, I lifted my chin defiantly as I said, “I’ll just make the necessary corrections and bring you the updated copy.”

Then I fled.

I felt excitement build again as I walked back to my desk and dropped my jacket and purse back on my chair. The office was clearing out fast, nearly empty. I began making the corrections, with ‘I’ll just have to beat you’ ringing in my ears. Then it came to me. I slipped the new mistake in, pushed the print button, and rushed to the printer. Soon I was knocking on his door.

He looked up, severely.

“Here is the corrected version, sir. I’m so sorry I allowed the mistake past me in the first istanbul escort place.”

As he looked over the new page, I slowly turned around as if to go. I made it as far as the door.


His voice was deep and vibrated through the room.

“Yes, sir?” I took my hand off the knob but did not turn around.

“Come here.”

Quickly I stifled the smile on my lips, and turned, eyes wide with innocence. He was staring at me speculatively, with an unreadable expression. Silently he put the paper down on his desk and stabbed down with his index finger.

“Look,” was all he said.

I edged closer. He did not make way, so by the time I was close enough to read the words, he was so close that his clothes brushed mine.

“Did I make another mistake?” I asked with a nervous laugh.

“What did I say would happen if you brought me any further errors?” he asked silkily.

I looked up at him. “You said you’d beat me,” I answered, all flippancy gone.

He stared down at me a moment, eyes dark. “Have you ever been beaten, Alice?”

“No,” I whispered, suddenly feeling out of my depth.

“Ah,” he said, and tapped his finger several times against the desk. He crossed to his briefcase. I felt a moment of crushing disappointment, thinking he wouldn’t go through with it after all now, but then he turned back to me with something in his hand. It was a scrap of black silk.

“Then you’ll want to put this on in case anyone still lingers. It wouldn’t do for them to hear you scream.”

“I’ll scream?” The air vibrated between us.

“You will.”

I almost came right there. Instead, I slowly reached up under my skirt and tugged down my black lace panties. I carefully stepped out of them, minding not to catch them on my heels, and began to wind them into a ball. I glanced at him, taking in his flared nostrils, expression otherwise carefully controlled, broad chest rising faster as his breath quickened, rough hands wound in the gag. Maintaining eye contact, I slowly uncurled my tongue and placed the wadded lace between my teeth.

With an explosive exhale, he quickly stepped forward and covered my mouth with the silk gag. He tied it tightly behind my head and then grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He stared at me a moment, then his eyelids dropped and a lazy smile replaced his carven stillness.

“Bend over the desk, please, Alice, and lift your skirt. We’ll begin with a traditional spanking.”

Begin with? I thought, but then his palm came down HARD on my bottom. I let out a little squeak of surprise as the impact pushed me painfully into the edge of the desk. I determined not to let out another avcılar escort sound. If he wanted me to scream, he was going to have to work for it.

CRACK! His palm struck me again and this time I felt the sting in addition to the impact force. CRACK! My ass was already beginning to burn and I shifted my legs a little.

“Be still.” His voice was hard. I swallowed. It was only three – CRACK!- four, down and it hurt! But more frustrating was how near he was, how I could feel his want and his power and his whole body behind me, yet the only part touching me was the palm of his hand. Then he let loose with several in a row, putting the strength of his arm behind them. I was breathing hard now and had to put my forehead down on the cool wood of the desk. But I hadn’t screamed. Or even yelled. Did that mean I won?

Then nothing. I felt him step back a little but I didn’t dare turn my head. I heard the sound of his belt buckle.

Oh, good, I thought with relief, now we can get to the fucking part.

I heard a crack of an entirely different sort as he snapped the belt once – and then I did scream. He hit me again with it and the tears sprang up in my eyes and I almost told him to stop. He was really putting his whole strength behind it. I was so tense and ready to leap up at any moment, but that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that clawing desire for him, made me bite down hard on the gag and grip the desk till my knuckles turned white and not make another sound. My knees gave out after three more hard cracks with the belt and I could hear him behind me breathing as hard as I was. My ass was somehow both numb and flaming, the backs of my thighs stinging and raw.

“And still you’re dripping for me,” he said in rough amazement. “You’ve stayed right there while I beat you, and I can see your tears, Alice, yet you’re still so wet.” A gentle finger, so at odds with the rough treatment from moments before, traced down my aching slit. “I can hardly breathe I want to fuck you so badly right now. But first…”

Then he knelt down behind me, my big powerful boss who had just spent the last twenty minutes beating the shit out of me, and licked me. So softly I barely felt his tongue. Was this some new torture? Fingers soft as butterflies, he slowly explored me with his tongue and hands, tracing the hot and red skin of my thighs, stroking my swollen pussy. Then his mouth opened on me fully and his hot tongue pushed inside, forcing into my cunt and rhythmically fucking me. Now my whole body was on fire and the rage-red heat from my ass just fuel for the flames. Spanning my ass with his broad hands, he pushed with both thumbs at once, all the way up inside me, till the sound spilling from around the gag was one long wail as my climax şirinevler escort crested and my tortured flesh shuddered and bucked around his face and hands.

Abruptly he stood and undid the gag, then stepped back into the middle of the room looking almost – unsure of himself. His breathing was ragged and his whole body tensed but he didn’t touch me further, just stood looking at me. I carefully withdrew my lace panties from my mouth and avoided his eyes, wondering how I must look with my cheeks flaming and hair wet with sweat and tears, my clothes disheveled. I glanced up. His dark hair was mussed, his face slick with my cunt juices, a dull red flush sweeping up from his neck. It was gratifying to see my very controlled, very powerful boss unsure of himself. And so damn sexy.

Slowly, holding his gaze, so dark and hot, I sank to my knees.

I reached up and touched his cock through the fabric of his slacks, molding my palm to the hidden contours. It was massive. I’d forgotten just how impressively endowed he was… Suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have him in my mouth NOW. I unzipped him quickly and took out his rock-hard cock, pumping it in my fist once, twice. Then I greedily closed my lips around it, swirling my tongue around the bulging head.

My boss groaned and fell heavily back against the desk, bracing himself on his hands so that the muscles of his forearms stood out like steel cables. I wanted to reach out and rip his clothes off completely. I wanted to drag him to the floor and straddle him. I wanted to ride his cock until I passed out from pleasure. But I couldn’t tear myself away from the thick rod in my mouth. It was still growing, and oh so hard. I licked and slurped at it hungrily, and his breathing grew more and more ragged. His hands reached up and fisted in my disheveled hair, forcing me down on his cock. I began to suck in earnest, electrified by the pleasure I was giving him. With only vague conscious thought, I reached around with my arms, embracing his hips and raking his buttocks with my nails, all while taking his cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

“Alice-” he choked out and then he began to grunt and buck his hips uncontrollably, spurting his hot come down my throat. “Oh, God, – I’m cumming – you’re mouth feels so fucking incredible-” I swallowed every drop, milking the last spurts from the root.

He was still breathing heavily and shaking his head as he tucked everything back into place. “Jesus.” he said. Then with a small chuckle, “Jesus Christ.”

I smiled tentatively up at him, licking my lips carefully. I began to comb through my hair and gather it together, but he quickly grabbed a fistful and jerked my head back up to look at him.

Sternly, he said, “You will continue your high standard of work here as usual, and you may expect nothing from me during regular work hours. But you will report here to my office at closing time on Friday. And see that you’re wearing those boots of yours.”

Then he turned away from me and I heard his zipper close. Quickly I finished smoothing my appearance and exited his office, whispering under my breath with a smile, “Yes, sir.”

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