Office Fuck Pt. 02


The sequel to the story of Mary’s mysterious night time rendezvous in her office with a stranger. Sex with strangers always has repercussions..


Mary sat in the office contemplating her next move. Should she finish that presentation that was due the next day? Or should she go fuck ‘Rumplestiltskin’? The invitation was there on her office IM (Instant Messenger), the blue text blinking invitingly saying ‘Rendezvous?’.

That was their code word, their go to word for initiating proceedings. Their ‘Rendezvous’ had lately started to get more daring. Sometimes they would fuck in the executive washroom. Sometimes in her office, her body propped against the office window, her mysterious lover fucking her from behind.

It had become an excuse for her to work late almost every day in the office. They didn’t talk much, in fact the only words they exchanged were words of encouragement. Since they did it almost everyday she was on the pill. She always wanted him inside her always till the end. But try as she might he was still her mysterious lover, he wouldn’t tell her his name, what he did in the office or what this was.. whatever it was.

‘Rendezvouz’ was all he said.. and rendezvous was all they did. At first Mary had been ok with this. But lately she had started to develop feelings towards her mysterious lover. She wanted to know him.. feel his true being inside her, she wanted to bring a level of familiarity to the sex. And she also wanted to be certain that this was no game to him.

Not that it was a very high priority to her. All this late working had ensured that she was completing her assignments on time. She had finally been started to be acknowledged not just as a pretty face but as an important contributor to the sales team. One of her presentations had even helped her organization – “Zanster Inc.” acquire all advertising rights to the latest brand of toothpaste – “Sparkling T”.

So all in all it was a win win situation. But she was a woman and for women more often than not just sex is never enough.

So as the blue text blinked on her IM, she decided that he would get what he wanted one more time. And then she would get what she wanted.

So with resolve, she locked her machine, switched off her monitor and headed for the terrace. That was the new rendezvous. The weather was great, the rooftop inconspicuous except for the thrill of getting caught by the security guard who patrolled the roof. Well all that just added to the excitement.

As she opened the door to the rooftop and stepped through, she was promptly held from behind by a strong pair of hands and lifted bodily. She gasped at first with surprise but the familiar grunt from behind indicated that it was her lover. He carried her over to the helipad and up the stairs.

She didn’t say a word.

‘Fucking on the helipad.. this was going to be new and exciting’ she thought to herself.

Finally when they reached the centre of the helipad, he set her down and turning her around, he held her tight and kissed her passionately, wantonly. They kissed for a bit, their tongues hungrily caressing each other’s and their bodies arching into each other’s with wanton desire. Gently he pushed her to the ground and lay her down, kissing her all the way. She could feel his hardness through his pant. As soon as she was on the ground, he quickly took off her panties and started to lick her pussy. She moaned with pleasure, her hips arching upwards to meet his tongue which was furiously working her clitoris. As she started to get wet, he added a digit to the equation and started working the inside of her pussy with a wily finger.

Very soon he had her convulsing with an orgasm, the force so great that her entire body was shivering uncontrollably, her cum drenching his clothes and her eyes glistening with satisfaction.

“Make me come now” he said taking off his pants and underwear and inserting his penis all the way inside her.

Mary gasped at the pleasure the first thrust gave her. She then took hold of him by his shirt and bodily turned him over to position herself on top of him. Then straddling him, she started to thrust, moving her hips rhythmically, forward and backward, upward and downwards. He held her hips and helped her move, at the same time arching his hips into hers and thrusting far inside her.

“Tell me when..” she gasped huskily.

He nodded and continued to thrust. Just before he was about to come, he nodded to her.

She immediately stopped and got off him.

“What the fuck!” he said in indignation as she stopped and sat down beside him. “I wasn’t done!”

“I know” was all she said.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I need to know.. who am I fuckin?”

“How does it matter love.. c’mon now finish what you started.. please for fuck’ sake don’t leave me in this state!”

“You’re going to have to do better than that.. I need answers first.”

“You do know that I can finish myself..”

“You go ahead and do that.. and then go ahead and forget bakırköy escort about this..” she said gesturing with her fingers indicating that if he would go through, it would mean the end of her mysterious rendezvous’.

“Why do you want to complicate things Mary? This is perfect don’t you see? Knowing will only complicate things!”

“It’s perfect for you.. but I can’t go on like this.. I have to know you.. I’m not a convenient outlet for your fantasies. I’m a person with feelings and this needs to be real for me. And for me to continue.. I need to know.”

He sat up and started to wear his pants.

“What are you doing?” she said looking at him incredulously.

“I.. I can’t Mary.. please I’m sorry.. but this is what it is.. and you finding out about me will complicate matters.. I don’t’ want to lose what we have. I am being honest here.. I like this.. what we have.. it’s something hardly anybody in the world would have.. I wish it could stay this way.”

“Dammit you’re just going to walk away from me? Was I just a convenient fuck for you? Did you ever even feel the slightest bit of attraction towards me?” she said the anguish apparent enough in her voice as tears started to well up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Mary.. I can’t give you what you want.”

“I can find out about you you know.. these days it is easy. I’ll just find out about you some other way. And when I do.. I’ll come to you personally, I’ll tell you to your face that I loved you. That this wasn’t meaningless to me. That these clandestine meetings of ours gave me a new lease of life, a will to go on, a will to be better in what I did at the office. Maybe I couldn’t do that for you. But you almost turned around my life. “

“It wasn’t meaningless to me Mary. But you not knowing made it meaningful. I don’t mean to sound like an asshole.. but I like you and what we have; that said I can’t be in a relationship right now. I hate the heartbreaks.”

With that her mysterious lover turned around and walked away leaving her sitting there and in tears.

The next morning Mary called in sick. A heartbroken Mary tossed and turned all night thinking about how her mysterious lover had taken her heart and shredded it to bits in a matter of minutes. From extreme pleasure to extreme pain in 5 minutes. She lay in bed, not bothering to come out, just lying there sniffling from time to time. Unrequited love was so cruel, so unforgiving, it kept tearing at you bit by bit.

She hated him for what he had said, the manner in which things had ended between them. She had given all of herself to him and he had squashed it so nonchalantly and adroitly as if none of it had mattered to him.

She thought about looking for him but then decided against it as it would look weird if she started asking people in her office questions about a mysterious stranger who worked there.

Her presentation was due on that day but her thoughts were far from occupied with it. As a matter of fact, she hadn’t even bothered to call in sick. She had just lain there, broken and tattered.

Eventually around the afternoon she decided that there was no point in pouting around all day. She finally got out of bed, albeit laboriously, took a shower, ate some breakfast and then promptly poured herself a glass of wine which she sipped as she sat at her apartment balcony overlooking the bustling city of Gannapolis.

“How many people like him could be out there, tearing people’s hearts to shreds?” she thought to herself.

It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon but for Mary it was far from it. For her it was probably one of the gloomiest days of her life.

She hadn’t bothered to check her phone because if she had, she would have noticed the numerous missed calls that had been made to her phone from her office.

She didn’t eat much that day and by the evening she wasn’t any better. Finally she felt like she needed somebody to talk to and so she called her mother.

Although she hadn’t called her in a while now, she still knew that her mother wouldn’t hold it against her.


“What is it dear, are you allright?” her mother’s concerned voice said over the phone.

“No mom.. I’m not allright” she said breaking down again and crying inconsolably.

“Oh dear what has happened Mary, are you ok, I’m so worried my child.. what has happened?”

Mary eventually stopped crying and told her the entire story and how it had ended up blowing in her face. Her mother listened to her quietly not saying anything until she had stopped talking.

When she finally came to a halt, her mother simply said

“I think that you should come down here for a few days.”

“Mom, I can’t.. I have the office and..”

“Shush honey the office can wait for a few days. Tell them you’re sick.. come home to me honey and I swear everything will be all right.”

There was a pause at the other end as Mary considered it for a bit and then she acquiesced.

“Ok Mom I’m coming home.”

“I’m beşiktaş escort so glad.” was all her mom said.

Mary took a cab from the airport which was an hour’s drive from the small town of Bouldbanns valley. It was a lovely little town situated in a valley surrounded by hills – the Gansons Range. Mary had had a wonderful childhood there, what with being popular in school and having a very good circle of friends. Lots of memories..

As her cab drove into town and down the main street of the shopping center, she recollected how many days she had spent as a teenager loitering around in the one and only shopping mall on main street.

As the cab pulled up beside the lovely two storied house, she saw her mother waiting for her on the porch.

Her father had left them when she was a kid and she didn’t know much about him. Her mother hardly ever talked about him for she didn’t like to.

All she knew was that her father had been a traveling salesman and he had met someone else on one of his tours. He had left the very next day, not bothering to try to make things work with her mother. And that was all that she knew.

As she got out of the cab and paid the cab driver, her mother came and hugged her. Mary had tears in her eyes but her mother consoled her..

“Don’t you worry child. I’m here for you..”

A little while later Mary was feeling much better as she sat in the living room, legs folded on the couch sipping a lovely hot cup of Cappuccino.

Her mother sat opposite her making every effort to talk about everything else except the situation at hand.

“So how’s work? Last you told me that it was tough.. how are things now, have you been able to cope?”

“Yes things were getting better.”

“And the apartment where you’re staying, is it comfortable? What’s the neighbourhood like?”

“Its all right mom, it’s a small apartment.. I sent you the pics didn’t I?”

“Oh I’m sorry honey I’m still not very good at operating the computer..”

“I’ll show you later how to work it..”

“You look like you haven’t slept much.. you should sleep for a bit..”

“I will mom, don’t worry.. I’m feeling a little better now.”

They chatted for a bit longer and then in the evening Mary went for a run. Running helped her forget about a lot of things and for those 45 minutes, she would just let go of everything that weighed her down.

As she ran down those familiar streets, so many memories came flooding back to her. Good memories.. it made her feel even better.

By dinner time she was almost back to her old self and she helped her mom with the cooking. They ate and joked and she slept better that night.

The next morning during breakfast her mother suggested that she should go meet one of her old friends – Megan.

“She has her own shop selling flowers at the corner of Zane and Turling Street.”

“Wow.. haven’t seen her in a long long time.. yeah.. I think I’ll go see her”

Megan Chandler was 5’5 inches tall, was a brunette and she was cute. She was going about her daily routine, arranging the flowers and making bouquets when a familiar voice called to her from the payment counter.

“I’ll be damned!” she said. “If it isn’t miss big shot city slicker…”

“Well I don’t know about bigshot.. but I will stand accused of being a city slicker.”

Megan came around the counter to hug Mary.

“So what brings you here? It has been such a long time.. “

Seeing the look on Mary’s face Megan guessed correctly

“Guy trouble?”

Mary nodded, the light going out of her eyes.

“To hell with em.. tell you what, why don’t I close up shop early today and we’ll go out to this lovely bar that’s just opened up on Siding street. I’ll tell Mag too and we can have a nice little lady’s night out.”

“Mag’s around?”

Mag aka Maggie had been a former enemy turned friend of Mary’s. Back in school Mary hadn’t been very kind to Mag, as a matter of fact, to Mary Mag hadn’t even existed. But one day when Mary was back home from college for the holidays, her car had broken down on a lonely stretch of road and Mag had been passing by. She could’ve easily driven by, choosing to ignore Mary but she had stopped and offered to help her.

Mary had reluctantly agreed for she had known that Mag didn’t like her. But on the way they started talking and Mary had realised that there was so much more to Mag. They had struck up a friendship and for the rest of the holidays, Mary, Mag and Megan had hung out together and had a blast. In fact things had got to a point where one day they were having a slumber party at Megan’s place and they had got drunk. Megan had started kissing Mary and soon Mag was in on the action as well. They had had a threesome and it was one of the most amazing sexual experience any of them had ever had. Though the next day they had made a vow never to let things get so out of hand again.

Although she hadn’t been in touch with Mag lately, it would be nice to beylikdüzü escort catch up and relive the old days.

So that evening, Mary got dressed up to paint the town red with Megan and Mag. Megan picked her up from her place. Mag was to meet them at the All Heavens Baron Siding street.

All Heaven’s bar the one and only popular watering hole that catered to the who’s who of the small town of Bouldbanns.

As they entered, Mary saw that Mag had already taken up a position at the bar. When Mag saw her, she squealed with delight and immediately left her stool to come and greet them.

“Wassup amigos?” she said putting an arm around both Megan and Mary and kissing them on a cheek.

Then looking at Mary she said

“Long time stranger.. you don’t call, you don’t write anymore” then she noticed Megan making a face indicating that now was not the right time.

“What’s the matter you ok Mar?”

“Guy trouble..” said Megan simply.

“Well then lets get a few drinks inside you and hear about this son of a bitch..”

“So what in heaven’s name are you upto these days Mag?” said Mary. Megan had told her that Mag had been workingas an editor for a fashion magazine which was a farcry from what Mag had wanted to do when she was in college. She had majored in mathematics and had instead chosen a very different career path.

“Oh this and that, I guess Megan’s already told you I work for Ashes Magazine..”

“Yeah and what’s up with that? I mean you were the one with the brains..”

“Well I’m the one with the six pack abs now..” said Mag chuckling and raising her tshirt to display her torso.

“Wow.. you really must watch what you eat..” said Megan impressed at Mag’s toned body.

Megan herself wasn’t fat but slightly round around the edges, although it made her look more beautiful.

Soon the trio were downing Daiquiris and reminiscing about the old times. Eventually the topic took a more serious turn when Mag probed Mary about her guy problems.

Mary offloaded and finally felt so much more better. It was good to be among friends and having Mag and Megan there to support her meant a lot to her.

“You know guys, I’ve been an idiot. I haven’t been a good friend, I just went to the city and forgot all about us you know.. forgot that I do have family back home.. and kickass friends.” Said Mary her voice choking with emotion.

“Well, I’ll toast to that.. Yo Bartender, 3 tequila shots!”

Eventually the ladies were sufficiently drunk to bring up the topic of that hot and sexy threesome that they had. Mag brought up the topic suddenly

“Hey guys.. remember the night when we slept together at Megan’s..”

“What about it?” asked Mary guardedly..

“You ever think about it?”

“To be honest I kinda forgot about the while episode..” said Mary.

“I think about it..” said Megan honestly.

“Well what do you say we go back to Megan’s place and get all hot and heavy again?”

“Umm I don’t know Mag, we promised each other we won’t let things get out of hand like that again.” Said Mary.

“Out of hand! I probably had the best sex of my life that night.. and you.. fuck you were amazing.. Just the thought of your tongue on my pussy again drives me crazy..”

“Shush Mag, keep it down” said Mary getting embarrassed at Mag’s frankness.

“Seriously Mary you are one talented pussy eater..” joined in Megan. “I vote we go back to my place and relive that night.”

At first Mary had a ‘Hell no’ look on her face. But the girls persisted and finally persuaded her to join them for a night of total debauchery.

And so Megan quickly drove them back to her place.

They hadn’t even entered and Mag started to kiss Mary, holding her tight close to her body. At first Mary felt a little grossed out and didn’t respond in kind. But Megan continued to kiss her softly and eventually Mary started to kiss her back.

As soon as they got in the door, Mag shut the door and pushing Mary’s back to the door, she started to kiss her very passionately, her body arching into Mary’s and her hand sliding down her skirt..

Mag was simply dressed in slim fitting jeans and a tshirt whilst Megan and Mary were wearing knee length skirts.

As Mag and Mary went at it, Megan took off her panty and sat down on the stairs leading up to the bedroom; She started to masturbate as Mag and Mary’s lovemaking was making her very hot.

Mag slid her hand down Mary’s thigh and lifted up her skirt. She then took a hold of Mary’s panties and slid them down. As she did that, she knelt down and spread Mary’s legs a little. Then lifting up her skirt to reveal her pussy, she started to lick the inside of her thigh first and then slowly made her way to the outskirts of her vagina, her tongue gently playing along Mary’s skin. Mary was starting to get very aroused, her nipples clearly erect, the bumps showing through the thin fabric of her dress.

Then Mag let her tongue playfully flick over Mary’s clitoris, very gently, teasingly. This made Mary moan with pleasure.

Meanwhile Megan who had been gently massaging her pussy slid a finger inside and started to move her hips to the thrusting of her finger. She was getting really hot and beads of sweat had started to form on her body, her chest heaving from the excitement.

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