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Subject: Random Tails/ Oh Brother Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned Or encouraged. We all live two great lives. One in reality and one in our minds. Oh Brother by aol Johnny stood in the door way looking at his brother Shane in bed. He was just brought home from the hospital. Mom and Dad were fussing over him. “Now dear I know this is going to be embarrassing for you but there is no other way.” Shane’s mother clucked. “The private functions of your body will have to be attended to by us.” “We will try to be as discreet and considerate of your privacy as we can.” Shane’s Dad added. “If I’m home I will attend to you as much as possible, but during the day since your mom and I work it will be whichever health aide that the service sends. Maybe your brother will be able to help also.” “I will do whatever I can big bro.’ Johnny said with a helpful smile. Shane sighed. For a seventeen year old boy it was bad enough that he was laid up in bed with both legs in casts and both arms in casts with a full upper shoulder cast preventing him from moving his arms at all. He was going to have to be feed by hand by someone else. He was going to have to be bathed by someone else. He was going to need someone else to handle his bedpan and urine bottle, plus get his ass wiped like a little kid. If he had an itch someone would have to scratch it for him. And worse of all he couldn’t fucking jerk off. Man he thought, I was used to doing it three times a day. For convenience sake he was in bed naked just covered by a sheet. This way they wouldn’t have to wrestle his shorts on and off each time he needed to go to the bathroom. Johnny looked at all the supplies that were laid out to care for Shane. The big silver bowl thing for his poo and the plastic jug for his pee. There was a wash basin with towels and soap for his baths. They had rigged up a cup full of water with a straw that extended over to his mouth area so he just had to turn his head whenever he wanted a drink. They also set up an Alexa so he could control the TV by voice command. Johnny loved his brother, idolized his brother, and would do anything to make him happy. Sometimes Shane found it annoying but his parents said that at 9 years old it was great that Johnny had someone to look up to. “Ah guys,” Shane kinda blushed. “I gotta pee.” “Ok son I will handle it this time.” Dad offered. “Come on Johnny lets go get some snacks.” Mon directed. “But I should stay and learn. What if I’m the only one around and he needs to go some time?” Johnny questioned. Mom and Dad looked at each other. “You do have a good point son.” Dad admitted. “Okay you can stay and I will explain what to do.” Shane moaned. It was bad enough that his Dad was gonna handle his junk but now his kid brother too. Mom left the room and Dad started. “Ok first we lift up the sheet just at the bottom half here so we can see his penis. We take this plastic container and you can see how it is flat on one side and the neck curves up.” Johnny paid close attention. “We set it on the bed and rest the tip of his penis in the opening here.” Dad set the jug down between Shane’s legs and gently lifted his son’s penis and placed the end into the opening. “Then we can lower the sheet again while he pees.” Dad and Johnny stood there waiting. “Ah maybe you can leave the room so I can relax.” Shane suggested. “Oh yes of course son, call out when you’re done. Come on Johnny let’s step outside for a minute.” Dad and Johnny waited outside the bedroom door. “I want you to know that I’m proud of you for being willing to help your brother out.” Dad smiled down at his youngest. Johnny beamed back. “I would do the same for you. I’ll do anything to help either one of you.” Dad smiled and ruffled his son’s hair. “I’ll keep that in mind.” “Ok” They heard Shane call out. Dad gave Johnny a wink. “Let’s go finish this up.” Standing back bedside Dad instructed. “So now we lift the bed sheet back up.” He pulled it back exposing Shane’s lower half. “We gentle take your brothers penis.” “I thought it was a Willie Dad?” Johnny interjected. “Well yes that is one name some people call it. There are a lot of different names people use but the proper one is penis. So like I was saying, we gently take hold of the penis.” Dad lifted the penis up in his hand. “We shake it slightly.” Dad gave it a gentle shake and “We slide back the container.” Which Dad did. “Now we don’t want to spill any so we put the cap onto it before we lift it up.” Johnny saw a drop of pee at the tip of his brother’s penis and reached over and wiped it away with his hand. “That was very thoughtful of you but instead of using your hand you should take a tissue and wipe it.” Dad instructed. “Why?” Johnny asked. “Because now you have pee on your hand.” “So.” Johnny just shrugged his shoulders. Dad laughed. “I guess we have to have a talk about proper hygiene.” “Can you do it without my cock hanging out in front of you all?” Shane said with exasperation. “Oh sorry son.” Dad chuckled and lifted up the urinal and pulled the sheet down. “What’s a cock?” Johnny asked. “It’s another word for penis.” Dad shot Shane a look. Shane mouthed sorry to his Dad. “Can I use the computer Dad?” Johnny asked. “Sure son.” Dad replied and watched Johnny run off. “Ok Shane, if you need anything just ask Alexa to call us.” Shane drifted in and out of sleep and watched TV till mid afternoon Johnny had drifted back into the room and was watching TV with him. “J.” Everyone else called Johnny by his full name but Shane just called him J and he loved that. “Could you get someone I have to pee again?” “Oh I can do that.” Johnny exclaimed and jumped up grabbing the urinal before Shane could object. Johnny pulled the sheet back and placed the jug on the bed. “Careful now, that’s an important part of me.” Shane laughed. “Oh don’t worry I won’t hurt your cock.” Johnny said as he concentrated on lifting his brothers soft six inches of teen meat and slipped the end into the jug top. Johnny just stood there. “Can I have some privacy?” Shane asked “Why I know what peeing looks like.” Johnny replied simply. Shane sighed, “But it isn’t. Oh what the hell.” Shane closed his eyes and let loose a stream that almost overfilled the jug. “Boy I needed that” Shane commented when he was done. Johnny lifted the cock out of the top and slid it back, then secured the top on tight. He gently grabbed Shane’s cock and shook it a little against his hand to dry any drips off. “You got my pee on your hand again.” Shane smirked. “That’s ok,” Johnny smiled. He then changed from a shake to a few strokes of the warm flesh in his hand. “What you doing J?” “Just making sure I got it all.” Johnny replied and then dropped it. “I looked it up on the net and they say it’s important to get it all dry.” “Oh, ok, very clever of you.” Shane smiled but was glad J had stopped. He was afraid that a few more strokes would cause him to bone up. Johnny took the jug to the bathroom and emptied it and rinsed it out. Then returned and sat down on the bed next to Shane watching the TV. “Ah I think you’re forgetting something squirt.” Shane said with a chuckle. Johnny looked over to him with a puzzled look. “Put the sheet back over me.” Johnny looked down at Shane’s exposed midsection and waited a few moments şişli travesti before covering him up. Shane winked at him. “That’s ok, you’re curious, I understand.” Johnny laid down next to Shane and rested his head on Shane’s chest and they went back to watching TV. Mom showed up about an hour later with supper and sent Johnny on his way to go eat with his Dad. Johnny settled in at the dinner table with his Dad. “I helped Shane pee.” He announced. “Well that was very nice of you. But you know you don’t have to do that. Shane or you can call for someone else.” “Oh I don’t mind touching Shane’s cock or pee.” Johnny said plainly as he forked some peas into his mouth. “Well like I said it’s called a penis.” Johnny interrupted. “I looked it up on the net and it can be called a Willie or prick or dick or fuck stick or dong or Johnson or some other names I don’t remember. But I like cock because that’s what Shane called it.” Dad cleared his throat in surprise. “Well that was very clever of you to look it up and want to learn more. But around your mother you best use the word penis. That’s the polite word.” “Ok, I’ll just use cock around us guys.” Dad chuckled. They took a few more bites. “Will my cock get big and have hair around it like Shane’s?” Again Johnny just put it out there like it was normal dinner conversation. “I guess it is time to explain puberty to you.” Dad sighed. This wasn’t quite how he imagined having the talk but here it was. “When you get older, maybe 12 to 14 it’s different for different boys your body will change and you will start to grow hair in different places. One of them is around your penis I mean cock. And it will get bigger also. How big no one knows till it is done growing usually around 18 or so.” “So when you say bigger you mean longer not bigger like when it gets all stiff and hard?” Johnny asked looking to his Dad. Dad raised an eyebrow. “Ah yes that is what I meant. I see I need to be more precise with my words.” “So is yours long like Shane’s with hair and all?” Johnny set his napkin down and looked to his Dad again. “I am a grown up so yes mine is longer and I do have hair.” Dad replied slowly. “Cool, maybe you could show me sometime. Can I be excused?” Dad said yes quickly just so they could cut this conversation short. But he realized there would have to be more talking ahead. Mom and Dad took care of Shane the rest of the night. Johnny went in and crawled up onto the bed and kissed his big brother on the cheek. “I love you big bro.” Then crawled down and walked out as he heard Shane reply that he loved him to. Johnny woke up early. He realized the parents weren’t up yet so he went to Shane’s room. Shane was snoring softly. Johnny thought it would be smart to be prepared for when Shane woke up so he grabbed the urinal and gently pulled back the sheets. Shane was hard. Johnny saw his brother’s cock laying up against his stomach and looked to be about 7 inches long with a plum head. Shane’s balls slowly moved in his ball sack as he breathed. Johnny watched them roll back and forth and studied Shane’s hard on. “What ca doing bro.” He heard Shane say. Johnny was so mesmerized looking at the cock he didn’t realize Shane had stopped snoring. “It is so big Shane.” Johnny breathed out in awe. Shane chuckled. “When you get older yours will get bigger to. Do you have the urinal there?” “Ah yes,” Johnny reached over and took Shane’s hard on in his hand. “How do I get it into the jug like this?” “We will just have to wait for it to relax. But you will have to let go of it otherwise it will never go soft.” Johnny laid it back down but stared intently at it. Shane had to close his eyes to concentrate on going soft. When it finally did. “Ok we’re good to go now J.” Johnny again picked it up in his hand and placed it in the jug. After he shook it off a little, pulled the jug away securing the top and like last time stroked his bro’s cock. Shane’s breath caught and Johnny felt it getting big in his hand again. “Ok that’s enough J.” Shane said with a ragged breath. “But I want to see it get hard again.” Johnny replied. As he finished saying that they heard someone coming down the hall. “Quick, cover me back up dude.” Shane said panicked. Johnny picked up the urinal and pulled the sheet back over his brother just as Dad walked in. “Ah I see your first duty has been attended to.” Dad smiled. “Good morning to both of you.” Dad took the urinal from Johnny’s hand and took care of it. “Why don’t you go help your mother make breakfast?” Dad suggested. Johnny scooted along as he heard his Dad ask Shane if he was ready for the bedpan. Breakfast was all done and cleaned and Shane had been feed when the front door bell rang. Johnny ran and answered it finding a young man of about 24 dressed in all white. “Hi, I’m Pete, I’m from the home health care service.” He smiled warmly. “From reading the file I am guessing you are Johnny.” “That’s right I am.” Johnny giggled. “Come on in.” Mom and Dad showed up. Johnny hung off to the side as they talked and took Pete to meet Shane and all the other boring talk. “Now Johnny is actually capable of looking after himself so if he becomes a nuisance just tell him to go away.” Mom stated as Dad and she got ready to leave for work. “I’m sure we will get along just fine.” Pete winked at Johnny. The parents left and Pete headed for Shane’s room with Johnny trailing along. “So you have had your breakfast and you have both pissed and popped. Right?” Pete asked placing his hand on Shane’s chest. “Yes.” “And did your parents give you your morning med’s?” “Yes they did. With my breakfast.” Shane replied. “Let’s see.” Pete said as he looked at the bottle. “That would be pain pills and a Valium. Good are you feeling the effects yet?” “Yea the pain has melted away and I’m feeling relaxed.” Shane said with a bit of droop in his eyes. “Would you like to do the bath now or later?” “Why don’t we get it out of the way now?” Shane replied. Pete set about filling a basin with warm water and laying out 2 wash cloths and some towels for drying. “Now to help you relax while I bath you I suggest that I place a warm cloth across your eyes. This will also help you not notice so much that a dude is washing you. You ok with that?” Pete asked with a warm smile. “Yea I think that would be a good idea. J you need to leave now ok.” Johnny got a pout on his face. “Ok.” He said with exasperation. “Now here is the warm cloth, “Pete said as Johnny started to walk out. “How’s that?” “That’s nice.” Shane sighed. Johnny looked back as he was about to go out the door and saw Pete giving him the hush signal with his finger to his lips and wink at him. Johnny turned around and quietly stepped closer to the bed. “I am going to explain to you where I will be washing thru each step of the way so that I don’t surprise you. I will be washing your privates but those will be last. Now I’m going to remove the sheet. Are you ready?” “Go ahead.” Shane replied with a bit of drowsy softness in his voice. Pete lifted the sheet completely off of Shane. Normally you move the coverings around but Pete figured Shane was feeling ok with the pain meds and Valium. “I am going to start at the neck.” Pete washed Shane’s body explaining all the way. He did both sides and all of the front. “We will leave the back side for tomorrow.” Pete informed Shane. Pete went very slow and beylikdüzü travesti gently with the warm soapy cloth. Johnny watched very intently as Pete moved his hands around his brothers body. Shane developed an erection but Pete just went around it. Johnny’s eyes were glued to his big bro’s cock as it throbbed against his belly. “Ok Shane now it will be washing your balls.” Pete warned. He gently rubbed the cloth around Shane’s teen sack and Johnny watched as it rolled around in Pete’s hands. “Shane,” Pete said softly. “I’m going to wash your penis now, is that ok?” “Yes you can wash my cock, sorry it’s hard dude.” “That’s perfectly normal for a guy your age and in such great shape.” Pete returned. “Oh fuck,” Shane moaned out as he felt Pete take his hard on into his hands. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “You go right ahead and say whatever you need to say. I’ve heard it all before.” Pete didn’t use the wash cloths but instead rubbed his soapy hand up and down the teen shaft. “Actually being hard makes it easier to wash.” Pete spoke softly. “Shane, we are both young guys and I understand the frustration you must be feeling not being able to use your hands.” Pete paused letting his words sink into Shane’s brain. “Oh yea it is fucking frustrating. Can you wash it all the way? I won’t tell anyone I promise.” Shane pleaded. “Just as long as no one knows, I would be fired if they did.” Pete said this to Johnny just as much as Shane. “Go for it dude please.” Shane begged Johnny watched wide eyed as Pete worked his hand up and down his big bro’s hard shaft. Shane muttered and moaned the whole time. Pete winked at Johnny. “Oh fuckin hell Shane shouted and his pent up teen load exploded out of the top of his cock. Johnny clamped his hand over his mouth as he saw the white cream spurt up into the air and splash back down onto his brother’s chest. Five strong spurts jetted into the air. “You had quite the load built up. Rather impressive you stud.” Pete complimented. Shane chuckled. “It’s been over a fucking week dude. Shit I needed that.” Pete dried one hand quickly and ran a finger thru some of the still warm cum and sucked it into his mouth. Johnny’s marveled at what he was seeing. Pete saw pleading in his eyes. Pete scooped up some more and extended his hand out to Johnny. Johnny smiled and sucked the cum coated finger into his mouth. Pete saw Johnny get dreamy eyed at the taste. “Dude that was incredible.” Shane spouted out. “Can we make this a part of every bath?” “Well I’m sure you know that a hand job or blow job is not a part of the regular service and as I said before I would get fired if anyone knew about this. And since your only 17 I could go to jail.” Pete reiterated. “Fuck dude I’m not telling anyone, I promise and wait did you say blow job? Would you really give a blow job? That would be so fucking awesome.” Shane’s voice got more excitement in it. “You would be okay getting a blow job from a dude?” “Fuck yea I don’t care as long as it’s good.” Shane admitted. “Well we will see what we can do. But for now let’s get you cleaned up and let you rest after that studly display of manhood.” Pete gave Johnny a wave of the hand indicating to leave now. Half an hour later Pete strolled into the kitchen where Johnny was. “He’s fallen asleep.” “What was that white stuff?” Johnny asked with excitement in his voice. “Technically it’s called sperm, but most guys call it cum. I suppose your Daddy hasn’t talked to you yet about sex.” Pete said as he ruffled Johnny’s hair. “I know that when I get older I get a longer cock and grow hair.” Johnny said proudly. “That you do, that you do, but you also start to produce sperm or cum and getting to shot it out of your cock is a really great feeling.” “So it makes Shane feel good to shot his cum?” Johnny paused. “And since he can’t use his hands he needs help.” “That is right. You got the idea. It makes him really happy when someone helps him cum.” Pete smiled. “I could do it. I like to make my brother happy. Can you show me how?” Johnny pleaded. “Ok, I can but this has to be a secret.” “I promise, I promise.” Johnny cheered. “Lower your voice,” Pete laughed. “I will teach you how to handle a guy’s cock. Let’s go into the living room. From there I can see if someone is coming home unexpectedly. Johnny dashed from the room and Pete laughed at the child’s exuberance. Finding Johnny standing in the middle of the room, Pete walked up to him and started to strip off his clothes. Pete had a blonde mop of hair with sparkling blue eyes. A warm smile with dimples. His chest had soft blonde hair and dark nipples that stood out. His pecs were pronounced and his stomach flat. Johnny saw a hard seven inches bounce up from the dropped pants nestled in a trimmed blonde bush. The head of the cock was flared and slightly larger than Shane’s. Pete sat on the couch and spread his legs before the bug eyed boy. “Come stand here.” Pete said indicating between his spread legs. Johnny stepped up and stared at the hunk before him. “Now if you want to please your brother, you have to learn the right way to jack off his cock. Take hold of my cock.” Pete instructed. Johnny reached up and wrapped his small 9 year old fingers around the 24 year old meat. “Grip it firmly but not too hard. Yes that’s right. Now slowly move your hand up and down sliding the skin back and forth.” Johnny feeling the warmth of the hard cock in his hand did as instructed and slowly slide his hand up and down the throbbing shaft. Pete moaned. “You’re doing great for a first timer.” Johnny beamed at the compliment and continued to work his little hand up and down the cock. He could see how much Pete was enjoying this and hoped he would be able to have the same effect on Shane. “That’s right, good grip but now go a little faster.” Pete moaned. “Aw fuckin hell kid you learn fast. Yea stroke my big cock with your little hand. Johnny liked this, he liked the feel of a hard cock in his hand. He wanted to rush into Shane’s room and do the same for him, then he wondered what his Dad’s cock would feel like. “You know there is something even better you could do your brother. Something that feels even better than a hand.” Pete said softly while stroking his fingers thru the 9 year old’s hair. “Is that the blow job you mentioned to Shane?” Johnny asked while still concentrating on stroking the throbbing shaft. “Why yes it is. Clever boy for paying attention. Do you want to learn how to give your brother a blow job?” “Oh yes please.” Johnny smiled looking up to Pete. “A blow job involves putting his cock in to your mouth and sucking on it till all the creamy white stuff comes out.” “I get to taste it? That is so cool.” Johnny enthused. Pete realized this kid was a natural. “Start by just sticking your tongue out and licking all over the cock.” Johnny stuck his little tongue out and swiped it across the underside of Pete’s cock head eliciting a moan of pleasure from Pete. He held the seven inch hard shaft at the base and ran his tongue up one side and then down the other. He dragged his tongue thru the piss slit, swirled it around the flare and then down the underside to the balls. “Fucking awesome Johnny. You’re doing great.” Pete encouraged. He lapped at the balls feeling them move around under his licking tongue then licked back to the top of the shaft. He opened his mouth and sucked the cock head in istanbul travesti till he had his lips locked under the crown and was swirling his tongue around the bloated head. “Your brother is going to absolutely love this.” Pete moaned. Johnny worked his mouth up and down the throbbing shaft as best as he could. “Now rub your hand up and down the part of the cock that doesn’t fit into your mouth.” Pete was amazed that he didn’t have to warn Johnny about his teeth at all. Johnny jerked the base of the shaft that didn’t fit into his mouth as he sucked for all he was worth. Then he felt Pete brush his fingers thru his hair and start to moan loudly. “I’m gonna fucking cum.” Jets of cum flooded Johnny’s young mouth but he kept sucking. “Awe fuck, for your first time that was awesome.” Pete bellowed. Johnny looked up with a grin on his face and some drops of cum hanging from his lips. “I’m gonna go do Shane now.” Johnny announced. “Let’s give him a few more minutes to rest. “I’ll make some lunch and then after that I have a plan.” Pete winked at Johnny. Pete whipped up some sandwiches for the three of them and they ate in Shane’s room talking about nothing in particular. After they finished and cleaned up Pete told Shane he was going to give his skin a lotion treatment. “I wanna help.” Johnny called out excitedly. Pete looked to Shane. “Is it okay if he helps? He so much wants to be a part of taking care of you.” “Yea that’s ok. He’s a good brother.” Shane winked at Johnny. “It will probably be best if you get up on the bed Johnny, so you can reach everywhere.” Pete instructed as he pulled the sheet from the bed exposing Shane again. Johnny took off his shoes and socks and pulled off his shirt. He started to climb up onto the bed then stopped and got back down. “I don’t wanna get my clothes messy.” And with that he stripped off his shorts and underwear. Shane laughed. “I don’t think you have to go that far.” “I don’t want mom to yell like she usually does when I get stuff on my clothes.” Johnny stated clearly. Pete just laughed. “Here I am going to squirt some of this lotion on your chest Shane and Johnny it’s your job to spread it all around.” “Uh.” Shane blurted out when the cold lotion landed on his chest. “Sorry it will warm up soon enough.” Pete apologized but laughed at the same time. Johnny placed his small hands on his big bro’s chest and slowly rubbed the lotion outward in circles. He ran his slippery hands across the pecs and flicked at Shane’s pouty nipples as he did. Johnny had straddled Shane’s left thigh just above where the cast ended. This put his knee up against Shane’s balls. Pete reached down and lifted them up so they rested on top of his knee. “Thanks man.” Shane said then laid his head back and enjoyed the feel of the little hands rubbing across his chest, down the sides and across the stomach. Shane couldn’t help but get a hard on and hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. “Well this is interesting.” Dad’s voice broke into the silence. “I’m helping take care of Shane. I’m a good brother.” Johnny announced with a smile and a look of simple innocence. “Yes you are a great brother to be so helpful. But why are you naked?” Dad asked cocking his head slightly. “So mom doesn’t yell.” Was Johnny’s reply as if no further explanation was needed. And Dad did understand. “Ah yes you’re right. “The lotion,” Pete broke in. “Is a mixture of vitamins and essential oils to keep Shane’s skin healthy since he doesn’t get to get out into the sun or work up any of the body’s normal secretions that a lad of his age would while working out or doing sports etc.” Pete’s phone rang and he excused himself to answer it and left the room. Dad stepped closer into the room and was now able to see that Shane had a full hard on laying up across his stomach. He also noticed Johnny’s little nail was spiked. Shane had his head back and eyes closed. His breathing was slightly jagged as the small hands roamed his exposed body. Dad watched intently at the scene in front of him. His 9 year old, naked astride his naked big brother slowly rubbing his hands across the taught teen body. Each time Johnny’s hands slid across the stomach Dad held his breath in anticipation of the small hands touching the hard cock in front of him. Then exhale slowly with disappointment when Johnny veered around it. Dad realized he was throbbing hard in his pants at the erotic sight of his two naked son’s like this. He shuddered when Johnny’s fingers rubbed the pouting nipples on Shane’s chest. He again held his breath as Johnny’s hands dropped down onto the stomach. He felt conflicted by his desire to see Johnny touch his big brother’s now throbbing cock. Shane inhaled sharply and tossed his head back into the pillow, Dad exhaled with a quiver running thru his body as the small fingers wrapped themselves around the shaft and glided up then down. Dad knew he should stop this but felt powerless to do so. Shane’s mind was so clouded by erotic pleasure that he was speechless. Johnny held his big bro’s cock up and stroked it openly with his right hand while rubbing his little nub with his left. The sight of Johnny’s little hand stroking his big brother’s cock was mesmerizing and Dad was lost in feelings he didn’t know existed. “I, I can’t help it.” Shane muttered as cum spewed forth from his cock head and shot into the air then splattered down onto his chest and face. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He repeated as a mantra. Dad shuddered and filled his boxers with a load of daddy cum without even having touched himself. Shane’s breathing slowed down but he continued to mutter “fuck, fuck, fuck.” Just when he thought he was done Dad’s cock belched up another glob of cum when he saw Johnny lean down and lick Shane’s cum from his chest. Dad’s phone chirped. “Dam I can’t miss this meeting.” He turned and left the room without a word. He ran to his bedroom cleaned up and changed his pants. The vision of it all played thru his head the rest of the afternoon. “Did I do good?” Johnny asked Shane. “That was fucking awesome bro.” Shane smiled sincerely. “If I could grab you I would kiss you.” Johnny smiled and crawled up to him. Pete walked in to the room to find the two brothers french kissing. The sight was beautiful and erotic and gave Pete another idea. “Johnny would you like to learn another way to please your brother?” Dad got a call that his wife got locked into a dinner meeting and wouldn’t be home till 10 or 11. So he would have to feed the boys tonight. Pete was walking out the front door as Dad pulled up. “I’m off duty now and will be back tomorrow.” “Ok well have a good night.” Dad answered back. “I think you will have a better night.” Pete laughed as he got into the car and closed the door. Dad entered the house and figured he should check in with Shane first. He opened the bedroom door and nearly had a heart attack. Johnny was firmly seated on Shane’s crotch with about 5 inches of Shane’s hard cock lodged up his little ass. Johnny was working his hips up and down as he fucked himself on his brother. Shane’s head was rolling back and forth in ecstasy and muttering “So fucking tight little bro yea fuck yourself on me.” Dad ripped his clothes off and grabbed his hard throbbing cock in his hand. As he approached them he said. “I got your dinner here Johnny open your mouth.” “Awe Dad you gotta fuck him, he is so hot.” Shane moaned out with a guttural moan. “When you’re done cumming in him, I’m gonna fuck him using your cum as lube. Till then suck your daddies cock.” Dad growled as he straddled Shane’s chest facing Johnny so Johnny could suck him as he fucked himself on the big bro cock.

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