Oh, If Only He Was Here


It was so very cold outside; as she lay naked alone on her sofa. She longed to be with him again, to touch him, for him to touch her. When she thought of him it always warmed her up on the inside. This time was no different. The warmth inside her radiated throughout her body. She felt the warmth between her thighs grow, and as it did she knew she was growing wetter. This put a smile on her face. She slowly ran her hand down her stomach, her fingertips touching the top of her panties. Oh, if only he was here! She has thought about their reunion so much lately. Thought about what she wanted to do to him, what she wanted him to do to her. She knew she needed a good fucking and she knew that he was the one that she wanted to get it from.

She closed her eyes and lay back on the sofa. The fire was burning, but not nearly as hot as the fire she was feeling deep in her groin. The touch of her hand on her stomach made her excitement grow! With her eyes closed she fantasized that he was there with her; that illegal bahis it was his hand on her, slowly working its way down to the fire burning between her thighs. Her other hand caressing her large right breast, fingertips resting on her nipple stiff and sticking out a good half an inch. She gently pinched her nipple between her thumb and finger, sending a wonderful twinge down to her velvety, wet pussy! She touched her clit with her finger and when she did her body shuddered with anticipation! Her finger slowly slid inside her; she was so wet!

She continued to roll her nipple with her fingers as she used her other finger to work in and out of her pussy, the heel of her hand rubbing her swollen clit. Her mouth opened slightly and she rested her tongue on her top lip, enjoying how she was making herself feel. Her hips rocked up and down in rhythm with her hand, while she pinched a little harder on her nipple! Ooo, it felt so good! She worked her finger in and out, faster and harder with every illegal bahis siteleri thrust! His dick would feel so good right now. Her anticipation grew.

Her thoughts of him raced. She longed to touch his throbbing 8 inch cock. To feel it in her hand, inside her, and in her mouth. She recalls the way his sweet cum tasted as she swallowed everything he could give her. So warm in her mouth and smooth going down her throat. She wanted his hard throbbing cock inside of her, wanted to wrap herself around his magnificent tool, to clench her muscles around it with each thrust. To take his entire massive dick deep inside her very hot pussy! She not only wanted it, she needed it. She needed that sweet release that his massive cock could provide for her. Going in and out of her sweet pussy, until neither one of them could take anymore. His cum gushing inside of her and her pussy quivering and releasing its juices all over that beautifully, monstrous cock of his.

She felt herself getting canlı bahis siteleri close to sweet pleasure, as she continued to thrust her finger in harder and deeper and faster, all the while her hips rising and falling taking as much of her finger as she could. Her breathing was becoming shallower with every thrust. She heard herself moaning with pleasure as she neared her orgasm, heard herself say “oh yes baby give it all to me, fuck me! Fuck me harder”. This brought on more thoughts of him. Thoughts of how good his huge dick felt when it was in her mouth. How much she enjoyed teasing it with her tongue. She wanted to hear him moan with pleasure. Then it happened! Waves of sweet hot cum drenching her finger. Her moans growing louder! Her hips bucking wildly against her hand, her moans becoming one long deep moan.

Finally, with one last thrust her body relaxed against the sofa. Then slowly she brought her cum soaked finger up to her mouth and hungrily licked all of her sweet, sticky cum off of it savoring every last bit of it. Daydreaming that it was his cock in her mouth, knowing that he would reward her hungry mouth with his wonderful warm cum. Just the thought made her shudder one last time. Oh, if only he was here with her at this very moment!

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