Oil Change


I looked-down at my phone, at a text message which had just arrived from my 19 year-old niece Lisa. “There’s something wrong with her truck”. I told my wife flatly before I had even read the message. After all that seemed to be the only time I ever heard from Lisa was when there was something wrong with the old Ford Bronco I had bought her a year or so previously. I knew she’s busy and that she truly appreciated the truck so I don’t really mind, Lisa is (for the most part) a good kid who goes to school full-time and works every weekend it seems so I don’t mind helping her out.

Sure enough the text was about her truck. She said it was making a loud squealing noise when she started it up. I guessed the fan belt needed to be replaced and I knew the truck was close to needing service anyway so I told her to bring it out when she had a chance and I’d take a look at it. Lisa replied that she was working an early shift Saturday and had the rest of the weekend free. My wife then reminded me that she and her Sister (Lisa’s mother) would be gone this weekend to visit a friend who lived several hours away. So this would be a good weekend for me to work on the truck.

I texted Lisa and told her Saturday would be fine. I told her she could drop the truck off and I’d let her take mine hers was fixed later in the day. She replied that she wanted to stay and work on it with me since it was an older truck and she wanted to know how to fix it when it breaks-down. She had helped me do oil changes and a brake job once or twice before so I told her that would be fine, although I knew that working alone I’d have the truck done in a couple of hours however it’s hard to say no to a 19 year old with perky tits, a skinny waist, blonde hair and deep blue eyes you could get lost in. Suddenly working on an old Bronco sounded like more fun than I had imagined.

A couple of days later, right at noon I watched Lisa park her Ford Bronco in front of my garage. We exchanged pleasantries as I checked a few things then Lisa asked where the coverall’s she’s worn before when she’s helped me work on her truck were.

“You don’t have to help me. Just take my truck and come back in a couple of hours.” I told her.

“No, I want to…I mean it’s all stuff I should know how to do anyways right? Besides, I never get to see you.” She added

I couldn’t argue with that. As I said it seemed the only time I saw her was when there was something wrong with her truck or she was broken-up with whatever boy she was dating at the time. What was wrong with the ankara escort truck didn’t appear to be very serious so I surmised this visit must have something to do with some pimply-faced adolescent.

“How’s everything with you and Ken?” I asked her. As soon as I said it I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. A moment later she burst into tears and gave me a tight hug.

“He left me for some girl he met on-line on the east coast. I guess she got him a job and everything so he just up and left. Just like that.” She said through deep sobs.

Great. Now I get to play car mechanic and psychiatrist all at the same time I thought to myself.

I’m not a real deep guy so I told Lisa that working would get her mind off her lost love. I retrieved an old pair of coverall’s, the kind with a long zipper on the front, long pants and short sleeves. A lot of mechanics wear them to keep their clothes clean. I retrieved a smaller set which fit Lisa’s slender frame perfectly from a cabinet in my garage and Lisa went inside the house to change

I was right about the truck, all it needed was a new belt and an oil change and a couple of other small things. I could have had it all done in an hour or so but since Lisa was helping (and genuinely seemed interested in what I was doing) it took a little longer. I had to laugh though when while rolling around under the truck on my creeper Lisa’s tits got hung-up on the frame of the truck. Lisa and I both shared a hearty laugh after she’d wiggled-out from under the truck.

I noticed that the longer we worked on the truck it seemed the lower the zipper on the front of Lisa’s coverall’s worked it’s self. At first I thought it was on accident but when I casually noticed that it appeared Lisa was only wearing a bra underneath. Very slutty. It made me wonder what else she had in mind.

The brakes on the front of the truck were close to needing replacement so I changed those as well which of course meant I’d need to test drive the truck to make sure everything was working well.

I thought it would be a good idea for Lisa to drive since she drives the truck everyday and she knows how it normally drives. I climbed into the passenger seat and we pulled-out of the driveway.

The truck seemed to drive fine which was no surprise to me. What was a surprise is when we were stopped at a signal Lisa casually reached inside her coverall’s and began massaging one of her tit’s. I couldn’t help but stare to which Lisa replied,

“Oh, sorry. I had an itch.” She said with a sheepish escort ankara grin on her face.

The light changed and we drove on, though I was having a hard time hiding the massive bulge which was growing in my pants. I had guiltily allowed my mind to wander to thoughts of what Lisa’s youthful pussy would feel like wrapped around my experienced cock. Sex with my wife had become a largely boring and routine event when it even happened. I allowed my mind to wander to the things I could do with and to this girl. The fact that she was my niece made it even more taboo and hot in my mind.

I knew that I wasn’t the only one who had taboo thoughts on their mind when a minute later Lisa made an abrupt turn into an empty shopping center and drove around to the back where no one was. Lisa parked the truck in a far corner of the parking lot, shut the engine off then without saying a word got out of the truck.

I watched as walked around to where I was sitting in the passenger seat of the truck. She opened my door, and then stood there and slowly lowered the long zipper on the front of her coverall’s, revealing what I had suspected all along. She casually stepped-out of the dirty overall’s and stood there wearing only a sheer black bra and matching black thong. We didn’t need to say anything, the next thing I knew I was watching the top of her pretty blonde head as she buried her head in my lap and began sucking my cock. With one hand I played with her hair while I allowed the other one to trace its way around her perfect, youthful ass. It wasn’t long before I pushed the thin material of her thong to one side and slipped a finger into her dripping snatch.

I could tell I wouldn’t be long before I came, which would be fine except for I wanted to see how far she was willing to go. I pulled her head up and kissed her deeply while one of my hands played with her nipples. After a moment she pulled her face back, gave me a grin and then pulled her bra off tossing it over me onto the seat. I took the opportunity to pull-down my pants.

That was all the invitation Lisa needed as she climbed onto my lap and teased my hard cock with her slit until I felt her lower herself onto me. She felt so good! Warm, tight, wetter then I think I’d ever felt before. Her back was to me and she leaned into me. My hands wasted no time in cradling those firm titties of hers. I then began fucking her, nice and slow. Soon she was bracing herself against the dashboard of the truck as my thrusts increased. I could see a couple of beads of sweat working ankara escort bayan their way down her face. I worked one of her nipples with one hand and her clit with the other through the material of her soaked panties. It wasn’t long before I heard her moan and felt her pussy contracting against my cock.

I knew I was only moments away from my own climax. I could feel the heat from her youthful pussy on my cock, her perky tits which seemed made for fucking, even her nipples which looked like they were sharp enough to cut glass worked to push me over the edge as now my own climax began washing over me. I came harder and longer then I had since I was probably her age. It felt incredible!

After we both recovered Lisa lifted herself off of my lap then bent-over and licked me clean. Sure I could tell she had obviously done this sort of thing before but I didn’t care. A few minutes later I climbed in the driver’s side of the truck and began to drive back my house. Lisa pushed her now soaked thong into my jeans pocket and sat there in the passenger seat wearing the same coverall’s she had been before, but with the zipper all the way open, teasing me with a quick glimpse of her tits or pussy whenever we weren’t stopped in traffic.

Needless to say by the time we returned to my house we we’re both more than ready for round two! The front door had barely clicked closed behind us and a moment later I had the coverall’s off her youthful body and her slender frame bent-over the arm of my sofa.

“Fuck my Pussy Uncle, I want to be your little slut!” She cried as I slammed my cock in and out of her tight snatch.

I was so wrapped-up in the moment that I decided to just let go as I allowed myself to once again pump my seed into her eager, waiting pussy. I almost fell-over the release felt so good. I didn’t pull-out until I saw a trickle of cum running down her leg.

We had about a day until my wife and Lisa’s mother were due back and we wasted none of that time; we sucked and fucked each other until barely an hour until the two were due back; we ended our sexual weekend with a dirty shower then made our way to the living room, fully-clothed. Lisa took a place on the sofa and I the recliner as we popped a movie into the DVD player. When my wife and Lisa’s Mother returned barely an hour later we re-counted a tale of how the truck had required a lot more work than we had first expected and had kept us busy for much of the weekend. The two women didn’t care and a few minutes later Lisa and her Mother left with Lisa giving me a knowing wink as they walked out the door.

Did it ever happen again? Oh, yeah. After all Lisa drives an old truck which requires a lot of repair. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about how much fun it is fucking my pregnant Niece!

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