Oil massage


Oil massageI open my door and greet you immediately with a long passionate kiss, my hands in your hair pulling you down to me..As I break it off, you smile and say to me, “Well I missed you too..”I laugh and take your hand, pulling you into the bedroom.  I know we have all night but I can’t wait to feel your body against mine..  As we walk into the room, the lights are soft and there is candle light everywhere..  The bed has a sheet on top of it.  You put your arms around me as run my hands up your chest and say. “Well it looks like you have something in mind..””Oh yes”, I reply as I smile and reach up for another kiss.  I’m still smiling as I nip and suck at your lips, teasing your tongue with mine.  I feel you smile back in response, having fun with me.  As were kissing my hand has moved up your chest to your collar and started unbuttoning your shirt. Once all the buttons are undone, I reach into your shirt and run my hands all over your torso, working them back up to your shoulders.  You make a small noise of pleasure under your breath.  Hehehe, I love it when I can make you do that..  I push your shirt off over your shoulders and let it fall to the floor. As I do that you reciprocate, pulling my shirt up over my head..  Your hands lightly running down my arms give me goose bumps.  I shiver slightly and run my hands down your belly to your jeans.  I undo them and push them down over your hips.  You have taken off my bra and have kissed down my neck to my breasts.  Your hands on my lower back hold me to your pelvis while I lean my upper body back and moan softly.You lean over me to lower me to the bed, but I wiggle out from under you and tell you, “Not yet, I still have other plans, just let me do this..” I grin at you as I move behind you and run my hands around your waist. I hit that sensitive spot above your hips that makes you flinch a bit and giggle.  I hook my fingers into the waist band of your shorts and pull them down your legs.  As I stand back up I run my hands up the back of your legs to your butt.  I rub your ass for a moment before gently pushing you onto the bed.  You start to roll over but I tell you to stay on your tummy. I quickly shuck my jeans and panties and straddle your ass, sitting on it.  I reach over your head and grab a bottle of baby oil.. I love the smell of baby oil.. I warm up a big splash in my hands and spread it over your shoulders.  You let out a contented sigh as my small hands work the oil into your shoulders and neck.  I enjoy the feeling as I touch every inch of your shoulders.  I grab more oil and firmly run it down your spine with the whole of both my hands.  As I reach your ass, my hands separate and fan out and move up your rib cage to your shoulders again.  I do this over and over, moving my hands a bit closer in every time until I have your whole back warm and glistening.  I can feel your body relax undermine as I work your muscles soft, yet I know you are very aware of my every touch.  I run my hands from your spine to your ribs, pushing outward with my palms.  As I finish with your back, I run my hands back up your spine and lean forward, settling my naked body on top of yours.  My bare breasts and hard nipples pressing onto your back as you feel my breath on your neck.  I wrap my arms around bahis siteleri your shoulders and give you a hug as I lightly kiss the back your neck.  I whisper into your ear, “How are you feeling baby?”  You grin and stretch slightly as you let out a contented moan. I giggle as I slide my body down yours, all the way down your back and over your ass.   I sit back up again on the backs of your thighs and grab the baby oil again.  I work the oil from your hips to your thighs, my hands working the oil into your butt cheeks till they are warm.  I massage your ass working oil into the firm muscle.  My thumbs slip between your ass cheeks and graze your tight hole, causing you to shift and moan.  I keep doing it, making sure l work the oil in well, as I continue to massage your ass. I shift down and move to your thighs, rubbing more oil down your legs, rubbing and massaging the tight muscles to relaxation.  I continue to work down over your knees to your calves and ankles.  I rub oil over your heel onto your sole, working it into the instep with my thumbs (yes that’s right, I can touch yours, you can’t touch mine..)  I keep rubbing firmly, working the tension out of your feet. Once I am done, I move back up to sit on your ass again, running my hands down your arms.  My fingers continue working out all the stress in the back of your arms.  Taking your hand in both of mine, I massage all your fingers one by one.  I move to the other arm and do the same thing.. Again I lie down on your back and kiss all over the back of your neck.  I whisper into your ear that you are so sexy and I’m getting so hot touching your body..  I slide off you and pull you over so you’re lying on your back.  And judging by your erection, you were thoroughly enjoying yourself too. I straddle your tummy this time as your hands slide up my thighs.  I lean over and kiss you softly on the lips, trying to keep you relaxed.   I once again grab some oil and warm it with my hands.  I rub in into your chest moving my hands in broad circles, my cheeks turning red as I feel you watching me.  Your hands on my legs feel so good, but I don’t want to stop yet.  I work the oil down your torso, shifting back a little at a time, until I have to shift up and over your hard cock.I gently rub baby oil into your tummy, looking up and smiling at you as I run my hands over you.  I spread the oil onto your hips and upper thighs, brushing lightly over your shaft.  It twitches as I touch it, and I reach down and lick the precum off the very tip.  You moan as my tongue touches you, after the last hour I’ll bet you can use the release.  I lick around your swollen head as I wrap my hand around your hard shaft.  My slightly oily hand glides up and down your cock as I lick and suck on the head.I time my stoking to the bobbing of my head, feeling your breathing come harder and harder.  You’re grunting under your breath thrusting your hips at me.  I can feel your balls tighten and I increase my pace…  You grab at the sheets and cry out as you cum quickly, and I swallow everything.As you catch your breath, I continue to massage oil into your legs.  Rubbing all down one, and taking your foot in my hands.  Starting and the top of your other leg, I do the same thing.  After I am done I move back up your body, canlı bahis and lie on top of you, my arms around your neck.  “How are you feeling Doll?”, My hands tracing lines up and down your neck. You smile down at me and say, “I feel great, thanks.. What was that for?” “I just felt like taking my time and touching you all over… you turn me on so much.  I just wanted to run my hands all over your body.”, I murmur.“Mmmmmmm, I know how you feel, I think about your body all day.  I want you so bad.”You reach down and pull my face up gently and kiss me softly.  Your kiss deepens and grows more urgent quickly.  I meet you with growing ferocity reveling in the electricity between us.  You roll me over and let your hands roam over my body, leaving trails of icy heat.  The weight of your body pins me to the bed as we frantically explore each other’s bodies with our hands. “Oh fuck , I want you so badly right now.” You lean off me slightly, breathing hard and you smile, “My turn now…”.You take the baby oil and start working it into my upper body.  Your big hands on my breasts feel so great.  You take your time there, licking my nipples every few moments, enjoying watching me squirm.  Your hands quickly work a small amount of oil onto my tummy, and around my hips.I feel your strong hands on my thighs, working your way outside to inside.  I spread my legs a bit to accommodate, making small sounds of pleasure.Your long fingers stroke the outside of my labia as I push my hips towards you..  Your one hand still rubbing oil onto my legs, you use the other hand to slip 2 fingers deep into me, slowly, deliberately.  I gasp softly and bite my lip.  You feel so damned good.  Your thumb slowly circles my clit over and over, nearly driving me mad with desire.  You slow your actions as I’m getting so hot, keeping me near the edge.  As I calm down, you slip your fingers out of me and continue to massage my legs. I’m still moving my pelvis back and forth, waiting for the release your teasing me with.  You grab me at the hip and roll me over.  I throw you a look over my shoulder and see that your completely hard again, and you have the look of heat in your eyes..I am content to let you rub oil into my tense shoulders and over my back.  Your hands feel so amazing.   You work the oil over my ass cheeks and onto the back of my thighs.  Mmm, you know just how to touch me baby.   I feel your hands grab both my ass cheeks and spread them apart slightly.  I feel your warm, wet tongue run down the crack of my ass and over my tight hole..  Oh my god, that feels so good.  Your hands continue to slowly rub my ass as you lick me from asshole to pussy.  You once again slide 2 fingers deep inside me as your tongue wiggles and teases into my tight ass.  I moan deeply into the pillows.  I raise my butt into the air a bit giving you better access. You tongue is making me pant and groan, and you can feel my tight pussy closing around your fingers as I get more and more tuned on.   You move my cheek a bit and plunge your tongue deep into my tight opening, steadily moving your fingers and out of my sopping slit. It hits me like a wave and I come with a cry.  You keep licking and fingering me all through my bucking and tremors.  Mmmmmm, that felt so good..  You keep rubbing my ass as you güvenilir bahis remove your fingers and tongue from inside me.   You grab the oil and rub more into my ass.  You keep going until my cheeks are glowing and warm.  As my breathing returns to normal, you start running your fingers down my crack, teasing me like I was teasing you.  But you’re not teasing… You pour more oils onto your hands and rub it thoroughly all down my ass crack.  I feel your fingers making tight circles on my ring, working the oil in well.  I growl and shiver, this feels so good. I relax my muscles, enjoying the feeling.  When I do, I feel your finger slide in until the first knuckle.  MMMMmmmmmm..   Slowly you twist your finger, working oil just inside me.. “Please .. I want more..” “Fuck yes.”, I hear you breath, as you slowly work your finger all the way into me..You leave it still for a moment until I relax, and then begin to work it in and out.  I’m gasping and groaning as you move inside my tight ass.  I feel more oil and your movements become less restricted.  You remove your finger from me almost all the way. Along with more oil, I feel a second finger, and I cannot believe how hot I am right now.  It doesn’t take you long to work both fingers inside of me.  You keep going through making sure you’re getting as much motion as possible inside me.  My nipples are rock hard against the bed.. After a moment or two, I have let go of all my tension and I’m just enjoying the ride.   You stop moving inside me and slip your fingers out.You place your hand on my hips and pull me up with no resistance.  You lean over me and say, “I am going to fuck that sweet ass of yours..” “Oh god yes!!! I want to feel you deep inside me.” You work some oil onto your cock and position yourself at my rear hole.  You add some more oil and begin to push into me as your hands pull my hips back.  I take a deep breath and relax my body as much as possible.  The résistance breaks suddenly and the head of your cock slides into my ass. You groan loudly and cry out, “fuck you are so tight, this feels so good baby.”I make wordless happy noises..  You push forward and sink into me slowly, until your balls are resting against my ass.  You hold there for a moment letting me adjust to your size. Your one hand snakes around my hips and finds my clit.  You start stroking it while you stay still, coaxing the movement out of me.  You move with me trying to match my movements as much as possible.  I gasp, knowing I’m not going to last long.I push my ass against you and feel you respond.  Our speed and intensity grows a bit and we are both covered in a light sheen of sweat.  This feels so incredible.. I can’t believe how sexy you are.  The sounds of your hoarse breathing and whimpering combined with your fingers on my swollen clit throw me over the edge. I start to shake as I cry out..  I feel you fingers tighten on my hips as my convulsing ass grips your cock and sends you into the abyss with me.  You push deep inside me with a muted roar.  I can feel your body pulse and shake, and I feel so good. As your orgasm subsides, you lean forward still deep inside me and wrap your arms around me.  “You are beautiful and incredible.. You drive me crazy..”You roll onto your side pulling me down with you and you stay spooned against me as you kiss my neck gently.  We lay there as our breathing returns to normal and you’re holding me tight.  You finally slide out of me as we drift off to sleep, curled in each other’s arms..

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