Oily Evenings Ch. 06 – Final


Disclaimer : All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.

If you haven’t read the previous chapters, please go to my page and read them. The story here continues from where it ended in chapter 5.


My head felt heavy from the hangover of last night’s drinks. I had woken up but my eyelids refused to open. My mind was hanging on to the last threads of a dream that was about to disappear… a dream like none I had before.

I was inside a cave… it was damp… and dark except for the light shining down from an opening right above me… I felt unsteady, as if I would fall over any moment… just the direction in which I was about to fall seemed to keep changing, disorienting me… then I felt my feet leaving the wet floor of the cave… my body rose up… I was floating in the air… equidistant from the floor and the ceiling… water dripped off the roof on to my face… just then something covered the opening above… something heavy… I could hear something slithering and twigs breaking under its heaviness… then the face of a serpent appeared, its head so big it could swallow a goat… it hissed at me menacingly, lowering its head down through the opening on the cave’s ceiling… it opened its mouth wide… baring its fangs… then it shot its head towards me and enveloped my body in one fell swoop.

I flinched awake, entering the real world… my eyes opening to let in the little slivers of light that slipped in through the tiny gaps in the window blinds… but still the uneasy feeling of being trapped in a damp cave didn’t leave me. I felt some movement below.

I lifted my head with difficulty and saw an incredible sight that cleared my head of all the uneasiness and filled it with euphoria. Mom was sucking my flaccid cock, her tongue making my cock damp… and suddenly the dream made sense.

Mom was on her knees, her ass thrust up from the bed beside my chest… she had her torso bent towards the foot of the bed for her mouth to reach my cock. My eyes, that had just woken up, flew open like saucers at the sight of mom’s majestic ass so close to my right. My cock started growing and mom became aware that I’d woken up.

“Hey sleepyhead!” she lifted her mouth off my cock and smiled that gorgeous smile of hers, “I thought this might be the best way to wake you up.”

“Oh God Yes… you’re mouth feels amazing on my cock,” I said in my morning raspy voice. She lowered her mouth to take it back into her mouth. My neck was hurting from keeping it lifted without support. I picked up the other pillow too and stacked it on top of mine. I rested my neck back down. The height of the two pillows allowed me a comfortable line of sight on the action going down between my legs.

Mom’s lips were wrapped around my now fully erect cock. As she lowered her mouth, my cock slid slowly into her mouth. She pushed her mouth down as far as it could go. Only an inch and a half separated her lips from my balls. Saliva leaked out of the corners of her mouth, slid down my cock and collected in a small pool on my pubic area. Then mom lifted her mouth slowly, revealing the length of my cock… inch by inch, little veins on it glistening with her saliva.

She repeated this up and down motion slowly. There was no urgency today… nowhere to reach… no one was going to walk in on us. She sucked my cock at a leisurely pace. I lifted my right hand, that was resting on my chest, and placed it on mom’s right buttcheek. I squeezed it so hard that mom moaned on my cock. I added my left hand too and spread her cheeks apart. Her brown pussy presented itself in all its glory. It looked so much better from behind. I grabbed her left thigh, lifted it off the bed and placed it on my left side.

Mom’s pussy was now right in front of my face. Mom gasped and adjusted her knees on either side of me to get comfortable. I held her by the hips and pulled, closing the small gap between my mouth and her pussy. The moment my tongue touched her cunt mom let out a wild moan and pushed her pussy back towards my mouth. My face from the chin to the nose was lodged between mom’s buttcheeks as I licked mom’s pussy. My saliva mixed with mom’s already wet pussy and it elicited slurpy sounds each time my tongue ran over it.

Both of us moaned from the pleasure each other’s mouth was providing. As we licked and sucked on each other’s genitals, we started getting more horny and the pumps of our orgasms cranked. I increased the pace of licking mom’s pussy as she sucked faster on my cock. Our mouths worked at furious pace… licking and sucking… and then I felt cum rising from my balls. The moment my warm semen entered mom’s mouth, she was hit by her orgasm… an animalistic groan left her vocal chord as she dripped on my mouth and chin and my cock filled up her mouth. Her pussy slid off my mouth as her hips fell down to rest on my chest. Her juices spilled down from my chin on my neck. I inhaled a hard breath, panting. Mom lifted her mouth off my cock with a slurp, the ankara escort warm milky white contents of her mouth spilling on my cock and balls.

A few seconds later, once we caught our breath, she picked up my dirty t shirt and cleaned the cum off me. Then she threw it off and lifted her ass up from my chest, turned around and fell on the bed beside me. She cuddled up to me and raised her head up towards mine and planted a kiss on my lips that were wet with her juices.

“I made your face all wet,” she said trailing a finger on my wet chin down my neck.

“I liked it,” I smiled.

She then got up from the bed and pulled me up by my hand. She led me to the bathroom, her ass jiggling in front of me… and we washed each other’s body in the shower… kissing while the shower water ran down our faces.

We came out of the shower drying our bodies with towels. Once I was done, I spread my towel over a chair beside the bed and sat down on it. Mom took some more time towelling the water off her thick long hair. She then spread her towel on the little chair in front of the dressing table and sat down. She picked up the hair drier from its stand and switched it on. It’s loud sounds filled the room as she pointed it at her hair, drying her tresses. Once that was done she picked up her hairbrush and started working on her hair. I watched all this silently for a while.

Then I asked, “What’s our plan for today mom?”

“Nothing… we have the whole day to ourselves… we can only go home late evening… dad expects us back by the evening train remember?” mom replied, her concentration mostly on the job at hand… brushing her hair.

“So we’re going to hang out here whole day?”

“What do you want to do then?”

“I don’t know… we can go out… to the mall maybe,” I said, while my brain thought about alternatives. Then an idea popped.

“How about a movie?” I proposed.

“That sounds fun.” Mom agreed. So it was decided. We were going to watch a movie at the multiplex theatre in the mall.

I was ready in no time, wearing a fresh t shirt and shorts. I skipped underwear as all of them were dirty. I found mom standing in front of her open bag naked, figuring out what to wear.

“What are you going to wear?” I asked.

“I don’t know… I could wear the blue kurti… no… not that… I don’t know… and I don’t have any clean inners too.” She complained.

“Will you wear the red saree?” I requested her.

“You want me to?” Mom asked.

“Yes mom. Please wear the saree… it has a special place in my heart,” I confirmed.

“Why? What’s so special about it?”

I hesitated a bit before saying, “Its what you wore when we fucked.” She blushed red at that.

“Also, even I didn’t have any clean underwear… so I skipped it,” I said, meaning she could skip it too.

She took my suggestion and wore the underskirt, blouse and saree without any innerwear. At around 11 AM we checked out of the hotel… hoping that the staff who came to clean up wouldn’t recognise the smell of sex on the sheets.

At the box office we learned that the multiplex was screening five movies today. Three of them had good rating and had established actors, I checked on the internet… but those shows were in the afternoon. So mom chose a movie starring an obscure debutante, a show of which would start in half an hour. We booked two tickets for that.

We had a quick brunch at the food court before we headed for the moviehall screening our pick. We entered the dimly lit hall and sat on our reserved seats. We were the first ones in.

The screen flicked to life and started showing a series of upcoming movie trailers. Only a few people came in. Even when our movie began the hall was only around twenty percent occupied. It confirmed my suspicion that the movie was going to be a drag. There were a couple of men six seats away in our row. Then I saw mom checking out other rows in front of us. When I followed her gaze, I saw that there was no one in the first eight rows of the hall near the screen. People were seated on the 9th row and upwards. Mom stood up and gestured to me to follow her. She made her way down to the 5th row and moved sideways to the extreme left corner. She sat down on the penultimate seat and me on the last one.

I tried to follow the story of the movie for about half an hour, but it was too boring. However, mom seemed interested in the movie. Having nothing else to do, I raised my right arm and brought it behind mom’s head, placing my palm on her shoulder at the edge of her blouse. She responded by sliding down on her seat a little and resting her head comfortably on my arm. I left my hand still for a while. Seeing as how mom’s eyes were glued on the screen, I tried once again to follow the dialogues and the plot… but to no avail. I was getting distracted too frequently.

I decided to get a little adventurous. Slowly, I edged my hand from the edge of her blouse to the skin near her neck. I started escort ankara running my fingers in a small circle there. I checked mom’s face… still engrossed in the movie.

The circles my fingers traced got bigger each time, touching more of her skin… but they were impeded by the loose end of her saree, her ‘pallu’. My fingers pushed at the pallu on each pass, but it didn’t budge… it was pinned to her blouse at the left shoulder. I made up my mind. On the next pass my fingers slipped under the pallu and traced the skin near mom’s cleavage.

This distracted mom. She was now aware of the little game my fingers were playing. Soon after, I saw mom’s hands reach up at her left shoulder toying with her blouse. Then her hands appeared to have dropped to her sides without having done anything. My hands were still on her shoulder for a while… seeing if she would do anything else. She was motionless.

A while later I resumed tracing my fingers on the bare skin around her shoulder… but this time as I tried to slip my fingers under her pallu, it budged. I pushed a little more and it slipped further. When my fingers reached her cleavage the pallu fell off her shoulders baring the cups of mom’s blouse. The pallu fell bunched on mom’s lap. My heart skipped a beat. I looked behind us. Luckily, we were really far from the nearest occupied seat. The realization got me excited. A hard-on started pitching a tent in my shorts.

My fingers started grazing the top of mom’s breasts, dipping in and out of her cleavage. The soft flesh of mom’s tits felt smooth against my fingers. Mom had perfect skin. I spent a few minutes this way… but soon wanted more.

I lowered my mouth to mom’s left ear and whispered, “Unhook your blouse!” My cock was full mast as I said this.

I heard a quick intake of breath. Shortly her hands came up to her blouse. I couldn’t see much in the dim light of the hall. Her hands fell back to her sides in a few seconds.

The fingers of my right hand advanced downwards… unencumbered… till my palm cupped her right tit. I massaged it lightly with my fingers and was amazed by the response… her nipple came alive, digging into my palm. I played with her breast… caressing, squeezing, rubbing, pinching and pulling. Mom struggled to suppress her moans… but her breast rose and fell very fast… and her quickening breaths gave me a measure of how turned on she was.

Meanwhile, my cock was straining inside my shorts… uncomfortably constrained as it was. Mom noticed me squirming. Her left hand reached for my fly. She pulled it down and my cock sprung free… grateful for the freedom. She grabbed it at the base, wrapping her hand around it. She started moving her hand up and down jerking my hard cock. It felt good… but I wanted more. My cock had strained for too long in my shorts that I was too horny to be satisfied by a handjob.

“I need more!” I told mom, taking care to keep my horny voice low.

She peeped around nervously before kneeling down on the floor in front of my seat, facing my cock. I saw her licking her lips and knew that she was about to take it into her mouth… but below her lips my eyes focussed on her bare breasts and hard nipples… and I knew I wanted something different from what she was about to do.

“Put my cock in between your tits!” I told her in a commanding tone.

She was unsure at first, but did as she was told. She leaned forward on my lap, grabbed my cock and pushed it down… fitting it inside her deep cleavage.

“Now push your tits together with my cock in between… and masturbate me,” I gave her instructions. She nodded, her eyes full of lust… and squished her tits from the sides trapping my cock in between. Then she moved her torso back and forth, jerking my cock. Her eyes never left mine as my cock rubbed the skin between her tits. She was sure enjoying this new way of pleasuring my cock. I started thrusting my cock, trying to match the rhythm of mom’s movements. My cock head was tingling and ready to cum in a few seconds… but suddenly the movie screen turned black and flashed the words ‘Intermission’.

I quickly pulled mom up on her seat. She just about managed to cover her bare tits with the pallu when the lights came on illuminating every inch of the hall. She hadn’t hooked her blouse. As for me, I got just enough time to push my cock inside my shorts.

Some of the people who were in the hall stood up and started walking towards the exit. Me and mom were panting lightly. We sat motionless.

Minutes passed by. Some of the people who had gone out of the hall came back holding popcorn buckets and coke. My cock remained hard, threatening to slip out of my fly, which I had not zipped up.

Few more uncomfortable moments went by before the hall was dark again. Everyone was back in their seats, watching the movie that had resumed on the screen.

“I have to have you now!” I whispered to mom and her eyes bulged in shock.

“I need your pussy now mom… ankara escort bayan I can’t wait any longer… I’m too horny.” I said again.

“But how?”

I thought for some time. The only way it could be done without attracting attention was if I laid down in the gap in front of our seats and she rode my cock. I told her the plan and slowly slid down from my seat on to the carpeted floor. Once I had lied down I freed my cock… it stood up ramrod straight waiting for the folds of mom’s pussy.

Still sitting on the seat, mom bent down and grabbed the hem of her saree and underskirt. She pulled them up slowly as she slid down from her seat. Slowly she placed her knees on either side. She lifted the saree and underskirt some more with her right hand and inserted her left hand under the clothes… her hand grabbed my cock and aimed it at her cunt. The bulbous head of my cock split her lips… she rubbed it there for a few seconds… lubricating it with her wetness. Then she pushed my cock into her vagina.

A soft moan escaped her lips as my cock slipped deep into her. That made her nervous. She was apprehensive. Then she removed the pallu from her shoulder, crumpled it into her fist and inserted it into her mouth to stop any sound from escaping her mouth.

She started riding my cock slowly. It was the second time my cock was inside mom, I thought to myself… and if the spirit from the hill be willing, I wanted to raise that number to thousands. My cock slipped in and out of her moist hole. She placed her hands flat my chest to support herself bouncing up and down on my hips. Her saree came between her meaty ass and my thighs, cushioning the bounces and preventing the slapping sounds from making our secret fucking conspicuous.

The pace of our fucking increased, her ass frantically bobbing up and down on me as my hard cock fucked mom’s wet pussy. The expression on her face told me she was at the verge. My cock head tingled again and semen rose from my balls. It shot out of my cock into mom’s cunt… filling it up, as mom had a quiet orgasm… the saree in her mouth muffling her moans.

Once all the semen had left my cock I relaxed, catching my breath. Mom was still in the throes of her orgasm for a few more seconds. She squeezed he tits trying to amplify the orgasm. Once she too was done, I removed the pallu from her mouth.

“Uhhmmm!” she sighed and moaned at the same time.

“Mom?” I called

“Mmm?” she said her eyes still closed.

“Tell me that was the best fuck you’ve ever had!” I demanded. She took a few more seconds to climb down from her high and open her eyes.

“Honest to God! That was the best fuck of my entire life.” She said, her voice tender with love. My heart swelled with love.

We sat back up on our seats quietly. There was probably half an hour more to go for the movie… but we were not interested in it. We pushed back the retractable armrest between our seats and hugged sideways while our lips found each other. We spent the rest of the movie french kissing.

Later in the evening we deliberately delayed going home hoping that dad would leave for night shift and we could have the house to ourselves… but when we climbed up the stairs to our home, we saw that the door was partly open. I pushed open the door all the way and entered carrying in both mine and mom’s bag.

Curiously, we found dad’s travel bag and backpack beside the sofa. Hearing the sound of the door, dad came out of the kitchen.

“Oh.. you are back! I was waiting to see you two before I left.” dad said. He was wearing casuals and not his work outfit.

“I have to got to Mumbai urgently,” dad explained, “The project teamlead at our Mumbai branch was arrested for leaking some details to the client’s competitor. The client, a US based company, is really pissed. I have been asked to go to Mumbai for damage control. It’s an important account for my company.”

“If the client doesn’t come back to the table that easily, I might even have to go to the states! God knows!” dad finished his piece with frustration.

He gave me and mom a hug before picking up his bags and walking out the door, leaving me and mom astonished.

A man getting arrested… dad being called to Mumbai urgently… him saying he might even have to go to US… it made us wonder. It was too strange to dismiss as just an unfortunate turn of events for dad.

In my mind a series of visions flashed as a possible explanation… a ritual… a man black as coal… a mask like an animal… a large stone with red thread wound around its peak… a wedding ring offered… a knife drawing blood… blood dripping on the stone… me and mom on the stone, making love.

“Mom, didn’t you say the ritual we performed on that hill made hurdles to a couple’s union magically vanish?” I asked mom. Her face was deep in thought. I had an eerie feeling. Mom looked up into my eyes. Her eyes confirmed my suspicion… we were being watched over by the hill spirit!

Mom closed the main door, picked up her bag and went to her and dad’s room.

At the door she turned around and told me, “Didn’t you promise me that the rest of my life was going to be exciting and fun?” She gave me a sensuous smile.

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