OK, But Just One Drink… -Wife’s View of Thi


OK, But Just One Drink… -Wife’s View of ThiOK…But Just One Drink – Wife’s ViewBy: GilglimI’ve lead a pretty normal life as a receptionist at a dentist’s office,but that all changed on my 33rd Birthday.I was supposed to pick my husband up after dinner and had plans to takehim to a fancy restaurant and seduce him when we got home. I was wearinga new red dress that I just knew would knock him out. He keeps ontelling me to show myself off more and not dress like an old maid.Well…this dress showed off. It was so short that I had to keepreminding myself not to bend over and to keep my knees in tight whilewalking or it would ride-up and show off the garter belt and tiny pinkpanties that I was wearing.I was waiting in the lobby at my husband’s office when he and hiscoworkers arrived all at once. A couple of the guys whistled when theysaw me…all of them were staring. I hadn’t counted on this…I thoughtit would just be Vic (my husband). To make matters worse they invitedus out for a drink and Vic obviously wanted to go along. So I told them”OK…but just for one drink.”We walked over to this little bar a couple of blocks away. I kepthaving to pull down on the hem of my dress to keep it from sliding up asI walked. When we finally got to the bar, they sat me in the middle ofa big ‘U’ shaped booth, the head of the table…’since it was mybirthday’. Vic took everyone’s order and went to the bar for whatseemed like a long time. While he was gone all the attention at thetable was on me. The guys all wanted to know where I worked, what Idid, what my interests were… It was all very flattering. Many of theguys were leering the tight top of my dress. The dress buttoned clearup to my neck, but it was tight on top and the buttons were a littlestrained at the bust. It was intended to get my husband’s attention atdinner, and it was obviously getting the attention of these guys.After a while some of the conversation and questions got a littlepersonal. Just as my husband got back with his third trip from the bar(it took three trips for him to bring all the drinks), one of they guysasked me if I had any tattoos. Everyone laughed and I didn’t dignify itwith a response, but I wasn’t offended either. All of this attentionwas nice for a change and they were obviously being good natured aboutit.I excused my self to freshen up in the lady’s room. That’s when thefirst unusual event of the evening occurred. Instead of the three guy’sto my left getting out of the booth, they slid me over their laps,handing me down the line. I was taken by surprise. Two of the guyswere lifting me more by my behind than by my waist and I had to wonderif they were just trying to cop-a-feel. I just went to the wash roomand let it go. I had to admit it kinda felt good being man handled bystrong, young strangers, but I was going to have to make sure we wereout of there in time for dinner reservations.When I got back to the table, I decided to try the other side of thetable and see if they were more gentlemanly. On the contrary, the guyat the end seat immediately grabbed my by the waist and passed me downthe line again. This time they were overt about touching my ass andeach guy tugged the hem of my dress a little higher until I was sat inmy place with the hem canlı bahis of my dress bunched up around my waist. Mygarters and panties were completely exposed to the guys in the boothand only the table blocked the view from the rest of the bar. I quicklypulled my dress back down. But all of the guys in the booth had grinsand smirks on their faces. I shot a glance to my husband, but Vicclearly hadn’t noticed. Rather than make a big scene, I just let it go.The guys next to me acted like nothing had happened and went on with thesame conversation we had been having before. They would alternatebetween completely normal conversation and little teases that were notreally appropriate, but not offensive enough to get angry about. Forexample, Jack, the guy on my right, said “That’s a very cute dress,where did you pick it up?” I told him and the guy on my left, Marcus,followed up with “one with a higher hem would have looked better onyou.” Everyone would smile and chuckle after such a comment…so it washard to get mad. I just giggled when they teased me.The booth was a tight squeeze and there was a table leg between myfeet. Consequently the guys on either side of me were pressed upagainst me and my legs were spread a little. I notice as theconversation went on that as their legs brushed up against me, it wouldcause my dress to ride a little higher. After a short while it wasclear that this was deliberate. When I caught on, they both teased meand said. “We were wondering when you would notice. [Smirk] Jack and Imade a bet while you were gone about the color of your panties.”Normally I would have slapped a stranger that said such a thing to me.But my drink was getting to me, I was already turned on by all of theattention the guys were showing me and Marcus was such a smooth talkerand a good looking guy. I was tempted to see where this would lead.”That’s why were were trying to get the hem of you dress up… so wecould settle the bet.”I was surprised to find myself saying. “Oh? What colors did you beton?”.Marcus replied, “I bet they were black and Jack said that they werered…like your dress.””You’re both wrong”, I said with a smirk. “They’re pink.” I lookedacross the long table to see that my husband was engrossed in aconversation with a guy named Tom and probably couldn’t hear a word wewere saying. In fact, in the dark lighting, he probably could barelysee me.Our end of the table had suddenly gone quiet, although everyone wassnickering. Marcus leaned in to me smirking and said. “How are we tobe sure that you are telling us the truth.””I’ll show you!” I demanded. I assure you, dear reader, that I was themost surprised person in that booth when those words came out of mymouth…but now that I had said them… I had to follow through. thefour guys at my end of the table all craned their heads in to watch as Islowly pulled the hem of my dress up exposing my panties…legs spreadby the table leg between my feet. To make matters worse, my garter beltwas under the panties and pulled the panties tight as I leaned back toshow them. Four guys watched as the damp crease of my pussy wasoutlined by my little, silk, pink panties. That moment was likeelectricity…it only lasted about a second, but it was an incredibleturn-on to be lusted bahis siteleri after by all of these handsome, young, successfulmen. As I pulled the hem of my dress down, Marcus, the smooth talkingguy, whispered in my ear, “I also bet Jake that you’d let me finger-fuckyou while he watched…you wouldn’t want me to lose that bet too wouldyou.”The drink was getting to me, and I was horny so I just let go and said,”No…I wouldn’t want you to lose that bet too.”He and Jake leaned in and lifted the hem of my dress again. Jake heldit up, while Marcus took his sweet time, dragging his finger tipslightly over my panties before gently pulling them to one side. Then heslipped his finger into my wet slit and gently fingered me. He was sogentle with his hands that he really didn’t finger-fuck me. Rather, itfelt as if he were making love to me with that finger. I was completelyat his will. I sat back in my chair, breathed deeply and closed myeyes. After what seemed like an eternity…I remembered that my husbandwas sitting about ten feet away from me. I opened my eyes to see whathe was doing and saw that he was staring right at me. I jumped a littleand pushed Marcus to one side. I reached for my drink and swallowed therest of it down.Rather than yelling at me, my husband simply smiled at me. When Marcusoffered to pay for another round, he asked me if we should stay. Icouldn’t leave right then, because my dress was around my waist and mypanties were to one side (Thank God for the table that was blockingVic’s view). I just tried to act as natural as possible and said,”Sure”. Everyone laughed. They thought that I was a slut stickingaround for more…the more I think back on it…they were probablyright.When my husband went to the bar for the drinks, all inhibitions weregone. Jake said, “its my turn” and all six of the other guys at thetable watched as Jake finger-fucked me. He held me around the waistwith one hand and literally fucked me with the other. The guy on theother side of Jake reached over an pulled on one of my knees and Marcustook my other leg and pulled it over his lap…so my legs were spreadwide open. Bill, a stocky, dignified looking, black accountant reachedover an fondled my breasts through my dress. I was such a slut and Icouldn’t believe how much it turned me on.I took Vic a while at the bar, and the guys were literally tag-teamingme. They were taking turns fingering me and feeling me up. I rememberpanting to them, “just don’t let Vic see me like this.” They all justlaughed. “No…don’t let him catch us.” So they all sat down and keptit behind the table. Oddly, they wouldn’t even stop fingering me whenhe came to deliver drinks…they were just more discrete, blocking Vic’sview.After Vic finished delivering drinks, I thought things would cool-off.Not so. A guy named Jim was fingering under the table and whispering tome that before the night was out, I’d be “sucking his cock like alollipop”. I was nearing my first orgasm so I leaned back, closed myeyes and grabbed the edge of the table with both hands. Another guy onthe other side of me, leaned-in and played with my clit. That was all Icould take. I felt dirty, sluttly and ashamed, but it was one of thebest orgasms of my life. I gasped loudly and sat forward güvenilir bahis and took adrink.My stupid husband didn’t even notice that two guys were fingering me toorgasm about ten feet away from him. I didn’t really want him to catchme, but I was starting not to care anymore…so I decided to be moredaring. Other than my husband, I was the center of everyone’sattention. I leaned over the table and acted like I was filling myplate with peanuts from the basket in the middle of the table. Theyguys behind me went nuts. They ran their hands all over my ass and legsand someone was even fingering my ass. My whole crotch and ass wasdrenched with my juices. I sat down when my plate was full and everyoneate off of my plate so that I would stand up again.A little later Vic went the the rest room and I was mauled by they guysagain. They undid the top buttons of my dress and some of them werereaching into it to touch my breasts. While Vic was away one of theguys knelt between my legs and ate me. These guys were out of controland I didn’t even want to stop them.Jim bought another round, just to get rid of Vic for a while longer.Jim insisted that I return the favor, so I unzipped his pants andstarted jacking him off. I was like a puppet. The guy on the otherside of me unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick and put my otherhand on it. So there I was, jacking off two guys behind the table whileVic trotted off to get more drinks. After they both came all over myhands, Marcus forced his way back to my side and said, “you’ve beenhaving most of the fun and I got this started for you, so I think it’sonly fair that you should return the favor to me.””What do you have in mind? “, I asked.”I told Tom, they guy your husband is talking too that he could eat youout if he would tell your husband that you lost your earring under thetable.” Marcus chuckled, “If your husband sees you while your sucking mydick, he’ll just think that you’re looking for your earring.”I really didn’t need to be coerced. I had been craving dick ever sincethese guys laid their hands on me. Without protest, I went down onMarcus. Even when my husband was delivering drinks, I was suckingMarcus’ dick. I didn’t care anymore.I straddled Bill, the stocky, black accountant and fucked him with myhusband just ten feet away. I even looked over my shoulder and smiledat him as Bill’s thick pecker filled me up. My dumb-ass husband was soengrossed in his conversation that he didn’t even notice that I wasscrewing his co-worker.It wasn’t until I was leaning over the table, being eaten from behind,while guys were opening my dress and pulling my tits out that Vicfinally caught-on. Even then, he just watched. I rounded out theevening by sucking off all of his co-workers while he sat, right next tome and watched. He was mesmerized. I think he liked it best when theywere cuming down my throat. I would milk their dicks slowly with myhand and take deep swallows as they came.Since that day, I’ve lived a sexually liberated lifestyle. I’m a normaleveryday receptionist. But over lunch-break…I’ll stop by my husband’soffice and get fucked silly. Everyone knows what is going on. Even thesenior partners have fucked me.One time Marcus dictated a letter to his secretary while I was suckinghis dick. She was flabbergasted. But on a later visit. Marcus fuckedher while she ate me out. That was my first time with a woman.I’m going to try to get her alone sometime. In the mean time, I’m justenjoying all of the attention.

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