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OKINAWA 1964I was really pissed off when I ended up at Naha Air Base, Okinawa, a Base that closed in 1972, the largest Base Kadena still operates today. Naha was much smaller at the southern end of the narrow yet Long largest if the Ryukyu Islands. The women here were no where as friendly as their Japanese counter parts and the Okinawans resented our presence any way. If you wanted to get a piece of ass there it cost at least the equivalent of twenty bucks a night unless you could talk them down. I,m afraid I took my disappointment out a bit on my flight Sergeant SSgt Rodriguez and found out before long that I marked him wrong from the start. I,d made a strong effort to try to show him I wanted to become a part if the team and one midnight shift when I was stuck on my own on the alertarea he came out on post check to see me. Once I,d challenged güvenilir bahis siteleri him as I was meant to he called me into the guard hut and offered a cup of coffee from a thermos flask he carried. He began “Look Joe I know you,re kissed off getting moved from cushy duty in Japan, but I,m not your enemy. I can see you came in the Air Force with prior service so had your Airman third stripe from day one, but that was nine months ago and you should have seweda second stripe on by now. Stick with me and I,ll help get you your second one and about twenty bucks a month more, Okay?” “ Okay, Sarge. What do I have to do?” “Study all your special orders and chain of command till it,s second nature. When I think you,re ready I,ll put you in for “Airman Of the month”! I can do that much, but the real work is down to you.” It worked as two asyabahis weeks later I went in front of a panel of four senior sergeants along with one man from each of the four separate flights and Won! While on a temporary duty four month stint in Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam I received the orders for my promotion so had to go to the base exchange and buy sets of Airman second class stripes to get one of our “Mama sans” to sew on for me. I managed to survive a few close calls from mortar attacks and arttacks by suicide squads and Wasn,t very happy to get my ass shot at, but I was still alive and back in Okinawa. SSgt Rodriguez was one of the first to congratulate me on my promotion. “I,ve Got So,etching I want you to look at!” He Told me. It was no secret he,d suffered a recent divorce after he caught his wife cheating on him. Later asyabahis giriş he handed me a large envelope. “I took these when I was stationed at Clark Air Base where I was stationed in the Phillipines six years ago. I do want them back. Enjoy.” I glanced inside to see glossy pictures, but decided to wait till in my barracks room to get a full look as he asked me to keep them to myself and not show them to any one else. I half expected porn pics, but not the type they were. The first pictures were of naked men and women doing what naked men and women do to each other in straight sex, homosexual sex and fetishes like fisting and pissing on each other, but suddenly there was pictures of a Doberman dog screwing a woman and coming on her, the final set of a pony led in by two men and with what must have been a two foot give or take a few inches of cock which the woman took most of in her pussy and seemed to enjoy it, ending up bathed in horse cum! It sure turned me on and I realised I liked to see a****ls fucking women. But I gave the photos back to the sergeant before I got too interested. Strange World!

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