Old Bob pt7


Part 7Ken arrived home from work as Misha was finishing the dinner; she heard the crunch of the car wheels on the gravel and felt a flutter. Tonight, if it went well, she would be one step closer to a life with Bob.She was setting up, placing the three plates on the dining table, just as she heard the car door close. She took the cutlery and placed it precisely on either side of each plate as the front door opened; her heart raced.Ken made his way through to the kitchen. “Hey, hon, smells great!” He slipped off his jacket and hung it on the back of the chair.”Nope, go get that hung up. I’ve tidied enough today.”Ken looked around the kitchen; she could see he wasn’t sure anything had been done in their house. She hadn’t lied; she just wasn’t specific about where she had been tidying.”Of course, Misha,” he said.As he took the jacket off the chair, she studied him for any visible underwear line under his shirt. She could see it. “Have you had that jacket on all day?”He looked at her sheepishly. “Yes, Misha. I was petrified everyone in the office would see the underwear.””Did that scare you?” She stepped over to him and firmly grabbed between his legs. She gripped his cock through the expensive suit trousers and squeezed.His eyes winced as he bit out, “Yes, Misha, it did.””But you like it, you little pervert.” She twisted her wrist and tightened her grip, crushing everything in her hand. “It got your little pecker hard, didn’t it?”She knew Ken never had a small penis, but it seemed a fitting accusation as he stood in his pathetic, sissy underwear beneath his power suit.”No, Misha.”She let go of her grip and kneed him in the groin. “Tell me the truth!”He doubled over. “I am, Misha!”She patted the crown of his head. “I believe you. Good boy.”She then turned back to the slow cooker and checked the dinner. “Get ready; dinner will be soon,” she said over her shoulder.He turned to leave. “Yes.””Where are you going?”He turned back to her. “I was going to change. Like I was told.”She turned back to the pot and stirred. “You were told you need to change, but right here is fine.”Ken looked at the large güvenilir bahis open windows in the kitchen and dining room. “Misha…””Dinner is almost ready, so I suggest you hurry up, like a good boy.”Ken began to unbutton his shirt.Misha wondered what it is she’d ever seen in the hairless, toned physic of her husband, as he pulled the shirt off and placed it over the suit. She did think the pink and white baby-doll suited his tanned skin.He kicked off his shoes and socks and dropped his trousers.”Pull them up; you’re in a state.” Misha nodded to the stockings that had worked their way down in wrinkles on his legs.”Misha, can I take them off?””No, now sit down.”Ken took a seat at the table.”Not there, the other end.”Ken stood from the chair and walked over to the other end of the table. He sat down with his back to the windows. He looked uncomfortable sitting in the female underwear. Misha had never seen him so unsure.”Open that wine, will you?” Misha said.Ken reached for the bottle on the table and uncorked it. As he did the bell rang. He sat bolt upright. Misha quickly ran her fingers through her hair and patted down her dress before clicking away on her high heels toward the front door.”Misha? Who is it?” Ken’s voice was high.”Oh, I invited Bob over from next door.” She waved her painted fingertips at him, brushing off the question.”Misha, wait!”Ken ran after her and down the hall; he cornered the stairs and began to climb up.”Misha, hold on,” he pleaded.Misha continued her brisk steps with her heels clicking against the wooden floor. She reached for the handle and swung it open.Ken knew he’d have been in full view for a split second. He slammed the bedroom door shut just as he heard the voices.”Hello, Bob. Nice to see you; you’re looking handsome as ever.””That smells good.”Ken heard the exchange and the door closing. The clicking of Misha’s heels told him they were back in the kitchen.Ken dressed, pulling on a housecoat over top, and returned to the kitchen. Misha was at the cooker and Bob was sitting with his back to him, at the head of the table.”Pour Bob some wine, Ken. güvenilir bahis siteleri Please hurry and sit,” Misha told him.Ken went back into the room and reached for the wine. He poured it, hoping Bob would not look down at the stockings on his feet. He wanted to pull the housecoat around him tighter to hide his secret dress.”That’s enough, Ken.””No problem, Bob. Nice you could come.” Ken gratefully returned to his own seat on the far side of the table and put his feet under it.Misha brought over the pot and dished out her chicken satay dish and some rice onto Bob’s plate. She piled it high.”Enough, thanks.” He waved a hand to halt her serving extravaganza.She then dished some onto the plate right next to Bob. Ken noticed now that the place he had been moved from had the two settings close together.Misha walked over and served a tiny amount onto Ken’s plate, then placed the pots in the sink.She took her seat next to their guest who had already begun to eat. Ken felt annoyed Bob didn’t have the manners to wait for his wife to join them, first.”Nice, Bob?” Misha asked.He nodded.Misha lifted her fork and began to dig into the meal. Before she placed it into her mouth she looked over at Ken. She giggled.”You can start, Ken.”He instantly began to eat the food.Misha gave little attention to Ken and found herself smiling at Bob. She wondered how he was enjoying the food. She was happy she had him in her house.Bob was halfway through his food. “Misha, didn’t you want to say something to Ken-boy?”Ken hated being called that.”Oh, yes!” She sat back in her seat. Taking a napkin from her lap, she dabbed it to her lips before taking a gulp of wine. “Well, as you know, Ken, I have decided to quit work. But, there are also other things I would like you to know.”Ken placed his fork onto his plate; he only had a few forkfuls for his entire serving, so his plate was now empty. Like his stomach.”The first is, I have contacted the estate agent regarding the house; we can get a value and they will advise the best way to sell.””Misha, we don’t need to! I can earn enough.” Ken tried to comfort his iddaa siteleri wife.”Oh, silly boy, it’s not that we need to it’s that I want to. After all, I’ll be moving on…”Ken’s face showed pain and confusion.”See, I’ve been sleeping with someone else.”Neither Misha nor Ken paid attention to Bob at that moment, but if they had, they would have seen the old man brace himself in his chair.”Who…? What do you mean?””Ken, another man has been dipping his cock in my cunt, and I have been enjoying emptying his balls every chance I get!” Misha sat with a smug look on her pretty little face.”Misha…” Ken implored, but he remained seated.”I’ve been fucking him as soon as you leave for work, and guess what? I’m going to do it morning, afternoon and night from now on!””Misha, this is outrageous! Is it some kind of joke?” Ken’s eyes began to fill. He wanted to get up from the chair. Not from rage, but in fear; he wanted to run from the room and away from what he knew was the truth.”The only joke is you, Ken-boy,” she quoted Bob.”Misha,” Bob said it this time.Misha flashed him a reassuring smile.”Did you know, Bob? Do you know who this bastard is?” Ken turned back to Misha.”Is that why you asked Bob to come over, in case I got angry?” Ken was beginning to cry, any remains of powerful masculinity dripping away.Misha laughed, “Ken-boy, why would you get angry when you like it? You love me getting fucked by another man, another man that holds my heart, that I love more than anything.””Misha,” Bob tried again.She took his hand. Bob tried to pull it away but she held onto it, both hands resting on the table between the plates.”Misha, please,” Ken pleaded between whimpers.”It’s okay, Ken, you know that that little prick between those legs isn’t up for the job. You know you want to lap up cum from my pussy after he has taken me deep.”Ken remained seated, almost unable to control his breathing from the pathetic crying.”Misha,” Bob called, again.She faced him. “Do you trust me? I got this.” She smiled before turning back to the other end of the table.”Admit it, Ken. What do you want to see me do?”Ken sat sobbing at the table.”Admit it!””I do.” His voice was calmer.Bob looked at Ken. He could see a change in him; he no longer seemed scared, and fear had left him as acceptance entered.”Good boy,” Misha purred. “And what do you like to see?”

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