Old folks help teach sex to Julie


Old folks help teach sex to JulieOld folks help teach sex to Julie, their granddaughter Vickie and Rick are both 59 and tho they still enjoy sex, the technique has changed recently to accommodate bodies not so flexible anymore. Our granddaughter came by the other day and asked me a very strange question for a fifteen year-old. Julie asks “So grandma, do you and grandpa still have sex?” I was in a bit of a shock by this line of inquire and knew it might lead to some frank talk about sex. I ask back – “Why in the world would you want to known THAT, dear!” A pouttie look covered my granddaughter’s face and I knew that there was a reason that she would want to know such things. She tells me of an incident that happen to her a week ago were a school boy her age, had her putt down her panties from under her skirt, he then proceeded to pulled out his cock and jack himself off, cumming all over the front of her young pussy. He said that he just “fucked” her and now they would be boyfriend and girlfriend. I told her “That’s just stupid, dear!”Well , In truth, honey …. we, your grandpa and me do a lot of playing before ‘fucking”, at times very wet and greasy play with our hands and fingers, followed by some use of our mouths on each other! Not wanting to go into too many details of all the different things with oral sex. Told he we even switched rooms sometimes to spice things up beyond the bedroom, thinking about our sex session from yesterday. But, “fucking” is more than having a boy squirt his cum all over the “outside” of your pussy, he was close, but not really “fucking you” dear, I explain to her. A confused look was now on my Julie’s face and I think that she needed some more insight as to all of the mechanics of having “full-on-sex” was all about. I tell her about my sex filled afternoon with my husband from yesterday as a way to enlighten her as to all of the things that go on in a couples bedroom when the couple loves each other and wants to show their love threw sex.We have a seat in the living room on the love seat side-by-side. My granddaughter ask me to tell her more, “Please. Tell me more.”All I thought yesterday afternoon with the nice breeze blowing over our naked bodies was THIS is going to be a lot of fun, having sex with my husband in the middle of the day. And I tell her that sex should be fun for both the woman and her man. And I tell her how hard my husband’s cock was as I reach down and pressed it against my naked pussy slit, getting me wetter and wetter! Julie’s look was now more of a very curious young girl with thoughts of wet pussy and hard cock. Julie ask about how we got to that place where we had our engorged sex organs rubbing all over each other. “Please start from the beginning, grandma.” the fifteen year-old asked me.Well, we started in the bed, naked until pendik escort the breeze kicked the curtain up! So grandpa and me scurried naked over to the dressing room with our tub of coconut butter. It is what us old folks now use to make our parts all slippy and it is great to get my pussy ready for my husband’s hard cock. Grandpa and me were laying with our feet at the heads of the other, so when I spread my legs apart, my psssy opens for all to see – your grandpa offers up his hard cock to me to play with too. I grease him up he does me, next thing you know, my clit is hard and slippery and the head of grandpa’s stiff cock is appearing and disappearing in my fist as I slowly jack him off. He tells me that he loves to see my pussy like this – all open and moist. Boys love to see a girl’s pussy spread like that ’cause all of a girl’s fun parts are hidden behind the outside lips of her vagina and any pubic hair bush. I ask my granddaughter how bushy is her pussy. And all of a sudden she pulls up her skirt, pulls aside the crotch of her white panties and shows me her bushy young pussy, saying “See!” Then re-fixes her clothes back to normal. I tell her that I need to continue my tale of “education”, and that she should not be “flashing” her pussy to just anyone. “But, grandma, I thought it was OK. Tell me more, please. I’ll listen.” I tel her of how her grampa fingered my clit softly, not pushing inside, and how I have his dick all nice and greasy standing at attention!The twin beds are just on the floor, no frame, in the dressing room – and I lay across the crack and spread my pussy wide and tell him to have his look at ME. Then he puts his finger in me and makes me squirm. I roll on my side and grandpa knows to spoon with me and kisses my shoulders, put his cock head right in my pussy crack … rubs my clit all the way down to my butt hole and back – he tells me to take my hand and press on the bottom of his cock as so to apply more pressure on my very wet now and very greasy pussy. I love him doing this, he loves it too, and we can go quite a while and no pain even with my thighs pressed tight together as he pumps me with his hard cock with fast strokes, grabbing my hip. We don’t cum but we are VERY horny!!! I tell my granddaughter that this is “foreplay” and that we have not started “fucking” as of yet.She had wide eyes now and ask “Then what did you do?” So I continue, knowing that we may both be getting a bit horny with all this sex talk.So after a lot of heavy breathing and panting, I push grandpa’s cock into my now very ready pussy hole. Now my dear, this is “fucking”, and grandpa knows that about half way inside, there is some scare tissue from when my babies were born and the doctor had to repair me inside. Now that grandma has no more periods, the skin thins and sex can have escort pendik some pain with it if rushed. That is why your grandpa and me have slowed down a bit in the bedroom these days. Back ten years or more, we would fuck hard and fast like bunnies and did not have to go through all of this foreplay. I tell her that my husband knows this about how my pussy is aging, and he fucks me with just half his hard dick and uses his hand to hold my leg up so I don’t have to. Grandpa always makes sure that I am comfy at All times that he is screwing, or “fucking” my eager pussy. He would go slowly for a few minutes, like he wants to feel every movement inside of me. I need to relax all the way now and let the inside of my pussy expand a bit. Now my granddaughter, Julie is visibly rubbing her legs together, subconsciously and very eager for me to continue. “THEN what?”So then I push him a bit deeper, past my scare inside of me and now I am so relaxed that I am fine with a little wince only of a slight pain. Now that grandpa has his dick deep in me – he fucks me with short fast deep strokes hardly moving more that an inch inside the bottom part of me. He must be pushing on my cervix at the bottom of my pussy! This feels really good for both of us!! “Julie, this is making love.”, I tell her. She puts her hand on my thigh and says “I love you, grandma!”, and gives me a kiss on the cheek.I continue to tell her how I feel grandpa’s cock jerk inside me and I reach down and feel his balls an give then a tickle. For some unknown reason at this time of our love making, I will take my fingers that were on my pussy and bring them to my nose and smell myself! Please realize, Julie, that smells play a big role in sex, and a smell of sex will sometimes take you over the edge. Then grandpa’s cock gives out a normal four five squirts, first one would fly a foot if not planted deep inside my very hot and messy pussy. I tell my Julie that this is ‘cum” and has sperm in it that IF that boy DID “fuck” me and squirt his cum inside my pussy, that could have made me pregnant!! “WOW” she shouts. So I tell her that she needs to know this, and not let boys cum inside her pussy without doing something to not get pregnant! She ask “How cum grandpa does not make YOU pregnant, grandma?” I explain that old women loose their periods and NO period, NO babies! Then she asked “What about the times that you and grandpa had sex, when you still was able to have babies. What about then?” I told her that grandpa had an operation to “fix” him so that his cum no longer contained sperm. And that was OUR form of birth control for sex, but that there were less gruesome ways to prevent pregnancy. So I tell my granddaughter that I don’t like after sex messes and I roll away quickly from my husband – as his cock goes “pop” pulling free from pendik escort bayan my used pussy. Grandpa tells me to just lay there and he gets up from the bed and gets some tissues – he wipes some of his cum off me, but I feel he is missing some and ask for one more tissue. And I use that to get the rest of his cum out of me. We go back to the bedroom and I pick my panties off the floor and put them back on. My old pussy would leak out cum and pee if I went without them and my liner. Then and we crawl in bed and that a power nap, sweetie. Old folks need their rest these days.I know I was very horny after all that sex talk, and know my little Julie was more than likely too. I ask “Julie honey, I know all this talk about sex has you feeling like you need some release. Do you play with your pussy, dear, masturbate?” She nodded her head “yes”. I know the feeling too. I tell her “Julie, If you would like to give your pussy a good little frig and have a cum, you can go up to the bathroom, shut the door and give yourself the privacy that you need.” Grandma will give you the time you need honey. I kiss her on the cheek and she bolts for the upstairs. Being a old house, IT is our only bathroom. I hear the door shut, minutes later moaning of a sweet young fifteen year-old girl making herself cum VERY hard, her pussy soaked panties on the floor, her fingers buried inside of herself and smelling her sex sitting on my toilet! I check myself, and my pussy is soaked too, then smell my fingers. Pissy / musky – a smell that makes me even hornier. I take off my panties and go up stairs and check on my horny granddaughter masturbating in my bathroom. I open the door and see her with her eyes closed. She then sees me and smiles. She says “Play with your pussy grandma! I want to watch. Pretty Please!” How could I resist a plea like that, so sweet!I raised my skirt. Showed her my bushy pussy. I spread my fat outer lips showing her just how wet my insides are! She stares at me while I close my eyes, raise one leg up and rest it on the sink and continue to finger my hard clit. She gasps in ah! I tell her “Watch your grandma Vickie cum for my sweet granddaughter.”My fingers move faster, my pussy and hers filling the room with sex smells. My head rolls back — and I cum hard in waves, one after the other. I collapse on the bathroom rug, my face on my granddaughter’s dirty panties. Julie says “Ops grandma, I left my panties on the floor.””If you want too, keep them and wash them for me, please.” she asks nicely. I tell her what IF I give them to grandpa and we use them in our next sex playtime together, saying “I know how horny it will make him when I tell him all of this. I can always buy you a new pair, honey.” I kiss my Julie on the mouth this time, and I show her briefly how to do a French Kiss!! XOX MAUH!!!My granddaughter originally came by to help me do some shopping, NOT to have a sex lesson. So we hit the food store hours later, looking very refreshed!Grandma Vickie ~ 59, granddaughter Julie ~ 15, grandpa Rick ~ 59 ?

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