Old Friends


Old FriendsLiving with Sarah’s parents was awkward for many reasons. I know they knew what a young married couple like us were up to when it got late as they were likely doing it as well as they were in their late forties, but it still put us off and saving to buy our own home was taking ages so I tried to work extra hours to make xtra money which tired me out and with Sarah working as a temporary office worker/secretary she was often too tired to even play around let alone fuck. Then one Friday evening we were invited to the home of Sarah,s oldest good friend Heidi in Buckinghamshire and as it involved travel by train we would stay over and travel back on Sunday afternoon. Heidi and husband Lou had been married a year before us and he had lots of money hence a big house complete with a swimming pool. When we arrived the barbecue was going strong and the beer and booze flowing, other friends in attendance. After we ate we had a bit of a proper party and were soon rather merry, Sarah partial to Bloody gaziemir escort Marys and a very different Sarah when she,s had a few too many. By midnight the others had all left and it was just us four left. “How about playing some poker.” Lou suggested so we began a game of low stakes nothing over fifty pence and maximum jackpot of ten pounds. At one point Sarah and I were winning nearly fifty pounds, but by the end we were just eight pounds ahead and Heidi declared she was bored stiff! “Well we can always switch to Strip Poker!” My merry Wife suggested. “What a great idea!” Heidi replied. So we all checked to see how may items of clothing we wore and the cards were dealt. Heidi,s tits are slightly bigger than Sarah,s with the puffy nipples I love sucking and she soon lost her bra and had to sit in just her soaking wet knickers while the rest of us still retained some clothes. Soon Sarah was also down to her knickers with her nipples stiff as ny prick. Lou and I still gaziemir escort bayan had our vests and boxers on when Heidi lost her knickers. Unlike Sarah Heidi,s Bush is as blonde as the hair on her head and as thick as Sarah,s but doesn,t seem so hairy as she,s fair. I Was now reduced to my boxers, then Sue lost her knickers, her bush as dark as midnight and very lush as I won,t let her shave it off. Lou and I then took off our boxers to show our stiff cocks, Lou’s a fair bit larger, fatter and longer than mine and uncircumcised, both cocks dripping presumably we were so worked up. “Sarah I feel so Randy why don,t we show the guys what we used to do when we had sleep overs with each other?” Heidi suggested. “We can,t do that!” Sarah came back. “Why not? We weren,t doing anything wrong, just experimenting with lesbianism, Didn,t mean we were dykes or such!” Heidi defended her suggestion. “Okay if you want to then”. Sarah gave in. Soon our wives were sucking each escort gaziemir other,s tongues then their lovely titties before Heidi licked down Sarah’s tummy to her pussy and began to slurp loudly. Soon both women were in a full sixty nine with us pretty forgotten as they licked each other toward a climax. “Come on mate. Give Heidi your cock and I,ll have Sarah.”! Lou suggested and moved to pull Sarah away from Heidi. I couldn,t believe how tight Sarah’s quim was as I knew she and Lou fucked more than we did, but I Wasn,t turning down her lovely twat. Meanwhile Sarah was already groaning as she took the largest cock she,d had since we married, her being a virgin slit on our wedding night. No doubt Lou,s cock was really stretching Sarah’s Pleasure hole and he was really teaming her hard now.”Fuck my ass!” Heidi moaned. “I love it in my bum!” Anything to please the lady. I glanced over now to see my normally shy wife with her mouth feasting on Lou,s copious spunk as he shit a heavy load in her lovely mouth, her loudly gulping it down, but it still trickled down her chin onto those big titties of hers. That set me off and I exploded in Heidi tight bum, filling her with my cum. Later she squeezed all the cum from my balls and kicked it away. “Got to keep your cock clean, Luv!”she laughed.

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