Old Guy Gets Lucky on Halloween


Older hospital volunteer shares his passion for helping with a young nurse.

Cassie smiled at Henry as soon as the elevator doors opened. With his red nose, face makeup, and colorful Halloween costume, she watched him clomp down the hall in his big, red clown shoes that pointed to the opposite sides of the corridor. Her smile turned into a laugh, when he honked his horn.

“Honk! Honk!”

“I knew you’d be here,” she said taking his arm and escorting him down to the children’s ward. “I didn’t tell the kids you were coming, just in case you hadn’t come. I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

“I’d never not show up, when I said I would. I can’t disappoint my little friends,” said Henry with a smile knowing that he didn’t want to disappoint her either.

As much as he came to the hospital to cheer up the children, he came to the hospital to see her smiling face. She was as pretty as any fantasy women he thought about, while masturbating away his loneliness, his horniness, and his sexual frustration. Recently, he’s been thinking about her a lot, whenever he felt the need for a bit of sexual relief, which seemed to be daily.

She was his big reason why he came here to the hospital. As if just being given an adrenaline shot or a boost of testosterone, just looking at her pretty, smiling face, made him feel ten years younger. Even though he was so much older than she was, even though she was so very young, not even half his age, he had a crush on her.

He ought to be ashamed, nearly old enough to be her grandfather, definitely, her father, and possibly, her really older brother, he didn’t feel ashamed, just elated that someone like her gave someone like him a bit of attention. Never having been attracted to younger women before, he was attracted to her now. When and how it happened, he didn’t know; it just did and he was glad it had. Never has he masturbated as much, as when he thinks of Cassie in his arms and in his bed.

After his wife died, he’s been sad and depressed, maybe he’s just lonely. Maybe he’s just going through something. Definitely, he’s crazy to think that she remotely feels the same way about him. For sure, she’s not going home to masturbate over him, in the way that he masturbates over her.

“We get a lot of that here. Actually, we get too much of that here,” she said with a sad little smile on her pretty, blonde headed face.

“What’s that?”

“Disappointment. People promise to come, even some celebrities make promises they don’t keep blaming it on their busy schedules. The professional athletes are the worst. Most of them are immature airheads and most times, they only come here, when they know they’ll get their photo in the paper or on the nightly news. Instead of honoring their commitment and coming in person, they send a donation to cover their guilt with their confession that they couldn’t bear to see so many sick and dying children,” she looked up at him, as if she was going to cry. “Only, what if it was the children that said, we don’t want anyone to visit us? We can’t bear to see so many happy and healthy people.”

She had a point. She had a way of seeing things that put his priorities in perspective and he liked that about her. If only he were thirty years younger, he’d sweep her off her feet. If only he was thirty years younger, maybe she’d be interested in him. Only, he wasn’t thirty years younger. He was an old, dirty man thinking sexy thoughts about a young, pretty nurse who was nice to him because it was her nature. She was nice to everyone.

“Forget about those people, Cassie. Put a smile on your face,” he said tickling her side and beeping his horn again. “Honk!”

When he tickled her side, his fingers accidentally brushed by the side of her bra clad breast. He felt enough of her bra beneath her scrubs to imagine the rest of her breast. His cock twinged with the thought of her in her bra and panty. As soon as he accidentally touched her in that way, his mind was filled with images of in her underwear, of her topless, and of her naked. Even with her baggy scrubs, he could tell she had big tits.

“Okay, okay, stop tickling me,” she said laughing, before giving him her trademark Cassie smile.

As soon as she smiled up at him, he got her all wet with his water gun rose that was prominently displayed on his oversized collar. If this was the only way that he could get someone like her wet, he’d settle for that, just as he settled for occasionally coming here mostly to see her and glad to receive all the attention she paid him. Especially after inadvertently touching the side of her bra, he’ll go home and masturbate over that later, while imagining more.

“Sorry,” he said with a laugh. “Did I get you all wet?”

“You have no idea,” she said under her breath.

Afraid to ask her to repeat what she just said, did he hear her correctly or did he imagine it? Nah, she’d never get wet over him. He felt his heart skip a beat with the imagined thought of her getting wet over him. If only küçükçekmece escort she could, if only she would, he’d be happy with whatever amount of time he had left, just at a crack to be with her.

“C’mon, c’mon,” he said waving his hand. “It’s time to pass out some trick or treat candy to my buddies,” he said rushing ahead of her.

“You’re so wonderful, Henry,” she said quickly catching up, when he waited for her, before they started walking again. “It gets to me, some days more than others,” she said. She stopped walking and he stopped with her, when she pulled him aside.

“What?” With a hand behind her back and his fingertips feeling the back of her bra, he reached out to catch her, when she looked as if she was going to faint. He imagined pulling her close and kissing her. He imagined brushing back her blonde hair and–

“We lost Julie last night,” she said wiping a tear from her eye.

He was stunned. Julie was such a nice, little girl and there was talk about getting approval from the FDA to try an experiment drug on her, but it was too late now.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. She was such a nice, little girl,” he said making the sign of the cross. He looked at her with compassion. “They knew she wasn’t going to make it, kid,” he said, his pet name for her. “It wasn’t your fault. You did everything you could to make her last days more comfortable. She’s in God’s hands now and for some reason we may never understand, it was her time to go.”

“I know, but,” she said taking a tissue from her pocket, wiping her eyes and blowing her nose. “They’re like family to me. They’re all my children.”

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the head. In holding his beautiful Cassie in his arms, he wished he could stay like this forever. He’s known her for two years and he never touched her before. Then, he accidentally felt the side of her breast and now he’s hugging her.

He could feel her breasts pressed against his chest and they felt like they belonged there. When he held her in this way, she made him feel younger. Afraid she may feel his desire for her, his cock stirred, when pressed against her soft belly. It took all the self-control he had not to reach down and cup her sweet ass, before lifting up her chin and kissing her. Enjoying the moment, he knew this fantasy was just that and would never happen. Alone and lonely later, he’d be jerking off over this tonight, for sure.

“Get a room,” said a nurse walking by laughing.

“Honk! Honk!” Henry beeped his horn and shot a stream of water from his water gun rose at her and she scurried away laughing.

“C’mon, pull yourself together, Cassie. Don’t let the little ones see you like this. They need your strength. If they see you falling apart, they will, too.”

Even though he was right, he didn’t know how she did what she did every day. She was a special person, for sure. He couldn’t do it. She was the strongest and bravest woman he knew and if he was thirty years younger, he’d be having hot sex with her. If he was thirty years younger, he’d be on one knee asking her to marry him.

“Okay, I know,” she said wiping her eyes. “I’m okay,” she squeezed his arm and stepped up on her toes to kiss his ear, the only place that wasn’t covered with white makeup. “You’re a special guy, Henry. Do you know that?” She looked at him, as if he was her boyfriend and as if she was in love with him.

He saw the look and recognized it. At first her look startled him, but he quickly discounted it. Why would someone as young and as pretty as her be interested in someone as old and as ugly as him? It made no sense. It was just his sexual fantasy that he always had of her pulling his horny chain, is all.

Then, he thought of all the older men with younger women, Michael Douglas with Katherine Zeta Jones, Billy Bob Thornton with Angelina Jolie, before they were divorced, and Tony Randal marrying Heather Harlan, his intern, and he had two children with her, when he was 50 years older than she was. What a guy? What an incredible man. Tony Randall, was his hero? Wow!

What did all those men have that he doesn’t have? Seriously, c’mon. Duh, money. If only he had money, maybe Cassie would want him. Yet, if she only wanted money, she would have dated one of the rich doctors who were always after her. She seems more altruistic. She doesn’t seem the gold digger type.

Alone at home, whenever he was horny, whenever he needed a bit of sexual relief, he now thought about Cassie, as he stroked away his desire for her. If she only knew he masturbated over the naked thought of her, he’d be so embarrassed. Here she is thinking he’s a special guy and he’s lusting over wanting to have sex with her. Still, the lust he felt for her superseded any guilt he had for wanting her.

Old enough to be her father, he ought to be ashamed of himself, but he wasn’t. She made him feel alive. She was the best medicine his doctor küçükyalı escort never prescribed to him to have. For sure, there was no pharmaceutical company that could bottle the mixture of adrenaline and testosterone that surged through his body, whenever he saw his beloved Nurse Cassie.

“What?” He looked at her staring up at him.

“Oh, nothing, I was just wondering what you look like without all that makeup,” she said with a laugh. “Actually, if you want to know the truth,” she said with a giggle. “I was wondering what you look like naked,” she said laughing harder, while reaching over to honk his horn, “Honk. I’ve been so horny lately and working all these hours hasn’t helped any.”

Suddenly, with the dirty thought of, do you want to see me naked little, girl, he felt like a lecher. Why would she say, I was wondering what you looked like naked? Horny? She’s horny? She has no idea what horny is, until you’re an old man lusting over a young woman.

Is she just as horny as he is, he wondered? Is she just as interested in him, as he is in her? For sure, that’s something he’d think about saying to her, but would never insult her and embarrass himself, by asking her what she looked like naked. He could only imagine and for now, it was enough for him to imagine her naked, while basking in the glow of her smile.

That’s all just crap. He’d fuck her if he could. He’d love to see her on her knees with her mouth impaled with his cock. He’d love to be between her legs, while reaching up to fondle her big tits and finger her nipples. Stop! Just stop! Never is when seeing someone like her naked will happen.

“Trust me. I’m not a pretty sight naked,” he said with a laugh and a beep of his horn. “Honk!”

“Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen you out of costume. Between the Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the clown costume, and all those other costumes you have, I have no idea what you look like. I can’t even imagine,” she said staring at him.

“Well,” said Henry. “Suffice to say that I look old. Think of your father and then add ten years. Trust me. I look wrinkled. I look better wearing a costume,” he said with laugh before honking his bicycle horn again, “Honk!”

“Oh, stop. You’re not that old, are you?” She looked at him again, longer this time, until disappointment replaced her excitement. “How the Hell old are you, Henry?” She laughed and her laugh made him laugh.

“Let’s just say that I’m old enough to be your Dad’s older brother,” he said with a laugh.

“No matter. I don’t care. It’s not so much the wrapper, as what’s inside the package and I like you from the inside out. Maybe after you pass out the Halloween candy, you can save something sweet for me, too,” she said pinching his ass. “I have a thing for older men, especially those who love kids in the way you do.”

He couldn’t believe she pinched his ass. It took all the control he had not to pinch her ass, too. Unable to tell through those scrubs, but he suspected she had a hot, little body under there, somewhere. He couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by saving her something sweet. Was she talking about candy or something sexual. For sure, he’d dip his cock in chocolate if she’d…stop! Gees, he’s depraved with the thoughts of her. He’d like to think she was talking about something sexual, but that would just be an old man’s wishful fantasy. No doubt, he’d embarrass himself, if he tried anything with his dream woman.

“How about I buy you a cup of coffee, later? The best that I can do by giving you something sweet is to buy you a donut,” he said thinking about dipping his cock in chocolate again and offering it to her as his personal chocolate Cruella. Now, just lick it and suck it, but don’t bite it, he imagined saying to her.

Excited to get her alone to talk, having coffee with Cassie was all that he thought about now.

“Sure, it’s a date.”

Date. She said the date word. Is this their first date? Or did she just say that word without thinking and without giving it any other meaning than just having a cup of coffee with a friend?

And that’s how their romance began. Henry was easily twice Cassie’s age. With Cassie barely twenty-nine-years-old, Henry was in his early sixties. Yet, just as Cassie said about the wrapper not being as important as what was inside, obviously, by what she said and in the way she treated him, she didn’t care that Henry was older than her Dad by nearly ten years.

Cassie was as short as she was curvy. Barely 5’2″ tall, with her blonde curly hair and her bright blue eyes, looking a little like Archie Bunker’s daughter, Gloria, played by Sally Struthers, before Sally gained all the weight, all the doctors and many of the patients and orderlies were after her, when she first came to the hospital. She was as pretty of a woman then, as she still is now. More importantly than her looks, was her personality. Always upbeat, always smiling and laughing, she was so very nice, maltepe escort too nice, and everyone wanted to befriend her.

In the two years that Henry has known her, she’s packed on few pounds, since working here in the children’s intensive care ward of the hospital. Between the long and erratic shifts and the stress of the job, eating had become her emotional crutch, she confessed to him. You’d think that being a nurse, she’d eat healthier and have a better and more nutritious diet. Yet, sometimes, she only had time to grab something to eat from out of a vending machine.

He had the same problem and he’s put on a few pounds in the last couple of years. It wasn’t easy living alone and he hasn’t been watching his diet, as he did, when his wife was alive. Most times he didn’t even feel like eating and when he did, he’d just grab whatever fast food was quick and easy.

As agreed, they met for coffee. This was the first time that he sat across from her. This was the first time they could talk without constantly being interrupted by the responsibilities of her job. Now that he sees her in the bright cafeteria light, she’s even prettier.

“What do you do when not playing the good Samaritan, Henry,” she said looking at him with more interest.

“Oh, I putter around the house. I retired two years ago. I was a school teacher for 38 years. I taught right out of college.”

“Why’d you retire? You’re still young enough to teach.”

“I was out of my element,” he said expelling a big breath of air with a chuckle, as if appreciating an inside joke. “Nearly every kid in class had a cell phone, X-Box, and an I-pod, and knew how to text and Twitter. There I was trying to teach them about old things, history, geology, and geography, and they were more interested in new things and new technology. Rather than trying to keep up with things that don’t interest me, tired of the kids making me feel as old as I am, I decided to retire,” he said with a laugh.

“Well, you still look plenty frisky to me,” she said with a laugh, before taking a sip of her coffee. She looked at him, as if pondering what to say next. “Are you busy tonight? I mean, do you have plans? I know that it’s Halloween and you’re probably going to a party with your wife or girlfriend and I was just wondering–“

Was he hearing her right or was he imagining her saying what he hoped she’d say? He was confused. Was she inviting him somewhere or was she just being polite, making conversation, and asking him what he was doing for Halloween?

“My wife died three years ago of cancer, a year before I started coming to the hospital. She was the reason why I do what I do for those kids,” he said giving her a sad smile. “On the other hand, she was another reason why I retired. Her dying made me realize that I needed to get out of the classroom, out of my house, and live more of life. She had a long, suffering illness and they said she was in remission but as quickly as it went away, it returned. Fortunately, she didn’t linger long after that. She was dead within weeks of her second diagnosis.”

“I’m sorry, Henry. I’m so sorry,” she said patting his hand.

Henry took the opportunity of her patting his hand to hold her hand. Actually, afraid to hold her whole hand for fear she’d reject his forwardness, he held her more by her fingers. He closed his eyes, as if saying a prayer. Instead, the feel of her hand gave him inner strength and peace, along with a vision of her naked. Enjoying the moment, if only, just once, he could spend a night with his angel of mercy, Nurse Cassie, he’d be the happiest man on Earth. Only, he knew it was nothing more than a short-lived, albeit exciting fantasy.

Realistically, he was an old man and she was a young woman. He was done and she was barely starting. His life was over and her life was just beginning. He knew he had no chance with her. She was so very young and so very beautiful. Other than being the nice person that she is, she wouldn’t want a serious relationship with someone more than 30-years-older, when she could get any man.

“You’re a good woman, Cassie, pretty and smart,” he said opening his eyes to look at her. “Why are you bothering with an old buzzard like me, when there are plenty of young fellas half my age that would love to love someone like you.”

Assuming that she was interested in him, he couldn’t believe he said that. Laying his cards out on the table like that, he’d never show his hand, if he was playing poker. Yet, she made him feel so vulnerable and he took a chance and rolled the dice.

“I’m sad, Henry,” she said. As if she had suddenly sprung a leak, the tears rained down her cheeks. “I guess I need some cheering up, too. Besides, the guys half your age want the young, thin chicks. No one wants an old, fat nurse.”

“Old? I wish I was your age again. Fat? You’re hardly fat,” he said taking that as an opportunity to ogle her body through her scrubs. “Maybe it’s time you transferred to a different department, Cass. Not many last as long as you have doing this job,” he said giving her an encouraging smile. “A change may do you some good. You may even meet someone working in a different part of the hospital.”

“I know and I’ve already made my inquiries about a transfer. I’m going to start with taking a vacation first. After Julie died last night–“

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