Old Man’s Tale Ch 01


Ch 01: It is family

Julia was browsing on her favorite website, which had turned into a graveyard of sorts that night: not a soul in sight to chat with. Whatever happened to those guys who were all over her, trying to impress her with their penile size and stamina and what not? It was one of those days when in an unplanned conspiracy no one turned up, leaving you to think of what you wanted to avoid.

And hence she began reluctantly thinking of how a heated argument with her boyfriend had ended their year-old relationship. His dullness and callousness had got to her finally. How love gave people a different color! These same qualities initially had appeared cool to her eyes and later she realized the difference between cool and cold. While she was verbose, he was too quiet for comfort. The death of romance, cuddling and cooing was the last nail in the coffin of their relationship. He had also become prying: what the hell was she doing on the site? How many male friends did she have? What groups did she belong to? All these probing questions sounded the death knell to their already diseased affair. The site was a meat shop where she sold her cunt to all drooling men, that was his frequent accusation. She did join groups on sex and chatted but had not exchanged nude pics of herself like some men demanded. Had her boyfriend sought an intelligent conversation and nicely asked her for such information, she would have been more than willing to share it with him. But his bullying and chauvinistic attitude made her clam up.

After that nasty showdown, Julia decided that she would lay off relationships of any sort for sometime and began chatting more and more for the sake of relaxation after a tedious day’s work at a departmental store.

Just then a man called James pinged her. His profile said he was 60 and loved to arouse young girls. She hardly remembered when and why she added him as friend: maybe one of those guys who she added at times without checking any detail when she was pissed off … and that she was often, after her breakup.

“Hi, baby, ready to be aroused?” the man asked confidently.

“Hmm, how do you propose to do that?” she asked and thought she would just talk to him till someone else came online.

“Ok. I will tell you some erotic incidents that happened in my life when I was young. I am sure you will find them titillating,” the man said.

An erotic story teller, a change from men who wanted to be cuckolded, wanted to smell used panties, and wanted her pics on which they would cum and send it back to her, she thought.

“Can you give a brief introduction about yourself,” she asked and checked his profile photo which was of an old man and not a cartoon ankara escort or something like that.

“I am James and am enjoying my retired life after having run a successful family business for many years. I won’t ask for your nude photos nor will I want to buy your used panties. My passion is to narrate true sexual encounters I experienced and thereby arouse women. I love to hear them say they are wet and masturbating on hearing my real experiences of lust,” he finished his introduction.

“Not bad. After you get them all wet, do you ask the girls to have sex with you?” Julia wanted to know.

“One girl wanted sex with me, and I did oblige her. But I never compel anyone,” he replied.

“Ok. Go on, let me see what you have,” Julia said.

“I was a sexually active man in my youth and have had many women in my life. My first was when I was 20 with my 40-year-old aunt, who came to my bedroom during nights and introduced me to oral and doggy style. I carried on with her for 5 years. My second was a 30-year-old maid who worked in our palatial house. One day I found her dusting a room upstairs and I went up to her, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and took her from behind. I buried my 7-inch erection in her bush-covered willing slot. I found her more than eager to entertain me often and she stayed the night with me when her husband was away. These lusty episodes ran parallel with my aunt; the maid in the morning and the aunt in the night. But the aunt was a visitor and so the maid was a constant,” he paused.

Julia felt moist between her thighs as she imagined the man taking the maid from behind and the aunt sucking him and sitting on him.

It seemed he had already written down everything and was just cutting and pasting. When asked, he replied in the affirmative saying he had shared the same with other women.

“These and many such encounters are side stories but I will tell you only the exceptional ones. I will send one or two paragraphs at a time. Shall I go on?” he asked.

“Seeing that you have the entire story ready, why don’t you send it in one go,?” She asked.

“Hmm. I can, but I want to know how you react as and when you read. I love live arousal.”

Well that sounded reasonable, she thought as she removed her skirt and lay nude on her stomach by the laptop.

“Here goes the first. During our final year college, all guys in our 20s were in love with one girl: she was as sexy as sin and was our masturbatory idol. But her brother was a boxer and the fear of our jaws meeting his gloves kept us away from her. She always hung around with her brother and his friends who were all tough guys. Maybe one of the guys was her boyfriend, we thought. escort ankara She would hardly notice anyone other than her brother and his gang.”

“Finally, we did conform that she was going steady with one guy. This made us mad and jealous, but we came to terms with reality which was the fact that she was unattainable, with or without boyfriend.”

Julia asked: “Were there any other girls in that group.”

“Of course, yes but none as sexy as that girl. So years passed by as we yearned for that girl. When college was about to end, our parents decided to move as my dad wanted to expand his business in a bigger city. I won’t be able to see her often, I thought and in a desperate act I decided to sneak to her bedroom at night and catch a glimpse of her sleeping or, if I am lucky, fingering herself. Or maybe she would see me and invite me inside for sex. But I knew that was a dream. So on a moonlit night, I set out to her house and looked inside through the bedroom window . It was ill-lit but in the moonlight I could make out two figures in the bed. I was shocked: so she was screwing her boyfriend when her parents were there in the house. I could see the bum of the man between her thighs and her legs entwined around his hips. He pumped her a few times and then buried his face between her thighs. Her face looked as beautiful as ever, glowing in the moonlight and pleasure from a tongue. When the man got up, I was shocked to see that it was not the boyfriend … but her brother!”

Julia was stroking her pussy furiously and was more aroused now … an incest!

“It took a few minutes for me to recover from the shock. She sucked him as he fingered her cunt and then she mounted him and rode his erection. I saw her ass dance in the moonlight. Their kissing and love-making made me harder and harder. They were fucking like lovers and not like some incestuous pair who were afraid of being caught. I began stroking myself till they finished and I too shot my cum on the grass. For days, I could never come to terms with what I saw.The thought that they might have been doing this for a long time made me feel even more jealous and dejected. Then we moved and life went on.”

Julia had many questions: “What about the boyfriend and parents and others? Did they not know what was happening? Was he her real boyfriend?”

“I don’t know if others knew what was happening. Shall I go on with the story? There is more. Life went on from that incestuous scene. Some years later when I was assisting my dad in business, I again saw the girl. I followed her and found out where she was living but since I was busy, I left without finding out more. I returned another day and found out she was living with her boyfriend. ankara escort bayan That left me wondering where her brother was and what had happened to their incestuous relationship. I decided to snoop as before and on a Saturday night I went to their house and located the living room and peeked in. It was a quiet neighborhood and not many houses were there and I was able to hide myself well among the plants.”

Julia was fingering herself in anticipation of what was to come.

“I saw the girl sitting nude on a sofa with her boyfriend licking her vagina. She was as sexy as ever and as always did not fail to give me a massive erection. She played with her boyfriend’s hair and spoke to him in a low voice. He stood up and she sucked him; her expressions made me sturdier. Suddenly her brother emerged from the bathroom, nude and stroking his manhood. The couple went on as the brother sat on the sofa by his sister and began fondling her cunt and kissing her. The boyfriend knelt before the brother and began sucking his cock all the while finger the girl. I was perplexed and what I saw was wild and something I had never imagined. The boyfriend performed oral on the girl and her brother, then the girl did fellatio on the guys and then the brother pleasured them both with his mouth. The girl sat on the brother’s rod and rode him till he came and then straddled the boyfriend who also shot his cum up into her.”

As she read the gay and threesome Julia became wetter and she was almost nearing her climax .

“All the while I was erect and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I went home. That was what was happening. They were in a threesome relationship. I wondered if the guys penetrated each other and whether they indulged in pleasure when the girl was not present. I never could forget what I saw for many years. Later, I saw the brother with another woman and found out that he was married to her. Was he still carrying on with his sister? I wanted to find out but thought enough was enough. How was the story?”

Julia was climaxing thinking of the MMF combination and finished soon.

“It was erotic, but I would love to know more about them. Maybe after the brother married, they became a foursome. that would be hot as hell.” Julia found herself talking to this man who she found interesting.

“Well. As I said I didn’t want to know more, but my friends said the sister had moved to another city. So the story effectively ends there, I never saw them again. Did I arouse you baby?” the man asked.

“Hmm yes, I admit you did. The moonlight falling on nude brother’s ass as he worked between the thighs of the girl, the oral stuff, the incest and the threesome, yes I was wet and fingered myself and came just now,” Julia said.

“That is my baby. Ready for another one?”

“Yes,” Julie said. “But not today, tomorrow if that is fine with you.”

“Yeah, Sure. Goodbye for now,” James said and logged off.

(To be continued)

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