Old School Erotica with a GILF


Old School Erotica with a GILFI was on backpage, trying to find myself a good time. You know how that site is, people spamming ads so as to get themselves laid etc. It wasnt long before i came across a post, one by a GILF (Dee) at that. It looked pretty simple, which was what made me click on it. And so the usual happened where i got her contact (PM me if you want it) paid the damage and got the ball rolling. Written below is exactly how everything penned out that one night, and gosh did I wish i could meet her in person and fuck her real hard.Enjoy ;)Dee: Hi there, it’s so nice for a mature lady to have replies, turns me on more than I can say! Here’s more info about what I get up to, I call it my long letter…..Since my first listings of lingerie on various sites just a few months ago, I have been overwhelmed with demand privately for a set of pics. I had never even thought about selling pics, but as an ex-model and show dancer I thought I could do a decent job. I only finished my first set of photos the other month, and they are selling so well I had to shoot some more last month. I decided to not just do ‘selfies’ like a lot of the younger girls, I’ve thought about the poses, to make them ‘old school’ erotic. No toys, and no face shots (well, one of my eyes and smile if you are very naughty)!! but you do see ALL of of me, totally naked and/or in all my beautiful sets of lingerie. My massive naked 40DD’s, legs, ass and pussy, and I’ve had no complaints so far! Plenty of exposure in glamorous lingerie, thongs, stockings, satin, body stockings, leather and chains, pvc, heels and feet, and poses my clients seem to love.But I also have a special twist that is totally different to anyone else out there – it’s not just the photos, I like this to be a two way process, I get more fun that way! I like to know how you would appreciate me, so as I e-mail you the photos, I like you to let me know in real time on here how you have enjoyed me, what you would like to do with me, or to me, and me to you. I send them a few at a time, in strip show format, and sometimes comment or not because I have my fingers in my pussy! That’s your cue to talk naughty back to me! And we can ‘chat’ afterwards if you like, for as long as you want! And you can send me photos (or vids if you are really brave) of how you are appreciating me too, in real time, as much as you like! But again, only if you want to. If you prefer to just receive pics that’s just fine too. My naughty boys (and girls) so far are loving this, they say that they send off for pics/lingerie, and the young girls who sell them don’t even pass the time of day with them). Where’s the fun in that? It turns me on, it’s my thing, I’m a bit of a nympho for it to be honest, makes me come too! Also with pics and e-mail chat, it’s there forever, you can read/look/come over me whenever you like – forever! Some are on their second set of pics, we had such a great time!Here is one free sample pic from the photo set to show you the quality, with my Paypal address. Once the money goes in there, we can have a wonderful time….and be warned, I am filthy!! Hope to hear back from you and for you to be coming all over me soon and making my button buzz, becoming one of my favourite naughty boys, by the way, and I am more Debbie Harry than Heidi Klum!I’m going to let you into a little secret and I know you won’t believe me, but you are the first person to see that particular pic, I only shot it the other day, and it’s the closest I will ever come to revealing my face (well, I have a pic of my eyes and smile, but only if you are a good boy)! I hope that you like how my mouth stretches around it, as it would your wonderful hard cock. I would take my velvet finger and tease your ass with it as I sucked your shaft. I hope you like my legs here, I will begin with those. I love the fact that you are right there now fancying than me, or saving me for later, it turns me on to imagine you sitting there, stroking your cock, watching me being dirty and naughty just for you, exposing myself for your pleasure..I will send the pics a few at a time, because I am just a wanton tease, comment anytime…please do for it turns me on…that’s when my fingers are in my pussy.*She sends pictures of herself.Me: Your legs are such a turn on and I get harder as I open each picture. It is not often one comes across a matured woman with killer legs like yours. I would caress them slowly and kiss every part of your leg as I take your stockings off.Dee: Thank you so much for the compliments and your wonderful slim body and huge thick cock, I love it, you will make me come! I have really tried to take care of myself, even if I am now a gilf! I really do wear them a lot, I find them so sensual, turns me on, can’t understand the younger girls not wearing them the …I want to take my time with you…I can almost feel your cock on the insides of my stockinged legs, my shoes, caressing the inside of my ankles…I really want to see it getting stiffer by the minute…work your way up me…lick the insides of my soft thighs and graze the head of your ever hardening cock kırklareli escort across my lacy stocking tops, that’s right.I could oil my feet and wank your hard member in between them slowly. So slowly. Bending my flexible legs to put that hardness near my hot wet pussy. My scent is Chanel and pussy juice, which I may drip into your willing mouth later…and I can already tell that you will be my sensuous slave. Or master? Which?My button is buzzing at the thought of your tongue working up me….now my pussy lips go tantalizingly close to that rigid lovely cock as you wrap my legs around your neck…the soft skin of my inner thighs and scent of my swollen pussy near your mouth..so close…Me: I would, willingly be your slave and worship every inch of your fine body. I caress your silky smooth and thick leg, kissing licking & sucking my way up to the spot that is between your thighs. As I got even higher up your thighs, you wrapped your legs around my neck, gently squeezing them into submission, and hinting at me to caress your wet pussy with my mouth. I was limp, but became hard with every stroke of my tongue that made contact with you. You are a goddess, one that I would worship & please religiously.Dee: I absolutely LOVE your massive thick cock! And your compliments, yes, I am from a bygone age of elegance, thank you for noticing! Although that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of you up and in me so hard….SO rough…….SO deep……and me a classy dominating rich bitch all ready to make you my slave.I love to see your cock hard for me, I want you you dirty and so hard for your mistress. My fingers are deep in my pussy now, you really are turning me on I know you’re going to make me come hard already! I love it! I love to think of you relaxing and appreciating me all over, and I mean all over me. Although I’ve told you my name, I won’t tell you my age yet, a lady should never reveal her age, I’ll leave that to your imagination..maybe I’ll tell you later…for now, before you take me, you could just gently stroke the head of that ever hardening cock in the deep groove of my ass.Right now I’d love to imagine your tongue in my ass..you could just tease my ass with your tongue, hands, and huge hard cock. And as I’m on my knees, yes maybe you could run your hands across those cheeks, perhaps ready to spank your bitch lightly a little if you desire….then harder and harder…I love your hands spanking me for being such a gilf slut…. want to moan for you now, on my knees with my ass cheeks spread for your pleasure spank it with your hard cock, see how that thong is biting into my thighs and my juices are dripping all over it and your tongue as shove your finger and will you flick that tongue in and out of my ever so willing ass?Me: Your ass, is that of a ripe peach. Juicy, soft to the touch, and just pure pleasure. As you are down on your knees, with your ass presenting itself to me, I kneel down, pushed your black panties to the side, and admire the beauty that is your ass. I see the gleaming hole that I would soon lather up with my tongue. I spread your ass apart, and bury my face in it, taking my time to appreciate the warmth and smell of that ass. I brushed my face all over it, before slowly licking your ass crack. I placed kisses and bit parts of your ass, and just as you were enjoying the moment, I pushed my tongue into your ass. The taste of you just made me even harder, my dick was throbbing with its veins all popping out. I continued flicking my tongue on your ass, pushing it into your ass every now and then, both my hands spreading your ass cheeks wide apart. I was pleasuring you as you moaned my name. I then slid two fingers into your ass, in and out it went, making the hole a tad bigger with every move. I spat some saliva on your already wet ass, gave a spank on each cheek, and then without warning, slid just the head of my dick in. You moaned in ecstasy, I was hard. But it was just a tease, as I slid it back out, continuing to eat your ass. My gosh, did you have an ass worth being smothered in. I stroked myself.Dee: Your words are so sexy, you are making me very wet…I’m going to open my long legs wide and straddle a chair for you, I love the feel of this material under my pussy..grab my heels you dirty boy..as you stick your tongue into my ass and slowly rim me with it. Rim me gently, tease me, taste my dripping cum juice on your tongue.Me: Again, I rimmed your ass and sucked every drop of cum juice into my mouth. It made my dick so sore, and I popped just the head into your ass. You moaned for it opened you up to more pleasure. I had wanted to push deeper, but then I decided to pop it right back out. A tease. I then spat on your lovehole, making it more moist, before fingering it with two fingers, it was warm and it felt oh so good.Dee: You have a magnificent body. I can feel that huge shaft piercing me all the way. Then here they are for you. Grab them, stroke them,tease my nipple with your cock…stick your hard cock between my oiled tits and let me flicker my tongue on the head as slide in and out of my red kırşehir escort lipsticked mouth..my time to pleasure you now…smear my lipstick all down the side of my mouth as you thrust the head of your huge hard cock in and out right to the back of my throat. Lie underneath me, I am on my knees begging you…..eat my massive tits and finger my willing tight warm ass, stretching me for more later.Take my chin and shove your cock down my throat….actually bend it down my throat…I bend to swallow your length while you shove two fingers up my ass…preparing me for later…then it’s my turn too…quickly lie under me and watch my massive tits swing and bounce as I wipe my pussy on your face, one leg bent so that I can get more friction from your tongue…mmmmmm and you eat me hard, chewing on my clitty, pussy juice all over your your face, make me moan, eat my pussy you lovely dirty boy with the huge hard cock for momma.I smear my wet lips all over your face, almost choke you with my pussy…chew my clit, I love it…Fuck yes you are turning me on stuffing my face with that massive cock and tight stomach muscles you truly are a dirty boy almost ready to fuck me hard, you are making me rub my clit hard right now, I may have to get my riding crop out…..do you need teaching a riding lesson?You can be bad to me soon, but I want to be bad to you first. You are so naughty I want to see you on your knees. I will teach you a lesson. I will beat you so deliciously hard until your cheeks are glowing. I’m your filthy naughty fuck gilf mistress, you do need a lesson, and I think I need to get my chains out…Me: Fuck yes. My face was smeared with your pussy juice, even more drip onto my face and into my mouth with each swipe of my tongue. I bit, sucked, and licked your clit. It was swollen. I was pleasures by your sucking, my dick enjoyed every inch of your throat. You toyed with it using your tongue. Wet, I was. Each time you gave me a deep throat, my mouth went deeper into your pussy hole, and fingers into your ass, I was as messy as could be, but we were enjoying every moment of it. I fondled with your breasts, pinched your nipple every now and then. They were heavenly, silly smooth. By that time, I was balls deep in your mouth, wet enough for you to ride me like a cowgirl on a wild stallion. I was ready to take you on. And yes, do teach me the ways.Dee: Yes I will teach you how to please your mistress. Put that crop deep in my ass while I’m kneeling down in front of you, and grab my chain collar I would put my hands behind my back, and take your cock in my throat, right to the back. I can’t move, but you can use the chains to pull my head back and forth..I can’t do anything except moan, my mouth stuffed full of your cock..I can taste your pre-cum at the back of my mouth….I like to swallow, but I like it dripping down my chin on to my tits too…you can’t see but you can feel my soft red lips. I can’t speak for her naughty boy’s thick cock. Feel the cold steel of my chains as your balls rake over my massive tits while you face fuck me and I spank your ass as you do it…face fuck me, go on.Gag me with your cock. Then wrench it from my mouth,my ass is next as you flip me over, I’m finally ready to be fucked up the ass please, please fuck my ass! Here I am wide for you…force your cock in me, slowly at first up my unwilling ass, then inch by inch as I desperately try to spread my ass cheeks wide enough with my painted nails for that hard cock of yours. Make me say your name as you impale me, flip me upright and turn me round cowgirl style, and stick me on that massive iron hard cock in front of a mirror so I can see you sliding in and out of me. I don’t want to walk the next day! You are so big I think you will come out of my mouth. Make me suck the crop too! Use me up the ass while my big tits swing in your face fuck me mercilessly hard now don’t stop…no one can hear us, make me scream!Me: My cock is raw, and swollen. Wet from all your saliva & slick with pre cum, I forced myself into your ass. I glide in and out of your ass like a well oiled fuck machine. I felt every inch of your ass rub on my veiny dick. I started to pound you harder and harder. You rode me like the hard. You’d ass was slpping against my crotch, taking me in balls deep every time. You smothered my face with your massive tits, slapping them on like a wrecking ball occasionally. I sucked, but, and licked your tits. It felt like I was being used by a goddess. And I am loving every moment of it. Your ass, it was right as fuck, it’s cheeks red from all the slapping you were getting. I truly felt dirty. I needed to be taught a lesson, Mistress. Use me, drain me.We were pounding each other, I made you suck the crop that had just come out of your ass, I then sucked it myself because I wanted to taste more of you, it was like an addiction, I needed to taste the filthy you. We were sweating, it felt sore & raw. You moaned and screamed for more, I obliged as you are my mistress and I live to serve you, and only you.As I watch you ride me when I take the occasional kocaeli escort rest from pounding you, I admire what a sight you were. Magnificent. Your massive breasts swinging up and down, and your thick juicy thighs dripping with pussy juice slamming hard against mine, as you rode my shaft. You made me feel like an a****l, one so blessed to be fucked by a goddess. I yearn for the time where I would be able to take your plump & wet pussy, and put it to its intended use…but you kept pounding me deeper, deeper, and deeper into your tight, wet, and juicy ass dripping cum juice. My thighs were soaked. Upon seeing that, I wish you would face sit me.Dee: Here’s my pussy shaved with a tuft on top for you to get your teeth intosee how wet you made me..put the crop in my ass and then in your mouthlick my juices from it, make me scream your name..Time to reverse roles now, I need dominating. I just keep saying ‘fuck your slut’ “fuck your slut” over and over in your ear as you screw me mercilessly make me look you right in the eye now while I repeat your name Ahmed I’m completely yours now your fuck gilf slave just stick it in both my holes…make me numb with fucking and cock and hardness just don’t stop.Make me pant with lust. I love it rough fuck me hard use my mouth make my oiled body bounce. slip your cock on my tits hold me down and use me you dirty boy I need it i want it hard hard harder. Use my pussy with four fingers..flip me onto my knees like a hot willing dirty gilf fuck bitch, your good fuck toy.Me: With you already on all fours. I entered you, and started to thrust you, harder with each thrust. I pulled your hair to go in deeper & harder. You were screaming. I smacked your ass every time I wanted to hear my name. Your cheeks were red. But you loved it. We were fucking like wild dogs. As I was fucking your pussy, I just stuck your crop right back where it belonged, your ass. one hand I pulled your hair, while the other toyed with your ass. You were in ecstasy. Your ass kept slamming against my crotch as my dick went all the way in, I then pulled the crop out and made you suck it, whilst still pulling your hair. I then proceeded to play with your clit, by placing a hand just under you as I leaned and rested on you. You were wet as fuck. It was just a matter of moments before we both came. By rod was all raw, and swollen. It’s veins popping out, ready to gush a steady stream of sticky white cum.Dee: spray that hot come all over my asshole and wet cunt you dirty filthy boy, I myself am almost ready to cum.Me: You were on your back. With your legs up in the air, exposing your wet cunt. I stuck the crop into your ass, sliding it in and out a couple of times before licking the juices that were on it. I rimmed you, and let my mouth close to your cunt, glistening in pussy juice. I let my warm breath out, just to turn you on and tease you. To make you even more wet. I then spat onto it, and ravaged it like a wild dog. I stuck two fingers into it while I sucked licked & bit your swollen clit. I was loving it, but you even more so. I then got myself up, and rested my body onto your, we kissed and ravaged each other’s mouths passionately. I then slowly moved down from your mouth to your neck, biting it. From there I moved onto your breasts, placed my face between it and squeezed them towards my face. I loved it. At that time, my crotch was resting against yours, and I slowly slid myself up and down, up and down as if we were doing a super slow missionary, it was a tease. My dick rested against your plump juicy cunt, and without warning, I entered you. You moaned and arched your back. I slowly slid in, inch by inch. And just like that, I started to pick up my pace. I started to fuck you for you were the slut that I have always been looking for. I pounded you so hard my balls were hitting itself on your soft round ass. I went into your cunt the deepest I can, my whole rod was in you. As I was fucking you, I sucked on your toes, and caresses your thighs. I then stopped, bent over and suckled your greatest like a baby…my dick still in you. It was wet, your love hole was slippery and dripping. My thighs were wet from all your juices, I then pushed myself into you all the way, and started running my crotch against yours, while holding onto your legs. You were moaning in pleasure. You were, truly, fucking like a whore.My dick was raw, sore, and slippery from having fucked you all these while. My veins popped out, my balls tensed up just as you came, I thrusted harder harder harder, you moaned, screamed, and finally, I pulled my shaft out and out came my sticky thick white cum. I sprayed over your stomach, with drops hitting your face and mouth. I moaned in intense pleasure. My sore dick was just above your cunt, I entered it one last time before it had started to rest easy. I cleaned up the cum on you with my duck, and fed it to you. You sucked like a whore who had been deprived of cum for a very long time. You enjoyed the taste of it. It was bliss.Dee: FUCK YESSSSSS Fuck!!! that was good…your words just made me come!! So hard!! .I was looking at your fabulous young toned body and huge thick cock. Imagined coming in your mouth , my juice all down your chin you naughty boy! Right now, I’m licking my own come from my nails and wishing it was yours.The End.Pictures from this session with Dee is on my profile, you’ll know the album when you see it 😉

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