Older woman and me


Older woman and meI’d like to tell you guys about a recent sexual experience I had with an older woman (I’ll tell about my 1st experience with an older woman in another story ;)) This woman and I always saw each other at the supermarket and said “hi” and one day I asked her why she looked sad. She said she and her husband were having problems and he didn’t find her attractive anymore. I told her I thought she was very sexy and she said I would never have sex with her. So I invited her to my place…When we got there, she said she thought I was gorgeous and that she couldn’t believe she was actually in my house and that I wanted to have sex with her. She had a very low self esteem and she was very nervous when she told me she never lordbahis güvenilirmi had sex with anyone but her husband, and certainly not with a younger man. (She is 52)In my bedroom I took off my shirt and I took off her blouse. When I unhooked her bra to let her tits loose I thought “oh yeah!” I love hanging tits and hers were certainly hanging. She covered her tits with her hands. I said: “I love your tits, let me see them” and took her hands away, squeezing them, bringing them up and letting them fall again. She moaned. I took off her skirt and panties, her tummy was wrinkled and her pussy very hairy which I also love! When I took off my pants I was already rock hard. I patted my cock against lordbahis yeni giriş her hairy pussy making her moan, i entwined my fingers in her hairy bush searching for her opening, when I found it I felt her wetness and I slid my shaft inside her making her scream. She started panicking realizing what she was doing as she looked at me. She tried to sit up shaking her head, but I calmed her down. “It’s ok, it’s ok, relax” I soothed, then her mouth parted slightly as I bend down and started sucking at her nipples while fucking her, she kept on moaning and it became louder and louder.I pulled my cock out of her telling her to get on her hands and knees. I found her pussy from behind slamming into lordbahis giriş her making her sagging tits swing back and forth making my cocker even harder. I grabbed them, then letting go of them again. I was like a little boy playing with his mommy’s tits! My hand stroked over the uneven skin of her wrinkly tummy, and I played with it, it felt awesome! With my dick still deep up inside her I turned her around again to finish, I was making circular movements with my hips getting ready to spill when she moaned “don’t come, oh please don’t come inside me, i already feel things for you i shouldn’t if you leave your sperm inside me…. oh no it’s just too intimate!” her hands on my chest trying to push me off her. “Shhhhh baby it’s ok, that’s how hot you make me” I whispered, “I wanna come inside you oh yes i’m coming now!!!!” as I fucked her harder and harder until I blew a nut deep deep inside her. I lay down with my head on her chest nibbling on one of her sagging tits…… my hand playing with her bushy pussy hair……

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