olderman and mature crossdresser part 1


olderman and mature crossdresser part 1It was just a normal friday day so I went to the store to buy some food for the week.I wore a jean mini skirt and pink t-shirt and tan pantyhose with my 3″heels and make up and all.As I made my way down thru the ailse I notice a older tall gray haired slim man following me.Well I gave him a couple bending over shots and eye contact.I made my way to the check out an seen him in other line.I finshed checking out when I got outside to load my bags in my car he was parked next to me.He spoke to me and said that he was sorry for following me around that he was not some kind of crazy killer but he wanted to tell me how nice and sexy. I said thank you and we talked for few minutes and I explained I was fulltime crossdresser.To my surprise he asked if I would be offened if he asked me out to dinner and a movie. I said well if you asking yes I would go on date with you. He gave me his number and asyabahis yeni giriş I gave him mine.I was at home and just got done putting away all the stuff I bought when the phone rang. I picked it an said hello and it was him he asked if I would like to go out tonite.I said sure and he said he pick me up about 7 pm.That gave me time to take bath and shave smooth and do evreything I needed too.I did my make up and went into my room.I picked out a pink corset with pink gartor straps on it matching thong and bra glued my fake silcone breast on an tucked and tape my cock down flat. I put on a pair of tan seamed back thigh hi stocking an hooked the gartors straps to them.I hadn’t picked out a dress yet but my mom and aunt stopped by and picked one out for me. They picked a black tight mini dress out that zipped in back that was sexy but nice looking.Well I put on my new open toe 5″ stilettos with ankle asyabahis giriş staps so he could see my toe an finger nail were painted same glitter red and due to just had my nails done and filled.I put on my choker with silver cross and hoop earrings in my top holes and long chain type ones in my bottom holes.I finshed putting my rings and braclets on amd purfume.Well at it was 6:45 pm when he pulled up he came to the door an knocked and I open the door his first words was you look beautiful I said thank you and got my purse and locked the door.He was a gentleman open the car door and shut it for me. We ended up going to a high end restraunt. We talked during dinner and he was vey sweet and a complete gentleman.He always held his arm so I could hold on to it.Well he always open my door an closed it for me.We got to movies an he got our drinks an a seat in the theater.I let him hold my hand during the movie.He asyabahis güvenilirmi whispered during the movie to me how he liked my sexy smooth legs so I took his hand put it on my thigh so he could feel them.He gentle rubbed them during the movie.When the movie was done we held hands back to the car. It wwas about 10:30 and he asked if I would like to go down to a little park that had a water fountain and lights an sit and talk.I said yes.We walked around for few minutes talking and sat down on a bench there.While we sat there talking I was thinking to myself how much of gentleman he was, but wishing he would make a move on me.Well he must have read my mind, because he if I would get upset with him if he tried to kiss me.I said to him nope.I turned so I was faceing him shut my eyes our lips meet chills went down my spine as we kissed. We sat there good bit talking and kissing.When we notice some drunks acting stupid and loud. So we decided to leave he asked me if I like to go for a drink at bar I said that bars were packed around there.He asked if had anything at my house I said yes but my dogs were there and they be crazy when I got there so I suggested we stop by his house and have a drink.

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