OMG….Happening with my neighbour’s wife one

OMG….Happening with my neighbour’s wife oneJust wanted to share my story of me and my neighbour’s wife…I live in a HDB in western SGP, and my flat shares a common rubbish chute in every floor. Every night, I will bring out the thrash to throw after the 10 pm news. A few times, I saw my neighbour’s wife throwing rubbish too. I know her and her husband and k**s. We see each other family in the lift sometimes, and share smiles and greetings everytime. We will also exchange small talks too. One evening, I went to throw rubbish and saw her in a nightie gown. She was not wearing any bra and undies. I can see thru roughly in her silky gown. After we threw the rubbish, I shared a good night greetings and walked behind her to our own flat. Damn… her body was superb, and dirty thoughts ran thru my mind. Once inside my flat, I went to the shower and get ready for bed. Still thinking about her fabulous body and see through gown, my cock grew in the shower…. I threw a few hand thrust to sooth my rock hard cock. Just then, my wife came in and saw my hard cock. She asked me if I am masturbating, and I said no la, just cleaning the under skin of the cock. She smiled and went on to sit and pee in the toilet bowl within my sight……After shower, I went to bed, and my wife whispered to me that she felt horny seeing me shower and the hard cock. She went down between the sheets and tried to give me a blow job.( trust me… If you want a BJ from your wife, always clean it thoroughly to make it smell good, or else the dick will smell like dead fish!!! Thats what my wife tells me. )After the sucking, I pumped her for a about 8 minutes and came inside her. She lay there feeling very satisfied and feel asleep. I Dunno whether she came or not, cos she never tells me everrytime we fuck. While fucking my wife, my mind was racing thinking about my neighbour’s wife. Her image reflects in my mind, and I imagined fucking her while doing it to my wife. (Am I cheating my acting like that? No…. not for long)I went for a smoke outside my flat after cleaning up cos my wife dun like the smell of cig in the house. Thats what I do everytime at night. That was when my neighbour’s wife came out of her flat 2 units away from mine. She was arranging the shoes rack… Still in her nightie gown see thru all. Nabeh… even after a fuck with my wife, my cock still can stand seeing her in the gown. I tried to hide the stiffness and just smiled at her. She replied ” So late still haven’t sleep ah?” I replied,” Not yet, just catching a smoke before sleeping.” Then she started talking about how the budget 2013 effected her k**s, etc…. I just listened all the time with the hard cock in my pants. As I was not wearing any underwear, my cock shows türkçe bahis a bit from the little shorts. I think she saw it but ignored talking about it…..We talked about the high utilities bill and she mentioned that her water bill is higher after the toilet flush system starting leaking water even when the cistern is full. I know what she meant, and casually said I can help her fix it tomorrow. She said why not now….. I said no la cos her family sleep liao. She mentioned her hubby is out of town, and her k** is away for a camping school trip. She needs to work tomorrow, and hope to get it fixed fast. I still said no la, as too late liao, and my wife is asleep. She said ok lor.. nevermind.I then decided since my wife sleep liao after the good fuck, she wil not be awake so soon at least till the next morning. I told her I will come take a look at her toilet flush system after I put on a shirt. (I was topless smoking outside you see).3 Minutes later, I came out and she still standing outside. I went inside her flat and she closed the door. This time, my cock soften liao, as I try not to harbour dirty thoughts about her. Under the white light of her toilet, I can see a bit thru her gown, and she was not wearing any underwear at all. I was thinking, at lease put on something to cover to show me some courtesy ma.. But what the heck, I went ahead to sdjust the overflow system in the cistern and that stopped the water overflow. It only took me 5 minutes to fix her pipe problem. She offered me a drink and thanked me. For once I think she tried to tease me by bending over to get a cloth from the lower cabinet. I can see up to her higher thigh from an angle. Nabeh, my cock stiffened again, and this time, I tried hard not to let it show thru my pants. She turned around, and saw the stiffness this time. She teased me by saying sorry if her dressing caused my reaction. I said no worries, she is just too hot, and any man will react this way. I am very paiseh, and said I had to go back now as my wife is sleeping. PArt 2………………I dunno what happen, but she started talking about husband and wife relationship, and how her husband has been ignoring her lately. I advised her about putting the flame back in marriage by being adventurous in bed. I asked when was the last time they had sex. She replied, that was like 1 month ago, and even that sex not just pumping and cuming, not much action for her to even become aroused. I really felt awkward talking about sex topic with my neighbour. That was then she asked me when I had sex with my wife. I replied shyly…. “about 20 minutes ago”. Her eyes wide open, and she said…” So after you throw rubbish, you went back and fuck your wife?” She actually used the poker oyna words “fuck”. that made me even awkward, and I felt I have to leave right away.She then asked me how was it? I replied it was awsome. I always enjoyed sex with my wife. She asked my how to keep the flame in marriage, and I said just try other stuffs and be adventurous like watching porn and learning techniques or blowing, sucking, etc… She understood and asked me which website can learn such stuff. I gave me this webby ( hahahahhhah….She said wait and ran to her room to be excused for a while… After 5 mnutes, she came back said wow!!! the website at this time still got thousands online! Must be many interesting stuff going on. I just smiled. She asked me to show her some threads interesting, and I went into her room to show her “sex talk” threads and etc. That was when the banner starting popping up in her screen of naked woman. She started to become hot and turned on the aircon…. We surfed a few threads and I told her to read stuff to learn sex patterns.One time, her tits rubbed against my shoulder while she stretched to look at the screen. I tuen away to prevent embarrasment. Again she rubbed my shoulder, and I thinking she must be turn on by the pics and topics of laksaboy. I caught her llooking at my dick once ans she said how come I dun get turned on by such a porn site. I replied..” How to hard when you around?” She mentioned its ok la, all adults and grown.Feeling horny and paiseh, I tried to hide my stiffness, but had to adjust a bit, and she saw how easy I adjusted, and asked if I am wearing underwear? I said no la jokingly. She laughed and said no way you can adjust like that without underwear. She then tried to grab my dick to show she is right. She grabbed and let go and then said. “See!!! I am right, you not wearing underwear!” My face flushed red, and got up from the seat to leave the room. She then grabbed me again from behind and whispered into my ears not to tell anyone especially our spouse. I thought what the fuck? She wants to be fucked, yet dun want to talk about it… Mai tu liao, I turned around and pushed her away, and mentioned this cannot happened, but she insisted that she is very horny as she hasn’t had sex for a long time, and we talked and saw sex stuff, thats why she got horny, and felt like she need a cock inside her. She told me to teach her how to blowjob to help her save her marriage. I thinking why not.. I am helping her!I pulled down my pants and showed her the erected cock, and showed her the sensitive area around the dick hear and below the rim. How to rub the area around the head to make the cock enjoy. She said she have not suck cock before, and wanted to learn. bets10 She saw a few porn but have not try it yet. So I showed her how to suck cock, deep throat a bit but she gagged. How to pressure a bit while sucking to create vacumn. She learned fast… and was sucking away like a pro in no time. I felt like I am cuming and told her to stopped, but she pushed her mouth deeper. I had to stop to prevent cuming, as I still had a lot to teach her. I told her to stop!!!I lifted her gown to reveal a pink nipple and solid breast, and a unshaven pussy. Told her to clean area and smell nice and shaven so hubby will go down on her. She said she never had a tongue such her before. I went down and suck her pussy, likcing her clitoris and she moaned loud. She never felt such feeling before in her life before. She kept thanking me for my teachings and actions. SHe came and shivered and pushed me away saying she cannot tahan anymore and had to stop. I stop licking her, and stopped. I said I had to leave, and she replied how to go when my dick so hard. I said nvm la…… SHe then pushed me onto the bed and shaft my dick into her pussy, wet and dripping wet. She was tight, even after giving birth. She ride me for a while and I pumped her from behind. We fucked like a lover and lasted for 30 mins. I wanted cum and told her I coming, but she said fuck her deeper and cum inside her. I did that!!! I feel her hot and wet pussy, She was solid and love the session. I got up and used tissue to clean up and said I have to leave. She let me go this time, and gave me a checky smile, and said nobody should know what happened. I nodded in agreement totally.I went back home, and straight to bed. My wife woke up and said she enjoyed the fucking very much. I smile and think which fuck session? I just had 1 fucks….. Then she started rubbing my dick this time. I was like enough liao la. I am tired and cannot fuck anymore for now. But she rubbed and said how come I cannot stand. I said I just came, cannot stand so easily. But she insisted to run my dick and went to blow me. SHIT!!!! I have not wash yet! Then she came back up and told me how come got tissue paper stuck between my dick, and it smelt like fishy. I replid the smell is her pussy juice from previous fuck, and the tissue was from the toilet. I never tell her lies. it was from the toilet, but from the nighbours toilet. hahahaShe said she wanted to fuck again, which I did for the third time. I tried very hard to pump her and come quick, but difficult to come. After 15 minutes, she gave up and said tired then stop… go force yourself to come, not healthy. immediately, I shot into her and came inside. She smiled and turned to sleep after that. She kissed me and said she loves the fucking twice, as I will not come so fast during the second fuck, which is true.I went back to bed, thinking about the whole episode and wondered how am I going to face her if I see her at the lift next time…..

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