On a Beautiful Summer Day

Abella Anderson

On a beautiful summer day, there is nothing like getting outside to enjoy the warm weather and July sunshine. This happened to be just one of those perfect days. A walk around the neighborhood was ok in the evening; however, now I needed a change of scenery and really did not want to stop and talk to the neighbors, losing precious time. Keeping fit and trim isn’t hard work as long as you do a little often enough. Then I thought about the local park, which had access to the old tow paths along the Canal. I doned a pair of shorts, my tennis shoes and a comfortable t-shirt and jumped in the car and arrived a few minutes later. Perfect!

I got out and stretched just a bit and almost immediately began my walk. Once I got oriented, I followed the signs guiding me to the towpath. The aromatic atmosphere in the overgrown wilderness made me fall in love with this place years ago. I wanted a good work out, so I stopped to choose a logical route based on the time. Then I heard a voice call out my name. Hey, Jim! No way I wanted to waste time chatting; I was on a mission. As it turned out, my neighbor had the same idea. I saw that he too was dressed to get exercise. As it turned out, we walked a few miles, talking about everything under the sun and just taking in the splendor of the day. During our walk, he divulged his interest in photography and his love to capture the moment. This triggered a dirty thought about my wife’s pictures she permitted me to take. I enjoyed sharing them ankara eve gelen escort in chat rooms but I have never shared them in person. That is what led me to suggest we work out again some time. He agreed.

About a week later, we met at the park, fairly early in the morning. This time when we hit the halfway point, I pulled out my feeble attempts at photography. He looked through them and made compliments. He was definitely a nice guy. Several pictures included my wife, which is clearly very common for couples. We packed up and began to make our way back. While returning, he complimented me again about how he had enjoyed the pictures. He said I had a natural talent to frame a scene. I told him, sure, if you say so. Then I laughed and said I bet he just wanted to see more of my wife. We both laughed, but he quickly added he would be happy to see them. For the next trip, I brought along a few sexy pictures, certainly not something you would share with a neighbor literally across the street, but then again not all that risqué. I suppose we would call them glamour shots. He again complimented the pictures, my ability and also my wife. I felt a twinge in my dick when he mentioned my wife. OK, I knew he was enjoying the revealing pictures, but now it was time for more. I asked him if he could keep an open mind and view what I would label as bedroom pictures, just to hear his idea on technique. We set a time to meet again.

I was very gaziosmanpaşa escort nervous. The pixs I choose were very explicit. He would know my wife’s curvature and features only I know as her husband. When we met at the park, I had the envelope. He smiled as I handed him the envelope. We were walking slowly and he took a look, first at the photos and then at me. He said, Jim, I had no idea. Wow, These are hot. Without saying a word, we read each other’s mind and decided to take a side trail and continued and even took more side trails, until the busy path and everyone else had to have been far behind us. He was flipping through the photos and all I could say is that my wife deserves to be admired and I thanked him for looking. I also noted his running shorts were beginning to bulge out. I told him to take his time and looked over and spotted a log. I sat down and he continued. He tried to readjust discreetly, but it was hard not to notice. I told him that I was impressed that my wife was having that much of an effect on him. He remained quiet, so I thought what the heck, and began to stroke myself thru my shorts.

I quickly confessed it was a big turn on for me to see him looking at my wife. She has great features: big brown aureoles on smaller, perky tits, a nice pear-shaped ass, and a very thick bush. He remained silent but stepped closer to me. I had not anticipated this move, but could not help notice he was clearly bigger than I gölbaşı escort am. The outline on his shorts soon led all the way to the bottom, with the head just peaking out. I saw me looking and said, damn, do you mind if I stroke while looking at her. I simply reached into my shorts and pulled myself out by lifting the one side of my shorts up. He pulled himself out too. I said, sorry, but damn, how I would love for you to fuck my wife. I looked at him and continued that I have cuckold desires. He only smiled and said that it is much too close to home to risk. He was kind by not saying anything about how much smaller I was, but then he stepped closer as I stared ahead, not being able to take my eyes off of it. I no longer could look him in the eyes. He saw me mesmerized and stepped forward again, until he brushed my cheek.

I finally looked up at him and shook my head no as he pushed forward, resting his cock head on my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed it. He only said, yes. He then pushed more until I relented and opened my mouth. His cock felt warm, thick and big in my mouth. He eventually started moving his hips and I did my best to keep up with him. It did not take long and I felt him swell, throb and then release his sperm into my mouth. I gulped it down and then opened my eyes to see him smiling. On the way home that day, he said he would reciprocate and show me pixs of his wife. That day never came. However, I have shown him other pixs now several times. He seems to enjoy the arrangement and I guess I do, too. I normally stand up when done and wank my little dick until it cums. Anytime we are together as couples, I simply love his smirk as he talks with my wife. My wife always compliments him and tells me later he is such a good host. Too bad he lives as close as he does.

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