On Holiday with My Mother in Law

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On Holiday with My Mother in LawMy wife has persuaded me to take her 73-year-old mother on holiday with us in our caravan. I had to show some opposition to the wife idea and that I was not too keen in holidaying with my mother in law, but I am looking forward to it really, as we have been lovers for sometime on the quite.I have just picked my mother in law up at her house when she tells me that I am in for a big surprise if we are lucky enough to be alone sometime. We head back home to pick the caravan up that my wife is sorting out and packing on the drive.The wife is frantic when we get back, she has just had a phone call from work and she is needed urgently and will be wanted for the next two days at least.My wife asks me if I would mind taking her mother on holiday by myself for the first two or three days as her mother is so looking forward to some time away. I very reluctantly agree to the wife to take her mother on holiday by myself, but she has promised to make it up to me if I do. The thoughts of two or three days with my 73-year-old mother in law just about make me come in my pants and I want to set off as soon as possible.The two of us find the farm after about three hours driving, all that time I kept asking what my surprise is but the mother in law will not say. The small-secluded site is about half a mile past the farm and we are the only ones on it this week.We get the caravan set up and have a picnic lunch in the glories sun that my wife prepared and open a bottle of wine. After a long lunch, we put the awning up on the side of the caravan with the mother in law holding some of the poles in place while I erect the rest of it. It is hot and clammy inside the awning with the sun beating down with all the sides fully zipped up until I get the pegs in to the ground.The mother in law is complaining about the heat and how sticky she is“I can’t stand the heat much more, I’m need to get my panty girdle off and feel a bit breeze between my legs”She scuttles inside the caravan to remove her girdle and comes back out wearing her skirt and strappy top that was under her blouse, where she bought it from I don’t know but her bra straps are three times as wide and half her tits are on show.“Is that my surprise”“No it’s not, you just have to wait”After the awning is up I show the mother in law the workings of the caravan and that she has the permanent bedroom to herself. I tell her the wife and I will have to come through her bedroom to get to the bathroom as we are sleeping on make up beds at the front. I leave her to sort her clothes out into the drawers while I sort tea, which the wife has prepared again for us.After our tea we stay in the awning looking over the view while starting another bottle of wine“It’s lovely here but this wine is going to my head”“That’s the thing about caravanning, you only have to walk ten feet and you’re in bed”As the second bottle go’s down my mother in law shows signs of becoming a bit tipsy and past caring to what she is doing. Her legs part as she hoists her skirt up revelling her surprise, a big bald fanny“What do you think”“Wow that is nice, can I touch it”As I stand up and go to her, she twists around in her seat and pulls at the waist of my shorts pulling my crotch level with her face“Let me see what’s in here first”Fumbling with my button and zip she eventually pulls my straining cock from inside my boxers, oozing with pre cum she massaged it around my purple end before touching the tip with her tongue.Fuck, I was in heaven as her mouth sank on to my shaft sliding back and forth along it,Her tits resting on the arm of the seat wobbled about like jelly’s clashing in to each other as the weight is taking off the pull on them.I reached down under then, taking them in my hands, the hardness of her nipples sticking through the soft cotton bra and strappy top left nothing to the imagination. I rub them between my fingers making them even longer.Holding on to her nipples I steady myself as I thrust my cock in to her mouth, wet slurping noises coming from her mouth as a pre cum froth builds around her lips.My mother in law reached for the bottle of wine, trickling some over my cock as she sucks it, then the next bit I did not expect, with her legs wide apart the neck of the bottle is placed on her naked fanny lips. I started to face fuck her faster seeing this and she responded by pushing the neck of the bottle into herself. About four inches up the neck she starts to fuck herself with the bottle, the wine sloshing back and forth in the bottle making a splashing noise. Her hand tightens around my cock hard, making sure I am inside her mouth, she knew I was going to come, and did I come. My cock twitched in her hand making her soften her grip, letting my hot white creamy cum explode in to her waiting mouth.Three, four, five swallows, she has had now and I am still pumping in to her mouth as she suck harder, its been nearly three weeks since she last empty my balls and even longer since my wife emptied them dry.She licks my wilting cock clean while feeling my balls, her other hand has stopped thrusting the wine bottle, but it is still embedded inside her.I knee between her parted legs as she pulls the wine bottle out, making a pop as her fanny lips shut close over the open bottle. Her bald smooth naked fanny inches away from my face as I feel it with my hands, all soft and smooth blending in with her legs and tummy.I can smell the wine drifting up from her pussy mixing with the smell of fanny juice, she has used that bottle well and I thrust my tongue inside her. I lick her pussy lips madly like some thirsty mad dog, full licks, the full length of her slit up to her clit, she lifts off the chair and screams“Faster, faster, I’m going to come”In no time, the warm smell of her orgasm drifts out closely followed by her juice, she sinks back in to the seat and I gently lick her dry as she get her breath back. I look up and she is sucking the wine bottleneck of her juice before having a drink then offers it to me.We sit there in the awning, the last of the sun just hitting us, passing the bottle to each other until the wine is gone.I close the awning and pull the mother in law to her feet, slightly worse for wear“Come on time for bed”I lead her in to the bedroom and pulled her skirt down and let it fall to her feet, now she is trying to remove my clothes, my cock springing straight back up as she pulled my boxers over it. I had her strappy top pulled off and now it was just her bra she stood in, cuddling in to her I reaching around her back and managed to undo the strap, slowly pulling the straps down her arms I let her massive tits gently fall out of the bra. Gravity has played a big part in forming these tits over time, a foot long now and only filled in the bottom third, the rest clinging to her chest but her nipples were a different story, about an inch long, thick and hard. She had lost some of her tummy since I first saw her naked a year ago and she still has nice legs for a 73 year old.I sank on to my knees to hold her skirt while she stepped out of it but I was pulled face first in to her fanny, still smelling of wine I give it a gentle lick“sleep with me tonight, I want to wake up with a man in bed with me”She sat on the edge of the bed while I removed her skirt from her feet, her tits resting on her legs“Make love to me”Getting on to the bed she lay there with her legs wide apart, how could I not dip my cock in to her hole. I started at her feet kissing up to her fanny, her full fanny stretched and on show, showing how big and smooth it was. Her fanny lips turning in on themselves up her slit making them look big and fat and not a hair anywhere,I wanted to feel her fanny nipping on my cock and I mover on to her nipples, licking and sucking them. My mother in law held her arms out wanting me to move up over her, I felt my cock slowly parting her lips and she give a gasp, slowly pushing in she gasped again when my pubic hair touched her smooth fanny.We started to fuck slowly at first and she lifted her knees up letting me further in to her pussy, resting on my arms I started to get a sweat on. The heat of the day was still about and it was warm in the caravan.I fucked her long and hard for ten minutes and still nowhere near in coming, moving position I got my arms behind her legs lifting them in to the air. I could see my cock sliding in and out of her smooth pussy and her tits wobbling down each side of her.My mother in law started to moan with each thrust as I pushed a little harder each time, I was fucking her that hard she was moving up the bed, I had to go for it, my alcohol fuelled fuck was lasting a lot long and the heat was sucking my stamina.Her feet wobbled wildly by the side of my head as I pounded her pussy, big fat juicy lips sucking tightly around my cock as I pulled out. She shouted“I’m coming”That’s all I wanted to hear, my cock fired its first round of cum up in to her waiting pussy, holding still, deep inside her pussy my cock twitched and bucked about wildly as it pumped my hot creamy spunk in to my mother in lawHer breathing was fast and panting as her orgasm rippled through her body, her old pussy muscles still able to nip my cock.I grabbed my cock as I pulled out, still with her legs on my shoulders I milked the last of my cum out of my cock letting it drop in to her stretched pussy lips. The wrinkly pink inside of her fanny on show was nipping together pushing my cum out as her orgasm ended.I kept her legs up in the air watching my cum, come from deep inside mixing with her fanny juice, just until it was about to leak on to the bed, that would take some explaining to my wife, cum covered sheets in her mothers bed.I grabbed a tissue from the shelf above the bed, placing it over her pussy“Grab a pair of my knickers will you from the top drawer”Still with her legs up around my neck I reached across to the drawer grabbing the first pair which I thought must be my wife’s as they were all lacy,“That’s them”“These are sexy for you”“Because I’m seventy it doesn’t mean I can’t have lacy kickers, it was my treat to myself when I lost all the weight”I slid them over her feet seeing how sexy they were and down to her bum for her to pull on.It was too warm for any sheets on the bed as we cuddled in to each other, it hardly gets dark at this time of the year and the light was coming in through the sky light that I forgot to pull the blinds shut on, but we must of fell asleep.It was five o clock when I woke up with a crow squawking on, turning over I felt something next to me, then remembered the mother in law. She was on her side looking away from me and I could see her lacy knickers with the sun shining in the windows.I ran my hand over her knickers and up over her waist feeling the smooth material covering her tummy, they were still big knickers compared to my daughters but were very sexy to touch. Gently feeling the pattern, I felt her moved them her hand came on to mine, moving my hand up towards her tummy, I don’t think she wants me near her pussy at this time in the morning.My mother in law then pushed my hand under the waistband of her knickers and on to her smooth fanny, I could just feel the top of her slit and her clit before pushing the tissue out of the way. My middle finger tracing her fat moist lips to where her legs were nipped.I felt her hand come between us, finding my cock she wrapped her fingers around the shaft with her thumb, rubbing my oozing pre cum in to my bell end.She started to turn over with my hand trapped in her knickers and her legs parted for me giving me full access to her pussy lips, her face turned towards my wanting to be kissed.We kissed while my finger found the full length of her lips, rubbing my cum in to them. I bent my finger finding her love tunnel and finger fucked her with one finger“Fuck my from behind” she askedShe got out of bed and stood on the floor with her hands resting on the bed, I was on my knees behind her slipping her knickers off her waist and down her legs, lifting one foot out of them, she parted her legs again letting the tissue fall out on to the floor.A ray of light squeezing past the curtains perfectly lit her hanging pussy up and strings of my cum were hanging out of her slit, running my hand up the inside of her leg my thumb made contact with her lips, slipping easily inside her as she let out a moan.Standing up I guided my cock into her hanging pussy lips, easily finding her love hole and squelched all the way in. She had no bother taking my fat cock and began moaning aloud. I reached around her, feeling for her hanging tits that were rubbing on the bed. One in each hand she started to buck back into me making a slapping noise as we clashed together.My mother in law was really rocking back and forth now, I stood still letting her do the work. I could hear her breathing building up to her orgasm, getting faster and deeper.Lifting my hands on to her waist, I made sure I did not pop out with her over excitement. Every stroke was a loud squelch and the smell of warm sex was drifting from her well-pounded pussy. She had to come soon as my cock let go first, pumping my cum in to her pussy she squelched two or three more times before she squealed out loud“Yes, yessss”It’s was now half past five when my cock fell out of her pussy followed my a stream of white cum running down her leg and some dropping on to the floor, just as well the floor is imitation wood affect vinyl. She stood still as I mopped her leg with a dry tissue up to her fanny, reaching for another tissue I let her hold it on her pussy as I pulled up her knickers and mopped the floor before cuddling back together in bed again.It was nearly nine when we woke up, the sun shining through the sky light had the bedroom already warm, how I wanted to fuck her there and then again dressed only in her white lacy knickers.She moved out of bed first and I heard her at the toilet, a big loud gush hitting the plastic bowl, I wonder if she would ever piss in front of me that hard. She stood at the door naked “Tell me how this shower works”She stood in the shower cubical with me telling her instructionsShe had sprayed herself wet and turned the water off almanbahis yeni giriş and was now soaping her body. The shower cubical was made for one but I could not resist opening the door and running my hands over her body with the sponge, her tits and between her legs got special attention from me. Closing the door I let her rinse the soap off, then she came out in to the bathroom area so I could help her get dry, if only I had this much fun with the wife. After having my shower, I saw that my mother in law was in her bra and knickers making breakfast, a matching lacy set with under wired bra, it made such a difference to her tits, she looked really sexy.Breakfast was outside in the sun, we could see anyone coming along the road so she sat out in her skirt and bra. I dared her to go topless to which she did, I hurried taking the dishes away and came back with sun lotion wanting to rub it in to her delicate skin, or should I say her tits and nipples.I spent my time covering every bit of skin before pulling her skirt up and doing her legs, all the way up to her knickers and rubbed my thumb along her crotchWould she go naked outside I wondered, I quizzed her about going naked and I told her that her daughter and me often strip off on secluded sites like this to sunbathe,“Go on then, let see you,” she saidI was just in my shorts and boxers and still had a boner from seeing her sexy knickers, so I pulled every thing down in one go, letting my cock spring back up“Is that ever soft”“Not when it’s around you”“I better cover it in cream, we don’t want it peeling,” she saidMy mother in law filled her hand with sun cream before circling my cock with her hand and fingers, slowly back and forth and over my balls, massaging the cream well in, I was thinking, I’m going to explode if she kept this up. I pulled my cock out from her grip before there was more than sun cream in her hand and I let her rub my back instead. My mother in law stood up slipping her skirt past her waist then her knickers, she was very pale when you saw her in the sunlight and her naked pussy would not take long to burn in the sun. She sat down taking her skirt and knickers off her feet and I covered her pussy in cream, making sure her smooth fat lips were well coated. After about twenty minutes, we moved in to the shade, so not to burn. We decided to go out for lunch and we got dressed, my mother in law did like her long floaty skirts. Not five minutes down the road, she was pulling it up to show she had no knickers on, my hand slipped off the gear stick and on to her leg moving up to her pussy.We found a pub and had lunch outside, it was so busy I could not get my hand up her skirt there, next to the pub was a river and I suggested a walk along it. It was busy by the river at the pub, but not long after no one was using the path as it was closed further ahead.We found a bench to sit on and our hands were in each other’s crotches, she had my zip down and her hand inside my boxers, I had a fingers exploring her slit. We wanted each other so badly, my cock was now out in the open air and she bent down taking it into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth sucked around my purple bell end, with out thinking she pulled off me and knelt on the bench resting her hands on the back. “Give it to me”Pulling her skirt over her bum, her legs were all ready parted and I guided my cock in to her waiting pussy, anyone could see us from the other side of the river but we were horny. My mother in law moaned from my first push, holding on to her waist I fucked her as fast as I could“Yes, yes, yesss”The bench shuddered and wobbled as I slapped my body against hers, both panting fast her body tensed in spasm with her orgasm, two more strokes and I joined her, pumping my hot cum in to her love hole. Both panting hard I pulled out, pulling her skirt over her bum and slipping my cock back inside my shorts.Both sitting back down on the bench, we looked around to see if we had been seen, we had got away with it this time“I can feel it oozing out” she said as we walked back to the pub and she slipped to the pub toilets before we left.We nipped in to the shop for more wine and food before heading back to the caravan, my hand had been between her warm moist legs for nearly all the way back, I had her changing gears so not to move my finger that was stuck in her pussy and mixing with my cum.Back in the caravan, we dumped the shopping and I pulled my mother in law in to the bedroom and unfastening her blouse, she had my shorts undone and playing with my cock while stepping out of her skirt.I lay on the bed with my head at the bottom and she knelt over me, her smooth dripping fanny inches from my face and she lowered herself so she could suck my cock, I eagerly licked her outer lips of my cum where my hand had smeared it, in the car, taking my time sucking her smooth fat swollen lips one at a time. My tongue darted past her lips, exploring her internally, where my cum has coated her insides like thick wallpaper paste, sucking and licking it from the wrinkly folds of skin. She was enjoying herself licking her fanny juice from my cock, like some lolly and she had me about to cum again.Her fanny started moving back and forth on my face with my nose parting both her lips as she moved up and down on my cock, I slid my hands forward feeling her swinging tits in her bra and she pulled one out for me. Her hard nipple rubbed between my fingers making her moan with a mouth full of cock, I wanted her to come on my face before I filled her mouth. Eagerly sucking and panting warm air on to her fanny, I felt her legs nip over me, with both hands on her bum, I pulled and squashed my face tight in to her fanny tasting her warm fresh love juice.My cock felt like a fountain exploding in her mouth when I came, big mighty squirts entering her mouth kept her sucking long and hard when another orgasm hit her, flooding her fanny, I struggled to keep up with her flow.My mother in law rolled off me, all knackered, getting her breath back in the warm caravan I turned around and lay with her.“Thank you” then she kissed me tasting her love juice“I’m to puffed out to lick it off you,” she saidAfter ten minuets or so I got up and opened some wine, giving her a glass as she went outside for some fresh air, we sat in the sun naked probably wondering if we could ever top that performance.It was still warm enough after tea to be naked and we were still in the sun and well down our second bottle when she said she needed the toilet, could this be my chance to see her pee, she can always say no if I ask..Now at the back of the caravan, she parted her legs and looked down while starting to pee, just a little controlled trickle of golden pee at first passed her lips, before a sudden gush spraying all over the place. I took my cock in my hand, stroking it in front of her and making it hard as I watched her pee.What seemed like an age past before it started to slow in to a controlled stream again, I had to feel it on me, just like it had sprayed down her leg and pushed my cock in to the flow, making it splash again.We kissed each other greedily, as my hand slipped between her legs and my finger along her slit, our tongues fighting as I felt her nip her fanny pushing the last warm drops out on to my finger. Excitedly and drunk I knelt down where she peed, wanting to see the drops on her lips, I could see her pushing and nipping and another gush shot out in front of my eyes, the warmth and the smell of pee inches from my nose I just had to taste her fanny and see what it tasted like. Resting her hand on my head, she pulled me in to her and she rubbed herself up and down my face.“Let see you now”With being hard and unsure of my aim I pointed into the hedge and it squirted out like a thin jet,My mother in law grabbed my cock and stood in front of it letting it hit her pussy. Both looking at each other we snogged like teenagers for the first time, as my pee ran down her leg, would we be like this if not for he wine.Letting our lips part she lowered and hovered in front of me, still peeing, she now aimed my cock over her chest, letting it run over her tits until I stopped, with her mouth wide open she slipped on to my cock, licking and sucking it clean.Pulling her back on to her feet, I could see that she was soaked down her front,“I think we need a shower again,” I saidShe was a bit tipsy now with all the wine and it was only eight o clock, I helped her in to the shower, washing her clean and then drying her before she lay on the bed, a quick shower for me, a bit tidy up outside and she was fast asleep.It was five in the morning and that blaster crow was squawking again, waking us both up, she was as fresh as a daisy and playful as her hand found my cock. Another night with no bed covers and it wasn’t long before I was looking at her naked body and I was hard.We kissed as our hands explored each other, wanting each other so badly“I’ve got some stocking with me if you want,” she whisperedShe knows I like her in stocking as I fasten her suspender belt around her, sitting on the bed I watch as she rolls her stocking in her hand before pulling it up her leg and fasten it to her suspenders.Now with both on, I stood behind her feeling the soft nylon stocking and the soft flesh hanging over the top of them, my cock sticking up her back as I hugged her tightly.My mother in law lay on the bed with her legs wide apart, her suspender and belt framing her bald white naked fanny. I kissed her feet working up each leg until the her bare leg appeared, this was the best bit. The pale soft leg hanging over her stocking top, I kissed and nuzzled it working from one leg to the other while passing over her pussy, I could stop there all day.Moving on to her pussy and taking time kissing each lip, I had her moaning all ready and I wasn’t past her lips yet,Feeling her clit with my tongue made her gasp, and both her hands grabbed my head making my rock back and forth, she squealed as she came, moving me from her clit and on to her pussy.My tongue finding her love juice, coming from deep inside her. Darting my tongue in and out made a wet sloppy noise, making me want her more.Leaving her pussy and moving over her tummy, I kissed my way over her tits where I peed on her last night and to her mouth, she lay there with her tongue licking her lips, inches from our mouths touching our eyes locked together.Still staring at each other, I lifted my body and feed my cock straight in to her love hole and fucked her gently. The temptation was too much, I moved first, kissing her full on the mouth, she might be seventy-three but what a turn on she is.After gently fucking her for ten minutes she wanted it from behind, bending over the bed her black suspenders were taught across her pale bum as I guided my self back in again.I felt her hand on my balls as they slapped against her, using the full length of my cock I now started to fuck her hard as she started to panted,Holding her hard on to me when I came, my cock twitched and bucked inside her making her come as well, pushed deep inside I felt every pulse of her fanny muscles milking my cock dry.I pulled my wilting cock out after some time and she sank down on to her knees at the side of the bed, not wanting to get the bed covered in cum, she let it run out, down her leg and on to the floor.The sight of cum covered stocking wanted me to fuck her again when she stood up after ten minutes, my white thick creamy cum hanging from her pussy and on to her black stockings. I rubbed it with a tissue before she placed another one over her fanny and we lay back down in bed.Waking up at nine, I saw my mother in law get out of bed in her stocking and go to the toilet, listening for the gush of her pee knowing that I had seen it first hand yesterday, then I heard her in the shower, probably washing my cum from her pussy.Drying myself from my shower, I saw my mother in law in her knickers and bra hanging her washed black stocking up in the awning to dry, I give my cock an extra rub before going in to the kitchen naked for breakfast.“Some one’s pleased to see me,” she said as she rubbed up against my cock with her lacy panties.Taking the breakfast outside she slipped her bra and knickers off before sitting down. We talked about what to do today and she wanted to go and look at some old stately house, we got ourselves sorted and in to the car. She was dressed more like the old age pensioners that visit these places, white blouse and long skirt with hand bag.Starting the car, I knew different, pulling her skirt up revealing black stocking and no knickers. Within twenty yards of the caravan, my zip was down and she was using my cock like a gear stick, how we got to that stately house, I don’t know.We had lunch in the café before walking around the grounds when we came across a bird hide, a basic wood hut, looking over some ponds and we went in. Another couple were just leaving when we entered, when the door shut, she could not wait to kiss me, her hands all over me.The excitement of being caught made you want to do more, I pulled my zip down and she pulled my cock out. My mother in law backed me against a table where I rested, vigorously wanking my cock hard she lifted her skirt, showing her stocking and suspenders and her bald fanny. My cock was inches from her fanny when she made me come, spraying hot creamy cum across her fanny and down her stockings. We heard voices coming, dropping her skirt, I zipped my cock away and started to leave when the door opened with a family of five.Getting away from the place fast, we fell about laughing when we stopped, I could feel a damp patch in my shorts where my cock had dribbled and the mother in law could feel my cum moving down her legs.After another two hours in and around the house, we went back to the car in the car park, which was a large field with just a handful of cars left. Pulling her skirt up, I went down on her fanny with my tongue, her warm moist fanny smelling of my cum.Reclining her seat back just enough so she can still see out, I set to work licking her to an orgasm, her legs as wide apart as the car will allow, I had one finger fucking her love tunnel almanbahis giriş while sucking on her clit“Shiiiit”“What’s wrong”“Nothing just me getting excited”I have a good rhythm going with my finger and she begins to moan, sucking more on her clit did it. My finger starts to squelch in and out of her pussy“Fuck, fucccck”Keeping going I lick her warm juice“Fuck”Then her skirt came over my head, something is wrong. Stopping still, I heard voices again, someone passing our car to get to there’s. My mother in law pulls her skirt back off my head when they have gone and I straighten back up“That was close, let’s get back “ she saysBack at the caravan I know she want it as much as I do, and we go straight in to the bedroom and I slip her skirt and blouse off, she looks so hot in her cream lacy bra and black stockings, she lay down while I remove my clothes We’ve had hours of foreplay and now it’s time for her to feel my rampant cock inside her pussy.Lifting her legs high and wide I am funnelled straight in to her smooth parted lips, the sheer sight of joy on her face as I thrust deep in to her, made me want to fuck her harder“I’m going to fuck you”“I’m going to fuck you hard,” I shouted“Cum in me” she shouted back“Fuck me hard”Two hard minutes of fucking and we were coming“Go on fill me with your spunk”I kept thrusting as I pumped my load in to her, filling her with air, her fanny past some wind, like a wild thing, I kept fucking her“Yes go on I’m coming again”Fuck I’d made her come twice in minuets, moaning and panting, I bounced her up the bed with my thrusts before my cock slipped out of her well lubricated fanny hole. Quickly she placed her hand over her pussy to stop all the warm cum from leaking out.“Fuck I needed that” she cried outOn coming back from the toilet, we went outside in to the sun just in her stocking, suspenders and bra and opened a bottle of wine, toasting to the wonderful day we have had.A quick tea and we were sorted for the night sitting in the warm sun and another bottle of wine I ran my hand over her stocking feeling her stocking top and she played with my cock as we sat next to each other. No fun and games tonight as we were both knackered and headed to bed for sleep.It wasn’t the crow that woke me at five this morning but my mother in law with a hand around my shaft and her mouth sucking my cock end. She had me good and hard and moved up me dragging her large nipples over my tummy and my chest. For seventy three she has some stamina, bending down to kiss me, her hand feeds my cock between her pussy lips and in to her love tunnel. She balances on her hands and starts to ride me slowly at first, her hanging tits blocking the view of her fanny eating my cock.Taking the weight of her tits, I pull one in to my mouth, sucking hard on her nipple. I think she is going to do it, make me cum.Placing my hands on her bum, I help her ride my cock, sliding her back and forth along my shaft. Her tits swinging out of control, my cock twitches inside her“Fuck I’m coming “ I said“So am I” she cried before collapsing on top of meLifting and bucking off the bed, I fucked her the last bit as she let out a loud gasp. Keeping her fanny plugged with my cock, we kissed long and hard. I could feel our cum around the base of my cock as she pulled off me and sat on my tummy.“Stand up and turn around” I saidSlowly standing up I saw her bald fanny with drips of cum hanging down, she turned around and lowered herself again. Fresh cream in my mother in laws pussy inched its way back to my mouth, we had contact, my cock was being sucked and I was licking our cream from around her lips.Parting her tacky lips with my tongue, I moved inside her, wanting to give as much pleasure to my mother in law, as she does to me. She eventually rolled off me and we lay together“That could be our last time in here” she said“ Yes but we never thought we would be along at all, did we”It was another nine o clock get out of bed day when we woke up.Showered, breakfast and rubbing sun cream in to her tits all before ten as we sat in the sun wondering what to do today as the wife is coming later on.The mother in law asked if she could borrow my razor to quickly run over her pussy, she sat outside, legs wide apart, with my razor buzzing away on her pussy, pulling her lips from side to side had me hard as I watched her.It was another formal dress day for the mother in law apart for no knickers, blouse and long skirt, but no stockings as we were going for a drive around the country side and stopping for a picnic somewhere.After looking around a couple of small villages we drove on to the moors, my hand wandering up her leg as we drove. Pulling off the road and on to the moor, we stopped for lunch, and stopped in the car because of a breeze outside. “When my daughters come’s, I want to hear you fuck her like you do with me, and I will be fingering myself like crazy just through the other side of that door”“I’ll try my best with her” I saidWe were beginning to eat our cream cakes that we bought in one of the villages, when my mother in law pulled up her skirt and squeezed some cream out of her éclair on to her pussy “Lick that”The cream was in a dollop along her lips and she ran her finger through it squashing it further inside herself. Watching her lick her finger, I went down on to her, eagerly darting my tongue along her lips as her legs parted. Sucking my mother in law clean of cream on the side of the road was quite thrilling and I could feel her hand sliding in the leg of my shorts and circling my cock with her fingers. The feel of her hand made me suck on her clit until I heard long deep breaths coming from her.She was going to come and so was I, a sudden sharp in take of breath and her fanny tensing signalled her orgasm had arrived as I squirted in her hand. A puddle formed in the palm of her hand as my cock twitched in her circled fingers.Sitting back up she loosened her grip from around my cock, pulling her cradled hand of warn cum from the leg of my shorts and smeared it across her fanny, rubbing it well in to her smooth lips.“It’s just like having my husband back, having warm cum on my pussy” she saidWe headed back calling in at the shops for food and wine, and arriving back to find my wife sunning herself at the caravan“Had a nice day you two”“Yes it been nice” I said“How’s the holiday mam, like the caravan”“Oh it’s been great, really hot, no one to spy on you when you sunbath naked, you can walk about with no cloths until bedtime, it’s really great fun caravanning”The wife looked at me with daggers in her eyes“He said that you two go naked when you can”“Yes we do, but we are married” “oh he’s got nothing I haven’t seen before, your dad and I used to go naked on the beach when on holiday abroad, it‘s like old times again”“We couldn’t tip toe about for a week in the caravan, three of us without seeing someone naked, this way there is no embarrassment “ I added“I suppose your right” said the wife“I’m glad to be back, it’s just to hot, is it alright to strip off” while looking at her daughter“Yes mam that’s alright, I’m just a bit shocked, my husband and my mother happy being naked together”My mother in law slipped her blouse off and sat down in her lacy bra then pulled her skirt up to the top of her legs“I don’t mind mam if you want to strip off”“My bits have seen plenty of sun this morning, I don’t want peeling nipples and a burnt fanny do I”“Maaaam”I carried the shopping in and stripped off joining the two of them out in the sun, with another look off the wife. The mother in law spoke“Relax dear, I don’t mind him being naked, just pretend I’m not here and YOU go and get your clothes off and join him”The wife did as her mother said, coming back out with a towel around her waist slowly letting it fall open when she sat down, she was slightly plumper than she wanted, but I liked her that way Big 36d tits, a slight roll around her stomach and waist and one big hairy fanny. What she was going to say when she saw her mother’s bald fanny, I do not know.The mother in law eventually undid her bra and stood up pushing her skirt down her legs and stepped out of it, her bald fanny now on show for the world to see“Any one want a drink”“I’m alright” I said“Did you see that” the wife said“See what”“Her fanny all shaven”“ I never really noticed” I liedOver tea, things did relax, but that could be down to the two bottles of wine, the wife and mother in law were joking with each other, the mother in law telling the wife that she wished she had nice tits like hers.When I came back with another bottle, both of them looked at me then began sniggering,“What” I asked“Oh nothing”Filling their glasses up they were still sniggering“What is it” “ Mam was telling me about their holidays and how half the men were that small you could hardly see it”“And what half am I in”“The big half” the wife saidSitting back down I started thinking about having the wife and mother together and what the mother in law said about fingering herself while I fucked the wife. A hardness began in my cock, willing my cock to grow and thinking about them, I ended up with a pretty impressive boner“More wine” I asked“Oh please”Standing up as my wife drank the last of her wine and on seeing me, she spluttered the mouth full of wine down over her body“Fuck” and began laughing“Which half is he in now mam”“Definitely the big half”Trying to push my cock out as far as I could while I poured the wife’s wine, she grabbed it and pretend to shake hands with it“Nice to see you” she said and busted out laughingI filled the mother in laws glass“Go on mam, shake his hand” as she giggled awayShe did as her daughter said and shook hands with my cock, shaking and pulling at the same time, drinking half her glass of wine she said“I’m off to bed and leave you two love birds to it”Another half an hour and we were making the bed up in the front of the caravan“Do you think she’s asleep” she said“I would think so with all that wine”“Let me feel that thing of yours stuck in me then”Still standing we started kissing as the wife felt my cock“I think my mam liked feeling this, I feel sorry for her, its been 11 years since dad died and she’s still young at hart, would you let her touch it again sometime”“I don’t know, she is your mam”“I know she is but, we all got on so well tonight, make her feel young again for me please”“I try”“Thanks love now let see how much you have missed me”Very little fore play was needed as my wife lay down with her legs wide apart, a big hairy fanny being parted with her fingers to show her moist lips. It was plain to see that she was drunk.Grabbing my cock as it got close to her lips, she feed it straight in to her love tunnel, five weeks of none sex and she was tighter than her mother“Go on fuck me”The made up bed is not the best for rampant sex, every movement makes the laths creak and squeak and the wife is holding her finger to her mouth “shhhh”It’s not long before she is past caring, I’ve got her legs against my shoulders watching my cock sliding in and out of her hairy fanny and her tits wobbling about like two jellies“Oh yes”The light of the night coming in through window with the blinds still open and the heat of the day still present she starts to moan. Little slurping noises from her fanny as her juice lubricates my cock“Yes, yes fuck me”Forgetting about her mother next door, she starts loud pants and moans“Go on fuck me, finish me off” Holding her waist, I make every thrust count, pushing as deep as I can, thinking about the mother in law next door fingering herself while listening to her daughter getting fucked hard. My balls are about to explode“Cum in me” the wife shouted out loudThe pressure that shot along my cock and out in to her wanting fanny was immense, her body tensed up stiffly“Oh yes that’s it”With a sweat across my body and panting hard, I kept my cock buried deep inside, her legs sticking to my shoulders and her hands pushing her magnificent tits together. My cock kept twitching as her insides nipped it.“I needed that”Pulling out and rubbing my cock along her hairy lips, and knocking the last drips of cum off, still had her smiling as my cock brushed up to her clit“I wonder if my mother could still have that feeling of pleasure”I lay down next to my wife kissing her passionately rubbing my finger along her open crack and smearing my cum in to her hairy bush. With in minuets she was sound asleep, crawling out of bed to go to the toilet, I went through my mother in laws bedroom.I had just finished at the toilet when the door from the bedroom opened, my mother in law standing naked licking her finger. I knew by that she had fingered herself while listening to us, she offered her finger to my mouth, pure old woman’s fanny juice.She sat on the toilet pulling me to her, her hand lifting my limp cock to her mouth and began to lick it. Her daughters love juice smeared along my cock and her mother was licking it off. I was to knackered to have another stiffy but the mother in law seemed satisfied.Next morning the mother in law was up first and in the shower, we were both awake when the wife said“Lets make this holiday special for my mam, will you flirt with her and rub up against her, we’ll have some more wine tonight and play that game with her if you don’t mind, pleeeeease”The mother in law came in to the front of the caravan in her lacy bra and knickers after her shower, I jumped out of bed with a morning boner“Morning, sleep well”“Like a log”Squeezing past her to go for my shower my cock rubbed over her hand with my wife watching.After breakfast and sitting in the sun my wife suggested for me to put some sun cream on her mother, still in her bra and knickers it was not too sexual.After lunch the three of us went in to town to a market, getting the mother in law by herself I told her about her daughters plan to make her merry and the dare game.We had a takeaway back at the caravan for tea and still fully dressed when we started the game of dare. We bought these playing cards with sexual statements on them, one pile for male and one pile for female, where the bottle stops spinning, you pick a card and do what’s on the card.We started to play almanbahis güvenilirmi and the dares were like, French kiss the opposite sex, remove you bra, show you breasts, take off you underwear, place your hand on the crotch next to you, kiss the crotch of the opposite sex clothed or unclothed for ten seconds, run around the room naked, kiss any part of the opposite sexes body naked, and so on.After a few laughs and more wine, the bottle stopped with me. Doing what the wife wanted and flirting with the mother in law I had to kiss her crotch, she had already lost her knickers and I lifted her skirt up kissing the top of her bald fanny. Her legs parted slightly and her hand came on to my head holding me longer than the ten seconds“Go for it man” the wife saidA few more turns later and the wine disappearing fast, it stopped with the mother in law “Suck the cock of a man” she readI looked at the wife, knowing we had never seen that card before. I pulled my seat out from the table as the mother in law got on to her knees, then undid my shorts pulling my cock out the top of them. She held it with one hand, a big purple head squeezing out from her circled fingers looked her in the face. Going down on me, her warm mouth covered the tip as she slowly fed it in to her mouth. She started sucking back and forth, as her daughter watched, after half a minute she pulled off and sat down again.Starting the game again, it was the wife’s forfeit, “Rub your crotch in a mans face, clothed or unclothed” she readAnother card I could not remember, the wife stood up, unzipped her skirt, pulled off her knickers and grabbed the back of my head pulling me in to her hairy bush. I could not resist darting my tongue inside her moist lips and she began to fuck my face“Did it say for how long” the mother in law askedThe wife broke off from my face and sat down all horny. A few more turns and it was the mother in law again, picking the male card up instead, she read“Kiss someone’s tits”There was only the wife and she was unbuttoning her blouse already, standing up and wobbling with the affect of the wine, she let her mother reached around to undo her bra, letting her 36d tits gently drop out of the bra as she slipped it down her arms. The wife stood naked in the awning as her mother took a tit in her mouth, sucking gently then I moved on to her other one sucking her nipple.Next turn the bottle stopped at me, my card was“Every body in the group to say their sexually fantasy”Mine was“To see who’s pee runs the furthest on a hill out of you two”The wife “To be with my husband when he fucks another woman”Mother in laws“To enjoy a man before I’m to old”All giggling at that we spun again stopping at the wife“Kiss the crotch of the same sex, clothed or unclothed”I knew that was not a card and the wife is pretty pissed now, her mother was already pushing the chair out waiting for her daughter, the wife standing up said“I think we should go in now”The wife went first to the bed at the front that was still made up from this morning, it was made up from all the seat cushions and it was more like a king size bed compared to the one in the bedroom“Come and sit on the bed mam”The mother in law went and sat on the bed, the wife on her knees on the floor lifted her mothers skirt revelling her bald fanny“Its got to be for at least ten seconds” I saidThe wife pushed both knees apart revelling even more of her mother’s fanny and lips, the wife touched it gently running her hand up one leg and down the other before lowering her head. My cock was about to burst and I stripped out of my clothes. Passing the wife on the floor, I climbed on to the bed, shutting all the window blinds.The wife lifted her head and the mother in law lifted her legs on to the bed pushing her self back, lifting her bum off the bed, her daughter pulled her skirt down to her feet. All three of us naked and in the same bed.With the skirt off she went back down in to her mothers parted legs and I knelt at the mother in law’s face, offering her my hard cock, gently sliding her hand along the full length of the shaft and directing it, I fed it in to her mouth.I had one hand behind her head and the other sliding over her tummy towards her clit, feeling my wife’s tongue, we began fighting over her mother’s clit. The extra attention her clit got, sent my mother in law in to over drive, sucking my cock hard. Not wanting to come so soon I had to pull out of her.I worked my way off the bed and behind my wife, still standing on the floor and bending over the bed, made her very easy to fuck from behind. Running my hand up her legs to the top, I felt her hairy fanny hanging down from between. Slipping the side of my hand along her slit made her widen her legs more as my thumb pushed her moist wet lips apart.She give a gasp as I pushed my cock in, probably pulled a few pubic hairs back inside her with my swollen bell end. Holding her waist, I started to use the full length of my cock, nice and slow as not to come.Her mother, visible over the top of the wife’s back, had a joyful smiling face as her daughter made her moan, she didn’t look far off coming. My cock was hammering away at my wife’s pussy, fetching muffled moans from her mother’s fanny.The mother in law started first then the wife, both moaning and panting, fuck I think I’m going to come too. I started to fuck a rather wet fanny now as the wife came, setting her mother off too.Holding tight into my wife, my cock jerked, spitting out hot steaming cum in to her love hole, lifting her head from her mother’s bald fanny the wife panted as I filled her love hole up to overflowing.Moving my hands, I took the weight of her hanging tits, squeezing her already hard nipples as I gently thrust back and forth, squeezing our love juice along my shaft and out of her fanny, making a sloppy squelching noise.With my semi hard cock well coated in our juice, I pulled out letting her crawl on to the bed next to her mother. Pulling the mother in law up off her back , she shuffled to the edge of the bed to where I stood.Taking hold of my rather sticky looking, semi hard cock she began to lick it, tasting her daughters rather fresh fanny juice mixed with my cum until my cock wilted away. Crawling back on to the bed, she left room for me between herself and her daughter.Sandwiched between to woman, my wife passionately kissed me while her hand fetched her mothers arm on to me. Guiding her mothers hand over my tummy and on to my cock, I had two hands feeling around my crotch.The kiss broke off and I watch as she left my cock with her hand and felt her mothers large hard nipple instead, next thing the both of them were kneeling over the top of me as her mothers nipple got sucked, lifting my hands I had mother and daughters tits sitting and wobbling in the palm of my hands.My wife’s hand wrapped around my cock gently stroking me hard again and her mother hand came to help, I sat up taking the mother in laws nipple in my mouth as the rest of her tit squashed in to my face.My wife persuaded her mother to climb on and straddle me over my legs, my cock still being played with by my wife, rubbed up and down my mother in laws bald fanny and her tummy. My mother in law lifted herself allowing my wife to guide my cock in to her mother pussy.She give a squeal “It so big and tight”Its been going in alright these last few days I thought“It been so long, I’ve shrank”“It’ll be alright mother, just take your time”“I can’t do it, it doesn’t seem to want to go in”“You get on the bed mam, and relax”She climbed off me and lay on the bed, knees up in the air and her legs wide apart as I climbed between them, my wife on her knees watching, had one hand on her mother, opening her lips apart and the other on my cock moving it up and down and around her mothers pussy“Alright mam”“Yes love”I give a push and my wife had a firm grip around my cock stopping me from pushing all in at once “Oh, oh”I give few thrusts with my cock, about a quarter way in pushing my wife’s hand in to her mother’s pussy“Its in, oh it’s in”My wife took her hand away letting me lower myself on to my arms and I gently pushed in and out until I was all the way home“Be gentle with me”I must have been doing about ten strokes to the minute as she moaned out loud, at this rate I was never going to get worked up and shoot my load in to her.“Go a little faster if you can”The wife still watching was feeling her mothers tit, the flat bit at the top and very intrigued by it probably thinking, hope my don’t end up like that. I started to go faster for her, knowing she could take it“Oh yes that’s nice”My wife looked at me and smiled. After a good ten minutes, gently pushing my cock in to her well worked hole it was time to give her what she usually gets off me, a good fucking“Oh make me come”The wife and I looked at each other, as she mouthed to me, “Yes go on fuck her”Gently building my thrusting up to a normal pace she wriggled and twisted under me“It’s been so long”“Oh Bill fuck me” Bill was her dead husbands name “Oh yes Bill”Now with a good rhythm and my cock sliding in easy, the wetness of her fanny began to make a squelching noise“Bill, come in me, fuck me hard”I looked at the wife, she was nodding for me to go on“Bill I’m coming, squirt it hard in me”How the mother in law kept a straight face coming out with all these comments I don’t know, she was putting a good performance on in front of her daughterI was getting worked up and fucking her good as she started moaning and panting, thinking of my hard cock slipping in and out of her big fat smooth lips and feeling her tummy wobbling under mine made me give that little extra push at the end of my stroke“Yes, yes you’ve done it Bill, I’m coming”Just timing it right I let go of my cum, squirting deep inside the mother in law as she moaned and shouted “Bill fill me with your hot cum, fill me full, Bill I love,” The wife looked at me with her mouth open. I shuddered to a stop still deep inside, a violent twitch ripped through my body, my cock twitching and bucking inside“Kiss me Bill”The wife nodded again and I kissed her mother, full wet sloppy kissing I was getting from her in return. After a couple of minutes she broke away from my mouth and I climbed off slipping my cock from her well saturated love hole and lay down next to her“Are you alright mam”“Yes I’m fine”“It just that you were calling dad’s name out”“I’m sorry love its just been so long, I’m sorry” and began to cry“Come here mam, sleep with us tonight” as the two of them rolled together“Do you not mind”“No, we both want you to sleep here with us”I grabbed the sheet covering every one up“He’s so thoughtful, isn’t he”I cuddled in behind, feeling the wife’s arm to let her know I was there. My wife was first to break away and we could here her sleeping, probably with all that wine. I moved my hand down to the mother in laws bum, feeling between her legs. She rolled off her side and a little more on to her front giving me better access to her fanny, playing with her sloppy cum filled fanny.I felt her move and she started to come back on to her back, now sorted I give her a little kiss as she turned her head to me. Running my hand down over her tits to her fanny, she parted her legs gently as not to wake her daughter.Her hand was already rubbing her lips, then she fetched her wet fingers to my mouth and then in to hers. I kept finger fucking her quietly, fetching our love juice out on to her lips, the first night we don’t have to worry about staining the bed.We both must of drifted off to sleep as it was the light that woke me up, the realization of last night becoming clearer, what will the wife say after I fucked her mother.The others were wakening up as well, unsure what to say we all kept quite until the mother in law sat up“I need the toilet”With being in the middle of the bed, someone would have to give the sheet up to let her get out and it was me, just laying there naked as she shuffled to the bottom of the bed. As she stood up the force of gravity played its part letting a stream of my cum run out of her pussy“Shit”Nipping her legs tight together she try to waddled to the toilet, the wife seeing this grabbed a tissue jumping out of bed to help her mother and the same happened to her“Fuck”Now the two of them nipped there legs tight shut looking at each other and began laughing. Both with a tissue stuck up their fanny’s, they set off for the toilet. Ten minutes past of talking and laughing then the shower started as the wife came back.“Is she alright” I asked“It’s made her holiday, she’s so happy, thank you for doing that”The mother in law came back from the shower naked to us“Showers free” The night turned out to be a success, all showered and having breakfast outside naked, bras, pants and clothes still laying where they were tossed last night and everyone talking.The three of us has spent the rest of the day in town and about to head back to the caravan, I popped in to the public toilets as the women go to the car, at the car there is no sign of them. Looking around the car I find them squatting against the wall at the back of the car.“What’s wrong”“On three” the wife saidBoth lifted there skirts and both with no knickers on, one hairy fanny and one bald fanny“Three”Both started to pee, dark golden liquid squirting past their lips began running down the car park.The mother in law’s pee coming out like a hose jet where the wife’s was more sprinkling from side to side through her bush. If only I could join them, but I had just gone.The two of them squeezed every last drop out of their bladders to see who could pee the furthest I set a time of five minutes and the three of us watched as the clock counted down, the mother in law being the winner“Well done mam”That was all our sexually fantasy fulfilled, we never played dare again on that holiday or mention that night while we were there, the mother in law slept in her bed. I fucked the wife twice more, knowing her mother was listening and playing with herself.We carried on as normal all three of us walking about naked from when we got up, nothing was spoilt.Now back at home I still see the mother in law as normal once or twice a week for sex without the wife knowing and the wife is given in to all my desires as I made her mother so happy on holiday. Other stories about my 73-year-old mother in law from the beginning:My 73-year-old Mother in law’s Panty GirdleI fucked my 73-year-old mother in lawI Go Shopping with my 73-year-old mother in law

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