Having Fun

Subject: Canadian Countdown to the Curtain Raiser Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and practice safe sex! Happy reading. Previously: On Ice Panting Mitch noticed a strange but familiar sensation, he looked down and pressed up against his jeans his cock was hard, worse still Brendan had noticed too. On Ice – Canadian Countdown to the Curtain Raiser Mitch Marner woke up feeling excited and happy looking forward to the day ahead. Training camps were about to begin and he couldn’t wait to get back on to the ice after Toronto’s disappointing end to the 2020/21 season. Today however, Mitch was off to a promo event with CBC to talk about his chances this season along with two other young Canadian stars. The Maple Leafs forward entered the TV studios and were taken through to the green room. Mitch sat down and took out his phone to pass the time flicking through social media and sports news. “This way Jake.” “Thanks.” Jake Virtanen nodded, turning into the waiting room. “Hey.” Mitch beamed “how’s it going?” He finished. Jake’s eyes flashed over to where the sound had come from. “Dude!” He chirped, striding over to Mitch. The Maple Leaf stood up to greet him and the pair clasped each other’s hands in a frat-boy style handshake before sitting down next to each other. “How was your summer?” Mitch began turning to the Canucks forward. “Kinda shit to be honest, how about yours?” Jake replied. “Mine was pretty good, managed to get to Georgia for some sun.” Mitch beamed. “Exactly.” Jake spat with frustration, “we planned to go to California, but with COVID and the wildfires we just ended up staying in BC.” Jake explained. “Dang it.” Mitch sighed. They were interrupted by the runner appearing once more. “Through here.” “Thanks.” The tall figure of Kirby Dach passed through the doorway and surveyed the room. The 20-year-old’s eyes locked on to the pair sat over on the right side of the room. “Hey.” Mitch beamed; “sup” Jake nodded as Kirby stepped in tentatively. “Hi.” He replied timidly, “come, sit.” Mitch smiled a toothy grin as he gestured towards the chair opposite them. [And there it is, the most beautiful smile in hockey!] Jake and Kirby both swooned silently appreciating Mitch’s perfectly sculptured features. The 24-year-old Maple Leaf had the softest looking, pale skin leading up to a dimpled smile and the warmest blue eyes you could drown in. “Ok guys, if you’d like to come through now.” The floor manager called from the doorway. The 3 young Canadians stood up simultaneously and headed towards the studio in single file. The interview was a light hearted affair, each star quizzed on their predictions for the season, how they felt about participating in the Olympics and their funniest locker room moments. The three of them laughed harder in an interview than they ever had before, Jake even managing to shoot water out of his nose before coughing and spluttering. The floor manager handed Jake a towel as the three skaters headed off the set and back to the green room. “What the fuck happened there dude.” Kirby blasted as they all fell into chairs giggling. “I dunno.” Jake protested, “it just shot out.” he explained. Mitch watched the pair of them in hysterics, they were good fun. “What are you boys up to after this?” he forced through his involuntary shudders of laughter. Kirby wiped his eyes, “I’m not doing anything.” “I’m gonna run up a tab on my hotel room.” Jake winked mischievously. “You guys should come along?” he continued. Mitch glanced at Kirby who nodded enthusiastically. “Sounds good to me.” Kirby replied, “Let’s do it!” Mitch agreed. The three young Canadian’s left the TV studios and jumped into the first taxi they could stop. Bundling inside Kirby ended up sitting in the middle of the trio, shifting uncomfortably as his leg grazed against Mitch’s. “You ok there big guy?” Mitch sniggered at the 20-year-old who glanced back at him nervously. “I’m the tallest, how did I end up in the middle seat?” Kirby grumbled. “Ha, stop bitching kiddo.” Jake scoffed. Kirby’s discomfort was short lived, within 10 minutes they were jumping out of the taxi and stumbling with laughter into Jake’s hotel room. “Hey, can you send up two dozen bottles of Miller Lite please?” Jake asked politely to room service on the phone. The beer arrived with the three young skaters sitting on the bed discussing their favourite road trips. “Any chance some of those are already cold?” Jake chanced as the hotel staff filled the fridge carefully. “Yes sir.” “Can we have three please?” “Of course, sir.” The blonde boy responded. Mitch guessed he was about 18 years old, clean shaven and slim, his tight shirt failing to conceal his tense biceps. Mitch made sure his eyes didn’t linger but as he looked over to Jake, the Vancouver forward wasn’t as subtle. The 24-year-old smiled politely, receiving the three bottles of beer, “thanks.” His blue eyes wandered down to the twink’s arse as he turned back to fill the rest of the fridge. Mitch’s eyes flicked back to Kirby’s, you ready for this, minor?” Mitch teased referring to Kirby being too young to drink in Chicago and pretending he hadn’t noticed Jake perving. “Bring it bitch.” The Blackhawk grinned, twisting off the cap and taking a short swig. 3 beers later the boys had already begun talking complete shit. Another two beers each and Mitch had the idea to find out more about Jake’s perving. “Guys, never have I ever been skinny dipping.” Mitch beamed then took a swig of beer. Kirby watched blankly as Jake himself took a swig. “Never have I ever barfed up from a night of drinking.” Jake replied, turning to Kirby who blushed, taking to swig with the other two. “That’s my boy!” Jake cheered; the older skaters looked towards the 20-year-old. “Never have I ever…errrr, I dunno.” Kirby blushed. “Ok, never have I ever sucked a cock.” Mitch jumped in impatiently glancing towards Jake as he sipped. Jake looked back at Mitch with a grin, “oh I see. Never have I ever had anal sex.” Jake smiled, taking another swig of his drink, Mitch stared back at him swigging his own drink, while Kirby took a swig of his own beer as well. “Ooooh Kirby, girl or guy?” Jake giggled, “It was a girl, she was a nasty bitch.” The Albertan grinned proudly. Mitch and Jake nodded their approval, “would you do a guy?” Mitch asked curiously looking at the 20-year-old. Kirby gave the question a little consideration then shrugged, “I don’t see why not.” He replied coolly before sipping more beer. Mitch nodded then looked across to Jake, “oh we know you would already.” Mitch giggled. Jake seemed buoyed by Mitch’s confident statement. “You’re damn right I would. Who wants it?!” Jake grinned, putting down his beer and pulling his trousers down to reveal his flaccid, cut cock. Kirby glanced at Mitch who hesitated, scared to seem too eager. “Just keep this between us!” The Maple Leaf glared moving towards Jake and pointing to them both as he did so. “I love a naughty secret.” Jake beamed, his cock pulsing with excitement as Mitch’s hand got closer and closer. A surge of blood through Jake’s body stiffened his cock just before Mitch’s hand made contact, the Canucks’ hard tool jumped into Mitch’s warm, soft palm and continued to grow. Kirby watched on with interest as the older boys initiated contact. Jake seemed smug as his growing member filled the palm of the Toronto poster boy. Mitch seemed to be deep in concentration as his fingers began to slide over Jake’s thin outer skin. “Ohh yeahhh.” Jake exhaled encouragingly. Mitch always liked Jake, the blonde skater had been on his radar as they moved up the ranks and now, they were playing for two of the biggest teams in Canada. The Canuck’s hardening tool thickened and stretched to 7 inches in Mitch’s hand throbbing hard. Mitch surveyed Jake’s cock as he stroked, bursa escort the thickness was the bit that interested Mitch the most, Jake was clearly more than an inch wide, [beautiful.] Kirby watched the two older guys as they stared at each other, Mitch’s hand working the West coaster’s cock while his head lowered gradually. The Albertan couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene in front of him. Jake was moaning softly, encouraging Mitch every time the Maple Leaf stroked him. A sharp gasp and the back of Jake’s hand crossed over his own mouth followed Mitch sliding Jake’s cock into his mouth. “Fuck, Kirby get over here.” Jake groaned as Mitch swallowed the first half of his stick. Kirby’s legs stood him up from his seat, then moved him across towards Jake. The 20-year-old felt as if he were being controlled by a radio controller as he moved with no ability to stop himself, the intrigue was too much to ignore. Jake moaned again as Mitch sucked away at his hard cock, the Maple Leaf adding more tongue to his technique as he bobbed. Jake’s blue eyes watched Kirby’s expression as he reached up to the Albertan’s fly. The Canuck’s fingers made light work, opening up Kirby’s jeans and revealing that the 20-year-old had begun to tent. “Feed me.” Jake beamed at the tent. Kirby slid his boxers and jeans down to the top of his thighs while Jake marvelled at the sight in front of him. 8.5 inches of thick, cut meat stood perpendicular to Kirby’s body. The long thick pale cock led to a nest of jet-black pubes at the base. Jake reached out towards Kirby and took him by the cock, gently pulling him closer. Kirby obeyed Jake’s guidance and it was the Albertan’s turn to grunt and groan as the 25-year-old’s warm mouth surrounded the top of his cock. The Chicago forward watched Jake’s face disappear from view as it devoured his long hard stick, Jake immediately began to use his tongue to explore the curves of Kiby’s hard cock. Mitch wrapped his tongue around Jake’s hard cock, doing everything he could to stimulate the British Colombian and it was working. Jake was in a very happy place, Mitch’s beautiful face sucking on his own tool while the big sexy Kirby fed him, his thick cock nested in a bush of chestnut brown pubes contrasting his smooth pale skin. Jake’s eyes ran up the young Albertan’s body to his steely blue eyes. The Canuck’s free hand took the hem of Kirby’s shirt and pushed it up, encouraging the 20-year-old to continue the job. Kirby hesitated for a second before he decided to grant Jake his wish and pulling the shirt over his head then dropping it aside, Kirby stood shirtless, towering above Jake. The 25-year-old’s blue eyes scanned the Albertan’s body, Kirby’s smooth stomach was toned, the ridges of his abs were perfectly visible while his meaty pecs puffed out with his tight brown nipples. Above them the youngster’s cute face looked down, their eyes connecting as Jake’s throat devoured 8 of Kirby’s 8.5 inches. Mitch continued to suck Jake, gorging on the British Colombian’s thick rod while Jake gorged on Kirby’s. The sound of ravenous slurping and sucking grew louder, Kirby joined the chorus with soft moans emitting from him increasing in volume as Jake bobbed up and down. The 20-year-old closed his eyes and really began to appreciate Jake’s oral work, the BC skater pressed Kirby to the back of his throat, deepthroating the youngster’s hard log. Looking back down at the sight of Jake and Mitch below him, the young Albertan felt like a top amongst men. After several minutes of choking himself on Kirby’s stick, Jake decided it was time for a change. Continuing to drink Kirby’s cock, Jake reached down and pulled Mitch away from his own cock to pull the 24-year-old up. Mitch dropped Jake’s thick cock from his lips then followed the Canuck’s guidance. The Ontarian’s disappointment was short lived as Jake pulled away from Kirby’s cock and presented it to Mitch. The 24-year-old’s blue eyes flashed with excitement as they closed in on Kirby’s 8.5-inch stick. pursing his lips around the end of Kirby’s head then sliding down, he got his first taste of the sexy Albertan. Kirby beamed proudly watching Mitch’s face bouncing into his crotch, deepthroating his throbbing cock effortlessly. Jake used his freedom to remove his shirt and throw it aside. Kirby glanced up at the blonde and smiled, Jake’s body looked pretty good, generally smooth with a few tattoos and a wonderful golden tan. The 25-year-old winked at Kirby before moving round behind Mitch and lowering himself to his knees. Mitch busily swallowed the length of Kirby’s cock, scraping the 20-year-old’s head against his tonsils. The Maple Leafs forward became aware of Jake’s presence behind him, tugging at his jeans and pulling them down. Jake took pleasure in revealing Mitch’s arse to himself slowly, sliding the 24-year-old’s jeans past his hips and round over the peachy round mounds that formed Mitch’s rear. The look on Jake’s face had stretched to the widest grin Kirby had ever seen in his life. The 25-year-old studied Mitch’s backend; the Ontarian’s muscular thighs were decorated with thin dark hairs. The best part though were Mitch’s round cheeks, the creamy colour of the soft white skin clung to his firm glutes. A nice trail of dark brown hairs ran along the inside of both cheeks as if they were guiding lines, mapping the way to Mitch’s entrance. Jake could feel himself foaming at the mouth, Mitch’s presentation was exactly the way he liked it and taking hold of the 24-year-old’s thighs, Jake launched himself between Mitch’s cheeks. Mitch moaned through a mouthful of Kirby’s hard cock. The feeling of Jake’s tongue sliding between his cheeks and locating his tight hole sent a shiver of excitement through the 24-year-old’s body. The warmth of Mitch’s arse cheeks against Jake’s cheeks only increased the 25-year-old’s hunger. Jake’s nose pressed hard against Mitch’s tailbone, sucking the flavour from the Ontarian’s beautiful arse. Kirby gave a long sigh as Mitch’s tonsils tickled his throbbing head. The Maple Leaf gave great head, not only did he swallow every inch of meat without a hint of gagging, the added suction from Mitch’s beautiful lips enhanced the experience to one of pure happiness. Kirby watched Jake with a hint of jealousy, the 20-year-old wasn’t much into rimming a guy, but the thought of fucking Mitch’s hole was very much at the front of his mind. [If this guy sucks so good, he must know how to take a good fuck as well.] Kirby convinced himself. Jake slathered around Mitch’s tight ring, the 24-year-old poster boy looking even better with fewer clothes on him. The Canuck spread Mitch’s pale cheeks as wide as he could and pressed his nose in deep. Jake felt as though sucking any harder at the sexy Maple Leaf’s ring might actually suck the marrow right out of him. Finally, Jake pulled his face back an inch, spat twice on Mitch’s ring and admired the view for a second. The jealousy in Kirby began to bubble as he watched Jake take hold of his own 7-inch cock and line himself up. “Save some of that for me.” Kirby scowled; Jake flashed the youngster a cheeky wink as he pressed his raw head at Mitch’s entrance. Dribbling down on his head, Jake soaked his tool in his sticky saliva before pushing a little harder against the sexy bottom. Mitch felt Jake’s tongue leave his hole and continued to suck Kirby knowing that this was only the beginning. As Jake’s raw head began to press at Mitch’s back door, the Ontarian paused sucking for a moment and closed his eyes. Taking in a deep breath through his nose, Mitch pushed out his ring and opened his back door to allow Jake’s invasion. With ease, Jake began to sink into Mitch’s perfect hole. The Maple Leaf felt nice and tight despite the relative ease entering his arse. The softness of Mitch’s groans told Jake and Kirby this boy knew how to take a cock. Before Jake knew escort bayan it, two-thirds of his raw sword had filled Mitch’s insides allowing the top to pull back gently to swing forward once more. “Oh yeahhh.” Mitch breathed, pulling off Kirby’s cock to offer his encouragement before swallowing the Albertan once more. “Fuck.” Kirby cursed as Mitch’s wet mouth played with his throbbing head. Jake beamed across to Kirby who smiled, then back down at Mitch’s arse to watch another inch of his cock disappear inside the bottom before looking back at the 20-year-old. Kirby began to swing his hips in time with Jake’s fucking the cute poster boy from both ends. Jake raised a hand high in the air which Kirby met for a loud high-five. Mitch grinned, his mouth full of Kirby’s cock and his arse full of Jake’s cock, he was a little slut and he loved it. Jake’s crotch rocked forward and this time it gave Mitch’s cute arse a glancing blow. Both the top and bottom noticed the feeling and knew it was time to take it up a notch. Mitch braced himself as he felt Jake’s grip tighten around his hips, he knew that meant the BC skater was about to pound his arse and he wasn’t wrong. Jake placed himself directly behind Mitch’s hole to ensure he was driving straight, creating as little resistance as he could. The 25-year-old pulled 5 inches of his raw cock out of Mitch’s arse before stuffing it back in straight to the hilt. Mitch gave a satisfied grunt with every shot, stifled only by Kirby’s delicious cock, stuffing his mouth. Jake increased his speed rapidly, half spurred on by Mitch’s sexy body, half spurred on by the longing look in Kirby’s eyes. Jake felt no guilt for stretching Mitch out though, from the look of Kirby’s hard tool, the damage the Albertan was about to do to Mitch would be irreparable. The 25-year-old followed Mitch’s grunts and for at least 3 straight minutes, he bucked hard into the sexy bottom, increasing his power each time while Mitch’s grunts softened with comfort. The tightness of Mitch’s smooth, pale belly felt so damn good on Jake’s bare cock. The top watched the way Mitch’s tight ring clung to the outer skin of his cock, pulling so tightly to it and Jake could see the muscles of his hard cock within it. Releasing Kirby’s cock to reach back to his hole, Mitch held his cheeks open invitingly. Jake beamed with happiness, Mitch’s spread cheeks were an open invited to fuck the sexy Maple Leaf even harder, an opportunity he was never going to turn down. The 25-year-old held Mitch’s sides tight as he propelled his pelvis into the willing young bottom who groaned through his nose as he bounced. Kirby admired Mitch’s skill for cock handling. Not only was the 24-year-old coping well with Jake’s raw cock, ploughing his insides, but his ability to simultaneously suck Kirby’s hard cock was a skill to behold. The Albertan watched Mitch’s rose-pink lips clasped tight around his boner, polishing his hard tool with his wet saliva. Inside, Mitch’s tongue ran underneath the shaft, making sure Kirby left stimulation from all sides. Jake glanced up at Kirby and grinned, the beefy 20-year-old was clearly enjoying himself, maybe as much as Jake was. Looking down at his cock disappearing into Mitch’s pale body, Jake felt incredible. The poster boy Maple Leaf with his clean, innocent looks was a little slut deep down, a slut whose arse was used to getting stretched by raw, hard cock and Mitch loved it. Guiding his shaft so deep he could feel Mitch’s sphincter, Jake felt his balls grumble impatiently and he knew it was time to withdraw or he would soon be making a deposit. Raising his hand up for a high five, Jake beamed at Kirby. “Tag in bro.” Jake exclaimed. The youngster’s eyes lit up with excitement and swinging his hand in the opposite direction, he tagged Jake. The Canuck, held his shaft steady and carefully pulled it free of Mitch’s ring. The bottom slut waited patiently, taking a moment to breathe as Kirby, who had hastily vacated his mouth, lined his thick cock up with Mitch’s pink hole. After Jake’s loosening work on Mitch’s ring, Kirby’s head had very little work to do. The Blackhawk’s cut head breached Mitch with minimal effort as Kirby applied, he weight against Mitch’s hole. “Oh, fuck yeahhh.” Mitch cried as the second raw cock of the day entered his tunnel, gently expanding his insides as it worked its way further up his warm rectum. Jake watched on as he moved around to Mitch’s front and presented the 24-year-old with his hard cock. The Canuck forward placed his hands on his hips and pushed his crotch forward. The randy 20-year-old stuffing his cock into Mitch’s arse pushed the bottom forward towards the thick, throbbing shaft in front of his eyes. Pressing his cock as deep as he could inside Mitch’s beautiful body, Kirby’s head pulsed hard rubbing against the untouched tightness of Mitch’s warm hole. The force of the youngster’s thick cock stretching his insides, the feeling of the youngster’s cock stroking his sensitive prostate brought a groan of pleasure from the bottom just in time for Jake’s cock to slip between his lips. Mitch grunted with every thrust of the Albertan’s hard cock, Kirby wasted as little energy as possible keeping his upper body steady and pressing his crotch into Mitch’s arse. The Maple Leaf’s momentum bounced him off Kirby’s muscular crotch and with increasing speed, each bounce sent ripples through Mitch’s round, pale arse. “How good is that ass?” Jake beamed, watching Kirby’s face slipping into a daydream. “So good.” Kirby replied, breathless at the experience of Mitch’s arse sliding along his pole. “Up top bro.” Jake grinned, raising his arms up for Kirby to hold. The pair swung their hips back and forth in unison while Mitch happily took their cocks. “Eiffel Tower-ing this bitch.” Jake chimed to a happy smirk from Kirby. Mitch felt like a dirty slut below Jake and Kirby. His lips held Jake’s cock steady while the 25-year-old fucked his face from the tip to his smooth crotch. Mitch could taste his clean arse on Jake’s wet cock and grinned, he loved the fact that both cocks had battered both ends of his tight, pale body. The bottom’s tongue cupped the underside of Jake’s shaft as it ploughed his face, teasing the tip as the British Columbian began to close in on the finishing line. “Keep sucking that D Mitch, I’m gonna shoot.” Jake announced. The Canuck was a little early with his announcement, he wanted Mitch to be prepared for the load currently forming within his juicy nuts. Kirby’s reaction suggested Jake’s announcement had turned him on as well, the audible tone of his firm crotch rapping against Mitch’s firm arse cheeks ascended along with a grunt with the twink whose eyes were narrowed in of Mitch’s pale cheeks at the point where his thick, raw 8.5-inch cock sliced its way into the bottom’s body. “How close are you big boy?” Jake grinned over to Kirby. “I’m getting…pretty…close.” he panted, swinging his hips back and forth powerfully to pleasure more of his bare cock. The agreement from above Mitch that Jake and Kirby were about to cum filled the slutty Maple Leaf with pre-regret. Running his eyes up Jake’s hard, toned torso and simultaneously imaging Kirby’s torso, Mitch made himself pulse with desire. The thought of two meaty cocks exploding inside his body stiffened Mitch’s cock, excited by the thought of being their messy little cum dump. “Oh God.” Kirby groaned, “Oh Mitch.” Jake grunted, both boys thrusting their rods into the Ontarian’s toned body. Jake held on to his load desperately, watching Kirby ram into Mitch was too hot but he was determined to shoot when the young top did. Jake was in luck, “ooooooh fuckkkkk.” Kirby hissed, throwing his body into Mitch, bucking frantically as his balls began to unload. “Niceeee. Ohhhh yessss.” Jake agreed, allowing himself over the cliff. Kirby juddered forward, slamming his bursa escort crotch into Mitch’s body below him, his young nuts began to drain. Jake could see the look of pained happiness in Kirby’s eyes as the Albertan began to unload and that look was all he needed to relax and allow himself to reach his own climax. “Ughhh.” Kirby grunted, as his nuts fired their pearly juices into Mitch’s rectum while up front, “yeahhh.” Jake sighed as his nuts began to flood Mitch’s throat with his seed. Kirby continued to fuck Mitch, determinedly ramming his crotch into the sexy bottom while his cock blasted three thick loads of his sticky jizz. The 20-year-old’s thick cock muscles rippled with waves of pleasure as he fired another round into Mitch’s smooth belly. Jake’s abs were similarly tense as his hot load blasted into Mitch’s throat. The British Colombian felt his nuts vibrating erratically as they fired his cream into Mitch’s willing mouth. Mitch swallowed the thick, creamy load as it sprayed across his tonsils while behind him, his hole became warm, sloshing with Kirby’s seed. The 24-year-old grunted with happiness as Kirby slammed his crotch into his doughy cheeks, shooting more cream into his belly while Jake pushed his cock against Mitch’s tonsils, spraying them with another coat of cum to swallow. Beneath the Maple Leaf his own cock throbbed hard in anticipation, he too wasn’t far from his own orgasm, just a few strokes and he would be ready to unleash his load. Kirby rocked forward, placing all of his weight on Mitch’s body and with one last groan he shot the rest of his seed into Mitch’s belly. While Kirby held his crotch against Mitch’s arse in a stunned state, Jake remained a couple of shots behind him and holding the Maple Leaf’s soft brown hair, he fired his last few ropes across Mitch’s tongue with a groan. Jake’s balls gave a final buzz, squeezing the last pearl of his seed into Mitch’s lips and with his cock softening, Jake pulled himself from Mitch’s lips. Jake wasn’t done yet, now his own balls were empty he reached down and turned Mitch over to his back. The 24-year-old’s naked body looked stunning, his smooth, muscular, pale skin decorated with several dark green tattoos and that neat nest of dark hairs surrounding his hard 7-inch cock. Jake threw his weight forward, stopping himself headbutting Mitch’s torso with his palms on the floor. “JEEEESUS.” Mitch hissed as his rock-hard cock suddenly became warm and wonderfully wet. The Ontarian was already so close with one load sludging down his throat and a second load sloshing within his rectum, that Jake’s talented tongue wouldn’t take long to relieve Mitch of his own load. Mitch’s head had covered itself in a nice coating of precum which had formed during his Eiffel Towering. Jake ran the inside of his mouth along Mitch’s head as he swallowed the 24-year-old’s entire 7-inch shaft. The feeling of his head sliding within the warmth of Jake’s mouth and stroking his smooth tonsils, Mitch felt his nuts tighten in anticipation to unload. Kirby watched from the side, studying Jake’s technique as Mitch’s body began to jiggle and judder. The Maple Leaf’s breathing had gone shallow and light to the feeling of Jake’s tongue sliding across his swollen head. “Oh fuckkkk.” Mitch huffed in one long release of pure ecstasy. The Maple Leaf’s dark pubes pressed up into Jake’s nose and his balls released their contents into Jake’s willing mouth. Kirby’s eyes had gone nowhere and as Mitch shut his eyes tight while thrusting his hips up into Jake’s face, the youngster’s eyes switched over to the Canuck whose Adam’s apple had started to bounce up and down as the 25-year-old to swallow Mitch’s load. The smooth Maple Leaf could feel his seed surging up through his shaft, squirting inside Jake’s thirsty mouth. Jake sucked down the hot, viscous liquid as it began to flow freely across his tongue and down his throat. Mitch’s seed had a strong, bitter taste and Jake loved it. “Oh God.” Mitch squealed as his bubbling nuts emptied. Looking up at Kirby’s cute face he smiled while Jake’s mouth slid across his head relentlessly. The 24-year-old’s head throbbed in response to the slick flesh sliding over his membrane. “Ugh.” Mitch grunted as another load shot into Jake’s mouth. Strong waves of pleasure radiated through Mitch’s smooth, muscular frame while his semi-hairy legs kicked in ecstasy. Feeling a final tightening of his entire lower half, Mitch closed his eyes and immersed himself in one more ejaculation. Jake’s swallowing sucked a final wave of pleasure out of the 24-year-old before his entire body fell still except for his happy panting. Feeling Mitch’s cock softening within his lips, Jake released the 24-year-old’s cock. Mitch continued to pant excitedly while Jake swallowed hard. “Grab us two glasses of water.” Jake requested softly to Kirby who nodded. While Mitch recovered, Jake took the Maple Leaf by the hand, dragging him up from the floor. “How’re you feeling?” Jake asked as Mitch stood for the first time in nearly an hour. “I’m beat.” Mitch chuckled as Kirby placed a glass of water in each of their hands. “How’s your ass?” Kirby added. “Yeah, sore but good. Thanks.” Mitch beamed to the Albertan. “Your ass is the best.” Kirby replied, nodding unequivocally. “Ain’t that the truth.” Jake nodded before throwing back his glass of water. “You prefer anal?” Jake glanced towards Kirby with a smirk on his face. “Yeah, I love it, girls don’t like it as much though.” Kirby sighed. Mitch hobbled over to the fridge and grabbed another few beers, then placing two more down on the bedside table, the Maple Leaf collapsed onto the bed. “I can’t wait to shit your load out.” Mitch sniggered over to Kirby. The youngster looked back at Mitch stunned. The cute, innocent looking Mitch Marner was filthy and he liked it. “I never knew you liked cock and cum so much.” Kirby replied, a cheeky smile on his face as he too cracked open his beer and took a swig. “Kirby, the league has got many secrets you’ll never know, but if you want to put your dick in some ass, let Jake know and he will hook you up.” Jake added, chuckling as he took a long draught of his beer and winked at the 20-year-old. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. If you like what you’ve read, please let me know by emailing me ail. I write these stories for fun, but I would greatly appreciate any contributions you are willing to give as a result. If you would like to make a donation then feel free to contact me on the email above. 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