On my own this time!

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On my own this time!I have just been away on a work trip and the conference was is Paris. I took the car then through the tunnel to my hotel, its a great drive seeing all the different sites. when I got there I met my boss and he said it should only last 2 days but he booked the hotel for 4 just in case, I told the wife I would stay the 4 days and see what Paris has to offer for future trips if we decide to go.when I unpacked I went to the bar and the boss said we can have 1 but the meeting starts at 2 and lasts till 6ish, so after that we can go have a meal and taste the French wine and he was paying. sounds good to me.so to the next day the meeting started again and this time it was an all day session and it would be completed. it was a long day but finally it was over, the boss said he had booked a flight straight back to England and he would be back at work tomorrow to push the plans through but said to me take the week off and enjoy the trip spend some money on us as it was payed for by the company but not too much! Ok cheers boss. On the Wednesday I went for a stroll through the streets of Paris and I have never seen so many black men? I went into a bar and I was talking to the owner who luckily spoke English and he said they were all immigrant’s from around the world, some are decent but some just want everything for free! I continued my walk and I was in and out of bars plus seeing some sights. on my way back to the hotel there was a bar and it looked really gloomy and it had tables out the front and it was full of black men, I walked into the bar and it was like “Who are you” and what are you doing in the bar.I ordered a drink and the bar man said in broken English you do know you are the only white man here! its ok I said I don’t mind. I sat at the bar and was drinking my pint and a black man walked up to me and in an African bursa escort voice said are you Ok, yes my friend I am just having 1 and continuing on my sight seeing, its Ok my friend you are safe in here we are all good people. Thanks. he continued to talk to me and he was a lovely bloke, he was telling me his plight and what he wanted to do with his life, he wanted to get to England and have a family and get a job and be happy. I said good luck my friend if you get there come see me but only saying that to be kind. I will he said!. Anyway I had finished my drink and I said I would be on my way, no he said stay and have 1 more, you can buy me 1 and we can chat, Ok. so the day went by and it was now night and we were tipsy we had had a few and we put the world to right. Jamal was asking me to get him over there, England. telling me to say I was his family, lol. I said I would if I could but I can’t. Jamal said I will give you my number and address and you give me yours and if I get there you can get me work, What have I done here I was thinking. Jamal said he would do anything! I was thinking anything? Susan and I could use him for some fun if he ever got over but that was my drunken mind thinking overtime.he asked if I married and I told him yes and he asked about k**s I told him 2 daughters one 17 and the other 18, he asked if I had picture’s, I showed him Susan and he was like she is really nice, big woman, I said yes a big girl, he said big boobs, yes, I laughed cos everybody always says that. and then I showed him my daughters and he said wow VERY nice. thank you. he asked if I had more of Susan and I showed him some of when were on holiday in Jamaica and he said she was stunning, in the pictures she was with our black friend the bar man and he said she likes him? he is in a lot of pictures! yes he is our good friend. in bursa escort bayan 1 of the pictures she had a t-shirt on and it had the Queen of spades on he must of known what this meant. Ahh he said good friend I see, I replied what do you mean, I see the t-shirt and I know! I told him she likes it. he replied well get me over and I can be yours! Jamal and I were gone I was swaying and so was he, I told him that was me I had to get back to the hotel, he said he would walk with me as its a rough area when dark. Ok thanks. we walked for about 20 minutes and I was at my hotel, Thanks Jamal maybe I will see you again 1 day. he said you can invite me up for drinks if you want and you ring your wife and tell here I am here wanting to talk to her, Ok sounds good to me.I got upstairs and opened the mini bar and I poured us a drink and I rang Susan on the i-pad to video call her, when she answered she was like hello darling where have you been and what are you doing, I turned the I-pad round and showed her Jamal and she was like WTF, who is that, I told her and I said he wanted to see you and talk. Susan was like hello! As they talked and Susan was asking him question’s I was sat drinking my wine and Susan told him about our trip away and what happened and that she loves the BBC now and at every chance we can we get one. Jamal was telling her that if he came over he would love to see her, Susan told him that I like to have one too. Jamal looked at me and said you should have said I like both too! I just smiled back and said Ok. Susan said to him stay the night and have some fun! Susan at this point was laid on the bed legs open and playing with herself she said she was thinking of all 3 of us going for it. Jamal pulled his cock out and started to play with it, I just sat there in silence, he was showing Susan it and she was like I escort bursa need that now, Susan said Pete wank it I want to see you play with it, Jamal placed the i-pad on the bedside table and it was positioned to show him and me wanking him, I got hold of his black cock and started to wank him, his cut 11 inch black cock felt unreal, I was tugging away and Susan was in the back ground shouting suck it. I went to my knees and I took it in my mouth, I was sucking this mans cock I was in shock but I was liking it, Susan had pulled her dildo out and she fucking herself silly, Jamal said get on the bed on all 4’s and I will fuck you. Susan said do it Pete I want to see it, Ok. I will do anything for her as it shows. I took my Jeans off and I bent over, Jamal fingered my arse and got me stretched a little, he spat on his cock and my hole, he stood above me and he slowly placed his cut cock in me, slowly slowly I said. at 1st he was gentle, he slid it in bit by bit, spitting on it all the time for lube, finally he was ball deep and I was crying! it hurt but it felt so good, Susan was telling him fuck him I want to see you fuck him hard, Jamal didn’t disappoint he fucked me till he burst his nut inside me, I could see Susan fucking herself silly and she was dripping, she was telling me to bring him home, we need that cock in our life. Jamal pulled out and he was just swinging away with a drenched cum filled cock. it looked unreal. he told me to get him to England and he would be ours. Susan again was like get him here! I laid there and told him he could stay if he wanted too but he said he had to get back to hostel, he left me his mobile and address and said if you come here with the wife or daughters he would sort us all out but hopefully he will see us soon! he let himself out and I continued the call with the wife and she was like that made my night that Pete I was bored until then, she asked how I met him and how did he get back to the hotel, I told her my days journey and she said well it turned out Ok. her final words were night Love you get him here i want to try it?

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