On the Beach Ch. 03


Bill was trying to run but he couldn’t get his body to move. Something was holding him back. He could see Sandy standing on a lifeguard’s platform with some guy and they were both naked. She was kissing him and he had his hands on her ass. He had watched her stand there while the jerk played with her breasts and she fondled his cock. He tried to leap up onto the platform when he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his calf. He could hear her calling to him but he couldn’t get to her and he called out that he was coming.

“Are you all right? Sir! Are you OK?” a woman’s voice broke through into his brain. “Sir! What’s wrong?”

Bill felt someone grab his arm and he opened his eyes to be immediately blinded by the sun. His cap was gone and he was lying half off of his chair. Squinting, he looked up and saw the woman who had been sitting next to him standing by his side and shaking his arm with both hands.

“Are you all right?” she asked with concern in her voice. “You’ve been thrashing around and mumbling in your sleep. I thought you were having a stroke or something.”

“I’m fine, I must have been dreaming,” he replied. “That must be what happened to my leg,” he continued and massaged his calf before straddling the chair to stand up.

“It must have been a great dream,” she laughed and looked down at his crotch where his obviously erect cock was pushing his bathing trunks out in front. “I wish I still had dreams like that!”

Bill quickly sat back down onto his chair and attempted to cover his crotch with his hands.

“I am sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what happened to me.”

“That’s OK,” the woman replied and before she could stop herself she continued. “I hope you were dreaming about me?” and clapped her hand over her mouth. “I’m sorry! I don’t believe I said that!”

“That’s OK!” he laughed watching her turn red under her tan. “One good dose of embarrassment deserves another I always say. My name is Bill! Bill Hughes! Thanks for saving me!”

“Murphy! Murphy Browne! Browne with an ‘e’,” Murphy replied holding out her hand. “And, I don’t want to hear any of the jokes.”

Bill looked up at her and returned her firm handshake. When they released their hands, his eyes dropped down to her crotch at his eye level. He again imagined he could see a little hair plumping out the fabric above the outline of a little bump at the top of where her pussy lips ended.

“Do you mind if I pull my chair over next to yours?” Murphy asked. “The tilt thing is broken on my umbrella and I don’t want the direct sun on me. It’ll ruin my perfect skin,” she giggled at her joke and ran her fingers across her freckled chest.

“Here, let me help!” Bill offered and started to stand up.

“I’ll silivri escort do it,” she laughed and looked down at him. “You don’t want to terrorize the women around here with that thing! Do you?”

Bill’s erection had subsided somewhat but it still left a prominent bulge in his trunks.

“I’m sorry, I forgot my jock strap,” he explained. “I’ll get one this afternoon.”

“Don’t bother on my account!” she laughed again. “I’m glad somebody is happy to see me!”

Bill sat there speechless as she tugged and pulled her wooden chair up next to his. He was having a problem with the direction the conversation was taking. Not that he minded it but he didn’t know what to say from here on out. There were too many innuendos being passed to him and he didn’t know whether to catch them or to let them fly by.

“Where are you from?” she asked when she finally got herself settled.

“Arlington, Virginia,” he replied. “And you?”

“Formerly Arlington but we now live in a military retirement complex near Sterling, Virginia, north of Arlington.”


“Yes! The General and I were in the Air Force for 32 years before he retired four years ago. Actually, I was with him for 28 of those 32 years. His first wife was there for the first four. We were posted all over the world before retirement.”

Sounds interesting,” he said and computed her age to be about 59 or 60. “Where’s The General as you call him.”

“The General, Robert, is playing golf!” she sighed. “This is supposed to be a vacation for both of us but all of our vacations are golfing vacations for him. I don’t play golf so I’m just dragged along with the rest of his baggage.”

“Do you have to come with him?” he wondered. “Have you tried a vacation by yourself or with your friends?”

“You don’t know The General!” she laughed. “I suppose I could but I really don’t have too many friends. Even though we are retired, military families are still influenced by their active duty ranks and everyone else around us is a lower rank than he is so we are treated a little circumspectly.”

“I see. Too bad,” Bill replied.

“And you? Are you here alone?” she asked, looking at him over her sunglasses.

“I’m sorry to say that I am. This was supposed to be a vacation with my girlfriend but she dumped me a little over a month ago and I decided not to waste the deposit we had put on this place. Where are you staying?”

“Right behind us. The Verandas, Condo 903.”

“I’m in 803. I must be right below you,” he offered. “Don’t make too much noise or I’ll call the cops on you!” he continued with a smile.

“That’s a laugh. Robert leaves at dawn şirinevler escort and doesn’t come in from his day with his buddies until after midnight and he is usually too looped to do anything even if he wanted to! No, there won’t be any noise from our bedroom unless you hear me screaming from frustration.”

Bill wasn’t ready for all of the information she was giving him but he absorbed it and weighed its meaning. Sitting back and closing his eyes he let his big head argue with his little head about whether there was a chance they could do something more than talk. The argument drove more blood into his cock and it started to slowly inflate again.

“Are you dreaming again,” Murphy asked with a snort. “Or is something crawling around in your pants?”

Bill was again embarrassed at her straightforwardness and he quickly sat up to hide his beginning erection.

“You are the only one around here that seems to notice it,” he countered. “No one else is paying any attention to it.”

Removing her sunglasses Murphy leaned closer to him and looked directly into his eyes, “Maybe that’s because no one else is interested in it,” she said without a smile.

Murphy suddenly pulled back and started collecting her odds and ends. Standing she put them into her beach bag and swung it over her shoulder.

“I’m hungry! Do you want to go and get some lunch,” she said.

“Sure!” Bill replied, still reeling from her comment. “Where do you want to go?”

“There’s a pub down in Myrtle Beach called Thorneys. They serve pretty good hamburgers there. Do you have a car?”

“Yes I do.”

Turning to leave she said over her shoulder, “I want to take a shower. I’ll come down and get you in a half an hour or so. OK?”

“Great!” Wait, I’ll walk you back to the elevator.”

Bill followed her across the sand and onto the boardwalk of the condos. Except for some little blue veins showing through her tan she had great looking legs. He stood and watched her at the shower where she washed the sand off of her sandals and her feet before going through the gate and into the pool area. Putting out her hand she balanced herself on his arm while she fit the straps of her flat sandals around her heels.

“Now you,” she said and aimed the spray at his feet and legs. Bill allowed her to wash the sand off of his legs and feet before taking the hose and cleaning his flip-flops.

Catching up with her at the elevator they waited for the car to come down. He punched her floor for her and they rode up in silence. Murphy appeared to be deep in thought while Bill studied as much of her face and body as he could see. She held her beach bag in front şişli escort of her with both hands and her sunglasses hid her eyes and part of her face. He followed the little wrinkles on her neck and chest where they disappeared down between her breasts to show that her body was not as firm as it might once have been. Her breasts were not large but the bathing suit top gave them some cleavage and he could detect the impression of her nipples pushing on the fabric from within.

“Do I pass,” she laughed. “Am I Grade A or Grade B?”

“I’m sorry!” he pleaded. “It’s a habit and I can’t break it. I like looking at beautiful women.”

He watched as her entire body blushed and now he could see her engorged nipples punching out the fabric of her bra top.

“This is your floor, are you going to get out?” she asked.

Breaking out of his reverie, Bill realized that the elevator car had stopped and the doors were open.

“I’ll see you in a little while,” she called to his back as he walked down the hall to his door.

“You old bitch,” Murphy said to herself. “Asking a kid out to lunch before you barely even know his name. Shit! I’m lonely,” she continued. “I’m tired of sitting around waiting for Robert to show up and decide to fall asleep or pass out from booze. I need a little fun too! A little teasing won’t hurt and it’ll make me feel better.”

Standing in the shower she let the hot water run over her body. Looking down she admired what some exercise and a reasonable diet could do for a lady. Sure there were a few wrinkles and some sags but all-in-all it looked pretty good for a 61-year old married woman.

“If it weren’t for these damn tits that decided to fall down under my arms, I’d be happy,” she said aloud. Cupping her hands under them she brought them up and in to where she thought that they belonged. “Maybe I’ll spend some of Robert’s money and get a tit lift. That would really piss him off!”

Murphy shaved her armpits and legs and did a little trim work on her pubic hair until she couldn’t feel any stubble under her fingertips. Her fingers felt good rubbing herself and she momentarily considered getting her friend out of its hiding place in her cosmetic bag but decided against it. Adjusting the water she cooled the spray so she wouldn’t be sweating when she got out. One more rub of her fingers almost set her off into a full-fledged masturbation session but she forced herself to turn off the water and slide the door back.

The thought, “Save it for later,” crossed her mind but she quickly reminded herself that she was married and faithful to her husband no matter how much of a jerk he was these days.

Standing in front of the closet she considered and tossed out several ideas on what to wear. She didn’t want to appear too forward but she wanted to impress him with her sexiness without trying to look like an old lady wearing clothes that were too young for her. After several false starts she decided upon her outfit and moved back into the bathroom to dry her hair and apply her makeup.

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