On the Loveseat Ch. 22


Hello again Dear Readers!

I know that it’s been awhile since the last chapter and I apologize for that. I had gotten to a point in the story that was no longer clearly drafted, with only some vague ideas about how it would continue after Jessica’s revelation. I’ve had difficulties working out the timeline after that and how I would relate Jeremy’s reaction to the events that played out from Jenny’s viewpoint. That, and the somewhat underwhelming response of the last chapter, made me take a break from the story to sort things out. Other things are also in the works so the time wasn’t all wasted. Hopefully more on those soon (or soonish!).

This chapter starts off with a partial retelling of previous events from Jeremy’s viewpoint and I hope that it works out well. For those that have mentioned about how long the story has become, I will say that there are only about 3 or 4 more chapters left (that I foresee), so the end is coming. Have patience!

As always, leave comments, suggestions, or complaints as you see fit. And please vote, it’s the only way I know how you feel about my tale.


(This proceeds from soon after the first threesome between Jeremy, Jenny, and Erin)

Oh My Holy Frickin’ Jeezus Damn Shit and Fuck!

I could not emphasize enough how amazing, incredible, astonishing, unbelievable, wonderful, and incredible, did I already say amazing? having sex with Jenny and Erin together was!

As great as it had been having my mother and my aunt at the same time, being with my girlfriend and my mother, the two women that I loved most, watching them together as they had done, was on a whole another level of fantastic! I didn’t think it would even be humanly possible to top that!

I had been able to eat my girlfriend’s tasty pussy alongside my lovely Jenny!

With my mother!

On what plane of existence, what immortal realm was that even a possibility?

That the both of them had been so enthusiastic about everything that they did, with me or with each other, was also beyond belief!

I did love the time that I had spent together with Jenny and my heavenly Aunt Jessica, but as much as I had always fantasized about being with my curvy aunt, she had always just been that. A fantasy. I loved her as my aunt, but not in the same way that I loved mom/Jenny, or even my girlfriend Erin.

That I had gotten to be with each of the two women separately who meant more to me than almost life itself was more than any guy could dream. Together? Even the gods could only dream of that.

I hadn’t intended things to happen as they had; as mom had said we would only have a talk with Erin. I had accepted that decision, suspecting that sooner or later, that things would happen. Then I had kissed Erin and things had escalated from there. From my living room through the stratosphere, to Nirvana, past Heaven, and on to who knows where!

Having experienced all that had actually calmed me for the next week of school of which was Finals Week.

With my mind reeling from the sex with my two beautiful, amazing, and sexy girlfriends, I had no thoughts for worrying about history tests, or math exams. This let the accumulated knowledge crowding my brain come to the fore of my mind more easily and helped me ace every Final. I don’t know if I would suggest this as way of passing stressful tests, but hey, not everyone got to screw their mother and their girlfriend at the same time!

Except, as I had told Jenny, I hadn’t actually gotten to penetrate Erin with my dick. Not that I would say that what we had done didn’t count as sex. Mom had astounded me, as she always did, with how involved she had gotten once she overcame her nervousness. Even as privileged as I was to have had that experience once, I really hoped that we would get to repeat it again.

Sometime soon!

Very soon!

The next week was as hectic, or even more so than preparing for my tests. The enormity of graduation loomed over the seniors. There was much cheer for the end of high school, but also that there would then be a large hole in our young lives that had been filled with school for thirteen years (or longer, for some of the multi-year seniors!). Everyone went about saying that they had to stay in touch over summer and over the coming years, but I had to wonder how many of these people that I had spent a good portion of my life around that I would actually see again. As happy as I was to graduate, I was also somewhat somber. Even the schoolmates that I mostly didn’t know or didn’t care if I didn’t see again would be a loss, as they had been part of that ‘school presence’ of people that would now be a void. I would never again see that Joe whatshisname from my freshman shop class who had cut off half his pinky with the band saw. Or that girl at lunch one day a few years ago that had slipped and fallen, her skirt then flew up and everyone had seen that she had had no panties on. Or the short Hispanic kid in gym class that ataşehir escort had picked up a loose basketball and blindly flung it over his shoulders to make a basket with nothing but net to everyone’s astonishment. Them, and a multitude of others that had filled my last four years would be gone as if they hadn’t existed. It was a pretty heavy feeling that countered my otherwise heady excitement.

I may have been in the minority to think like that, but I could see in some peoples’ eyes as they signed my yearbook that their pithy scrawl was more of an epitaph of our limited times together.

But enough with the gloominess.

I was about to graduate!

I had had a threesome with my sexy girls!

No. I should say, my two sexy women!

My last Friday morning of high school I was awoken wonderfully by my lover/mother with an incredible tongue-lashing of my dick. She almost ruined it by trying to kiss me with my spillage on her lips even though she knew my distaste. I think she was maybe even doing it intentionally. I forgave her though and allowed her to sit on my face so that I could return the favor. I teased her through her panties before removing them and giving her a thorough pussy licking. I had her begging me to make her cum before sending her to the land of ecstasy. But I wasn’t done with mom yet. I climbed between her legs and drove my cock into her until we both came together. Every time spent with my beautiful Jenny was just as magical as the first.

I did tell her that Erin wanted another tryst with the two of us and even though mom tried to downplay her interest I knew her too well by then to not see the lust that burned in her eyes. I knew it would take little urging for mom to allow another get together!

When I later told Erin what had happened that morning, it of course got her very worked up. We may have made record time to her house after school so that she could fuck me. She was very much the aggressor when we got to her bedroom and I allowed her to have her way with me. Having Erin discover mom and me together truly had to be the best thing to happen to my already unbelievable sex life! I was well worn when her parents came home from work. Her mother looked at me with a scrutinous eye, as if able to determine everything her daughter and I had done. I just flinched under that gaze.

Being as it was Friday; there was the usual movie night with the family. I had asked mom if it was okay for Erin to join the rest of us. There was something secretive in mom’s eyes when she agreed. I guessed that it might be uncomfortable for the three of us to be in the same room together with the rest of the family, the very same room in which we had had sex.

Erin and I sat on the couch. I felt bad for leaving mom to sit alone, but the three of us together on the couch would have been too tempting. So we sat and watched the two movies, an animated classic that Erin had never seen and a newer action thriller. I wasn’t able to get into the second as much as I might have because of the presence of my hot girlfriend beside me whispering lewd suggestions of what she wanted to do with me. Or with Jenny!

On Sunday dad declared that we would have a family day together. Erin was busy with her own family so I didn’t mind too much. I did like spending time with my family even if there wouldn’t be any sex involved. I would still have mom there, so it wouldn’t be a total loss. We teased each other secretly during the day while we played mini-golf. That had been dad’s idea and though mom and I may have rolled our eyes together at the suggestion, Johnny and Jojo’s exuberant responses outweighed our dislike. It turned out to be a fun day nevertheless. Especially when mom beat dad on the course and then set about razzing him about it. Afterward, we went out for a nice dinner. Mom though seemed somber for such a cheerful outing.

I still had a shortened week to finish and I have to say that I was feeling on top of the world during those last three days of school.

I didn’t get to see mom as much as I might have wanted that week. With the impromptu and informal celebrations friends were having, the regular sex sessions with Erin that somehow had even escalated to another improbable level of heat, and the small, but important efforts I was making for my graduation party or the graduation ceremony itself, left me with hardly any minutes left in the day. Not that mom wasn’t as important to me as any of the rest of those things. I did give her the opportunity for some action when I told her in front of the rest of the family during dinner after finishing my last day of school that I didn’t want to get up early the next few days unless it was an emergency. I assumed, wrongly I guess, that she would wake me as she had done on many previous Friday mornings with a wonderful blowjob that would then progress onto other delightful activities. When this didn’t happen, I confronted her later that weekend. She replied that there had been no kadıköy escort emergencies that had required my attention. She didn’t know about the emergency I had had in my shorts each morning when I awoke!

Not that I had really needed any attention from my sexy mom.

After having gotten to live out her secret fantasy (and my own!), Erin was on fire all the time! She would be on me between classes and practically had to be pried off my face. I thought I would have to duct tape my constant erection down so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable all day long! Then we would barely make it to her house (and a few times we didn’t make it!) to have blistering sex until I was left as dry as a bone.

Then when school was over for us, we would go out all evening and end up having more sex that had me wondering if she might wear my wiener down to a toothpick! But no, my dick was always ready for whatever Erin could demand of it.

So, I hadn’t needed mom for sex.

That didn’t mean that I didn’t still miss being with my incredible Jenny.

I knew that she was busy with her over-planning for my graduation party. As always, doing far more than was required. I mean really, cleaning the utility room! Who cared! I just wanted my friends and family there to celebrate with me, plenty of food to eat, maybe some beer to drink, and my two favorite women in the world by my side. Well, three actually, as I wanted Aunt Jess there too. Having matching doilies and napkins with my name and graduation date on them was way more than what was needed. Hell, we had a whole pile of napkins left over from the taco place that always insisted on filling our bag with them! But I was sure that mom would have a scrapbook with at least one of the frilly doilies and a normal napkin saved in it. If I happened to drink too much and puke, she would probably save a vial of that too!

I had informed mom, and Erin had told her parents, that we wanted to attend each other’s parties, so that there would be no scheduling snafus. Fortunately, my zealous mother had already considered graduation season and had planned on having mine on a later weekend so that there would be less issues with friends, or more distant family members being able to attend.

My first week out of school was a whirlwind.

Erin and I hung together practically all day and even long into the night. It wasn’t all sex between the two of us. We had long soulful discussions about almost every subject, from our political views, world events, and even our choice of French fry condiments (who puts mustard on them, really!). We even had long periods of time without even a word spoken between us, as if we were communicating with each other on a higher plane. There was also some sex too. Maybe fifty-fifty between the two. Give or take.

Mom and dad surprisingly said little about my late nights, obviously allowing me my moment of freedom. No more school commitments and not yet part of the adult world. I may have taken advantage of their unspoken lack of restrictions, though dad did tell me firmly one evening that he had expected me to get a job for the summer. Even just a part time job. I could accept that although it would cut into the time I expected to be spending with Jenny or Erin. Or both!

This was made more manifest when I awoke one morning after everyone else was gone and I went downstairs to forage.

Jenny was in the kitchen and I greeted her sleepily. My tone must have somehow upset her before she came out and stated that she missed me. It took me a second to understand her meaning. I was being worn out by my little nymph girlfriend! I told mom that I missed her too. And that Erin missed her. Mom then stated with very little subterfuge that Erin and I should come and visit with her. I at first just thought she meant it in a friendly manner. Then it hit me what she had really meant!

Mom wanted another threesome with Erin and me!

Hot damn!

I was beyond myself now thinking about getting to repeat my ultimate fantasy. Then I stopped and had to correct myself. My ultimate fantasy would also include Aunt Jess and actress Kate Lawrence too!

I told mom that I would talk to Erin (as if that was even necessary!) and then give her my girlfriend’s response.

This did have me thinking of my interesting conundrum.

It was great that mom and Erin got along so well together. It might even be suggested, too well!

It’s not that I was worried about losing Erin to Jenny, or my mother to my fiery-haired girlfriend, but their interest in each other was an unusual dilemma. I didn’t want either of them deciding that I wasn’t needed as much as I wanted to be. I was already giving them each everything that I could in the sack. Or as much I could give Jenny, given our complex situation with my father. Did I maybe bite off more than I could chew? Or screw?

I did get an indescribable thrill that evening when I announced at dinner that Erin would be coming over for bostancı escort lunch. Dad didn’t even act as if he had heard my words. If only he could guess what his wife would be dining on. Or actually whom!

Mom just gave me a wide-eyed stare, as she didn’t want to make a bigger deal about it than was required for such an innocent affair. I did have an issue with hiding my erection when I rose from the table as mom had made a show of licking her lips sensuously throughout the meal when it had been only me looking at her.

It was hard sleeping that night (pun fully intended!) as I dreamt of the next day’s activities. Also, that Erin kept texting me dirty suggestions before we said goodnight. I almost expected Jenny to show up at my door for some pregame workouts and I was only slightly disappointed when she didn’t. I tried to imagine what was going through her head. The first time hadn’t been intended to happen when it had, but this time we all knew what was about to take place. Even with all that I had experienced in the past half dozen months or so, I actually felt nervous.

I woke early, or actually, I just gave up trying to get back to sleep at such an early hour. I pissed, showered, shaved, and dressed before sauntering downstairs just after nine. I was halfway down the stairs when I saw mom standing in the living room.

I had to whistle at the sight of her.

Jenny was wearing a tight white blouse, clearly without a bra underneath with the way her nipples were poking through the crisp fabric. A red polka dot skirt that didn’t reach her knees spread out from her hips. She had on red, medium-heeled shoes that accentuated her legs. Pearl necklace and earrings, along with dad’s conciliatory diamond bracelet and my watch on her wrist were her only accessories. It didn’t appear that she had put on any makeup and I was disappointed, as some bright red lipstick would really have stood out on her. I felt under dressed in my khakis and tee shirt, but I hadn’t expected to be wearing them for very long!

Mom commented about how early I was up and I joked that I wasn’t the only thing that was ‘up’. She ignored my innuendo and asked what time we expected Erin to arrive. We wanted this to be early enough that we would be finished long before Jojo or Johnny arrived home from school; so we had planned for eleven a.m. Far earlier than most orgies, but you get them when you can! I answered her and then asked for breakfast, knowing that I would need as much energy as I could get ahead of time.

As mom was cooking eggs, she looked at me with concern on her face. She gave me the spiel about this wasn’t going to be a regular event and somehow we got on the subject of how Erin and I had met and then the first night that we had had sex. Mom seemed very interested as I recounted that evening, as if it wasn’t my mother that I was telling!

I made no comment about the crispiness of the eggs that she had ignored while listening to my story. I could tell that she was feeling as anxious as I. I suggested that maybe she should have a drink to calm her nerves. As I ate the eggs and she poured herself a shot of Jack Daniels, I was surprised when she asked if I wanted one also.

Have a shot with mom?

It may have been an odd reaction with all that I had already done with her. I did take her anal virginity, so what was a drink with her in comparison?

I teased her about getting me drunk so she could take advantage of me and I saw her eyes go wide with laughter right before she was about to throw back her shot.

“Take advantage of you? Said the lion to the sheep.” Jenny answered as she lowered her still full glass.

“You’re no sheep Jenny.” I said boldly, grabbed the small glass, and with a clink on hers, drank the shot.

“Hooa.” I exclaimed as the liquor burned down my throat. “That’ll wake you up.”

“Another?” Mom asked me as she poured herself another.

“No that’s okay. It’s kind of weird drinking with you.”

“This is what makes you feel weird? Having a shot with me? Not all the other things we’ve done? With Erin and me? Jess and me? Screwing your mother’s ass! This is what makes you feel weird?” Mom came out with a strange intensity that I chalked up to nerves and the situation that we were in.

“Well, sure they were all weird at the time. Given time, I’m sure I’ll be throwing them back with you like you were Alan or Billy. Truth is, my stomach is kind of churning right now.” I answered plainly.

Mom assured me that her own was probably worse. I asked but why, this wasn’t anything we hadn’t done before. With a number of different people. She told me that it was because that it was more than just sex, that I cared about the two of them and wasn’t just out to get my rocks off. It wasn’t an adequate answer, as I didn’t think that I had felt that way about any other special encounter before. With her. Or Aunt Jess. Even Jess’s friend, Margie. But she was right on one level; I did love her and Erin more than any of the other women.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang which startled me as I had expected Erin just to enter the house. Mom seemed lost in thought so I rushed to get the door. My dick beat me there by a fraction of a second.

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