On the Road

Big Tits

On the RoadI walked into the hotel restaurant and pulled up a stool at the bar. I was thinking about eating something but decided to have a beer and think about it some more. It had been a week and a half since I had been home and slept in my own bed but I only had one day to go. It was another hotel in another town and I was tired. Tired of hotels, tired of restaurant food and tired of being on the road.Friends made comments about how lucky I was to be able to travel for work and how great it must be to visit cities and towns all over North America. I explained to them that my travelling involved airports, boardrooms and hotels. No sight-seeing, no nights on the town and definitely no mixing and mingling with the locals besides the wait-staff and front desk staff at whatever hotel I was in. Far from being exotic, it was tedious, boring and lonely.The beer went down fast and I signalled the bartender for a replacement and decided I’d better slow down with this one; either that or get something to eat. Right on cue she set a beer and a menu on the bar in front of me. “I thought you might want a bite to eat before you start on number three,” she said, smiling. “Thanks,” I replied. “You’re probably right.” She was a cutie. Twenty-something (at least half my age) and I had about as much chance with her as I did to take the day off and go sight-seeing tomorrow. I opened the menu and started to browse.“This seat taken?”The place was practically empty and I was the only one at the bar and this guy has to pick the bar stool next to mine? I made a point of glancing around before waving my hand at the empty stool beside me.“Yeah,” he said, picking up on my glance around the room, “I guess it was a stupid question. If you want I can pick another spot.”“No, sit,” I said. “It was a long day and I’m just here for a beer and a bite then I’m headed for my room.” “I know how you feel. How long for you before you get head home? I’m at the end of week one with another one to go.”“I’m winding down. One more night after tonight and I’m on my way home for a week before I hit the road again.”“Bob,” he said, offering his hand. “Mike,” I said, shaking it.We chatted about life in sales and the constant travel. He seemed like a nice enough guy and we had plenty to talk about since our lives were so similar. I had finished my second beer and was debating on a third but I knew I had to order food so I pulled the menu in front of me again.“I’ve got beer on ice in my room,” Bob said. “It’s too frigging expensive here. Why don’t we head for my room where we can relax a little, order some room service and have a couple of beers. I’m not sure about you but my company will pay for my meals but not my booze.”It didn’t take me long to come to a decision. He was right…my booze wasn’t something I could expense, it was too expensive here and I really wanted at least another one. Kicking back with a little company sounded good. “What the hell,” I said, “I’m game.” I signalled for my tab, signed it onto my room and followed him out of the bar and into the elevator.When we got to his room he pulled open the mini-fridge and grabbed a beer, handing it to me. When he saw the look on my face, he laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be joining you but I really need to hit the shower first. Flip on the TV if you want. There’s some great porn on there if that’s of interest.”It seemed like a weird thing to say but he was gone into the bathroom. I wasn’t exactly a purist and I did enjoy porn on occasion but it was always when I was on my own. I flipped on the TV with the intention of finding a news channel but, as always, when the TV came on it was on the hotel information channel. Of course the hotel made good money on the pay per view stuff so that’s what came up first. To this day I have no idea why but I decided to scan through what was available on the adult channel. I was scrolling through quickly when something caught my eye and I had to back up. She was gorgeous and I felt that familiar tingle in my testicles. She was young, had long blonde hair, tiny little A-cup titties and a tight, round ass…just the way I like them. Maybe it was the third beer, maybe it was too long on the road but for the second time that night I said what the hell and flipped the movie on. The shower was still running and I figured I had at least ten minutes before Bob was out.As usual with porn, it didn’t take long for the action alsancak escort to get started. The premise was that the young, stay at home newlywed wasn’t getting what she needed from her workaholic husband so she was entertaining the much older neighbour who, not surprisingly, had a cock on him that might have made a horse jealous. Our newlywed did her best to take him all in her mouth but there was a great deal of gagging and eye-watering. After a few minutes our cheating neighbour pushed her onto her back on the bed, lifted her up and impaled her on his big cock. I wasn’t sure how that thing fit into her tight little pussy but after making the traditional porn style complaints about it being too big she took it all.That wasn’t her best however. After several minutes of pounding her little cunt he pulled out, rolled her over and pushed his cock against her tiny little asshole. She protested and explained she had never done anal before, which was obviously a lie because he slipped inside her easily and she moaned and sighed in pleasure rather than pain.That was when the husband walked in. Of course he pitched a very poorly acted fit, throwing things around the room and screaming at his wife and his neighbour. When he finally wound down and was preparing to storm out of the house to go next door and fetch the neighbour’s wife. Our cheating neighbour jumped up from the bed and begged him not to do it, explaining that he would do anything to keep his wife from finding out. The jilted husband was having none of it and quite emphatically told him to fuck off and suck his cock. Of course the comment was meant as a rejection of his pleas but this was porn so I knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough, the neighbour was on his knees, whipping the husband’s pants down and pulling out his cock, which was also rather substantial. The husband was apparently so astounded that he couldn’t say anything as the neighbour stroked his cock then took it in his mouth. Eventually he made some cursory objections but was soon grabbing the back of his neighbour’s head and forcing his whole cock down the male neighbour’s throat. The newlywed was obviously not the only one he cheated with because he had exceptional cocksucking talents too.Speaking of the newlywed, she was now over her shock of getting caught fucking the neighbour and was lying on her back on the bed, masturbating rather furiously. Obviously the sight of her husband getting a blowjob from the man who just had his cock up her ass was rather exciting for her. So exciting that she suggested a more suitable punishment for the philanderer would be for her husband to fuck him in the ass. Of course the husband thought that was a grand idea and he soon had his cock buried in his neighbour’s ass. It was typical, low-budget, poorly acted porn but God she had a hot little body. The cameraman was doing his job well as was the sound mixer. The sight of her fingers sliding in and out of her meaty pussy lips and the squishing sounds they made had me hard as a rock. I stood up and went over to the desk to grab a couple of tissues. The shower was still running and the door was slightly ajar so I knew I’d hear when he shut the water off. I was so fucking horny this wasn’t going to take long so I slipped back into the chair, pulled down my zipper and pulled my cock out. With the water still running I figured I had lots of time so rather than pull out a quick one decided to keep myself on the edge until I heard the water shut off. After all, Bob would still have to dry off and put some clothes on before he came out of the bathroom. I was sitting there gently stroking my cock and imagining sucking her tiny little tits into my mouth when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Bob was standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist, a smile on his face and a bulge protruding from the towel. Perhaps the jilted husband who couldn’t speak when the neighbour pulled out his cock wasn’t as far fetched as I thought. I was sitting there with my quickly wilting cock in my hand unable to speak as a man I had met less than an hour ago stared at me with a rather obvious erection. I began to fumble to tuck myself back into my pants when he spoke.“You don’t have to do that,” Bob said. “I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you; I left the water running in case you wanted a shower. I know this is likely a escort alsancak little weird for you but if you’ve never had a blowjob from another guy it’s worth a try.”I had my cock back in my pants and was on my feet. “Sorry but I’m not like that. I have to get going now.”“No problem,” said Bob, standing aside. “But if I may ask, not like what? If you mean gay, neither am I. Perfectly straight but let me just say that a blowjob is a blowjob. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine some girl I’ve seen that day and sometimes I just watch my cock disappearing and reappearing until I blow my load.”My heart was pounding and all I wanted to do was get out of there but for some reason my feet were glued to the floor. I could hear the sound of oncoming orgasms from the TV and I had that familiar tingling in my balls despite myself. Bob reached down and unhooked the towel, letting it fall to the floor and exposing his cock still standing at attention.“I’ve seen yours now you’ve seen mine, it only seems fair.”To this day I have no idea why I did what I did next. Perhaps the porn guys had it right after all…people do weird things when they’re horny and have had a couple of drinks. Anyway, I walked over and took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other and began to gently massage them. That was all Bob needed in the way of an invitation. He was immediately undoing my pants. They dropped to the floor and he hooked his thumbs into the elastic of my briefs. When he yanked them down my swollen cock popped out and came head to head with his. He dropped to his knees and looked up at me. “Do you mind?” I tried to speak but nothing came out so I just shook my head. He opened his mouth and took just the head, sucking gently then releasing it and running his tongue up my slit and around my head. Next I watched as my entire length disappeared into his mouth. I’m not hung like the guys in the movies but I have been told I’m bigger than average and I’ve never had a woman who could deep-throat me like Bob was doing. I took his suggestion, closed my eyes and alternated between picturing the newlywed jamming her fingers deep into her cunt and envisioning the young bartender from downstairs as the one on her knees in front of me. However, it wasn’t long before my eyes were open and I was watching the guy I had met less than an hour ago sucking my cock.It wasn’t Bob’s first cock; he was very good. Between his quick, wet movements back and forth on my cock and the swirling of his tongue over the head, he had me on the edge in minutes. I was going to cum. My hands, which had been hanging limply at my sides reached over to his shoulders and tried to push him off my cock but he was having none of it. His back and forth got quicker and his tongue action more insistent. I held as long as I could but I finally had to let go. All I could do is groan as wave after wave of orgasm hit and I emptied my balls into Bob’s throat. He made no effort to pull away and held me in his mouth until I was done and my cock began to soften. At that point he let me slip from his mouth and swallowed every drop. “Wow,” he said, grinning. “You’ve got quite the load. Very tasty too.” He climbed up from his knees and his still hard cock was once again at the same level as my now flaccid member. I reached down and began to gently stroke it. He looked at me and said, “You don’t have to if you’re not comfortable.”“I might not be very good at it but I think I’d like to try,” I said.“Tell you what, I’ll lay down on the bed so you can keep an eye on the TV. Maybe that will help?”I just nodded and he laid on the bed with his shaft sticking straight up. On the TV the husband had given up on his neighbour’s ass and was now buried deep in his wife’s ass while she was working on the neighbour’s cock again. I placed my hands on Bob’s knees and it took no effort at all to spread his legs so I could kneel between them at the edge of the bed. I had no idea what I was doing but his scrotum and testicles were staring me in the face and I knew how much I loved it when my wife licked my balls. I started there and quickly discovered it must be something that most guys like. Bob groaned and moved his hips to allow me better access. I worked on his balls for a few seconds then, as I licked up the underside of his shaft, I noticed a small stream of pre-cum. With just the tip of my tongue I cleaned it up alsancak escort bayan all the way to his slit before taking the head of his penis into my mouth. It didn’t have a lot of taste, just a slight saltiness was all I noticed. I’m not sure what else I was expecting but his cock and balls tasted like skin, not much different than sucking a clean finger into my mouth or licking the back of my hand. Bob was about the same size as I am but whenever I tried to take him all the way into my mouth my gag reflex kicked in and I had to back off. I resolved myself to the up and down motion and trying to emulate the tongue action Bob had used on me. He seemed to appreciate the effort as his hips rose and sank in unison and he was moaning lightly. After a few minutes he reached down and tilted my face up to his. “I’m going to cum,” he said. “What do you want me to do?”I hadn’t thought about that. I was about to make another man cum with his cock in my mouth and I had to decide whether to take his load in my mouth or finish him off with a hand job. As I was debating the options I heard Bob’s moaning getting more insistent. “I’m close,” he groaned. “Oh fuck, I’m really close.”I was just about to pull off when the first spurt of his warm semen exploded into my mouth. It was such an incredible sensation, feeling his cock tense then spurt, tense then spurt again. I was so enthralled by the sound of his groans, the feeling of his cock throbbing in my mouth, the sensation of warm liquid filling my mouth and the taste. It was slightly salty with just a hint of sweetness and the texture was kind of gooey, like the phlegm that comes out of your throat when you have a cold. I’m not sure what I was expecting, hell, I guess I wasn’t expecting anything because as little as a half-hour ago I wouldn’t have thought another guy would be cumming in my mouth, but it was actually kind of bland. I wasn’t prepared to swallow like Bob had so I just opened my lips and let his semen run down the length of his softening shaft and over his testicles. It was actually rather hot watching his seed seeping over his groin and dripping from his balls onto the bed. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a couple of tissues then held his penis as I wiped around and cleaned him up. “Thanks,” he murmured, “for both the release and the clean up. Both are very much appreciated.”When I was done I reached down and pulled up my pants and Bob pulled open a drawer, quickly throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. Without a word he grabbed the remote and switched the TV to a hockey game that was just starting.“Now that that’s out of the way what do you say we order some food, watch the game and have a couple of beers?”And that’s exactly what we did. We decided what we wanted to eat and Bob phoned it in. We cracked a beer each and settled into the game, yelling at the refs as well as cheering and booing like a couple of regular guys enjoying a game. Anyone walking into the room would have had no idea that we had just exchanged blowjobs. When the game was over I thanked him for the hospitality, omitting a thanks for the head, and headed back to my room. But a strange thing happened during the next day’s meetings. Normally I would give a quick appraisal of the women in the room, noticing their breast size, age and general attractiveness but that day I found myself wondering about the shape and size of the penises in the room as well. It wasn’t like I was suddenly attracted to the men in a sexual way but there was a back of the mind curiosity about their male appendage.When I returned to my room that evening the message light was flashing on my phone and I picked it up expecting that my boss had called for some reason. Instead I heard Bob’s voice.“I know this is your last night so I thought I’d call and see if you wanted a little company again. There’s another game on and we could have some drinks and food. Nothing else if that’s how you want to keep things but, as you know by now, I’m up for most things. Just drop by if you want, no need to call first.”There was absolutely no hesitation. I wanted, no, I needed to taste his cum again and rectify my regret at not having swallowed it yesterday. I jumped into the shower, not surprised in the least that my cock was rock hard then towelled off and threw on some sweats…for easier access I thought. But Bob had me beat when he swung open the door wearing nothing at all. The door was barely closed by the time I was naked myself and grabbing his swollen cock. As I pushed him onto the bed and took him in my mouth a thought crossed my mind and I smiled. I was definitely going to have to rethink my derogatory use of the word ‘cocksucker’.

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