On your knees, dlut

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On your knees, dlutI had really had a stressing day at my office and, when I was trying to leave;my Boss appeared at the door and smiled. He sat down at a sofa and he opened his zipper.Then he showed me his hard dick, knowing I could not resist the temptation of letting him fuck me with that magnificent piece…I left my purse, some papers and my coat and fell down to my knees. I crawled going to him and he smiled again and grabbed my hair. He ordered me to open my mouth; but it was not necessary… he already knew I wanted that hard cock so bad…Then I showed him my tongue and started to lick his entire shaft. My Boss closed his eyes and he surrendered to the pleasure of my oral skills. I licked for a while and later engulfed his dick between my red lips. Minutes later, he filled my mouth with his warm semen.I got up smiling, still watching at that hard rod.I wanted to ride that monster dick right now. I pulled up my skirt and moved aside my tiny black thong. But then my Boss got on his feet and told me he was also stressed and needed some rest.He was sorry and he added that another day he would fuck me and would set my cunt on fire…I put on my clothes again, washed my mouth in the ladies room and left to go home.I was sure my loving husband was going to fuck me in a wild way that night, before leaving for a week business trip…Just thinking about his hard cock canlı bahis made my cunt get wet…I opened the door and found the house in complete silence. I saw just a light in our bedroom. I climbed quietly the stairs, trying to surprise my loving Victor there.I pushed the door and knew my husband was inside the bathroom.There was a piece of paper onto our marital bed.“On your knees, slut…” I read in there. And I obeyed…I got naked and threw my clothes outside to the alleyway. I wore only my stiletto heles. Then I got down on my knees onto the carpetI smelled my own sweat odor, knowing that Victor loved it…I was facing the door, when I heard the bathroom door opening. I closed my eyes and waited. Footsteps sounded on the carpet.Then a black silky handkerchief covered my eyes and a pair of soft hands tied my wrists to my back with a piece of cloth.Those hands touched my shoulders. The contact made me shiver.I noticed he was kneeling in front of me. He pushed my shoulders again and then I knew his intentions. I just opened my red lips and he slipped very softly the head of his hard dick into my mouth.I gave him a nice pleasant licking and sucking of his entire hard dick. It felt to me it was so much harder and thicker than usual.Victor’s moans and cries also sounded different to me…As I sucked his dick, I felt his fingers touching my tight asshole and later bahis siteleri entering my wet pussy lips. He almost made me cum in a couple minutes. I had to take his dick off my mouth to moan and grunt in a wild way, as I felt my juices flooding out from my cunt.All of a sudden his magnificent dicl left my mouth and then I knew my husband was moving behind me. His hands grabbed my round hips and son his rock hard cock started to invade my hungry cunt…He fucked me with no mercy at all; pumping his hard cock in a wild way. He was not hearing at my cries and begging him to be gentle.Victor did not stop for a while; he kept pumping my cunt with fury, making me cry in both pain and pleasure. Soon I came in an intense orgasm, I cried like a bitch in heat as I felt my own juices coming out from my body.I fell forward, absolutely wasted and exhausted. Just seconds later, his dick emptied a huge amount of warm semen inside my stretched wet cunt.It made me shiver with pleasure and I experienced a new orgasm.I was really surprised about that huge amount of seed that my loving husband had unloaded deep inside my belly. He seemed to be hornier than ever…He slipped out from my pussy and I thought he would take the blindfold off. But suddenly his hands grabbed my waist again and soon I could feel the thick head pushing against my tight rear entrance. He was trying bahis şirketleri to sodomize me…I begged him not to fuck me in my ass, His dick was unusually thick and he was going to hurt me so bad. He had not sodomized me in a long while and I felt my anus was very, very tight…But my husband ignored my pleas. He kept pushing his cock until he succeeded in passing through my tight sphincter. I screamed in pain when I felt it…Then I heard some grunts and he started to pump my asshole in a very brutal way. With no mercy at all, although I cried like crazy.First his dick hurt me, but then I started to enjoy it as he fucked me so bad. I could not come as he fucked my anus; but I felt happy for Victor, as I felt him unloading his seed deep inside of my rectum…He slipped out from my poor asshole and I felt his heavy hand slapping my ass cheeks several times. Then he woke up and went out of the bedroom, leaving me there, exhausted and wasted, just lying on the carpet; feeling streams of semen flooding out from both orifices…Just five seconds later, I heard my cell phone ranging. I crawled to the alleyway, looking for my purse. I was a lost call from Victor…My loving husband had sent me a message, telling that he was sorry by not waiting for me at home. His flight was scheduled two hours before expected and then he was at the airport, waiting to board the plane.I was in shock, as I touched my labia, feeling it covered by that sticky semen. I rushed back to the bedroom and looked for that piece of paper lying on the pillow.I read it again in horror. It was not Victor’s handwriting…

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