One Afternoon Pt. 05


Warning: this story contains trans women scat. If you’re not a fan, this is probably not for you.


It was one of the best and long lasting orgasms I ever experienced. The visual stimulation was doing a lot for me. My dick was still in Alexis’ asshole, pumping cum up her back passage. Alexis’ herself, this beautiful, sophisticated, mature woman, had her face and mouth all messed up – bits of April’s shit stuck to her lips and cheeks, with streaks of shit all around the mouth, on her gorgeous neck, as well as the bedding. Her makeup was a little bit runny from gagging on the shit, pushed down by the foot, and then, April’s cock. Her large, slightly soggy tits covered in a little bit of vomit, shit and saliva, as the messy aftermath of the shitty throat fucking.

April was right there next to Alexis, so very busy sucking her own shit-covered toes, pushing the same foot that a few minutes ago was throat fucking Alexis, into her own mouth, as deeply as she could. April’s dick was hard and completely covered in shit.

April continued sucking her shit-covered toes for a few more moments, making sure I completely emptied my balls. She then took her dirty toes out of her mouth and liked her lips:

“This is not fair. Both of you came and I haven’t,” April pouted playfully as if she was upset. “if you’re done with her, I’d love to have a go!”

I pulled my dick out of Alexis’ ass. The dick was slightly dirty but not too much: “She’s all yours, babe.”

I began moving away from Alexis, when April caught my arm and pulled me in. I nearly lost my balance, and caught myself a few inches away from April. “Thank you, babe,” said April and pulled me in for a kiss. Although I knew she was just sucking her shit covered toes a few seconds ago, the kiss didn’t feel dirty. I could swear I felt an undertone of shit on her breath coming in for a kiss, but once her tongue was inside my mouth, I could no longer distinguish anything apart from the natural, pleasant aromas of April. We kissed for a bit, then April playfully pushed me away and climbed over to position herself between Alexis’ legs. April aligned her shit covered dick with Alexis’ pussy, and a second later, she was in. April started fucking Alexis’ cunt, slowly picking up the pace. The excess shit started to build up onto the flappy pussy lips.

“Do keçiören escort you like your filthy cunt fucked, Alexis?” April resumed her more dominating role again. “Do you like my shit covered dick in your hole?”

Still with some shit left in her mouth and throat, Alexis wasn’t able to answer. But her body language said it all – the way she was thrusting herself only April’s dick, with all of her body bending and moving towards April. Alexis pulled one of her hands towards her clit and started playing with it. April noticed that, and grabbed her wrist:

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t pleasure yourself. You haven’t finished your meal yet! You better show me some chewing if you want to cum”. Obediently, Alexis started slowly moving her jaw, working her tongue, gathering the shit that was still in her mouth. With her lips pulled tightly shut, Alexis was chewing through her meal. “Show me my shit Alexis, I want to see my shit in your mouth” April topped Alexis missionary style. Alexis opened her mouth, showing off a chewed mess of shit and saliva. I had no idea how she managed to keep chewing that without gagging. April’s face was just an inch or so away from Alexis. April took in a deep sniff through the hose, putting her nose nearly into Alexis’ mouth. “Mmm, good girl. Now swallow it.” April pulled away from Alexis, and grabbed her tits. Using one breast as a platform to keep thrusting, April started squeezing the other breast really hard. She started pulling on the nipple, twisting it, between her fingers, pulling on the breast like she wanted to tear it off. “I said, swallow it!” April suddenly slapped one of the breasts really hard, leaving a red patch on the soggy skin.

Alexis twisted in pain and started swallowing the shitty mess that was in her mouth, but was having a hard time with it. Her throat muscles and her tongue were moving, trying to swallow the shit, but it was too slimy and kept on sticking to the back of her throat. After a few goes, she managed to get most of it down the hatch. “Open your mouth and show me, slut” commanded April. Alexis obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Her moth and teeth were still visibly covered with shit. Her tongue was brown and in the edges of her mouth you could still see the speckles of brown. April approved kızılay escort with another slap on the tits: “Good girl”. With that, April pulled out of the pussy, and quickly slid into Alexis’ asshole. Already somewhat stretched out hole took the slippery, covered in shit and pussy juices dick without any issues. “Mmm that’s feels nice, your asshole is much tighter than your stretched-out cunt. I could probably get my fist inside your cunt, but this actually feels tight. I’m surprised a shit bitch like you doesn’t have a more stretched asshole. But I think we can do better,” April jabbed her dick as far as she could, up to the balls. “You feel my dick, balls deep in your ass?”. Alexis nodded obediently. “Now try to shit it out. I want to feel your nasty filth around my dick”.

Alexis grabbed the bed sheets with both of her hands, and started pushing as hard as she could. “Yes, that’s good. Push, you slut, push”, with that, April moved her hands on top of Alexis stomach and started pushing on it as well. “Mmm yes, I can feel it now, push more,” April resumed thrusting action, slowly, as if being afraid to either slid out of Alexis’ asshole, or to cum.

Although still very much with a limp dick, something in this made me want to get dirty right there and now. I moved over to Alexis opened mouth, and covered it with mine for a deep kiss. My tongue went in deeply and aggressively, exploring the dirty, shitty corners of Alexis’ beautiful mouth. Kissing her felt completely different to April – she was way more obedient, and tasted a lot like shit. The smell and taste of faeces was strong but pleasant – earthy, deep, lingering, bitter. Alexis responded to my kiss by pushing some of the shit leftovers from her mouth into mine. I swallowed everything easily and with pleasure.

“Shit on me,” Alexis whispered quietly. “I want to taste your shit”

I wasn’t sure if I could go, but when a beautiful lady asks you to shit on her, you generally can’t say no. I turned around facing April, so that my ass covered Alexis’s face. Immediately I could feel Alexis’ tongue springing to action, playfully licking around my asshole, relaxing me, gently exploring every wrinkle of my sphincter. Next moment, I could feel her tongue becoming firmer, opening up my backdoor and slipping in to explore me further. I started kolej escort focusing on pushing.

While still slowly moving inside Alexis’ asshole, April leaned in to kiss me. Her kiss was very aggressive, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth, biting and pulling my lip. I could tell she was near her orgasm. However, it didn’t seem that she wanted to cum just yet. With a crackling sound of shit emerging from the ass, Alexis managed to shit out April’s dick. April slid out of Alexis with a decent size of a soft turd quickly following the exit. April’s dick was all covered in yellow-brown mass, with a lump of soft turd sticking firmly to the tip of her cock. April grabbed Alexis’ ankles, and positioned her soles onto her cock, while keeping her knees wide apart. April then smiled with one of her cheeky smiles, and I knew she was up to something. She grabbed my hand and pulled me in towards her cock and Alexis’ feet. With my ass still being eaten out by Alexis, I dropped on my hands, mere inches away from Alex’s shit covered cock, wrapped in Alexis’ beautiful, freshly pedicured feet with an exceptional pink nail polish. The smell was actually quite nice. Don’t get me wrong, it smelled of shit, but that sort of inviting, earthy smell, not the rotten kind. On the tip of the cock, there was still that lump of turd.

I opened my mouth and took April’s cock in, as deeply as I could, straight up the throat, until my lips closed on the shaft right next to Alexis’ soles. First what I felt was that turd on the tip of the cock smashing into the back of my throat. Then the taste buds kicked in. Alexis’ shit was full on – fruity, earthy, bitter-sweet, pungent, dare I say, complex? But I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it as April grabbed my head and started throat fucking me. Trying to resist my gag reflex, i relaxed my throat and just let it all happen. I could tell that April was close, and so could Alexis. She couldn’t see exactly what was going on, but could feel April’s dick between her soles. So she pressed them closer together, rubbing the dick and applying a lot of pressure. Couple of thrusts more, and I could feel the warm sperm hitting the back of my throat, right where the shit got smeared. April let go of my head, pulled out her dick, then started kissing me all round my face, and my shit smeared lips. She looked very happy. This was the first time I gave her a blowjob. She pulled me in for a deep kiss, taking back some of the shit and cum that was in my mouth, drinking it from me, swallowing it. I was relaxed now, and with a little fart, started pushing my first turd onto Alexis’ face.

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