One good turn part 2


One good turn part 2In the morning after Anne had visited Tony in the middle of the night breakfast was a quiet affair both Tim and Tony were looking quite sheepish while Anne was trying to keep the grin off her face. After breakfast we moved up the river to Mannum only about a half hour trip but with four now on board I needed more food to last us to Morgan. We tied up in the park and I told Tony he was going to help while Anne and Tim looked after the boat as their were some k**s there I had learnt the last time not to trust with an empty boat. Tony and I took the short walk into town to the butcher and the small supermarket, all the time Tony looked like he wanted to run guilty no doubt at having had sex with y wife, finally I laughed and told him I knew he had fucked Anne and it was okay with me and that he could do it as often as he liked provided Anne didn’t say no and it might be an idea for him to tell Tim as well as he’d also fucked her, by the look on Tony’s face Tim could keep a secret. After that everything changed and Tony was laughing and bahis siteleri smiling for the rest of our shopping trip round town he even offered to help with the cost which I refused.Back on board I told Tony to have a quiet word with Tim who at the time was up on the top deck with Anne, Tony shouted for Tim to give him a hand undoing the mooring ropes and when out there told him what I’d said, the look on his face was priceless.What a difference knowing they weren’t going to get murdered by a jealous husband made, the guys started walking round with big grins on their faces made bigger by Anne coming out of our cabin topless again.After leaving Mannum Anne was the center of attention where ever she went and a slow song on the stereo had one or other of the guys dancing with her around the main cabin, it wasn’t long before the guys were just wearing swimmers the bulges in them showing them to be in an almost continuous state of excitement. That first full day I think Anne had sex with both of them about four times before the sun went down, while I concentrated canlı bahis on the river and keeping the houseboat away from snags. That evening everything was done for me as soon as my drink was empty another was there the barbecue was done for me, though truthfully I prefer my steak rare not overcooked but the lads tried. I was half cut as I went to bed Anne joined me an hour later this time to sleep the night through. The following morning Anne and myself got breakfast in bed the guys getting everything ready so all I had to do in the morning was back off the bank and head up stream as I looked through the center passage to see what was behind as I reversed Anne and Tim were disappearing into his cabin for her first fuck of the day, meanwhile I pushed on towards Blanchetown intending too moor their and have dinner at the pub. Anne must have felt sorry for me when she came out from having fun because she sat next to Tony who was keeping me company took his cock out of his swimmers and proceeded to give him a blow job knowing that it would really güvenilir bahis turn me on, the main trouble was I was having trouble concentrating where I was going and nearly cut a corner that could have left us sitting on a sand bank. I could see Tony was more than a little flustered it was one thing to know the husband was okay with you having sex with his wife and another for her to suck you off in front of him, but of course a standing cock has no conscience and he shot his load he looked a little surprised when she came over and gave me a kiss with his cum still on her lips. The day carried on with Anne and the guys on the top deck sunbathing and coming down occasionally to fuck in the cabins the guys getting more relaxed in the situation they were in, by the time we moored for the night in Blanchetown we were one big happy family who got some funny looks from the locals when Anne was flirting outrageously with all of us all the way through dinner.That night Anne and I had great sex as the guys would have heard as she made no attempt to keep her orgasm silent she was so horny that night and I wasn’t surprised to hear her in the cabin next door later in the night in fact I wasn’t surprised to find an empty place in the bed the following morning.Next part later

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