One hot night

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One hot nightMy man and I were going to a party at friends of ours house. We knew there would be alot of drinking, so as we were getting ready, we decided to make some drinks. We both love the holding until you are desperate game. I love the way watching my desparation turns him on, and watching him being turned on in public, trying to control his stiffening cock, really turns me on. So I am definetly excited about how our night out will unfold. We must of had three large drinks as we got ready. We leave our house about 8pm, planning on going to friends house. We get to their house and a nasty storm has knocked the power out. We have daylight for only another hour, so we decided to drink alot quick and head out to a club. Well plans changed quickly when everyone there was pretty loaded by 9 came around. There were seven couples at the party. While drinking the guys kinda hung together and the girls the same. As it got dark, we all gathered together thinking we were still going out, but the guys came up with a different plan. we would just light some candles and stay in. We agreed a great idea. Surely as the drinking progressed, people become more open and chattering. Somehow we got on a conversation involving sex, and the wildest things we’ve done. Some of the couples didn’t have very interesting stories and were a bit depressed about it. So the one guy who had the best story, came up with a wild game for us all to play. He blew out the candles, said any couples who wanted to play the game had to take their clothes off. We were all in. All the girls to one side of the room and guys lined up on the floor about two feet apart from one another. In the pitch black, we had to walk around, find a partner other than our true mate. The rules were no talking to ensure you didnt know who each other was. Our job was to then lower down over the man we stood above and slide their hard cock into our ever so excited pussys. We had ten minutes with each person to rub, caress and enjoy our new partner. As I lower my quivering body slowly down, I am so already turned on, that just the thought and excitement of the situation had me illegal bahis about to cum, and I know I have a long time to hold on. As his thick hard cock penetrates my dampening pussy, I close my eyes and try to hold on, in the darkness, as I try to focus, all I can hear is the breaths of the other women also trying to hold back. Which is only making things more erotic and intense. As I slowly ride his cock, I feel myself getting a little wetter, and then just as I start to feel his cock start to throb inside me, and me about to expode, the timer went off. which gave everyone a quick min to gather themselves. On one hand I was thankful to hear the timer, but on the other, almost reaching orgasm and going to a quick halt only makes things more intense and very hard to hold on. How am I ever going to make it through this whole ordeal? I slowly slide my shaking body off of his cock, and rise up to standing position. As I stand up I also feel the pressure of my full bladder. Oh the excitement of everything that is happening is such a rush, and making it very hard for me to concentrate on holding my bladder and resisting urge to let go and massive orgasm. As we start moving toward our next taker, we ladies gather together for a moment, and come up with a grea idea to drive the guys wild. As the guys anxiously await to feel our bodies lower onto them, we girls gather together start to rub, kiss lick on one another, after a few seconds, we tell one of the boys to turn the light on, we have a surprise waiting. when the lights come on, they see a mass of seven, hot, horny woman playing with one another. As we hear the gasps of the totally in shock of the show men. We take it a step further, three woman lay down flat on their backs, us four slowly caress their quivering bodies, until our hands are upon their thighs. I’m so excited and turned on, that I quickly press my hands on her inner thighs, and spread her legs open, totally opening the view of her warm, wet pussy. I can tell she is also very turned on, and I know she is dying to find out if she gonna get that overly wanting pussy eaten. Knowing that she wants it, Only illegal bahis siteleri makes me want her more. I want to taste her, feel her swollen, pink, wet pussy lips caress my tongue. I can’t wait any longer…. I slide my body up her trembling legs, gently start licking and kissing up her thigh, until I reach that hot pussy. I start twirling my tongue around her clit, while teasing her pussy hole with my fingers, knowing how much she is wanting me to go deeper into her, and teasing her really turns me on. I start to lose control, and a little pee trickles out, feeling the warmth almost drives me into a explosive orgasm. I pause a second, and gaze around the room. Desperately trying to regain control. Seeing the woman pleasuring themselves and each other, the guys stroking their stiff cocks only makes me hornier and wanting more. I return my lips to that needy little pussy, sliding my tongue around her lips and finally getting to that clit. I start to suckle, and finally I slide my fingers inside her, watching her try to control herself is hot. I slide my finger as deep as I can, and she can no longer hold on she lets out a soft moan, she then grips my face with trembling hands, pulls my face to hers, kisses me softly and then whispers in my ear that she want to taste me, she wants to make me feel as i did her. I of course obliged, kissed her softly, and rolled onto my back. I spread my legs wide and welcomed her sweet lips. As she slides her tongue up and down my throbbing lips, I can’t help but arch my back, hoping to feel her tongue on my clit. Im about to beg for it, I am so desperate, and really want to cum. I look over to my man and see how turned on he is and watching him stroke his cock. I know he is just aching to cum. I motion for him to come over. He walks over to me, I have him lean down to my face, I kiss him softly, and ask him to help us out. He agrees and asks what we want him to do. I tell him to get behind my friend and fuck her and make her orgasm. As he slides his cock in her, she starts to moan and wiggle. I know she is almost ready to explode, as I reach for her face, pull her up canlı bahis siteleri from my pussy, she is now in the doggy style position. I kiss her slowly and whisper to her now… I ask her to ride his cock. she says ok, and he turns to his back, she slowly lowers down on him, gently letting his cock slide into her. Her moans become louder and longer the further his cock goes. I am now sitting next to them watching her and masturbating. I ask her to tell me how it feels, she starts to tell me, and I can barely understand her, due to her breathing heavy and gasping just trying to hold on. she leans toward me and tells me she is afraid she may pee because she is bursting. I tell her its ok and she still tries to hold on. I can tell she is slighty shy about the matter and this is definitely her first time. I try to tell her once again, but still no go. I lean over to my man, and tell him to talk to her and tell her its ok, and that it immensly turns him on. He pulls her close and tells her and she finally starts to relax. I notice her start to tremble and I know exactly where shes at, I look at my man and tell him to drive that cock deeper and rub that bladder and he tells her how good her pussy feels. Just as he starts to talk, he reaches around grabs her butt cheek with one hand and places the other on her protruding adomen. I know shes about to lose control, I can no longer hold it, I vigorously rub my pussy and clit for a second and suddenly lose control, My bladder exploding as I reach the most eroctic orgasm. Just then I see her body arch and also lose control. Just watching her losing those hot liquids all over my man. I desperately reach back down, and start to rub myself, I really need to cum again, I lean over and tell her my turn… I need to feel his cock in me. I slide over, lower down and take his cock deep inside, feeling the pressure against my bladder, I immediately start to arch my back. I ask him to grab my ass and push on my adomen. he does just that. I then tell him let me ride that cock. I take control riding faster and deeper each time. I look down at him and tell him im about to cum and ask him to watch. As I’m looking into his eyes, I clear my head and feel the moment. It only takes a few seconds before I lose control, I begin to burst and release those liquids, and cumming at the same time. It is the most erotic orgasm I have ever had.

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