One Incredible Flight


This is an actual encounter that happened to me a couple of years ago.As an author of erotic fiction, most of the work is precisely that. Just my deviate mind expressing my fantasies or something I’ve seen or experienced.But a few days ago, something happened that changed my world, and the idea of that would never happen to me. Everything in this story is a hundred per genuine, and I still can’t believe it happened, so let me share with you what took place that rocked my world. It was Sunday the 9/12/2018.I live and work in Australia; after fifteen years of being in the Oil she wore a pair of strappy 3″ wedges, which really accentuated her amazing calves. But it was her skirt that defined the whole package.In fact, it didn’t really suit her look. If that makes sense, it just didn’t fit her style. It looked high-end designer, where the rest looked Kmart. It was a short wraparound but made from a stiff sort of fabric, and it was cut into a V shape upwards; it looked like the letter W.When she sat down, no matter how much she tried pulling it down, it barely covered her panties with the V cutaway in the very centre. So to compensate for any unintentional exposure, she placed an iPad and book on her lap.So there we were, ready for take-off. The Chinese girl was already asleep with her head on a pillow against the window.We did the usual pleasantries, are you heading home or on holidays etc. This was when I found out she was a Sales Manager for an electric cable company or something like that, and I found out her name was Kirstie.Now, this was a five-hour flight, so I set about to get out my Huawei tablet and watch some inflight entertainment, only to discover I had left the cable adapter for the earphone jack at home. So now I had no headphones. Fuck it. I thought, now what? No movies. What would I do for five hours?We were thirty minutes into the flight and, I really was trying not to look at Kirstie’s legs, but, Jesus, they were fantastic, and so were her feet.Ok, I don’t have a foot fetish, but she had very sexy feet.So I thought I would write the second part of the latest story I was writing for Erotic Stories.I guess I was well into it when the hostess came around with snacks and drinks, so I took a break, as did Kirstie while we were eating.I noticed the cover of her book. It was simply called the milkman.I jokingly said, “Is that erotic fiction?” To which she gave me a funny look and said, “What would make you think it was an erotic book,” she asked.”You know the milkman did it type of thing,” I replied.”Nope, I’m not following you.””You know the old saying? If your son or daughter doesn’t look like the father, people say they are probably the milkman’s.””Oh, really, I have never heard that. Why the milkman’s?” She asked with a quizzical look on her face.Then it sort of dawned on me she isn’t old enough to remember getting milk delivered to your front door by a milkman.”Oh, you probably aren’t old enough to remember milk being delivered to your front door by a milkman,” I said to her.”No, not really, but I’m thirty-four, so I’m not that young.””Kirstie, that is young compared to me. I’m fifty-five.””Really, you don’t look it. I would have thought the maybe mid-late forties. You look really good for your age then,” she said, complimenting me.”Thank you very much! You have made my day.”We continued to talk for quite a while. I found out Kirstie was married for nearly twelve years.Kirstie told me that she had met her husband at university and had married when she finished her studies at twenty-two.The strange thing was, for some bahis siteleri reason, she really opened up to me and started telling me everything about her life.She told me what they did for work, how marriage was getting boring, and that they had been trying for a year to have children but still no luck.The more we talked, the more I was attracted to her. It’s hard to explain, but I found her sexually attractive. I’m not sure if it was her smile, the ease of the conversation or her beep blue eyes, but everything about her suddenly made her incredibly sexy.There was something about her innocents and her desperation to open up about her private life to a complete stranger.It was pretty strange. We were sitting talking, and she asked me, “I saw you reading something before. Was that erotic fiction?” She laughed, making a joke about my comment on her book.”No, actually, I was writing erotic fiction,” I replied, smiling.”I don’t believe you. You are just saying that now to make fun of me.””No, I really am writing erotic fiction. It’s what I do for a hobby here; read it!”I handed her my tablet, and she read what I had written. When she was finished, she just looked at me with a stunned look on her face.”My goodness, that’s really rude and extremely detailed. How many stories have you written like that?””Oh, lots. I have them all on here if you want to read another one,” I said.”Really, do you mind? I would like to read one you have completed.””No, not at all. I would like to get some feedback from a real person, not just someone on the internet.””On the internet, do you publish them?””I submit them to a website for people to read, yeah.”I opened up my story file and handed her my tablet. She chose to read the Story for Rinnie, which has three parts, so I got out my phone and listened to music as it didn’t need an adapter for the earphone jack, and I let her read in peace.I guess she read all three parts. I lost track of time listening to music.She handed back my tablet and asked if I could let her out as she needed to go to the toilet. I couldn’t help but notice her legs once again. As she got out, I even got a glimpse of Kirstie’s panties, white satin ones, nothing sexy at all, which is what I had expected.She came back from the toilet after a little while, and I once again moved for her. I noticed this time when she sat down, Kirstie didn’t put her iPad back on her lap, leaving only millimetres of material covering her panties, but I was happy she had more legs exposed.But it was killing me trying not to look because she had the best legs I had seen. But there was something else going on. Kirstie had a strange look on her face and seemed quite flushed. Kirstie noticed me looking at her, and she turned an even brighter shade of red. Leaning into me real close, she said quietly so no one else could hear.”Is that story real? Like, did that girl really do those things with that woman and her husband and that machine?””No, it’s just fiction. Why, did you like it?””I did. I liked it a lot. Is that the sort of thing you and your wife do?” She asked me very seriously.”No, not at all. I wrote that story for a friend of mine in Malaysia. She loved Fifty Shades of Grey, so I wrote a story for her. She is a real person, and I used her real name to make it feel personal for her.””You know I never read that book. All my friends at work raved about it. What do you and your wife like then?” She asked me.I found this a very intimate question to ask a total stranger. She was asking me what I like sexually, and that seemed strange to me. It’s definitely canlı bahis siteleri not something I would dare ask her unless we were on a date or something.”Well, that’s a little embarrassing. How about you read the story Holiday in Spain that will explain everything my wife and I are into? It’s based on mostly actual events and a little part fantasy.”I handed her the tablet again. She took it but just held it for a minute before leaning in real close again and said, “That other story made me terribly horny, and I mean hornier than I can ever remember. I had to go to the toilet because I was so wet I had to clean myself up. I’m not sure I will be responsible for my actions. If I read a real story of you and your wife, have really experienced.”I must have had the most shocked look on my face. Because almost immediately, Kirstie grabbed my arm and said, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. That is way too much information. You’re just so easy to talk to. You make me feel so relaxed.”I put my hand on hers and said, “It’s fine, in fact; that is a huge compliment. To know it made you horny and wet means the story must have been good.””Oh, it was really good. Look, I have lived a somewhat sheltered life. I was a virgin when I married my husband.He is the only person I have ever slept with and, we have never really looked at porn or read anything like the stories you have written. Sure, I have read romance novels and stuff that get a little sexy, which makes me horny, but I have never read anything like that with so much intimate detail.”I couldn’t help but sort of feel for her. I had had an outrageous sex life, having lived and worked in sixty-five countries. Let me tell you, I have seen and done some crazy fucked up shit. From a midget Thai girl running the Thailand mafia bar/brothel to a mass orgy in Malaysia and everything in between. Actually, that night in Bangkok with the Triad and the midget, it’s lucky I’m still aliveKirstie smiled and started reading the story. I couldn’t help but notice her whole posture had changed, with the iPad no longer on her lap. Kirstie’s skirt had now ridden up, and I could see the crutch of her panties, and they were indeed wet.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing from a woman I had only met a couple of hours ago. This shit just doesn’t happen in real life. When she finished the story, Kirstie placed the tablet on her lap. I’m sure she knew I could see her wet panties. She sat there for a minute just thinking before leaning over close to me.”Did you really do all that? Did you let your wife do that with another man and out in the open on the beach? I have so many questions now.””Like what, what do you want to know? That’s what we are into. I love exposing her and sharing her with other men.It’s so hot watching my wife being fucked to orgasm by a well-endowed man.””So you like to watch your wife have sex with other men, and then you do that afterwards?””Yes, I love to watch my wife with other men, and yes, I love to clean their cum out of her with my mouth and tongue.”I had a raging hard-on now. Talking to a stranger about stuff like this just made me horny as fuck. My cock was straining against my jeans. Kirstie was just sitting there looking at me in disbelief; I think trying to imagine my wife fucking another man, and then me going down on her and eat another man’s cum.”Isn’t that gay?” she finally said.”What?””Eating another man’s cum from your wife, isn’t that gay?””No, I didn’t suck his cock, or he didn’t fuck me, or I fuck him, so no, it’s not gay.”Kirstie then looked me canlı bahis straight in the eye and said,”I want that!””You want what?” I asked.”I want you to go down on me and eat my pussy.”I almost choked on my own tongue when she said that; at first, I thought she was joking. But I could see she was dead serious. I could barely get two words together but managed to stutter out.”Surely, you’re just kidding. You don’t really know me. I’m not sure what to say here. A woman I had just met has never asked me to do something like that, especially on a plane.””Not on the plane, silly, at my hotel room when we land. I want to do that. I want to experience that from a total stranger I won’t ever see again. My husband has never eaten my pussy. He said it’s dirty; we have only ever done it in two positions for the last twelve years. I’m bored. I want what your wife gets.””You’re totally serious right now, aren’t you?”She didn’t say a word. She turned, looked at the Chinese girl sleeping then looked across the aisle. One guy was watching a movie. The other two were asleep. She grabbed my hand and placed it very firmly under her skirt on her very wet panties.”Yes, I’m serious. Can you feel how wet I am? I have never been this wet or this horny in my entire life. My pussy has never leaked like this before, and looking at your pants, I think you’re just as horny as I am right now.”It was true; how could I not be fucking horny? I had a woman on a plane holding my hand against her wet pussy, telling me she wanted me to eat it, and she wasn’t my wife.My cock was about to burst, but I thought I would see just how far she was really prepared to go. So I moved my hand up and slid it down inside of her panties.She gave me a very shocked look and gasped. Then looked around before slightly opening her legs a little wider.I slid my fingers down through her abundant amount of pubic hair until they found wetness, lots of wetness. She really wasn’t joking about her pussy leaking; holy shit. She was dripping wet.My fingers slipped into her so easy she had nice fat pussy lips, although I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to see them for pubes. I put two fingers in her, but it was an odd angle, and I couldn’t turn my wrist, so I decided to just rub her clit.In about thirty seconds, she was grabbing my hand to stop me, but I kept rubbing, and she tensed right up, trying to close and cross her legs. Her head flung down onto my shoulder, and she bit into me as she orgasmed on my fingers, flooding her panties even more than they already were.I pulled my finger out of the waistband of her wet panties and licked my fingers clean. Let me tell you, fuck, she tasted good. Kirstie was in complete shock that she had just cum in such a public place.She just stared at me. At first, I thought, oh, oh is she going to scream or something.Then she said, “Oh my God, I can’t believe you just did that. No one but my husband has ever touched me down there. I have never done anything even remotely sexy in public, and I’ve never ever cum so quickly,”Then, even more bizarre, she leaned over and kissed me. Not just a peck on the lips but a full-on pash sliding her tongue into my mouth and really going for it.I had to push her back and said, “We need to just chill; we are on a plane, and I’m pretty sure everyone around us knows we aren’t together, Kirstie.”I sat looking at her. Her whole face was totally flushed red she looked exhausted. She leaned her head back on the seat, rolled her head towards me and said, “I’m serious, Kevin. I realised reading your stories I have not lived at all.I haven’t tried anything. Fuck, I have never even had my pussy eaten before. I want it all, and I trust you. Even though I don’t really know why I feel like I have known you my whole life, I can’t talk to my husband as easily as I can you.”

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