One Little Drink Ch. 2


Sean and I finally continue across the lobby, reaching the bank of glass elevators. We stand there, holding hands and waiting for a car, suddenly shy together. The doors of the elevator opens and we enter, moving to the wall of glass that looks over the lobby as we climb to the top floors of the hotel. I can see all the men from the bar, standing in the doorway, watching us with disbelief, wondering why I chose Sean over any of them. I honestly don’t know why, but I am glad I did. He is standing beside me, I can feel the warmth of his body near mine. As the elevator slows, he leans over and kisses my nose, smiling at me and calling me his “Little One”. We walk to my door, still nothing spoken between us. He takes the key from my hand, sliding the card into the assigned slot and opening my door, waiting for me to enter. I am grateful for my slightly obsessive neatness.

The suite looks nice, clean and inviting. The candles I have placed throughout have eliminated that institutional smell, replacing it with the softness of vanilla. The few lit lamps lend a soft glow to the rooms. Sean takes my hand and leads me into the bedroom. I look at the massive bed that only hours before seemed so lonely. Now, he slowly begins dancing with me, to the soft love songs on the radio. We dance, now closely, his breath in my hair, his scent surrounding me. I look up at him and see again his delicious mouth, wondering how it tastes, how it feels. As if reading my thoughts, he leans down and kisses me, really kisses me, his lips gentle against mine as he coaxes my mouth open, his tongue now washing the inside of my mouth with jolts of electricity. His hands caress my naked back, his fingers rubbing the sensitive skin and marking me. I belong to him. As we dance by the bed, I push him to sit. I continue the dance now, alone, my body moving languidly in time to the istanbul escort music, my hips swaying, my eyes closed. I see myself as if in reverse motion, now removing the clothes I so carefully dressed in hours before. My dress melts from my body and I dance for him in the lovely ice blue undies I had so lovingly chosen.

I place my small, stockinged foot next to his hip, allowing him to unhook my sheer black stocking and slide it down my leg. His hands are loving, caressing my bare skin as he uncovers it. I offer the other leg, wondering if he knows how much I want him, if he can tell how excited I am. I stand before him, allowing him to remove the garter belt, still dancing to the music. He stands and I reach for his shirt, pulling it impatiently over his head, revealing his chest, lightly dusted with dark curls. I run my fingertips over his chest, his hardening nipples and I hear him moan. My fingernails lightly scrape the nipples, and he arches his back and offers himself to me. I place my hungry mouth over a nipple and suck, hard, as his moans increase in intensity. I like that. I like knowing I am pleasing him. My mouth moves to the other nipple, my fingers restlessly moving up and down his back, feeling the taut skin, the smoothness of him.

As I suck on his wrinkled nipples, my hands move to his waist. I eagerly undo his belt, unhook the button and unzip the fly. I push at his waistband, and his pants fall in a heap on the floor. He wears grey boxers, which seem tailor-made for him, no baggy shorts for this man. I can feel his erection pressing against the shorts and am so tempted to reach for it. But we seem to be taking it slowly, moving carefully, building desire with each move and I am not anxious to interrupt our dance.

The entire inner wall of my suite avcılar escort is made of windows which look out over the lobby. The lobby services both the hotel and an office building, both having an entire wall of windows facing each other. I have often fantasized about making love in the window, displaying myself and my lover to the envy of some poor office worker. Even now, as I am learning about Sean, during the intial lovemaking, I am thinking of the windows, the office worker and us, dazzling in our lust.

The long, heavy curtains have not been drawn. I can see lights in the office across the way, lights indicating that some workers are still at their desks and probably anxious for a diversion. I think how lovely Sean and I look together and hope that we are noticed. But that thought is nearly driven from my mind as Sean takes me into his arms and begins dancing with me again. I feel his well-built body against mine, the warmth of his hands as he moves them over my back and cups my ass, pulling me closer to him. We are kissing, playing with each other, teasing with our busy tongues and hungry lips. We move to the bed, lying near each other, continuing the exploration with our mouths and hands. His magic fingers open and remove my bra, then my panties, without me even noticing. His shorts are gone too. Now our bodies can touch full-length and I feel his desire pressed against me.

We continue kissing, while our hands wander up and down our heated skin. I can feel his erection pressed against my tummy, his hands marking his territory. My excited nipples rub against his, our legs entwine and our hearts pound against each other. I separate my thighs enough to allow his cock to slide in and rest against my curlies. I cradle him there, holding him securely against my swollen mound. He is kissing me and talking şirinevler escort to me, his softly accented voice making me want to sink into him and stay there forever. He says my name, Marissa, and it sounds magical. I can feel myself growing wetter and swelling open to accept him. We are lying side by side and I know it would take just a small adjustment to welcome him into my pinkness. And I make that adjustment, feeling him slide into me, fitting wonderfully, as I knew he would. He slowly moves his hips, making his cock dance inside me, perfectly in rhythm with my desire. I move against him, meeting his pelvis with each thrust, moving him in and out of my depths with long strokes of my needy pussy. I know we could move faster, but somehow it seems right that this dance go slowly.

I lift my face to his and his delicious mouth meets mine and devours it, so slowly and completely. This is just perfect. Kissing Sean, feeling is skin against mine, his cock deep inside me. I wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper, inviting him into my velvety softness. He continues to stroke me, his cock making contact with my pussy and clit, thrusting against me and making me shiver in delight. The angle is wonderful for massaging my clit and making it erect. I can feel myself beginning to tighten as my orgasm started to build. My legs wrap tighter, and I thrust harder, pulling him into me deeper than I imagined possible. I hold my breath as the contractions start deep inside me and begin pulsing through my hungry body. We are kissing and I am moaning into his mouth, then growling from deep within. I feel the pain in my throat as I cry out, feel the spasms as they shake my body. As I become aware of my surroundings again, I can hear Sean, saying my name and soft Scottish words, holding me and smoothing my hair. He is smiling, pleased with the gift he has just given me. I can feel the soft kisses he is showering on my face and head, the loving way he is touching my body as I relax against him.

I might have drifted off, because I am suddenly aware of Sean gently calling my name. He is standing over me, a smile on his handsome face, his hand reaching for me.

To Be Continued…

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