One Night with Danielle


Danielle was pretty if a little chunky. She had big tits, D’s at least, and a bit of a belly and that fat on her upper arms that some women get. She had this abortive attempt at a tattoo on her right upper arm, some sort of an ugly looking genie coming out a misshapen bottle. It had never been filled in and was just an outline inked in dull blue that had been used by a past boyfriend. The same boyfriend, long since locked away in a jail cell, had inked his initials—T H—above her left tit.

The fact that this idiot loser had been able to talk her into letting him mark her up with these sorry excuses for tattoos was the reason that I had asked her up to my apartment, namely that even without the beer that I was plying her with and the pot that I was going to break out Danielle could be talked into just about anything. And I had a whole lot of anything on my mind.

Although she’s a big chested gal Danielle has narrow hips and a small butt. She was wearing a long black King Diamond t-shirt that covered her ass so I hadn’t seen much of it yet.

Her hair was auburn and kind of frizzy. It was long, down to her back, which I liked. She was pretty, like I said, with a quick almost child-like smile and plump cheeks. She has a nervous laugh and is a lot sweeter looking than I expected from a girl I know to be such a dirty slut.

She laughed that nervous laugh at some inane remark I had just made and I handed her a beer. She tipped the can back, taking a big gulp.

Good, I thought as I sat beside her on my couch.

Half an hour later—mid way through a rerun of Headbangers Ball—she was sipping her third beer and she asked me if I had any weed.

“Sure”, I said, giving her thigh a squeeze to let her know that there would be a price. I went to my bedroom to get my stash. I have a crappy little apartment in a building of apartments just like it. My kitchen and dining room are one small room with a half bar that separates them from the living room. My bedroom and bathroom are up a short stairway opposite the front and only door to the apartment.

I came down the steps and turned right into the living room. Danielle set down her beer. Her eyes practically gleamed as she scoped out my stash.

“Here, let me do it”, she said when I set a baggie and my rolling papers on the coffee table. “Everyone says that I roll the tightest joints. Hell of a thing to be proud of, huh?”

I watched her pink tongue when she licked the paper. “Nice tongue”, I said. “You know how to use it?”

She smiled and licked her lips, trying to look coy. She nodded her head. “You have to do me too though”, she said.

I nodded although that was the last thing that I wanted to do. There was no way that I was going to stick my tongue where every guy has been before, but I figured that after enough pot she would forget about it.

I took the joint and lit it. I took a baby drag and handed it to her. I didn’t want to get high and I needed her to. She took a heavy drag and settled back to watch Megadeath rock out on the tube.

I put my hand on her thigh and then slid it up to her pussy. I was horny and didn’t want to waste time. I rubbed her snatch through her jeans. A couple of puffs later she said, “Man, that feels good”, and she opened her legs. I ran my hand up and down on her cunt.

When she closed her eyes and leaned back on the couch, I pushed the coffee table away and squatted down to take off her shoes and socks.

“I’d love you if you would rub my feet”, she said. I did that but only for less than a minute. I slid my hands up her legs to her fly. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled her zipper down. She did have a belly, a little one. She kept it hidden with her shirt but that fine by me. It was her backside that I was concerned with.

You see, I’m an anal sex freak even though I hadn’t at that time ever fucked a girl in the ass. I get laid, of course. I’m a manager at the Burger King that I work at and a lot of young girls pass behind the counter and they sometimes figure that it can’t hurt to fuck me and I let them believe it.

But I had never asked one of them for a buttfuck. I’m not sure why. Just nervous about it, I guess.

Tonight though I was going to loose my assbusting virginity by pounding this chunky chick’s tight asshole.

I pulled her jeans down her legs and she lifted her butt to help me.

Her panties were red and nearly see through. I could see a dark triangle underneath them and wondered how good her ass was going to look like in them. My dick twitched and went stiff.

When I started to pull her shirt off she took a deep drag on the joint and leaned forward to set it down in the ashtray. She held up her arms and I pulled the shirt over her head. She reached back to unhook her bra and her titties were freed.

They were big, big and round and bouncy, D’s easily. She had good sized but light colored areolas and small nipples. I put my hands on them, squeezed their spongy fullness and pressed my face into them. She moaned and touched my hair.

I pulled away from them and stood up. I held out my hand to her. “Stand up and take those panties off”, I pendik escort told her.

She stood and eased them down her thighs. Her full, inviting bush came into view and the panties fell down her legs and she stepped out of them.

She acted nervous. She put her hands over her tummy.

“Turn around and let me see your ass.”

She turned around pushed it out at me. It was small, a little too narrow but nice and round. And I was going to fuck it. I was going to pump that little ass hard.

My dick was a fucking spike ready to be shoved inside her tight back tunnel.

She bent over and put her hands on the couch cushions. “Are you an ass man?” she asked.

“Yes.” I rubbed the soft curve of her right cheek. I squeezed it and grabbed her hips. I stared at the butt that was going to be the first one that I would ever pierce.

I wanted to see all of it so I got a little daring and told her to spread it open for me. “Let me see your butthole”, I said to her.

She hesitated a second and then she did it. She fucking did it. She curled her finger around her cheeks and yanked them apart, exposing her puckered asshole. It was a beautiful sight and I was drawn to it. I reached for it. I touched as finger to it and Danielle stiffened and let go of her butt cheeks.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” she asked, looking nervous and straightening up.

I had heard that she didn’t really like it in the ass and had to be talked into it. That was fine by me. I had all night and I have a lot of sexual stamina.

And patience. I was going to use this slut for all she was worth.

And then some.

“Sure”, said in reply to her question. Danielle sat on the couch and watched me undress. “Oh”, she said when I took off my boxers. I’m not Honkey Dong big but I’m close. My dick is long and thick and some women that I’ve had have been put off by my size. Right now I was hard and not in the mood for small talk. I wanted to use it.

“I don’t know what I can do with that.” She giggled but she did look nervous.

I walked to her. My dick was level with her face and it bobbed as I approached her. She obediently opened her mouth. Her bottom lip quivered and I slid my dick inside. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head on my dick.

She gave pretty good head, the right amount of tongue and lots of sucking and head motion with none of that licking the shaft. I hate that. It does nothing for me. I want a girl to go down and hump my dick with her mouth. That’s a good blowjob. I watched her suck it for a while, enjoying the way it poked out of her mouth like a pipe.

I decided to help her get it more of it in by grabbing the sides of her head and fucking her mouth. Some women don’t like it when I, or any man, does this to them but she took it like the good slut she was. She opened her throat and docilely took the pounding as I rammed her head up and down on my dick. I gave that bitch a serious mouth fucking, pounding her face hard, fast and deep. I didn’t drive the entire length of my dick in though, not yet. I was checking to see how fast and hard she could take it, to see how much she was going to fight me about having her pretty mouth fucked like a pussy.

And she didn’t fight me at all. She knew her place and accepted what I was doing to her without complaining.

I pushed things a bit farther by shoving the whole length of my dick into her mouth. That got a reaction out of her—a muffled protest—that I ignored and kept pushing until the head of my dick was at the back of her throat. Her head was in my hands and I pumped, filling her mouth and choking her. She opened the back of her throat in self-defense and once again resigned herself to having her mouth used as a pussy.

She did gag when I kept it in too deep for too long and I had to let her up for air. She coughed and swallowed and I put it right back in and started ram fucking her mouth again. This became a routine. I fucked her mouth as fast and as deeply as I could until she had to take an air and swallow break and then put it back in for another go around. And she just took it. She accepted that I was going to pound her throat and use her mouth as much and hard as I wanted to over and over again.

I think that the chunky slut might have been trying to make me come though. I had news for her. I have a lot of stamina and control. I was going to come when I was ready to and not before.

I really enjoyed shoving my cock into her throat past her gagging point and feeling her squirm, press on my thighs with her hands and whine a protest around the rod in her mouth. The last time that I did that I yanked it out and as she was gasping for air I slapped her cheek with my saliva slick dick.

She looked up at me ready and expecting to be taken to bed, but I had one more thing to try before I took her upstairs. I turned around and bent over, putting my hands on my knees.

“Eat my ass”, I told her.

And she did it! The dumb bitch was either drunk enough, high enough or just did not give a damn about herself and did it. She hesitated at first, but once I looked back at her she scooted tuzla escort forward to the edge of the couch, pulled my butt open and licked my asshole. She flicked her tongue across it with quick butterfly strokes.

I wanted more though.

“Get in there”, I said to her. “Lick it.”

She sighed and pressed her face to my butt cheeks. She lapped at my ass, running her tongue up my crack and lathing my asshole. The dumb cunt was eating my ass and I loved it!

“Kiss it”, I told her next and she put her lips to the hole and smacked a wet one on it. “French kiss it. Get your tongue up there.”

My balls tightened when her wet tongue poked into my asshole. She leaned into my ass and jabbed her tongue into my anus, licking and flicking, kissing and sucking to my orders. It was fucking great!

I sure as hell didn’t want to date this slut on a regular basis, but I made a vow to keep her on the side for as long as possible. A fuck this compliant you can’t pass up.

“I hope that you’re going to do me”, she said when I pulled my ass off her face and grabbed her arm to guide her upstairs.

“Right now I want to fuck you so badly that it hurts.” I squeezed her right butt cheek and followed her up the stairs.

My bed is a mattress and box springs on the floor surrounded by dirty clothes. I walked her to it and then went downstairs to get the joint that she had forgotten. She was reclining on the bed when I returned and handed it to her.

She took a drag and while she held the smoke I moved her around on the bed and spread her legs. She started to say something—probably to bitch that I hadn’t eaten her out—but the pot smoke took it away and I was already on top of her.

She wasn’t wet—of course—but she was loose and after a few seconds of prodding I got the head of my dick inside her. It was still wet with her saliva so that helped and after grabbing the bed sheets, I shoved with my hips, fighting my way in.

Danielle squirmed under me and whined at the pain of my cock being forced into her dry cunt, but she lay still and became a dead fuck. Not that I minded. I wasn’t here for her pleasure. I needed her to be a collection of holes for me to use, abuse and humiliate, that’s all.

Once I got my dick in deep enough I humped the bitch’s snatch as hard and fast as I could get my hips to go. I banged her hole with the whole length of my big dick and my deepest strokes made her grunt and scrunch up her mouth in displeasure. She squirmed and whined when I hit a hard obstruction at the back of her cunt and that became my target. I pounded away at the back of her pussy, shoving my dick all the way in and hurting her.

And she took it. She took it and I loved it.

She didn’t try to pretend that she was enjoying it either. She just lay there with her eyes closed, her head to the side and her legs spread as I had my way with her pussy as I had with her mouth.

It was pleasing to know that the dumb bitch knew her place.

I slowed down for a bit to give myself a rest and to make sure that I did not come too early. I starting squeezing her big titties and that got her attention. She looked up and smiled as I rubbed her nipples. I licked them and sucked on them as I slow stroked her.

“You like that, don’t you?” I said to her. I slobbered on them for a while—she really does have great tits—and then I said to her: “You ever had your titties fucked?”

“No”, she said with a wanton smile.

I doubted that, but it was possible since most of the guys she had dated were probably not as creative as I am.

I pulled out of her pussy and climbed up on her chest. She mashed her tits around my cock, sealing me in her cleavage. My dick was wet from her pussy, greasing her cleavage and allowing me to slide between her fat titties with ease.

And a lot of pleasure. Fucking her tits felt better than her pussy, but she seemed to like it though. She watched my dick head poke out of her squashed together titties every time I stroked forward.

“Lick it”, I told her and she lapped at it every time that it made an appearance.

Pumping her big tits felt so good that I got a lot closer to orgasm a lot quicker than I intended to. She sensed it as I started pumping faster.

“Don’t come on me, okay?” she said, looking up at me. “I hate it when guys come on me.”

And of course I made up my mind to come on her that night, to spray a hot load on her pretty face, but not right now. I had other ideas.

“You swallow, right?”

When she opened her mouth to say yes, I hopped off her chest and popped my dick inside her mouth. I mounted her face and started fucking her mouth. I rode her head and it wasn’t very many strokes later when I spurted into her mouth.

I had saved up for her and I let her have it all. I shoved my cock in deep and came more than a mouthful. I filled her up and she swallowed around my dick. There was a lot and she choked a bit. Some leaked out and dribbled over her bottom lip.

I kept it in her mouth and sprayed hard shots into her already full throat. She coughed and tried to pull her head back, to dislodge me from her mouth, kartal escort but she was back against the pillow and could not go any farther away. She shoved at my thighs.

I took pity on her and backed out of her mouth. I wasn’t done coming though and I figured that I might as well finish off on her face after all. I could always blame it on her since she choked.

She coughed once her mouth was empty and a stringer of my come flew past her lips. I pointed my dick at her closed eyes and beat off like a mad man. My first shot blasted her in the right eye. She jerked and squeezed her eyes even tighter shut when my goo covered her eyelid, gluing it shut. My second shot wasn’t as potent and it splattered on the bridge of her nose and my third shot was mostly dribbles that rained down onto her left eye.

Done, I rubbed my dick on her plump cheek, wiping off any remaining come and rolled off her.

“God, that was great”, I said, figuring that after a fuck session like that she deserved a compliment. I looked down at her sperm splashed face and redden mouth and smiled. Her eyes were glued shut and she couldn’t see me so I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Oh my god, this is gross”, she said. “Get me a towel.”

I flipped her off.

She held out a hand. She shook it either out of revulsion of having my come on her face or at my sluggishness in getting her a towel. Either way I was loving it! I got her a towel from the bathroom and plopped down beside her while she mopped up her face. She pulled back the towel and smiled at me.

Smiled at me!

I had just used her like a disposable fuck toy and came in her face and she smiles at me!

This dumb bitch was going to be a lot of fun!

“You came a lot”, she said. She blinked her eyes to make sure that all of my come was gone. “I need to pee”, she said when she was satisfied that her face was clean. “And a smoke.”

She used the bathroom and went downstairs to get her cigarettes.

“Grab me a beer”, I called after her, watching her small butt swish as she descended the steps. You’re next, I told it.

We sat up in bed and drank a couple of beers and smoked a few cigarettes while listening to the radio.

“I don’t need to be out too late”, she said. “My mom doesn’t like it when I come home late.”

I didn’t need her to start bailing on me now. My dick was just starting to squirm.

“Don’t leave now”, I told her. “I’m just resting.”

She oooh’ed and snuggled against my side like she had enjoyed our last encounter. “She’ll get over it”, she said with a shrug. “Got anymore weed?”

She knew that I did. It was downstairs on the coffee table. I got it and let her roll another joint.

I got out my digital camera while she sat on the edge of the mattress and licked the paper.


I clicked a picture and she panicked.

“Oh god no.” She put the hand with the joint in it in front of her face and covered her belly with the other one. “Don’t! I’m fat!”

“You’re not that fat”, I said. “And I won’t take any of your face.” I aimed the camera at her pussy, which was hidden by her legs except for the top of her pubic hair. “I’ll just take some of your pretty pussy.”

I pried her knees apart and clicked a picture.

Danielle took a drag off the joint and sighed away the smoke. I pushed her legs all the way open and knelt between them. After several pictures, none of which were decent, she laid back on the bed. I had her put her feet up on the bed so that I had enough light and took some pictures of her snatch.

I backed up and got some full body shots of her, but the pot had her and she didn’t say anything. “Get up on the bed”, I told her. She obliged, slipping into autopilot and doing what she was told.

I took some full body shots and some close-ups of her pussy and titties.

“Leg wide open.”

Click. Click.

“Hold you tits up.”

Click. Click.

“Okay, all at once, legs open, hold those tits and smile.”

Click. Click.

“Roll over.”

Click. Click.

“Butt up. On your hands and knees.”

Click. Click. Click.

“Head down, butt up.”

Click. Click. Click.

“Spread your butt cheeks.”

Click. Click. Click.

“Hold it while I get in close.”

Click. Click. Click.

My dick was a spike again and damn was I ready. I sat on the edge of the mattress. “Come on over here. Get between my legs on the floor. I want to get some pictures of my dick in your mouth.’

She balked at that. “I don’t want my face in any of them.”

It was in plenty of them already, but I didn’t remind her of that.

“I’ll be the only one to see them”, I told her. “Come on.”


“Come on.”


“I’ll never show them to any one.”


No. “Yes.”

She got down between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. She closed her eyes and waited to be told what to do. I snapped a picture and then told her to suck me. She bobbed and slobbered on my cock and I stopped her periodically to take a picture. I took a lot of them with my dick at varying depths in her mouth. I made her open her eyes for a few of them. My favorite pictures though were those where she had her nose was pressed into my pubic hair and the strain of keeping my dick so far in her throat was evident of her face.

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