One of my friend first time


One of my friend first timeI wanted to start writing by speaking about of my friend first time. She and I spoke a great deal about it at the time :)Sadly I havn’t seen her in a while (in fact since beginning college) and I figured out I wanted to write something before I forgot most of it.It was obviously something important for her and we often spoke about it long before it happens, and also after.She is just a little older than me and it happenned to her two years ago when she just turned 18. As for me, I was already more experienced than her on the subject but we’re all differents :)She’s cute in my opinion but without being presumptous I’ve always been the cutier of the two of us, as I already had several boyfriends when she got just the one :)She’s about the same size as me (165cm) so pretty tiny but she also is larger, without being chubby at all! She have beautiful long brown hairs and have bigger boobs than I will ever dream lol I was once jealous of her as she got them pretty early and although develi escort big, I know they are pretty firm and cute in her very pale skin.So she was in love for almost two years with a metiss guy (french maroccan) she met online. She spared many time online talking to him and we both knew where they were going. The problem was he wasn’t from our city but far away.They ended up to declare for each other after she sent him a letter with her perfume (which I found being too cliche nowadays but used to like the idea)… He came by to see her but only a mere hours, within a day. From there they “plotted” together so she will came to see him by train over several days.She was just turned 18, as she wanted to wait (which I always said it was dumb), and so they’ve been able to rent a youth hostel and their parents didn’t knew much of it.From there I know how she was dressed as she asked me on this before hand :)She confessed it was the first time she was wearing something sexy, as we bought her a few weeks before a piece of lingerie for the occasion :)I remember helping her choosing a nice bustier that will wrap nicely her body, as well as having straps to be able to wear stockings (as the guy loved stockings she said). That simply completed by a bra and thong she already had. All of this in black to go nicely with a pale skin, at least I hoped for!Certainly her partner loved it, as she mentionned him to be gentle and managed to get her naked slowly, spending much time on preliminaries. On her side, she said to be frightened as anyone would, but also “over-excited”, which was good for her :)Her boobs has always been her best body part, as I mentionned earlier, and she enjoyed her lover to massage, lick and suck them for several minutes with attention. And after a while she sat down to receive a cunni! It’s true he was more experienced (I believe he was 21yo iirc) and tried to put her in the best mood!I’m glad for her and even a little jealous she got to be so well prepared for her first time!However she still confessed to feel little pain when he took her. He put a condom of course as she asks him, and after a couple minutes only he was done and she was a real woman.I asked her for her bf dick size :p And he said her that was a 16cm. As men loves to lie about that, I believe it was more a little 15cm, otherwise she would have said it was an impressive one. Also it was a hairy and thick one, that may have set her own preference but personally I prefer less hairy :)To finish with her confession, she told me they’ve redone it less than a couple hours after. She wasn’t afraid anymore, and felt it pleasuring this time. She also became very “vocal”, moaning very loud everytime since then, which I can only imagine.I hope you liked this reading, I always found her confess interesting and exciting. I don’t see her very much those days but she was (and still is) a nice and cute friend of mine. Maybe I could upload just a tiny pic of her if people are interested after all. Also note she broke up with the guy last year and find herself someone else!Please comment, and thanks for reading!

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