One time with a stay at home dad


One time with a stay at home dadIt was summer 2016 and i had that day off work. I had gotten home from the gym and was cursing around CL for a possible hook up when i ran into an ad whose location was not too far from me i decided to reply and see what happens.I went back to watching porn and in a few minutes i got a response from the poster. We chatted back and forth mostly about my stats and where i lived and if i was a bottom or a top (i am versatile). He seem hesitant about inviting me over so i was about to move on when he sent me his address. It was bout 5 minutes away. I arrived at the address and parked across the street. He opened the door and waved me over. When i got to his door he stepped aside and i entered. He told me he was a stay at home dad and that the k**s were at school. He was short but not fat he was wearing some blue shorts a white t shirt and some slippers. He was not bad looking but seem tense. We sat on the couch in the living room and i told him about myself after a bit he reached karşıyaka escort out and touched my thigh. I responded by slipping my hand up under his shorts and touching his crotch. He asked if i sucked i answered by getting on my knees in front of him and pulling his shorts down, i got them just ass his ass cheeks, that was enough for me to see his cock. It was limp but i could tell it was uncut. I kissed it softly and then kissed his balls, i then licked his shaft until my mouth was over his cock head then i put it between my lips and stroked his balls i could tell he was enjoying it and it started to get hard in my mouth. I sucked on it until it felt hard then i took my mouth off it and rub it on my face. I looked up at him and asked him if he liked it? he answered yes, i rub it on my face again and asked him if he want to fuck, he said yes, i got up off my knees, dropped my paints and turned around so he could get a good look at my ass. I asked him if he liked what karşıyaka escort bayan he saw? he answered yes and i felt his hands on my ass, he squeeze it a bit then he kissed it, then i felt him finger my hole. I stepped away and turned around i asked him where he wanted to do it he answered right here. I turned back around and backed up to his hard cock. I told him to spread my hole and help me lower my hole on to his cock. I started to lower myself on to him, i felt his cock head pushing into me, i moved around a little until i could feel his head enter me, i started to take him all the way in when i felt him cum as soon as i felt his cum hit me he grab me around the stomach and push his cock all the way in. I got up off his cock and got on my knees to lick it clean, it was getting soft fast. I was still hard, he looked at me and said that he was sorry about cumming g so fast. i said that it was alright it happens, he could see i was still hard. He asked if i wanted escort karşıyaka to fuck him. I answered hell yes, he got up and lowered his shorts then got on the floor. He wanted me to mount him from the back, i asked if he would mind laying face up with his legs up. He did as i asked and i entered him gently, took a deep breath as i push all of cock into him. His legs came around my hips he was a good looking guy, i told him how i still felt his warm cum in my hole and asked if i could cum in him He answered that i could. As the passion grew we started kissing , my tongue was all over his, i kept telling him how good his cum felt and how i wanted more, he told me i could anything i wanted and then just like that i came inside of him. I came for what felt like hours, we held each other tight until i grew soft i kissed him one last time and pull myself out of him. He looked away and said something about his k**s coming home soon. i told him i understood and started putting my paints back on, he stood up and pulled his shorts up all of a sudden he looked surprise I asked him what was up and he answered that he felt something dipping from his ass, i told him it was just my cum, i went and got some bathroom tissue and clean him up. I told him it would be alright. He walked me to the door and i lift.

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