Subject: LGTQ – Encounters I was doing my usual thing one warm evening – hanging around in an isolated public toilet, high on molly, waiting for footsteps while casually stroking my cock. All of a sudden there were loud voices and multiple footsteps and the toilet filled with guys who did not sound like they were looking for sex. I cowered in a stall. One guy looked over the top into my stall and laughed. “He guys we’ve got a little faggot here.” “Come out, come out faggot,” said another. Then one of them kicked the door to my stall in and I was dragged out and punched and kicked repeatedly. There were five of them and they were all laughing and calling me a filthy faggot. I was left with a broken rib, a black eye and multiple bruises and really painful balls where tuzla escort one of them kicked me in the groin. While it was happening I couldn’t help but notices how good looking one the guys was, with big brown eyes, curly hair and a compact build with beautiful pecs. I staggered home where despite my injuries I kind of felt turned on by being beaten and being called a faggot – which I am and I could not stop thinking about the beautiful guy, his hair and his pecs. But I always felt that a faggot like me could never have a guy like him. I recovered from my injuries, and kept up my cruising activities full throttle. A few months later I was in a park near a toilet block. It was fairly busy with guys coming and going and I was just hanging out in some bushes watching tuzla escort bayan and waiting, when the beautiful brown eyed guy from the night of my bashing wandered slowly past me. My heart beat faster and and my cock swelled. I followed him down a path to a secluded spot. I was terrified that it was a setup and I was going to be beaten up again, but I ached for him and kept going. We stood in the shadows opposite each other. I touched his cock through his jeans – it was hard. I ran my hand up and down his chest – his heart was beating hard. I pulled down his pants – a hot, cut, thick six inch cock sprang out and I knelt down and took him deep in my throat. He wanted it so badly. I stood up after a while and said, “You know we have me before.” He paused. “Were you escort tuzla the guy…” “That you beat up in the toilet a few months ago,” I interrupted. “Yeh.” “It was.” He cupped my balls and drew me close to him. “I’m so sorry. The thing is I am gay but admitting it – I mean I can’t tell anyone in my life. Those guys would make my life hell – they are bad guys.” “It’s ok I forgive you. I understand how tough it is for some guys. You are really hot – I even thought so when you were punching me. I am David by the way.” “Greg.” Greg then turned me around, spread my butt and pushed himself inside me – I was in love – and he deposited a warm, white load inside me. I was in heaven. He was about to go and I gave him my contact details. In the coming months Greg became a regular visitor to my flat, where he developed a real taste for leather gear. He eventually branched out in the gay world and stopped coming but I was glad to have helped him break away from his violent closet.

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