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Online Lover.S. . . . flashed my line in the afternoon on the 19th of May 2010, i didnt know who it was so i sent an sms asking the question please who are you? She then replied with her name and location saying she got my number from lovers magazine and that she was interested in my write up, asked her for more details which she did reveal, we got talking midnight and got to know more about ourselves and planned our meeting. We agreed to meet in Asaba as i was to be there for clearance in two days time. I got to Asaba but we couldnt see because on the scheduled day which was a saturday it was her uncles wedding which she attended, she promised Tuesday still she didn’t show up, i got angry the more when my wallet containing all that matters and cash got missing, i told her she wasnt serious and she was playing games with me, she promised Thursday, was hoping to finally meet with her but she called that she was on her way to Lagos, i got mad the more and said she is truly playing games with me. Friday the next day i departed for Lagos thanks to my friends who raised my fare. I arrived Lagos and i told her i was in town, she said we would see before she heads back to Asaba, we fixed to meet on Tuesday but sivas escort as always, story came up of being busy, i sent her a text not to call my line again because i was sick and tired of her games, she sent me a text apologising and i forgave her. Wednesday came and we planned for Thursday, we spoke midnight, i queried her for not being honest and straight forward. Thursday being the D-day came, my mum and aunt travelled for a wedding in Anambra State after seeing them off i came in, had my bath and stepped out for Oceanic bank at Ojota being the branch i opened my account to request for a new ATM but was told there were lots of request pending, i left and went to the other house at Ojota to see my siblings, spent an hour with them, S. . . . called me while i was there asking what time i wanted her to start coming told her dont know yet because i was with my siblings, i took my leave and tried calling her line but was switched off, sent an sms saying i was on way home and she could start coming, i arrived home and she called, told her to start coming , by this time it was 11. 15 am, it took her 2 hours to come from Ikeja but she came i had concluded it was another disapointment. tekirdağ escort On meeting her i welcomed her, she looked so young and innocent, she is 19yrs but has a baby face which makes her very beautiful, we set out for the general hospital which is 5 minutes walk from my house for an HIV test because she loves and wanted it raw, she had done a test the previous day on my instruction, she came along with the test result of 6 months ago and yestidays which were both negative but still i doubted because i felt she could falisfy the result, in an hour our results were out and we were both tested negative, but before then i was neverous unlike me who is always calm and confident when being tested. We set for the house, she was sweating when we arrived the house so i told her to shower while i get her malt to drink. She spent 7/8mins bathing and scrubing, told her that was neccesary because my tongue would be rolling all over her skin. She came out of the bathroom and was freshly looking more innocent and c***dish. Suggested bondage sex and she obliged, got two of my ties out, used one to blindfold her and the other to tie her hands, got pegs and clipped her nipples but she escort bayan complained that it hurts so i had to remove it, i spread her legs open and i applied honey that i had goten from the fridge earlier, i licked, sucked and ate her pussy with relish, as i did so she begged me to fuck her, got my rod in her and dug for honey, she came twice during the first round as i fucked her, i soon released outside her after 10 minutes of thrusting in and out, we both went into the bathroom to clean up after loosing both ties from her hands and eyes, came back into the room, she picked up a mag and was going through, while she did so i sucked on her nipples, she dropped the mag and said she wants to work on me, she asked me to lie down and i asked her to bring it on that i cant wait, she sucked on my nipples then my dick for 15 minutes or more, then she guided my dick into her pussy and fucked me until she came thrice, each time she came she squealed, told her to take the doggy position, got in and fucked her pussy and spanked her ass, then i ejaculated on her ass. We cleaned up and got talking for 30 minutes, i got up and sucked her pussy while she spoke in tongues she assumed the standing doggy position and i fucked her for 25 minutes or more before coming, we laid on the floor and talked again before she got up and went to have her bath, she thanked me for fucking her and said she regretted having not met with me as planned in Asaba. Saw her off and we bade farewell to ourselves.

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