Only This Summer

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Frustrated he sat there with the pencil in his mouth looking for the right word, the right phrase to put in his song he hoped would be the next

hit. He heard the sliding glass door open and turned to see his niece, who he had taken under his care recently, enter with a girlfriend. Apparently her parents and her were going through some rough times so he agreed to let her stay there over the summer.

She really was a beauty. At eighteen she was just maturing into a young woman, small pert titties teased through her very thin halter tops. Her long leans legs, with a tan golden brown perfectly formed a sweet round young ass. Every time he saw her like that he felt his cock stir, he knew he should not think of her like that, but god she was such a knockout.

“Hi, uncle Mike” she said to him, “hi there he replied who is your friend?”

“This is Rebecca, they are staying at their vacation house down the road for the summer also. It’s so cool uncle Mike, I have someone to hang out with here.”

“Yeah that is great he says. You girls help yourselves to whatever you would like OK.”

“OK, thanks” she says and they giggle off into the kitchen.

As they walked into the kitchen he watched them, “damn he thought her friend’s just as sexy as she is.” This would be a long afternoon, he thought. He tried to resume his train of thought for his song, but it was lost. The thought of those two sweet juicy young things in his house was too much for a man, let alone trying to concentrate on songs.

He could hear them giggling in the kitchen and thought he would go see what they were up too. When he walked in he noticed the vodka sitting on the sink with his orange juice next to it. He looked at Sherry and said ” I could get into a lot of trouble letting you two drink you know that right?”

“Oh come on Uncle Mike I am 18 it’s not like I’ve never drank before.” Her girlfriend shook her head in agreement and smiled. “Well OK, but if anyone asks you took it without me knowing OK?”

“Sure, no problem,” they both said in unison, heads nodding. “Uncle Mike, you want a drink too?”

“Um, sure I will have one” Mike said. Sherry grabbed the bottle of vodka, poured some into a glass on top of ice and added orange juice then handed it to her uncle.

They stood there for a few minutes in the kitchen talking till Rebecca said “Hey, how about some music?”

“Good idea!” Sherry said.

Sherry walked to the CD rack looking for something to put in, while she looked, Mike felt eyes on him and turned to see Rebecca smiling at him with the most beautiful sensuous smile. He swore she was undressing him with her eyes, and smiled back at her. Mike gestured towards the living room and walked to the couch as Rebecca followed him, sitting very close to him. Sherry found some music that suited her mood and put it in, she returned to the couch and sat on the other side of her uncle.

Rebecca sat forward and smiled coyly at Mike and said, “Do you ever smoke weed?”

Mike surprised by her question stammered and said, “Well, yeah, I have smoked some.”

“Cool, she said, I have some with me, do you mind?” He looked at Sherry, she smiled at him then he looked back to Rebecca and said, “Sure why not.” With that she pulled a pack of papers out of her front short pocket and a bag of weed from the other pocket, got down on the floor at the table and started rolling some up.

Sherry said “You know what Uncle Mike, you are my favorite uncle.”

“I’m your only Uncle, Sherry.”

“Well, yeah.” she said, “but if I had any others you would still be my favorite,” and laid her head on his shoulder. Rebecca finished up her rolling, grabbed the lighter off the table and sparked up her masterpiece. She took a deep hit and passed it to Mike, who did the same and held it up to his niece’s lips. She puckered them and sucked hard taking in a thick stream of smoke. They continued smoking for a few minutes until they were all really stoned and lightheaded from escort ataşehir the drinks.

Rebecca got back up on the couch and sat close to Mike again, this time laying back and putting her head on his lap. Mike could feel her head laying right on his cock. He was trying not to think about it, but she was awesome, laying there with her red hair draped across his dick. He watched her breathe, her supple young breasts rising with each breath.

He could feel his balls started to tighten and was fighting the thoughts he had. Her stomach was so flat when she laid down he could see right down to her panties, with the white lace trim. His cock grew harder thinking about running his fingers down her flat tummy to the top of her little panties, playing with the lace. He turned to see Sherry staring at him, watching him check out her friend. She saw him, “oh god” he thought. She smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him “it’s OK, I look at her too.”

He was surprised for a second, until she got up and moved over to Rebecca on the other side of him. She leaned down and kissed Rebecca on the lips and kept kissing her. Mike could hear Rebecca moan out loud. Damn his cock was getting hard. He was getting so turned on by these two young beautiful girls sitting here with him, and now getting into one another in front of him. He will never be able to control it.

He watched as Sherry did exactly what he had been thinking about. She ran her hand down Rebeccas tummy while Rebecca arched to meet her touch. Sherry grabbed the top of Rebeccas shorts and started to undo them, all the while Mike is sitting there watching, getting so fucken horny he felt like someone had put a brick in his pants. Sherry pulled down Rebeccas shorts slowly and Mike saw the white panties that were hidden from him earlier. Lace around the top and the sides, her mound pushing them up right where her slit started.

Sherry pulled down the front of the panties and ran her tongue around the top of her mound. Rebecca cried out “yesssss.” So horny and all of them being buzzed from the drink and weed, she started to caress her titties. She pulled her shirt up and let them out and my god, the most beautiful set of young tits Mike had ever seen, plump but not too small, nice tight little nipples just begged to be teased and sucked.

Rebecca reached up and grabbed Mikes head and pulled him down to her. His mouth instinctively opened and his tongue came out lashing her nipples. “God, they are so hard he thought. He nibbled on one while pinching the other one between his finger and thumb. He looked at Sherry while he sucked and licked and saw she was about to split Rebeccas pussy lips open with her tongue. He watched as her sweet pink tongue pushed deep into Rebeccas slit, opening her lips for her clit to be teased. Sherry pulled her lips apart with her hands and started tonguing her clit, Rebecca moaned to her touch.

Reaching behind her Rebecca found Mikes crotch and rubbed his hard raging cock, straining for freedom. She found the drawstring to his jogging pants while Sherry continued to lap at her young sweet pussy. She pulled his pants loose to find nothing underneath and set his monster free. Rebecca gasped. Mike was very well hung, she had never seen such a big cock. Now she knew she had to have it.

She reached for it with her tiny hand and gripped it firmly, squeezing it. Mike groaned out loud, “Yes baby, squeeze it good.” Sherry wanted to get in on the fun and plunged two fingers deep inside Rebecca making her cry out “ahhhhhhhhh” and lapped her clit with frenzy. She could feel Rebecca start to tremble and she could see her squeezing her Uncle Mikes dripping tool. Rebecca started to quiver and her body jerked as her sopping wet cunt was drilled by Sherry’s fingers.

“Your gonna make me flood baby” she yelled. Mike leaned down and kissed Rebecca while she was cumming.

She sucked on his tongue and moaned deeply in his mouth. He was so fucking turned on he could kadıköy escort bayan not stand it. All his apprehension had turned into pure lust, and he wanted to fuck the shit out of these babies, give them his cock hard, rub their little clits with the head of his hard member. Sherry sat up and wiped her face with a smile while Rebecca relaxed a bit.

Still holding on to Mikes cock she started to stroke it up and down slowly. She turned over from her back to her stomach until her head was right above his cock. He looked at her and said “Yes baby, taste it. Taste it for me.” He grabbed her head gently and guided her mouth down onto him. She licked first the pre cum on his bulb.

He felt like he was going to explode in her young little mouth. “Fuck, she’s got great lips,” he thought. Full and red and right now wrapped tightly around his cock head. She squeezed tighter and moved slowly down, rolling her tongue from side to side. He told her “more baby, take it baby” as she moved down further swallowing his thickness in her throat. He could not hold back any longer and shot his cum deep into the back of her throat. Screaming “Yes suck it baby! Suck it hard for me. Make me cum hard baby.” He jerked and his body shook for what felt like hours, shooting deep into the back of her throat. She pulled back her mouth a little and he came all over her sweet face and her lips. God she is wild and beautiful at the same time he thought.

Rebecca stood up and headed to the kitchen for a towel. Then things really started to get crazy. Sherry, who by now was probably very horny after making her girlfriend cum like that, was ready. She needed a good hard fuck and from what she saw, she knew Uncle Mike was the man to give it to her. She moved closer to him. She could see that even though he came, he was still very hard. Mike giving up all resistance to her, pulled her next to him and told her, “Uncle Mike has a big surprise for you honey.”

She said “You do?” He replied, “Yes. Come here and sit on uncle Mikes lap.” She moved on top of him, fully dressed, still in her halter top and shorts. He grabbed her around her tiny waste and placed her right over his cock. God, he could feel the heat from her pussy through her clothes. He arched to make her feel him.

She asked him, “What do I do now Uncle Mike?”

He told her to remove her top, and she obeyed him. He never thought he would get a chance to see her little jewels but it was here now and he was going to take advantage of it. He pulled her closer and leaned his head down flicking her nipple with his tongue. She responded with a low “mmmmm.” He reached down with one hand until he found the top of her shorts.

He then ran his finger along the hems, touching her thigh, teasing her youngness into a frenzy. Slowly making his way inside the shorts and feeling her panties he pushed them aside, feeling a soft chubby mound swollen with excitement and dripping with hot juice. Mike found her little clit hard and ready to be played with and fondled. He worked her clit with his thumb. She got a hazy eyed look on her face.

He could tell she needed to cum bad, but not yet. He wanted to tease her. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her tight little pussy. She started to move her hips back and forth with the strokes of his thumbs on her clit. He pulled his fingers away and told her, “Take off your shorts baby.” She threw one leg over him and undid her shorts. Mike helped in pulling them down. He saw shear panties with blonde pubic hair glowing underneath it.

He started removing them for her too, as he pulled her close to his chest. He reached around the back and lightly smacked her round little ass and she gave out a light gasp. He removed them the rest of the way but ran his hands along the backs of her legs while he held her close to his chest.

He wanted to feel her sweet little pussy from behind first. He moved his hands back up to her luscious ass and slowly down the crack of it with his hand. He could escort bostancı feel her little bung hole damp and quenching at his touch as he moved down to her hotness, her wetness. She was on fire.

She moaned to him, “Tell me what to do.”

“Come up here and sit. Uncle Mike wants you to sit right here, OK?” He pulled her back up and she straddled him. Shit, with this young, tight little blonde pussy staring him in the face, he wanted to ram his cock into her, fuck her so hard, but he did not want to hurt her. He lifted her up by the waist and placed her pussy hole right on his cock. The heat was so intense he could’ve came again right there.

Slowly he started to lower her, she cried out “Oh my ggggggod!” as he pushed into her and spread her hot cunt with the head of his cock. It was in her now, and on fire. “Move slow, keep going down baby.” She looked at him and moved down on his cock. She was so fucking tight, she must be a virgin he thought.

The head of his cock stung from her tight pussy pushing on it. She kept going down and crying out because his cock was so hard and it was splitting her open. Mike could not hold back any longer and thrusts his cock up inside her, spreading her open for him. She screamed, “Oh yes, fuck me uncle Mike.”

He could feel every spot deep inside her. He thrust again into her as she cried for him. “Ride me baby, he told her, ride me good. That’s right suck my cock with your tight little pussy. Move your pussy up and down on me. Grind me!”

He could feel her young pussy stretching out and relaxing as she found his rhythm and matched it, slowly moving in circles twisting his dick. He reached up and grabbed her little nipples holding onto them, while she continued to slide up and down on him, then around and around. He felt like his meat was going be ripped off him.

About this time Rebecca strolled back in and saw intensity of motion and wanted in on it. Her being still undressed climbed up on the couch next to Mike again, but this time on all fours with her tiny little tight ass up in the air and her pussy shining up, smiling at him.

He told her, “Move your ass back here a little bit baby, I want to lick it.” She obeyed and pushed her ass to his face. He started probing her ass hole with his tongue, watching it pucker with want. Licking it, making it wet, priming it for him.

He thrust his cock deep inside Sherry again while gently inserting one finger into Rebecca’s anus, causing her to shutter and scream. “It’s OK baby, I will be gentle” he told her and felt her relax around his finger. He found a rhythm thrusting into Sherry’s sweet pussy while banging her girlfriends virgin ass hole.

In and out he moved his finger, as Rebecca pushed against him for more. Sherry ground him for more of his cock, he pulled his finger out of Rebecca’s bung hole and gently pushed his thumb into her ass and used his finger to plunge deep inside her little fuck hole. He could feel his cock throbbing from Sherry’s constant grinding and gripping. “God, her little ass turns me on he thought, “fucking her ass and pussy with my finger while Sherry rides me like a stallion.” His balls tightened and he felt himself start to shudder. “Ride me baby. Fuck uncle Mike really good baby.” As she went wild up and down on his cock, she knew he was going to shoot his thick cum deep inside raw pussy.

He continued to probe in and out of Rebecca’s ass hole and pussy with his fingers. He could not stand it any longer and thrust deep inside Sherry with a loud moan. “Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww, godddddddddddddddddd…you little girls are making me cum soooooooooo hard…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

He exploded deep into her with wild thrusts as he jammed in and out of Rebecca’s holes, shuddering uncontrollably with the best and hardest fucking orgasm he had ever had. After he finished dumping his load into her they all collapsed together in a heap on the couch. The smell of hot sex, nasty sex, consumed the room, and they all had a look of satisfaction on their faces. They all looked at each other and started to laugh.

“Uncle Mike?” said Sherry.

“Yes?” he replied.

“Can I stay with you every summer?” she asked.

“You, my beautiful little niece, can stay here any summer you like!”

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