open relationship


open relationshipMy wife received an email from an old college friend who was going to be in town over the holidays saying that he would like to catch up with us and share some drinks or food. Well the night of the dinner came and I had a client come into town to try to hammer out some details on an up coming deal, I told my wife that she would have to go alone if that was alright and she said with a wry smile that Vic always had something for her and I said that if that was the case that she should let him give it to her. We have had an open relationship for years and I love to share her.Well my meeting went off with out a hitch but I couldn’t get my mind off what my wife might be doing. I got home had a few drinks watched some t.v. and waited up for her all the time my mind was racing and my cock getting harder.I heard her car come up the drive and into the garage. Judging by the racket coming down the hall I could tell that Vic was with her, we said hellos and Vic went to use the bathroom. My wife told me of the great almanbahis yeni giriş dinner they had and how funny and cute she thought Vic was. I asked if she was interested in making anything happen between them and she was beginning to tell me that she and Vic had a moment in the car at the parking lot where Vic’s hand grazed her breast in the car reaching for the stereo and he apologized but she said that it was alright and she laid her hand in his lap and what she said she found was this huge rope of a cock. She unzipped his pants and sank her mouth around his thick shaft, cupping his balls she sucked his huge cock for all it was worth drooling up the shaft and slamming her head down on his hard, wet rod. She said that her panties were dripping wet and when he felt her pussy she said, “You can take care of me later” She sucked his big cock till he blew his hot, sticky load in her willing mouth. Just then we heard the bathroom door open and she winked at me and said,” Lets make this a night worth remembering!” almanbahis giriş Vic and I caught up on things, small talk and drinks flowed all the while I could tell that my wife was getting very hot for our guest. Every time he got up she just looked at the big bulge in his pants and smiled. I gave her the green light and while she was trying to squeeze between the coffee table and the couch she let herself fall tits first into his face! OOppps! she said as she mashed her lovely tits in his face, as she reached down to his cock he looked right at me and I gave him a big smile and said, “Happy Holidays!” She planted a big wet kiss on his lips and grabbed his cock through his pants. My wife then pulled up her skirt, straddled Vic and mashed her wet panties in his face, he grabbed her ass and pulled her into his face, tearing at her dripping panties Vic tongued her wet pussy, her lips full and open for him swallowing his tongue with every thrust. Vic pulls out his cock and I am impressed! My wife almanbahis güvenilirmi can deep throat some big dick and I love to watch her suck off other men. She grabs his cock and eagerly starts to work, licking and sucking up and down the shaft and then swallowing down big mouthfuls of meat. I start rubbing her pussy and she strokes my cock, I work a few fingers in and out she turns and begs Vic to fuck her he starts slowly but she is soon taking all of his huge cock gettingjack hammered by this massive dick. I slide under her and start on her well lubed ass, every now and then I feel his shaft sliding over my balls and the sensation is heighten and he can tell, once or twice he pulls out and I feel his cock head at my asshole and he just gives me a oopps and a wink. She wants Vic to fuck her ass so I pour lube all over that hard cock and he starts to slide it in a bit at a time, I start to lick her pussy as he fucks her ass doggie style, I watch that big rod abuse my wife and she loves it! I am licking her pussy for all that its worth while his balls hit my chin, she starts to cum violently shaking as Vic is balls deep in her ass. He shoots a load in her ass and pulls out and I catch his cock in my mouth and he dumps a stream down my throat.Always good to see old friends around the holidays!

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