Subject: Open up the hidden truth, part 5 Open up the hidden truth Part 5 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Making a team At home I slept, took a long cold shower and thought things over. I was very impressed by Daddy Rex. He was an perfect dominant Daddy, who shared his little son Joey with me. I took Joey’s cherry and the boy loved that. Not once had Joey refuse to do anything that we asked him to do. Everything I did fit in and I got my fair share. Joey was my horny little angel, I never had such a willing boy to enjoy. Mark was a willing sub-boy, eager and hot, but unaware of his own need. Both boys were perfect to serve our needs. We both knew that if Daddy Rex would offer me a permanent place in his cottage I would accept it. At the same time I wanted to think about it very carefully. Things would be very different once I accepted. What about my free life style? Now I had the freedom to enjoy myself whenever the mood struck and that was quite often. I made some money, fucked around and seduced kids whenever I liked. I decided to team up with Daddy Rex but didn’t want to make further commitments for the time being. After all, I was Robin, a burglar, the strong ex-Marine, the boy seducer and needed my shameless outings. Joey and Mark were great and we would teach them how to please us both as Masters, sexually and non-sexually, a wonderful prospect. I fell asleep with a huge boner and dreamed of a wild fuck party with Joey and Mark. I smiled at my own imagination, and stroked Mark’s teen chest and twisted his boy tits hard. Mark moaned ecstatically, while his younger friend just looked on. I looked over at the boy and said, “Strip, Joey.” It was an order. Mark would have protested, but my hand was clamped across his mouth, he had stopped struggling. Joey raised his butt off the bed, and then slid his boy briefs around his ankles, his young penis was standing straight up. It was a hot sight! Joey’s slender boy penis, thrusting hard above his low-hanging hairless balls. “Now you, pussy boy.” I removed my hand from Mark’s mouth. “Sir, yes, sir!” Mark did the same as Joey, quickly lifting his own butt so he could slide his briefs down. The two boys were side by side on the bed, legs spread wide so their legs were touching, briefs at their feet. I ordered them both to stroke their dicks. I just smiled as they did willingly. I stood up and came around in front of them. I had to get naked and quick. And I did, this time both boys gasped when they saw my splendid man cock standing straight out from my crotch. My balls looked in their young eyes enormous and looked like they could easily hold gallons of cum. “You ever fucked with a boy before, Joey?” “Shit, no! Oh, sir, of course not.” I did believe him, but who cared, he was just sixteen and I could learn him a lot. Besides that this was my private fantasy, my dream of the future. “Well, you seems to get off on the idea of sex wit men, especially with your Daddy and me, but your little penis in Mark’s ass, would be be a good idea. You can give him your load if I want that to be done, don’t you?” Mark smiled at us, and a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of the wide slit in his teen dick. The thought being fucked by little Joey excited him. I made Joey get up, and bend over in front of Mark, after all still his baby-sitter, so his soft boy mouth was just above Mark’s dripping dick-head. I gently pushed Joey’s head down, and the boy cooperated eagerly. It was as if he knew this was what he had wanted all along. All those time Mark came to baby-sit him, he tried to seduce the teen with his charm and boyish body. I knelt behind Joey while the boy began sucking Mark’s dick. Joey moaned when he felt I parted his butt cheeks and my tongue licked his boy tight little boy hole, licking and slurping and lapping, and shoving my tongue up inside the tiny pink pucker, until Joey’s boy hole was wet and juicy. I decided to open him up. First I started off with a finger, and Joey just took it, with his legs wide for support, one hand bracing himself and the other beating his own hard little boy penis. Two more fingers, a little rougher this time, and still Joey just moaned. Shit, Joey was a horny little fucker! I was Joey’s favorite, I took his cherry and introduced him to the joys of gay sex. He was my favorite boy for the same reason. Joey was boisterous, mischievous, a blue-eyed bundle of endless energy: part devil, part angel, all boy. A constant temptation that I couldn’t resist. Joey’s angelic face grinning and whispering “Do it, please!”, Joey was simply the best. Bending over so I could keep thrusting my wet fingers in and out of Joey’s tight boy hole to loosen it up. I edged around so that Mark could eagerly gulp down as much of my cock as possible, getting it sloppy wet with spit. I unlocked a drawer in Daddy Rex’s desk and pulled out a bottle of poppers. Mark and I inhaled the poppers, but Joey started to object until Mark told him to shut the fuck up and do what he was told. “Oh Joey, obey Robin always, he is our Master now. He is in charge, together with your Daddy, never say no to him or face the consequences.” The effects hit the young boy’s brain and he drifted off into a haze, his penis starting to go a little limp, but that meant his boy hole was nice and relaxed. My man cock gently pushed against the soft pucker; it looked like my cock could split the tender tight butt right in half, but I knew Joey could take it. Joey’s boy butt just opened up and he backed up and my whole man cock went inside him with nothing more istanbul travesti than a loud moan of lust for more. Mark couldn’t stand it. Joey was doing okay at sucking his dick, but now Mark wanted his penis. He squirmed aside and dropped to the floor so he could start sucking the sweet tender penis he never thought he craved, but holy shit, he was turned on. I ignored Mark and started sliding my man cock slowly in and out of Joey’s boy’s hole, while the boy began moaning louder and louder, begging me to shove it hard. I was afraid the boy’s voice could be heard down stairs, so I clamped my hand over Joey’s mouth, which only seemed to turn the kid on even more. The boy was in seventh heaven. Ten inches of hot hard man cock up his little butthole, and Mark’s talented mouth sucking him off. That still wasn’t enough for Mark. He wanted Joey’s penis up his teen hole. That would be his ultimate submission, his way of making things right. Mark said so to me, “Oh Master Robin, may Joey fuck me, please!” Mark begged for it and we above him were glad to oblige. Still impaled on my cock, Joey and I moved away from the bed, and soon Mark was kneeling on the floor, his teen butt up in the air. He quickly spit on his fingers and shove three of them up his butthole. “C’mon, Joey, shove that penis up my hole. Shove it hard!” I laughed softly, had thought of letting Mark fuck Joey to please the boy, but this was even better. Joey was happy to fuck Mark, considering how many times he had beaten off while watching him, or fantasizing about him he earned this moment of pride and joy.. And now Joey was even hornier, although I hadn’t thought that could be possible. It became a fucking sandwich. My cock up Joey’s own tiny, but incredibly stretched and horny hot ass, while his little dripping young penis was ramming in and out of Mark’s equally hot and talented teen hole. Both boys were too horny and young to make it last, though, and they were eager to get the first hot load out of the way. Mark was the first to blast off, grunting and moaning as he shot load after load of cream into his own waiting hand, and that immediately set off both Joey and myself. We spewed what felt like gallons of hot cum up two very welcoming holes. And were was a plop as two temporarily drained dicks slid out of cum-slick boy holes. Mark turned over to lean against the bed and lifted his cupped hand up. Instinctively, Joey bent over and licked his gism up. There was a knock at the door. Joey opened the door, and Daddy Rex standing outside, fisting his cock and turned white for a moment. But only for a moment, as he saw me and the boys, Daddy Rex looked back at the slender boy, his own son, with the tiny hard tits, beautiful penis and smooth hairless body, and without warning began to spurt ropes and ropes of hot Daddy cum onto the boy. Joey quickly moved closer. He didn’t want to lose any of the hot cum splashing down on his young body. Rex shuddered as the last drops spurted out, and sagged a little, catching himself on the doorframe. This was where I belonged, satisfied I felt asleep. A call from my buddy Micha, sometimes I do need a push in the right direction. I got a video call from buddy Micha. He is like me a dominant boy lover. Micha owns now a boy but is always glad to share his wealth with me. I told him about my present situation and explained him about Mark, Joey and Daddy Rex. Micha was happy for me and said to continue. At the same time Micha told his boy Mickey, “Show my buddy Robin you are a good boy. Mount my cock Micky and remember to keep your hands behind your head at all times! Show Master Robin you are a good boy. The boy smiled happy, he was always eager to please. “Yes, Master!” The little and slender teen moved easily into position, straddling Micha’s rigid member. I wondered if the boy would have the courage to force Micha’s man cock into his ass all by himself. Micha used his left hand to keep his man cock lined up with the boy’s tender boy hole. Micha was skilled and knowledgeable and liked to show me how he trained his boys. We talked about training Joey and Mark while slowly, his boy Mickey lowered his little butt over Micha his cock, until the boy could feel it pressing up against his tight sphincter. The naked collared teen closed his eyes, took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing his boy pussy. Mickey took in several rapid shallow breaths then gritted his teeth and continued to impale his own tight little ass on Micha’s cock beneath him. For me, watching the hot little boy working through the pain of taking Micha’s cock inside him, while keeping his cut hairless body so nicely displayed was a massive turn-on! The teen’s tight defined muscles were flexing beautifully. And the little stud managed to keep his hands behind his head the whole time, as Micha’s shaft disappeared into the tight bubble butt. Ever so slowly Mickey managed to lower himself completely down onto the rigid man cock below his pretty ass. Mickey’s legs had to be spread wide to straddle Micha’s crotch. This put his hairless penis on display for my pleasure. And with every inch of the Micha’s massive tool he absorbed into his little ass, Mickey’s penis got harder and soon the boy was dripping like a leaking faucet! As wonderful sight as that was, the thing that blew me away was watching the expression on my Micha’s face as Mickey worked his Master’s cock into his little ass! My buddy was in heaven! Micha smiled, “Train Joey and I will join the fun and bring my boy Mickey.” kadıköy travesti I smiled back at Micha, my own cock rock hard. “That is a great idea! We can enjoy them both!” I was sure Joey wasn’t going to allow anything, not even pain or humiliation, to defeat him, I firmly believed in his potential to become a good submissive boy. The sweating naked Mickey took several deep breaths, opened his eyes and grinned in triumph at me. I praised him, “Good boy, make your Master Micha proud, fuck yourself on his man cock.” Mickey was very determined to give his Master a great ride. We had been taking boys against their own will for so long, we had almost forgotten what it was like to have a boy who was so eager to please. I agreed with Micha and thought about little Joey, the little boy was eager and wanted to please me all the time. Mickey continued to ride Micha’s man cock up and down, raising and lowering himself at a faster and faster pace, his hands locked behind his blonde head, his naked body shimmering in sweat. The boy’s blonde hair bounced up and down to the rhythm of the fucking he was giving himself. And, as he approached his own release his blue eyes glazed over in lust. This was pure, intense pleasure. I saw Micha smiling, eyes gleaming as my buddy took in the sight himself. “Watch this, Robin! Mickey is good,” Micha was getting close, but it was clear the kid would blow his load first. Boys! It was time to instill a little fear. Micha said to his boy, “You’re doing well boy, but you do not have permission to cum. If you cum you will be punished.” Mickey groaned, knowing there was no way to stop himself from blowing his load. Even if he immediately stopped fucking himself with Micha’s cock, he’d still blow his boy load! Sure enough, just seconds later the little teen stud shot a massive wad all over his owner’s ripped chest and abs. Though he’d gotten his own rocks, Mickey knew better than to stop violating himself. Things would be bad enough without leaving his Master Micha hanging! At last, a good five minutes later, Micha sent a massive load up the hot little ass on his lap and I couldn’t stop myself and had a wonderful climax. The hot little teen couldn’t believe it, he fucked himself in front of his Master’s camera showing his new skills to me. Micha laughed, “Mickey wanted to be submissive, and he is a total slut! He doesn’t have to pretend. He just is. I’m glad you found your own boy to serve you.” I actually felt lucky that Micha supported me, I needed that before I could continue and we ended our call with the promise to keep in touch. The next step Daddy Rex immediately call me the next day, he had a day off and Joey was playing in the garden. Rex asked, “How should we proceed? I thought getting him more used to being naked would be best, and there’s no safer place than at home. The cottage has enough privacy and nobody is around to disturb our little paradise.” Rex asked me, “What do you think, buddy? I want you to be in charge, you will be the Master of this House and so in the end it will be your boys and slaves.” This didn’t really surprise me, Daddy Rex was very comfortable in his role of Daddy, the educator, he was dominant, but not a real Master. I thought it over for a few seconds and said, “Starting now, Joey will become a full-time nudist in the house.” The idea thrilled me, the thought of seeing him naked all the time was very arousing, making my cock throb. During our call I quickly jerked off, imagining the parts of Joey’s smooth body I had seen and used. Rex laughed, “When you get back, Joey stops wearing clothes in this house permanently.” I was impressed and Daddy Rex continued, “I left him a pair of blue boy briefs and nothing else, this morning.” He switched on his camera. Joey walked around wearing a very tight pair of boy briefs and nothing else. I admired Rex’s thoroughness. Joey walked in the garden and the boy briefs he was wearing left very little to the imagination. I could clearly make out the bulge and shape of his little penis and balls. Joey looked nervous and scared as he looked at the camera. The boy felt exposed and he was. I was pleased to see that little Joey had regained his boy erection. The boy briefs he was wearing left very little to the imagination and the urge to feel him up was almost overpowering. Knowing now how much Joey fantasized about not only me, but the humiliation of being a little kid again and other things he desired kept me hard too. I asked Daddy Rex, “Can I speak to him?” and without hesitation Rex waved the boy inside. The camera was on and I told Joey, “Boy, there are going to be some major changes, starting right now. Today I will come over and check your progress. The first thing, you are now a full-time nudist at home. You will strip naked the very second you walk into the cottage and you will remain naked until someone tells you to put something on.” I heard him take in a deep breath, shocked and surprised at my words and probably thinking I was kidding until my voice raised, “I said starting right now, Joey.” This was a big moment and I expected Joey to resist, but instead, he lowered his head and very slowly pushed his boy briefs down his smooth legs and stepped out of them, his hands quickly covering up his penis and balls. I took a long look at his beautiful naked body, his humiliation was obvious and intense, his face red and his breathing heavy as he stared at the floor. Rex took the lead and said, “Joey, this covering up is ridiculous. From bakırköy travesti now on when you are naked your hands go behind your back until someone tells you differently.” This was another big moment for the young teen boy, I could see that he was hard. The tension filled the air and I could tell that Daddy Rex was unsure if Joey would do it and expose himself. I heard him let out a very faint gasp as his hands left his penis and balls and he placed them behind his back. Joey’s very hard penis sprung up and slapped his abdomen, then bounced down where it swung from side to side. I felt my own cock spring to life as I stared at the sight in front of me. My Joey, my little angel and little devil, a tight slim boy fully erect with his hands behind his back. He would become my willing slave boy! My cock throbbing at the beauty right in front of me. Daddy Rex continued, “Okay, now that we have that out of the way, your days of disrespecting me or Master Robin are over. From now on you do what you are told, the first time. I want you to hear this very clearly, from this very moment on when you are told to do something, you will do it immediately. If you don’t, or hesitate the punishment will be a serious spanking by your Daddy, no excuses. Do you understand me, Joey?” Joey nodded, his face bright red as he said, “Yes Daddy.” At that point, I told the boy, “Joey, since a healthy dose of humiliation is what you so badly need, from now on when you are naked, you will immediately pull your foreskin back and keep it back until told otherwise. No matter where you are and who is there, when you are naked you will immediately pull your foreskin back and place your hands behind your back. Understood, boy?” Joey nodded and said, “Yes Master Robin, I will.” “Good, boy!” I liked that, it strengthened my position in our House. I knew what Daddy Rex wanted. Joey’s face reddened even more as I watched his left hand slowly reach forward, grasp his shaft and peel the foreskin back. As it slipped behind the flared head Joey let out a low moan, then put his hands behind his back again. The boy’s penis had been hard before, but now with the foreskin pulled back it bounced up and down and throbbed, pre-cum oozing out of the head as I went on, “Joey, from now on you will not masturbate or in any way pleasure yourself or allow yourself to have a climax without my permission. In fact, except for using the toilet, you will never even touch your penis again without my permission, do you understand?” Joey’s head nodded, “Yes, Master Robin.” Daddy Rex stroked the boy’s blonde hair, “You will become Master Robin’s slave boy, Joey. Daddy is very pleased Master Robin will train you.” Daddy Rex smiled at his son, “Just ask Master Robin what you want.” Joey looked into the camera and whispered, “Please Master Robin, Sir, can you come over?” I smiled at the naked boy, “Sure, will be right there!” I laughed softly and disconnected. I dressed in a tight white tank top, showing off my toned chest and muscled arms. I’d also wore my black running shorts, so the outline of my man cock was clearly visible. When I parked my car Joey opened the door and I stood there and sized him up for a second, “Well, well, well. What have we got here?” I squeezed my cock through my running shorts, and went inside, dropped my luggage and shut the door behind me. Joey stood there, naked in position, his hands behind his back and his penis rock hard. The boy looked incredibly cute, vulnerable and horny. I grabbed Joey by the arm and, spinning the naked boy around, twisted his arm up against Joey’s back. With my other hand, I probed at the boy’s twitching asshole, feeling the slick lube Rex added this morning and slipping my finger easily inside him. “Hmm, looks like Daddy prepared you well.” Joey beamed. “Yes, Master Robin,” I smiled at the boy. “You are a horny little slut, your juicy ass is waiting to get plowed.” I laughed as his happy young face, “Let’s start right now Joey. You need a shower first, follow me, boy.” Without a word Joey followed me into the bathroom and stayed silent as I adjusted the water. He stepped in when I told him to and I watched the water run over his beautiful nearly smooth body. Once he was fully wet I opened a special jar and smeared the cream over his entire body, from his neck down to his feet, leaving his penis and balls to last. I heard him gasp as my hands rubbed the cream into his erection, but I made sure to not arouse him enough to make him shoot his boy load. I ordered him to wait a full ten minutes. After that I picked up a washcloth and began wiping the cream away, delighted at what I saw. Joey had sensed the tingling, but avoided to look at me or his own body the entire time. I rinsed his young body well, then had him step out and dried him off. As I was finishing toweling him I heard him gasp loudly. I looked up. Joey saw what had happened, his body was now totally hair free, he was smooth like a baby. Joey’s arms, legs, underarms, cock, balls, everything was as smooth as it could be. He gasped again, his face deep red as I said, “Get used to it Joey, this is long lasting cream, at you will be smooth like a baby for at least a month.” Joey stared at himself in the mirror as I stared at him as well. He had not had much body hair to start with, he was a late bloomer, but now with even the peach fuzz was gone. This way his young body looked even better. Especially his arms and legs now easily showed every muscle and definition. The crowning glory was that with no pubic hair, it made his erection look bigger and the overall effect made him look at least a year or two younger than his 16 years. I patted his now totally smooth butt cheeks and said, “Let’s go show your Daddy.” Thanks for reading. Support ail

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