Opening up


Just a quickie that I wrote will working on the next story in the Across the Ages series. Copyright the author.

“I should have started with the older ones,” thought Molly, lying in her bed with her knees pulled back to her ears, approaching her third orgasm as her elderly math professor pounded into her arsehole. “They last a lot longer.”

When things had opened up after the pandemic Molly was stuck for the summer, unable to travel back to to her home in the US from Canada. So she conceived the plan of fucking everybody in her dormitory, man or women, who was willing and able. She started with the boy in the room to her right. Her method was straightforward; she sunbathed naked on the balcony, waiting for him to come out onto his. When he did, she opened her legs wide and started playing with the forest of hair around her cunt, looking at him all the while. He got the hint and came around to knock on her door. They devoured each other with a year’s worth of pent up lust, licking and sucking and swallowing and fucking. “So much come,” she thought as he squirted on her ample tits, enhanced by pandemic weight gain.

Her next target was the girl on her left. The same method worked, and soon they were lying on her bed, boobs against bellies in a luscious 69, lapping at each other’s pungent wet cunts, hairy from a year of neglect. Then she tried them both at the same time, riding the boy’s cock while the girl sat casino siteleri in his face and they kissed and fondled each other’s boobs.

And so it went, as sex spread like a virus through the dormitory. She had threesomes and foursome and moresomes, taking boys and toys in every hole, sucking cocks and sucking tongues and sticking her fingers everywhere they could go. She went to bed each night, or early in the morning, happily saturated in sweat and semen and secretions.

Sometime around midsummer she started looking for new territory. She noticed the math professor holding tutoring sessions in the cafeteria for students taking the summer calculus course. He had a mane of white hair and, as she was to discover, a big cock. She pulled out her old calculus textbook and got in line to ask him a question about a particularly difficult integral.

“This one you’ll have to do using integration by parts,” he said.

“Which parts and how will they integrate?” she asked sexily, thinking herself awfully clever.

He look flustered, but she had seen the post-pandemic hunger in his eyes, the way he admired her succulent breasts and exposed cleavage. So she decided to give up on the clever remarks and go for the direct approach.

“Would like to come up to my dorm room and fuck me?”

“Oh yes,” he sighted. “I would. Very much. And very often.”

With that they went to her room.

“Let’s güvenilir casino take this slowly, grandpa,” she said, wanting to savor the transgressive difference in their ages.

“I’ll be as slow and long as you like,” he replied.

“How long?” she asked.

“Why don’t you find out?” he replied.

She carefully unbuttoned his shirt, stroking the grey hairs on his chest as she did so. Then she knelt down to take off his shoes, her cheek resting against the already swelling cock in his pants.

“Oh yes, that does feel quite long,” she said. Then she pulled down his pants. “Wow, bikini briefs!” she exclaimed. “Who would have thought an old geezer like you would have such sexy underwear.”

“It’s what I grew up with,” he explained. “And I like the way my cock feels in them, especially when it is hard.” She stroked that hardness through the cloth, then put her fingers under the elastic rim and pulled it down.

“Oh god,” she said. “I think you are bigger than everybody in the dorm.”

“Have you seen them all?”


“And sucked them all?”

“Every single one.”

She lowered her mouth and took him in, all the way down until her nose was tickled by his wiry thatch of pubic hair, black streaked with grey.

“Nobody has ever taken it that deep before,” he groaned, as his cock entered her throat.

Pulling back she asked, “How many have tried?”


“Boys canlı casino or girls?”


“I know a girl who’d like to try, and a boy who might,” she said, starting to plot a foursome with her neighbors, kinky beyond her wildest dreams.

She started to go back down again but he pulled her up. “I want to see you naked.” He pulled up her t-shirt to reveal her braless tits topped with bright pink erect nipples. He slipped his hands behind her panties and felt the soft fleshy globes of her bum. She shivered as he slipped his finger between her crack and lightly fingered her arsehole. He pulled down her sweatpants and panties and sighed when he saw the luxuriant thatch between her legs.

“Oh, I do love a hairy cunt.” He pulled off her pants and sandals in one quick motion and pushed her back on the bed. She had her first orgasm as he licked her asshole while plunging two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She had her second while riding his cock, boobs bouncing up and down, groaning through the open windows. She wondered if her neighbors could hear.

“You haven’t come yet, have you?”

“One of the advantages of age.”

“This might work.”

She dismounted, laid herself back on the bed, pulled her legs back to her ears and stretch her bum cheeks wide.

¯Open for business,” she said, smiling. And so it was that he finally came, spurting deep in her bowels, while she howled out her third orgasm. In the after calm they heard the orgasms of her neighbors, a scream from the girl and a guttural grunt from the boy.

“So they can hear,” she thought to herself. “Let’s go out on the balcony,” she said. “I’ve got an idea.”

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